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  1. I can't believe that WWE 2K20 is shutting down at May 31 2021
  2. Nevermind. As the event says, Forever Event.
  3. I agree with you. I'm from Turkey and baseball is nowhere near popular in my country. Our people only buy baseball bats to just beat up people and wear NY:Yankees, LA: Dodgers and NY:Mets t-shirts without knowing those are Major League teams lol. I started following up baseball when I first played MLB The Show 16 and then played 14 The Show and 15 The Show on PSVita and now I'm following the highlights and even watch matches if I can (though they take around nearly 2.5-3 hours I can't watch all the games fully). Trying out this game is really worth a shot though I'm concerned about reaching to Championship Series in Ranked Seasons but we'll see.
  4. It's such a shame seeing FIFA 18 and 19 both being unobtainable even though Daily Objectives for 18 and FUT Champions for 19 didn't even last long... Same thing will also happen on 20 so shame on EA...
  5. Are there any news about MLB The Show 17? Since MLB The Show 16 is still alive, I have the fear that maybe SIE can shutdown both 16 and 17 at the same date (just like what happened to FIFA 12 and 13) but so far I can't find anything.
  6. Well what about trying to gather a group of 12 people for To The Victor trophy for MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore?
  7. Yakuza Kiwami. Great job on that.
  8. Matchmakings can be pretty annoying (as it was back at WWE 2K18) when searching your boosting partner so you have to wait until 2K20 releases or like even later on (I would say around November or so when Survivor Series PPV goes live). You can also purchased access for PPV events and play matches against AI as well. You will need to look out for Tables, 1v1 Normal (so you can try to win via count-out) or Ladder match stipulations as they're the easiest to grind wins against AI. Once you finish that AI match, you won't be able to replay it with the same MyPlayer so you have to create a new MyPlayer to replay that event so keep this in mind. You will going to have time until May 31 2020. Plus, unlike WWE 2K18, you don't need to complete challenges to qualify to AI events so your chances are higher than previous installment.
  9. I would really appreciate that. Since I'm from Turkey, English is not my main language and sometimes my sentences can feel very weird (though some of the sentences got formatted better than mines when it was submitted for publishing, I made some edits today so I'm not sure about the edits I made tonight).
  10. I just edited some mistakes on my DMC 5 trophy guide (some grammar mistakes). Since I have to prepare for my finals, I can't instantly edit them but I'm trying my best to keep it fresh. If there are any errors I need to fix or need to add something to improve the guide, please let me know. That would be appreciated.
  11. 1) Injustice Gods Among Us (0.11%) 2) MLB The Show 16 (0.17%) 3) Wolfenstein II The New Colossus (0.72%) 4) Call of Duty Black Ops III (0.80%) 5) WWE 2K17 (1.05%)
  12. For those who have digital version, you can try this method:
  13. :'(. Yeah, there is no Nephilim SSS Rank trophy or HOH/HAH ones. And Definitive Edition has combined trophies w/Vergil's Downfall DLC.
  14. Borderlands 2 GTA V
  15. @B1rvine I have the platinum on PS4 version thought (don't own PS3 version). Don't know if that makes any difference.