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  1. I just ran a private game of Gorod Krovi today since I didn't have my PS+ and was able to unlock 4 trophies on that game. So if we can downgrade the game we can get Love and War trophy as well (but sadly not the Gateworm ) if there's no patch coming out. Although there's no mega gobblegums and need some box luck, it'll be tough but doable. Tier 2 (Silver) challenges also gives a free PaP' ed weapon so getting Dire Wolf (Dingo PaP'ed) or L8 Circus (L4 Siege PaP'ed) and a Ray Gun Mk.3 from the box can save the game. Gorod is a hard map (tight and EE base) but it seems it's the only way out. I wish Treyarch heard our voices and fixed this at the same time when they fixed it on PC version :'(. (Here are the 2/4 trophies I unlocked from the private game)
  2. Hopefully, I messaged Activision Assist back at October 14 but they didn't reply back. Although it says "Typically replies in a day" lol
  3. Any updates about this? I doubt they going to fix the crash at this point so we're either completely screwed or maybe this is the ticket for 100% (but without Perka and Undead Man Walking this EE will be tough)
  4. So I was looking at the internet about WWE 2K19 and just found out that we might have to beat Million Dollar Tower in order to unlock trophy/achievement called "Million Dolar Dominance". It seems this year's list might be a serious pain, because you have to beat all 15 opponents consecutively on Legend difficulty (including Golden AJ Styles). For more information: https://wwe.2k.com/it-IT/milliondollarchallenge/rules/
  5. Press L2 and R2. L2 only triggers Flair shot.
  6. People may think "If I can't get my Gateworm or listen the messages at and after cinematic, then what's the meaning of attempting this EE" or "Argh wasted my money". Let's hope they won't forget releasing that patch.
  7. But they're only trophies. Gorod Krovi Easter Egg crash actually breaks the game and kinda kills the meaning of completing an Easter Egg and it won't give you the Gateworm too. It was fine before that ridiculous M14 update and it's fixed for PC. Only PS4/X1 remaining.
  8. Just saw this and I'm starting lose my hope about the patch. And BO4 will release earlier than any CoD games this year. Ugh why... ☹️
  9. I Am Bread. Everything in this game is just horrible...
  10. Is there any fast way or other methods to boost abilities? Right now I'm trying to boost on Penthouse but it seems slow and boring.
  11. Flip Flop wasn't really an issue. I prefer attempting that trophy on Solar map. You can camp on the pipes for a certain amount of time before Nano Swarms spawn and call XS-1 Goliath suit next to the location you camping. You can also attempt this at map Lagos as well. Stay calm, slow/safe but surely will make you to attain the trophy (it took me 2 hours and 45 minutes). This game isn't that hard by any means (whether Survival or EXO Zombies) and Veteran campaign is easiest by far of all CoD franchise. Just practice the zombies maps, create a training route and blast through the trophies and %. Even your bad at zombies, they won't take long time to master the map and reach to Round 25-30 (Infection map sucks though, but still has decent training spots). And try to activate traps that are near your training spot, it will distract and kill some of your zombies. You got this!
  12. When it comes to EXO Zombies, it all depends on RNG as you need guns like CEL-3 Cautarizer, S12, Blunderbuss (only available on Descent), LZ-52 Limbo (only available on Carrier) and OHM (available on Descent and Carrier). Once you get 1 or 2 of them and selecting a training spot that suits you, you can reach to Round 25-30 no problem. And for Easter Eggs, excluding Descent you need box luck as well (EM1 for Outbreak, Magnetron for Infection, the weapon amount you give to Weapon Disposal Machine to get parts and digging the island to get a tablet for Carrier). One tip I can give for Double Tap trophy is go to the 3D printer as fast as you can and try to get one gun listed on here, if you don't get on 1st-2nd hit restart the map. And know the map by heart because you don't have revive on Double Feature mode (Hardcore mode).
  13. For Trish you can build up Devil Trigger with Pandora Cancel and for Blitzes Round Trip + Pandora Revenge is way OP.
  14. YES! Finally did Impossible! Battle today and got my platinum. I lost my 1st health bar at Opponent 9 but had an incredible recovery. Had Opponent 14 as Flash, 18 as Doomsday and 22 as Deathstroke. Wooo (Ric Flair mode active), still feeling shocked but amazing!