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  1. I really don't consider myself as anywhere near good but if I can manage to finish up, it's safe to say that anyone can as long as they have the perseverance and the will.
  2. I should return to this game at some point but the last three no-death trophies seem really daunting (Zombie Boy, Girl Boy, and Impossible Boy)... Congratulations though mate.
  3. Yes. Since when you select continue after you close the game (whether it's for avoiding deaths or giving a break), you'll be reloading from a checkpoint which we don't want in this case. Make sure to restart the entire mission (from "mission select" or "restart mission") if you do so.
  4. You have to be extremely accurate on your shots to stop the truck driver in 4th phase from my experience. I was trying to no-damage this entire section and it takes around 7-8 shots (tried to count the shots on x0.25 speed but I'll round the numbers up a little and say around 8-10 accurate shots) to make him slow down provided that all of your shots are dealing damage to the driver. This may not be a 100% perfect run but I would like to provide the pattern/strategy I used on this section, which might help someone out. Wishing perseverance and best of luck who's attempting this section on Legend/EX-HARD, it's not extremely difficult but things may go in south quickly, and knowing that failure in this section throws you straight to the very beginning of the chapter makes this section kind of stressful:
  5. Yakuza Kiwami - Car Chase No Damage (LEGEND/EX-HARD Difficulty)


  6. Are you trying to maximize the possible number of steps before a beat every time? Try for going after Friday Night and Koi no Disco Queen tracks first before the rest because those two were the easiest to score 3 stars on the Hard setting. For the rest, maybe you can try for shorter chains/steps but prioritize going for more fever moves. An example could be found below:
  7. Umm... 0 and 5 are at the similar length & difficulty while K1 is shorter & a tad easier IMO (0 took about 200 hours, 5 around 180-190 hours and K1 around 80 but I lost tons of hours while redoing some side stuff that I was already cleared too lol (e.g. karaoke)). I've found Yakuza 3 as the hardest among them because of the minigame trophy. A key point is that, if a person has enough willing & patience and was able to platinum a single Yakuza game (maybe exception of 6 but the person might have a slight understanding of the games/side contents so might count 6 as well...) then they can unlock platinum for the rest of them as well.
  8. All Spike Events are cleared (Gold medal).


  9. I'm at 8/41 Gold medals as of now, and will be trying Manu's events next (which I am actually scared of the most). Spike events were alright, the time requirements might be tight but even making mistakes on the courses (and my car not rotating the way it's supposed to), I was still able to get the requirements cleared. I'll be recording my runs throughout this adventure, and did record Spike events. Although those runs might not be perfect, just want to share it out. Maybe the set-ups or the routes might help another person on the Spike events:
  10. Brimstone Boy (Hell Light) and Maggot Boy (Rapture Light) were easier than Missile Boy (Salt Dark). In my opinion, the difficulty scale order from easiest to hardest is Forest Light - Hospital Light - Forest Dark - Salt Light - Hospital Dark - Hell Light - Rapture Light - Salt Dark - Hell Dark (and the rest is Rapture Dark - Cotton Alley Light - Cotton Alley Dark but I haven't tried them out yet so writing them in parentheses. My opinions on last three might change after completing them myself). Don't be afraid of the world themselves as the more you practice the more consistent the world will get, keep at it. Good luck.
  11. It might sound like a cliche one major tip I would like to point out for Hell Dark and the other harder worlds is to don't let the stress win over you. Even in a tight situation, remaining calm will help you out in that situation. I messed up 3 times on Hell Dark because of getting stressed near the end of the no-death run (I wasn't isolated and had people chatting nearby on my final attempt, like around 4-5X (which was like three stages away from the trophy on this run) which nearly distracted me but managed to pull that off somehow lol). I gave a break after Demon Boy but will eventually return to the game and try to clear the rest on the Vita (yeah, maybe a little extra torturing xD. But playing on Vita is actually alright, had a decent time when I was playing in the summer). Good luck to you on the Demon Boy trophy attempt.
  12. Yakuza 3, if you're willing for going through pool.
  13. It's been nearly 3 years since I've done that mission so can't really remember but from my understanding, you have to open the message/receive the voice mail from Travis about this mission, then find a cop vehicle and initiate a chase-down and get the chasing going for 5 minutes once initiated and after that escaping away from the cops successfully. I saw a video where a player went into a cooldown state, if it happens to make your way to the cop for getting the pursuit going but for safety just don't try to be on the cooldown state until the 5-minute mark. Maybe this video & vehicle the player is using might help out (probably no part upgrades or tuning to their Honda):
  14. I'm at 5/41 Gold medals as of now (completed only 5 Spike events) but my internet connection and the controller are kind of giving me some issues. In one of my attempts on "Torque of the Town", the car didn't rotate no matter how much I tilted or held down the left analog at the 1.20 mark and it cost me the Gold medal by like 0.83 seconds. On my last attempt at "Torque of the Town", I got a 'Very Bad connection' message in the middle of my attempt and it also registered my time late (and it didn't register my nitrous command when I held X in the middle of the time trial lol). Well, that was a clutch time to score (the Gold medal requirement is 1.44:00 in this event)...