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  1. For Trish you can build up Devil Trigger with Pandora Cancel and for Blitzes Round Trip + Pandora Revenge is way OP.
  2. YES! Finally did Impossible! Battle today and got my platinum. I lost my 1st health bar at Opponent 9 but had an incredible recovery. Had Opponent 14 as Flash, 18 as Doomsday and 22 as Deathstroke. Wooo (Ric Flair mode active), still feeling shocked but amazing!
  3. Was at Opponent 21 at Impossible! but because I had low health I died. Oh God it's slowly starting to break me up... (I'm a stand up kinda guy!)
  4. They can add this microstransaction shit but can't fix this bloody, game breaking Easter Egg crash? Amazing, great job (!)
  5. I didn't had any problems on The Max but Impossible! is really pain in the backside. I only could reach to Opponent 15 but keep losing my 1st health bar at fight 8-9. I think I'm stuck at Impossible! Battle, this is the only Battle I need for platinum ☚ī¸
  6. I've finally completed The Max Battle and only Impossible! Battle left for the platinum. @SlimSanta94 thanks for the guide it helped me a lot! Opponents were; Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Ares, Solomon Grundy, Sinestro, Cat Woman, Nightwing, The Joker, Batman and Raven The Max Score
  7. Ah c'mon really 😭. Well RIP 100% account for now
  8. An update released today. Maybe it fixed Gorod Krovi EE crash..? 🤔🤔🤔
  9. I think I found my style. This method is working. Just managed to reach Opponent 9 at The Max yesterday but he was Deathstroke... He killed me when he had 10% health left ☚ī¸. And today was at 11th fight of Impossible! but my 1st health meter was gone so I was already screwed. The more I try the better I get so with this I think I can get my Platinum soon. (Edit: Already cleared S.T.A.R. Labs and Mission 103 and 220 wasn't that horrible. I've found Mission 34, 104 and the mission that you have to fight against Sinestro as Wonder Woman (move list one) was the hardest.)
  10. When I need to perfectly execute the move? I tried it multiple times but only got it working twice. And The Max is already a trouble for me.
  11. I've been recently trying to beat S.T.A.R. Labs and Battle Mode but I keep dying at 1st or 2nd character at The Max. Is there any characters I can use to cheese The Max and Impossible! Battles? I heard someone did that with Nightwing spamming the projectile, XX combo and Escrima Fury.
  12. I finally beat Mein Leben and joined the 100% club (couldn't sync yet but after 1 hour I will)! Want to thank @Kr1st0ph_212 and SamuraiAsh for the responses and the other guys who supported me. I was super nervous at Venus 2 lol
  13. Now at Venus I... I cleared the lower floor and headed to upstairs. I killed 2 Elite Soldiers and then headed to commanders room. As soon as I killed the dog robot threw me 2 explosives that knocked me and lowered my health to 26 and after that it killed me (it didn't happen on my other 3 Venus fails)
  14. I think this game hates me. Yesterday I made a practice run on IADI without deaths, today I died at the Venus Part II where you have to stealth a section before using elevator and taking the ODIN codes. Freaking amazing...
  15. Right now I don't have the game, I plan to buy it if it confirms (couldn't find any physical copies here and if I get digital, I guess I can only use it on this account)