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  1. It seems like they removed "Eski ile Yeniyi Birleştiren Eşsiz Tasarım" part from the website where was stating the backwards compatibility on the page. So I would say it's either an error/mistake that they had to fix or they accidentally leaked it and then fixed it. PSNow isn't an option for everyone as well since it's still not available worldwide (such as Turkey).
  2. No, haven't encountered this glitch when going for Hoarder trophy. Maybe try buying each of the XP boosters on the Archives once, maybe that can solve the problem..? Also, have you purchased the Battles in the Archives? Battles are unlocked from the start but you have to purchase them in order to make them count towards the trophy.
  3. Well it can be a rough estimate, but 50 attempts seems to be too much. I would say around 25-40 or 25-35 attempts personally. TBH, I'm no where near as a amazing FPS player but it took me 22 attempts to beat Mein Leben (despite the fact that I theoretically had to beat it for the second time since I managed to clear one of my I Am Death Incarnate practice run beforehand without dying).
  4. Made a meme after seeing this weeks AEW Dynamite show.


  5. There are lots of cases going on as crime which are way more dangerous and you call this simple flag as a "crime"? Nobody's targeting you, just bring your defense and proof to the table (which you did) and move on. No need for additional drama.
  6. So far I've completed 241/500 (480 of the missions are required for the trophy though) but I'm still not sure about using either the D-Pad or the analogue stick. I've been using D-Pad for most of the levels but I had to use analogue stick for Dante's Mission 7. Which one is the best to use, D-Pad or Analogue stick? And also, there was pause exploit in SSFIV but does that work on this game as well?
  7. Wolfenstein: The New Order. That game is enjoyable + not that difficult at all.
  8. You mean Gold Plated from Need for Speed?
  9. AI was still dumb on v1.04. They can reverse your Pele Kicks on low occasion (where I had mine reversed at opponent 2, Samoa Joe lol) but you can get back up by reversing AI's moves and such. Instead of looking at button prompt to pop up, just watch the move animation carefully and hit the reversal button where you feel it's right to counter. It might sound stupid but helped me on improving my reversals. The only enemy in this tower would be adrenaline pumping in later matches that might cause you to make more errors but if you remain calm, do that cheese and such, then you shouldn't have any problem.
  10. Haven't tested this out since I completed the game long time ago but you might give a shot at this: It's safe to attempt this trophy on solo. I never encountered any black screen/crashes but made to 49(2) and 50(2) with randoms once but AI was super aggressive. If you don't want to remove any patches, then The Solar map is the way to go imo.
  11. Wait... So Call of Duty Ghosts are down or what? Can anyone confirm it?
  12. I was thinking the same too. They might close the servers for FIFA 15 and 16 on the same day, probably sharing the same fate as FIFA 12 and 13.
  13. I've recently started this game and trying to host from my account when searching for ranked matches. I've unlocked 30,000 PP when I hit 30,160 PP (won 52 ranked games). But yeah, trophies tend to pop late in this game which is kind of freaking me out. So far, everything seems alright but let's see what happens later on this game throughout my journey (especially at Comic Collector trophy).
  14. Online servers are still operational but they're pretty much dead. I suggest finding a boosting partner or having a second Vita for online trophies. One thing to note is make sure to win 50 online matches for having an x10 booster. You can have it for unlimited time (by closing app whenever the booster is about to run out of time), making The Hero We Deserve trophy way faster.
  15. Nope, these two trophies are the ones. Rest you have to grind out or getting them by playing the game naturally. Note that all 20 Battles will be unlocked from the beginning before buying them in Archives too so you can try to get The Max and Impossible done before even popping any trophies but again, for Hoarder you have to buy everything in Archives even though Battles and Costumes are unlocked by default.