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  1. If anyone wants to do this game, this is your last chance! Since the final PPV for 2K18 will be Money in the Back and after that it'll be impossible to complete challenges (for competing against AI) and win matches against AI in RTG (trophy description says main event but it can be any AI match (even kickoff match)) meaning that "Gauntlet runner" and "Big draw!" trophies will become unobtainable and after Money in the Bank, there won't be enough time to complete challenges and play against AI and do challenges for the next PPV (that might go live at mid June by when 2K18's servers will be dead.))
  2. I don't think you will but if you're afraid just upload your save to the cloud or do Combat Immersion on Realistic first before downloading the game
  3. Does level 0 talents that you accuire in the beginning count towards the progression/trophy as well?
  4. Futuridium EP Deluxe: You're the best! Get all the 150 medals This trophy was pretty tough but in the end it satisfies you so well, plus Futuridium EP Deluxe is really adictive game so it doesn't feel like this'll be an endless torture. So it's worth it!
  5. Hello Friend . I just read your tutorial on how to complete the ee of gorod krovi but I find the steps difficult. can you, at least the download part of bo3, look at the "CUSA", delete and then download again, do it with a video? the charles program is something new for us and very complex. We would greatly appreciate it . We are many who only lack that trophy. hehehe thank you

    1. XxIsa-GxX


      Hey mate, as much as I would love to record a video, my PC captures the videos on pretty much low FPS when using OBS (though my PC doesn't have bad specs). Do you have any settings recommendation for OBS or another capturing program? + I don't have Elgato Capture card so I don't know how can I record PS4 menu screen with these conditions. But if you got any tips or recommendations for recording/capturing then I can try to record a video about it.

  6. I'm afraid not... Since BO4 is already out and the team are working for Aether storyline (probably Season 2 for Zombies as well because of Chaos storyline) and other multiplayer & Blackout stuffs their first priority will be BO4. So in this case BO3 won't receive any future updates. Downgrading the game is the only solution to complete Gorod Krovi EE and unlock Love and War trophy (sadly no Gateworm because you have to play Local Game).
  7. Good luck with Nero vs Vergil on HAH. You got this
  8. New Toys! Reach the maximum level for the E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone
  9. I saw some videos were using Red Orb Meteors from Dr. Faust (Gunslinger style). Have you tried that? If you don't like cheese or it got nerfed then your best friend will be using Trickster. Faust hat method that I saw:
  10. Just recently returned it and it saved me massive amount of hours from boosting Buddy and Guard Drone. Thanks for the post (still have 7 abilities to max out which are Cloak kills, Turret, Stun Blast, Stun Drone, Stealing, Revive Drone and Spawn Beacon) Btw it might be out of topic but I have a question, is there any fast way to grind 50 wins for co-op mode solo? I saw a topic talking about taking headshots standing at the sandbags and banking points for DMZ map but not sure about it. Here's the topic I saw, including an attachment of picture as well: Topic: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/intercept-expansion/250072-its-possible-get-co-op-captain-playing-solo.html#post6368466 Picture attachment: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=7493&d=1407456801
  11. Are there any news about MLB The Show 16?
  12. DOOM 3 (Ultimate DOOMer)
  13. This is the playlist he has on his channel:
  14. Just got the trophy. Thank you
  15. Just Pistole Charge lvl 3 and on some situations (especially on bosses) Kalina Ann = Easy S Ranks. Even Trish wasn't difficult at all to control and get S Ranks (Stage 85 on Bloody Palace was kinda pain but not that much)