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  1. This should help you for that 2 Zestrores (?)(heavies) but can be risky because enemies can flank you.
  2. In that tab, it showed me that I have 426K points (~43%). Thanks for that Yeah I'm going for JOAT, for a second I was confused about that
  3. I have 1M Valor's in multiplayer but the trophy didn't unlock. Any solutions for this?
  4. You put effort on My Name is Mayo (for example while clicking X button 10.000 times). It's not shameful. Worst and shameful platinums/100% are obtained from CFW (Hacking) because there's no effort and it's illegitmate, and that's unfair
  5. In my opinion, Solar (Tier 3) map is the easiest map
  6. I did nearly all of SSS trophies while playing SoS difficulty (except Sanctus Diabolica, I did it with Vergil on LDK) with Lady. Just charge your pistols to lvl 3 and burst it! When you stun the boss you can charge your Kalina Ann to lvl 2-3 and still can build up Stylish Rank&Points.
  7. Yeah I forgot that. Thanks for reminding
  8. Servers going to shut down at October 18 2017.
  9. I've done 8 consecutive matches by winning and nope. Didn't popped.
  10. Good idea but GoW2 on PSVita glitched on me 2-3 times that some unmissable trophies popped up later (pressing the home button activates the glitch). Am I going to be flagged as a cheater for this stupid glitch?
  11. I advise using Vergil for LDK mode (maybe Devil Hunter also), for SoS and DMD (maybe Human also) use Lady/Trish because Lady is the easiest person to get S rankings in mission. You can achieve the platinum just practice, learn what's the shortest way and you can do it. Good luck for DMC4SE platinum run
  12. Well the person above me is doesn't have platinums
  13. It's really a late comment for this topic but I' ll try to give some tips and suggestions about Flip Flop trophy. First of try to do it on solo or max. 2 players because the more player means more quicker you die. I tried with 3 more people and died at 24(2) and with 1 more player and died at 25(2). So I say don' t waste your time on Co-op or with randoms. If you unlocked Tier 3 maps, then Solar map is your best friend because it has 2 camping spots and 1 of them is near at the Weapon Armory (the safest one) and go with the Heavy Class because has Goliath and EM1 laser gun. Just be careful for Nano Swarm attacks and Warbirds, Drones etc... You can reach 12 waves really easy without using Goliath. After wave 13, just to be safe wear the Goliath and start killing enemies but leave one of them alive so you can run, escape from him while recharging the suit. Then kill him and turn to the spot. Be careful about objectives, if there's an objective about Defuse and Uplink just don't do them. You' ll get a punishment but again leave one of the enemies alive so your punishment will end without havig a trouble and be careful about turrets. Upgrade your weapon to lvl 5 or 6 then fully upgrade your armor. Then buy the last 3 upgrades for the weapon. Try to buy Exo Cloack or Exo Stim ability, they're really important for this run. When you receive Support Drop don't select Dingo because it makes you slow. Try to pick up Unlimited Sprint first. On streaks pick up Goliath, Bombing Run or Assault Drone. This Drone is really helpful for the Warbirds but not forget to destroy it because it can cause you a problem when your Goliath didn't recharged. Then rinse and repeat this Goliath method and be careful. Unfortunately the game not pauses and it will take your time like 2 hrs 45 mins. to 3 hrs. Really long process but it will worth it. If you got further questions ask me. Good luck!
  14. It's not hard. Maybe the last Cerberus and Satry battle (before Zeus boss) maybe frustrating and quite annoying but believe me it's not hard when you fight with Apollo's Bow and Nemean Cestus. It's 2nd time that I platinumed this game and it's difficulty for me was 3/10 (1st on isaBerk23 user, 2nd is on this user). Or you can delete the patch and make an exploit of unlimited health or magic with Arena method but it's not neccesary.
  15. FIFA 15's platinum. Football Legend (2.08%). But aimed unlocking platinum for Black Ops III (1.14%).