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  1. I know it isn't synced on my account yet but so far I got Wood Boy and Squirrel Boy, 100%'ed first 2 world (Salt Factory at 91%, Hell at 43%, Rapture at 36% and Cotton Alley at 20%). I also beaten 14/20 wrap zones (including Kid) + 69 Bandages. And slightly missed Needle Boy with only 3 levels left to do... Oh did I mentioned I have around 7K deaths so I'm not even at the fun part xD. All I can say is... FTTM (reference to Cody's FTR)! *TM: Team Meat* PS: I'm doing the game on Vita to even torture myself more haha (in Airplane mode)
  2. I made to Mission 10 on Dante Must Die and so far Prologue + 9 levels are at S rank. Also have Human, Devil Hunter, Son of Sparda and Heaven or Hell (though HOH won't count towards Worthy of Legend so doesn't matter) at S ranks. I usually take some hits from enemies (like an unexpected strike from Death Scissors or an unawared ice atack from Baphometh and sometimes Furies can be annoying too etc...) so I have no idea how Hell and Hell will be like
  3. First part is alright but second part..? That's too far and not related to dispute. Plus most of the people think the case is obvious so no need to go too far. Before drawing any more "attention".
  4. I have three of them, first one is Ultimate Batter from Injustice (and platinum of you want to include) and second&third ones are You're the best and Classic smasher from Futuridium (hell, even MixedBag studios started following me after completion the trophy set which I wasn't expecting that haha. Was a cool game, had cool soundtracks but such pain in the butt xD)
  5. You can get the trophy with Super Costumes. However, you won't going to get S rank because of it's x0.2 multiplier. It won't affect the trophy though.
  6. So, the traditional way to unlock Irregular Full Custom skill is to beat the game on Son of Sparda difficulty. This skill needs to be unlocked in order to unlock "Who Needs Weapons Anyway?" and "Be the Legend" trophies. However there' s a second way to get this skill. Alternative way: 1) Beat Prologue mission on Son of Sparda difficulty in order to unlock Dante Must Die difficulty. 2) Beat Prologue mission on Dante Must Die difficulty in order to unlock Heaven or Hell and Hell and Hell difficulties. 3) Beat the game on Heaven or Hell difficulty. Beating Urizen on Son of Sparda and Dante Must Die difficulties might sound intimidating but you can keep running, avoid (and maybe party those flame ball attacks) with Gerbera and shoot him with Blue Rose' s Color Up 3 attack you can take his cristal out without giving much issues and then you can land him Buster's and some combos + Showdown. Rinse and repeat till you kill Urizen (but the boss might be long around 7-10 minutes. It won't feel like you playing Devil May Cry 😀). Meanwhile, you can practice his attack patterns for making this fight more bearable on Hell and Hell difficulty since you have to beat Urizen' s first phase in order to advance. Hope this helps out ☺️.
  7. No games to pick, because that Prince of Persia can be done without any issues imo.
  8. Just started SOS and killed Urizen at Prologue. I have all missions S on Human and only missing S ranks at M10, M12 and M18 on Devil Hunter
  9. So I believe they're doing the same thing that was done for WWE 2K17. 2K17' s server were also said to be close at May 31 but it lasted till first 2-3 days of June lol
  10. Attention! Someone just unlocked Ringmaster trophy today. If anyone see this, you have 3-4 days to unlock Ringmaster trophy. If you unlocked Gauntlet Runner and Big draw trophies before, then go for it! If not, not risk it because you won't have enough time for another PPV.
  11. Apparently someone unlocked the trophy today, it's your final chance! If you still need this go for it! Only 3-4 days left
  12. Sorry guys, didn't see that one coming :'(
  13. Some people were reporting that they cannot access Road To Glory after May 20, 11 AM GMT +3 (WWE 2K18). We still have 9-10 days for server closure but I saw some reports like this so just a heads up. Hope this is a temporary status but... Farewell WWE 2K18 Where I saw the report: https://psnprofiles.com/session/176839-wwe-2k18
  14. Has saintlike patience and will to complete Olli Olli 2 and Souls games. And loves LittleBig Planet I would say..?
  15. I had a feeling about Lesnar going to interfere the main event and he did lol. And he has MITB case now... Poor Ali, so sad for him. Could have been his moment... :'(