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  1. What I did was I tried to spin the box untill I got a Thundergun. Then I had ICR-1 as my secondary weapon. Also build the Dragon Shield it will help you. I trained and kept killing zombies at Kino until Round 35-37. After you reach 35+ then there's two things you can do now (when it's possible to work on Death Ray) : 1) Train a horde at Kino then carefully lead them to Eisendrache and use the turret on Eisendrache 2) Go to the MotD location and train there (this place is also nice for training) and when you feel you got enough zombies just go to the turret and simply kill 40 zombies (I got mine at MotD area at Round 46) I'm writing this according to solo game, on co-op it might require less rounds because of more and quicker zombie spawns but on solo, earliest you can get the trophy is at Round 35-37
  2. Is there any workaround for error code 0314-0101 ? Keep getting this error and only found one match so far. Kinda regret for starting
  3. Mine rarest plat from this year is: Platinum Trophy from Injustice Gods Among Us (NA PS4, 0.10%) (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2258-injustice-gods-among-us-ultimate-edition/XxIsa-GxX)
  4. I was new to fighting games too but it's possible to do this because mechanics are actually alright. But if you want to cheese the game then do Injustice PS3 Vanilla Version (physical so you can delete the patch and do The Max and Impossible! and some STAR Labs mission to make them more bearable). Because PS4 comes with all patches and really with an intelligent AI it can be hard but playing the game, getting familiar with Solomon Grundy (absolute lifesaver on The Max and Impossible!) and some trial & error and bit of patience on Battle Modes and STAR Labs you can do this with no problem. I don't have any idea about Vita version so can't say anything. If you decide to attempt, good luck.
  5. Only way to do it is downgrading. But you won't have access to Mega Gobblegums which makes Valkyrie Drone and Gersh Step a little more hectic and hard. You need Ray Gun Mk.3 and Monkey Bombs for this which box luck might be either with your side or against you. (I managed to get Mk.3 on my first hit but not Monkeys so I wasted my revives and when I did the challenge I died because of not having Shield and Jug)
  6. Hello everyone! So as you know after June 11 2018 Gorod Krovi Easter Egg became unbeatable for PS4/XONE users (it's fixed for PC) and nobody was able to get Love and War trophy/achievement and the Gateworm. And BO4 already came out so hoping for receiving a patch makes no sense at this point. But what if I tell you you can see the ending and get Love and War trophy (sadly not Gateworm ). Now I don't know if this works same on XONE but I'll show you how to fix it for PS4. First of all you need a proxy programme called Charles, download the programme (it should have 30 day trial so don't worry). After you download it learn your IP adress, you'll need this for the later step. To do this open CMD and write ipconfig . IpV4 Adress is your PC's IP Adress. Write the IP number down because you need it. Next open Charles and you should see a cog image, click on there and select "Proxy settings". Select it and enable "Enable transparent HTTP proxying". Your proxy number should be 8888 as default. Click OK and now the real fun starts (don't worry these steps aren't too difficult). Step 1) Boot up your PS4. Go to "Settings", "Network Settings" and "Setup a Network Connection". You can use either Wireless or Wired connection. Once you do that select custom. Do not change anything until you reach to the proxy tab. Select "Use Proxy" and on first row type your IP Adress and on second row type your port number which is 8888. Save it and test connection. Charles will ask you either "Deny" or "Allow" connection. Select "Allow". Step 2) Now download Call of Duty Black Ops III. Look at Charles until you see "http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net". Click the "+" icon then click the "+" icon near "ppkgo" and under "f" folder you should see some files, you have to right click the one that ends with ".json" (you should be able to see your CUSA number there as well), when you right click select "Map Remote" (Note: When I did this, my game was digital but it should work same with disc version as well). Step 3) Don't touch anything at "Map From" section. But below that there is "Map To" section. You have to set "Map To" like this. But before here are the v1.26 links for all CUSA versions. Paste the link to Path depending on which CUSA you