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  1. My ps3 is broken, but when I fix it I'd like to try this game. You could sign me up for the draw. Thank you!
  2. Good! I have added that game in my library. I would like to know if once you have started, linked and finished my 30 days free, will I be able to continue playing without having a monthly subscription of Square enix?
  3. I tried your method and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello people! I am having problems with the game in physical format. I start the game for the first time and I get the option to upgrade to the latest version, when I do it the screen freezes. Did this ever happen to you?
  5. Hello people! I would like to get the doubt out if this trophy can be obtained while being offline. Thank you!
  6. How many friends do you have on your list? it can be that. if you have more than 50 I think it generates problems
  7. In Just Dance 2017 something similar happened. There was no community remix so there was an unreachable trophy. I communicated with the support for 2 months without letting my claim expire, a month after the last time I insisted added the community remix. A mass claim can be a solution.
  8. Hi guys, I have problems getting this trophy. I have friends with the game and I did not see the records. I have played in free ride challenge offline and online, long and short races offline and online but there are no records of mine or my friends. Someone had this problem and could solve it?
  9. I'm having trouble getting connected. I only manage to play a race with a single person and when I want to do the method with 2 controllers the game is hung and I can only exit through XMB. Does anyone else have this problem and found a solution?
  10. It has been impossible to connect. If you can create a private session but you need 2 players for two races on each mountain.
  11. I was able to obtain the "Generation 2.0" trophy on August 12 without any hack or Lan connection. Today I'm going to try to boost some online trophies and tell them how it was.
  12. #28: Just Dance 2015 (PS3) Difficulty 10/10 Enjoyment 8/10
  13. I had no problem, yesterday at midnight I played an hour and had no problems. Yes it was "bad romance Halloween monsters mash up".
  14. yesterday I connect and October mash-up was available
  15. You think that in October this year again put the mash- ups You think that in October this year again put the mash- ups?