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  1. Has a nice balance of game genres and enjoyable platinums.
  2. The multiplier streaks are rewarded depending on your win count in Ranked Matches, not in Versus/Normal Matches.
  3. In the current state of this game, there's 1 event available per week (except event 93 where they've unlocked the event pretty early and has wider deadline compared to the other events) so this should take 20 weeks to complete (around 5 months). Apart from that, once you complete an event, make sure that your time is registered on the leaderboards just to make sure. You might have to restart your console and/or redo the event to make your time register on the leaderboards (but I don't know if this is mandatory but just to be on the safe side).
  4. We're in 84th event out of 111 so there're 27 events left as of writing this (Event 83 will expire in like 16-17 so if you don't miss that event then you'll have 28 left to complete). The good thing is that only a single event is requiring a DLC and the rest are base game events (at least from my understanding) so you still have enough events to complete if you start now.
  5. Actually I found something interesting that you can access to that event without even buying DLC at all (and I don't know if it's mentioned anywhere before). Speaking of Event #78, if you're fast enough to press left on the D-Pad very quickly after pressing Triangle at Event #79, the game will load that previous event for you. If you miss out Event #79, then it'll be impossible to return to/load Event #78 though. However the game is very bad at saving your lap times on Community Events, which can be quite stressful... (Update: It doesn't seem like it registeres your time with this method (maybe since the event's closed), I was unable to see my time on Event #78 even I accessed the event twice)
  6. Ahh, that stinks... was planning to get F1 2017 and 2018 for getting their platinums but guess I'll have to find cheap physical copies in my country then... At least I'm glad that I had the chance to play F1 2019 and get that out of the way thanks to EA Play.
  7. Yes, this was the solution for me too. As I checked the challenges, I've noticed that the progression was made when I passed the line myself so I've just paused the game up until the last corner of lap 5 and drove myself to the line. I'm feeling like I wasted some time but glad that the "Squeaky Clean" trophy is out of the way.
  8. I've done 61 online races, and around 45 of them being clean as I let the AI drive for me in public leagues/ranked/unranked matches, but the trophy still didn't pop for me. I don't really know what to do differently...
  9. I wasn't sure about myself when I did this game on Vita but there are plenty of useful resources/videos out there which can help you on getting the medals (and also on Classic Mode trophy). It may take some time and perseverance/patience but I believe you can do it. The game was beautiful and I'll definitely return to this game, this time on PS4, once I clear my backlog a little.
  10. I actually want to give this game a try after F1 2019 (possibly) but is it possible to not unlock a single trophy until I get Community Ambassador trophy (don't want to put this profile at risk and having an unobtainable platinum in the future)? Also, are the community events are weekly based or how does it works?
  11. Street Fighter V, would like to do that game in the future but I'm kinda hesitant because of online mode and grinding.
  12. Brie-lliant Complete all Cheese Hunt Levels Turophile A++ all Cheese Hunt levels I Am Bread Obtain all other Trophies After giving nearly a 4 years of break (3 years and 8 months to be exact), I finally returned this game and got the platinum trophy in around 7 days. In my opinion, Cheese Hunt was the most difficult and the buggiest game mode I've ever played in this game (hence I think the bugginess makes this mode and getting the platinum very annoying). As for getting A++, my listing from easiest mode to hardest mode would be like this: Bagel Races - Story Mode - Zero G - Rampage - Cheese Hunt. I'm really happy for finally returning this game out of nowhere (literally got bored studying for my finals and decided to play this game just to see how will I perform after a long break and I pretty much got 26 A++ in like 4 days. Cheese Hunt Garden wasn't even fun at all though, I can tell that confidently lol.) and clearing this game off from my backlog.
  13. I can't say I hate any minigames but below were the ones that I had the least fun with while going for the CPs: 1. JCC 2. Fantasy Zone 3. Space Harrier When I first saw the comments about Mahjong in the internet, I was quite scared and hesitated to play but over the time it ended up as being one of the favourite minigames of mine (Although it still makes me mad when I accidentally let an opponent Ron me). Practicing Mahjong on Y0 can also build a solid foundation (since there are no cheat items for minigames in Y0, you have to learn them to get the CP done unlike other games) for later games as you'll need to score 50K in Y3 and 40K points in Ishin!, without end-gane bonuses, for Mahjong completion requirements if you ever decide to do those games.
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.
  15. Thanks for the answer, will keep this in mind when I return to clear this game.