have. CUSA02290: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02290_00/31/f_ba9966b9c1ce49014002485eebf01519e1517278b0352084bbcc6cf0800bfd83/f/UP0002-CUSA02290_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA02624: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02624_00/31/f_8679b2d52a7a6d88639de23872eb311bc6055085dd90299d296d575f8097fdc6/f/EP0002-CUSA02624_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA02625: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02625_00/30/f_21ff5abd27c91fec38502ba660563884de3f0125fe7d1d35d5dc77bf978cd1c4/f/EP0002-CUSA02625_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA02626: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02626_00/32/f_df66f1ea41de9af6b1bae225fb3dd59fa8ce43d2eef2780e83d91c12bb19310f/f/EP0002-CUSA02626_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA02627: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02627_00/30/f_d4111a8f0f4b8c13577222f64691765565daea8c592c2973799979956a8ef529/f/EP0002-CUSA02627_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA02628: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA02628_00/31/f_76f860d80eb099cfacf33ab6dc8ea281a01db5703d0fd66b6296caf37ecdc305/f/EP0002-CUSA02628_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA03004: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA03004_00/30/f_c96d66dcfede598048143e4880554da95fbe1b45ad4290bb7c8e0530f1502c35/f/UP0002-CUSA03004_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA03005: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA03005_00/31/f_a9727764d5b9496464dfc85d646034c2b829e82b8a1fe366dad4e4a3dfc313a8/f/UP0002-CUSA03005_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json CUSA03327: http://gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net/gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA03327_00/31/f_282691550aad14940cec80965644e63afb8e664651d9c9dbc5e0f20083de3a2c/f/JP9201-CUSA03327_00-BLACKOPS3GAME000-A0126-V0100.json Map To Protocol: http Host: gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net Port: 80 Path: *paste the link according to your CUSA number* once you do this click "OK". Step 4) Now pause and delete Call of Duty Black Ops III. As soon as you do that re-download Call of Duty Black Ops III. The game should be 61.407 GB instead of 69.230 GB. You can change the network settings again by setting them if you wish for fast downloading. Also download Descent DLC while doing that. Step 5) Be careful! Keep an eye out to download because when the game is downloaded it will try to download patch 1.31. Either pause that update (and never continue) or disconnect your PS4 from internet. Also desellect "Auto Application Updates" from "System Settings" because if v1.31 downloads the game will crash at the mid cutscene when you defeat the boss. Hope this helps you out, all credit goes to @HusKyCode for doing the first downgrading on Mad Max (after v1.05 fiasco), @Dante_Vergili for helping me out (by explaining further details for how to do Step 2) ) and @Lance the Lone Wolf for finding v1.26 links for all CUSA versions.
  7. Downgrade
  8. When I searched on internet it showed EU version as CUSA02624. Does having Gold Edition makes difference?
  9. Anyone knows how to downgrade digital version of BO3? It's now possible to get 100% if we can downgrade it. Here is the video I saw couple of minutes ago:
  10. Tried to give it a go, mapped the v1.26 and v1.31 links to the "gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net" but before mapping and after mapped that, the game was still 69.230GB. Did I mapped those on wrong location? I didn't see anything like "EP1018-CUSA00054_00-MADMAXTHEGAME001-A0105-V0100.json" (just an example, from Husky's Mad Max topic), only "gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net".
  11. So which one of them is EU version of patch 1.26 or the patch that didn't had EE crash? I might try it since I couldn't find enough people for Shang. Let's see how hectic it will be
  12. If you don't update the game, it won't glitch on you because you said you haven't updated since last year.
  13. I just ran a private game of Gorod Krovi today since I didn't have my PS+ and was able to unlock 4 trophies on that game. So if we can downgrade the game we can get Love and War trophy as well (but sadly not the Gateworm ) if there's no patch coming out. Although there's no mega gobblegums and need some box luck, it'll be tough but doable. Tier 2 (Silver) challenges also gives a free PaP' ed weapon so getting Dire Wolf (Dingo PaP'ed) or L8 Circus (L4 Siege PaP'ed) and a Ray Gun Mk.3 from the box can save the game. Gorod is a hard map (tight and EE base) but it seems it's the only way out. I wish Treyarch heard our voices and fixed this at the same time when they fixed it on PC version :'(. (Here are the 2/4 trophies I unlocked from the private game)