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  1. The same problem with me in Germany 😞
  2. I just finished Online trophies and I haven't encountered any issues with connection or something else. I played game on PS NOW EU Region (30 December 2020)🖐️
  3. If u trying with Save tricks or playing Offline,this two trophies wouldn't unlock.I beat Game twice (no internet connection and I tried with USB Save) neither trophy unlocked for me. 3th time I played normally and both trophies popped.
  4. Just finished the game and everything was fine for me.No glitched trophies or something else.Just pay attention,everytime u replayed Black Sun for other Endings,make Save ON. And then for All Characters Died from Homeless chapter,again SAVE ON.
  5. Well then i have PERFECT profile to...😋😋 197 games 100% completion 159 ultra Peace 🖖