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  1. Fire Pro-Wrestling World. It's one of the games that I want to start, and also maybe enjoy some DLCs (where they've added some of the wrestlers from STARDOM (Utami Hayashishita, Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, and Hana Kimura (R.I.P. Hana :'( ) just to name a few)) and such.
  2. Thief. I would like to attempt that game in the future (don't know when exactly though).
  3. NFS The Run, NFS Undercover, and NFS Shift 2 Unleashed for me (I don't own a PS3 + the servers are shutting down soon)
  4. Are there any chances that NGS2+ turns out just like Badland, where a platinum deemed as impossible suddenly turning as a possible platinum years after, by finding a new strategy? But even somehow Normal mode gets beaten after 8 years later, there's still Turbo mode with that AI... I saw a video for UN2 on Vita and assuming that UN4 and UN5 are doable but haven't seen anything regarding to UN1 and UN3 (though there might be a strategy for UN3, there's still UN1...). I guess there's no luck/hope at least for now but don't know what the future holds. I have a pretty little to none knowledge about this game so if this comment/question sounds foolish, I apologize for that.
  5. I would like to give it a shot, I'm interested.
  6. Ahh, no worries. I've done The Frozen Dawn before and the glitch on there worked on solo (Scythe + Frontline) but I've never seen a footage for The Shadowed Throne, doing that glitch on solo though.
  7. Does this work on solo as well or it's just a co-op bug?
  8. This can be an extra study material for you as well, hope it works out. Just be patient, you can do this.
  9. Star Trek Online.
  10. I really don't consider myself as anywhere near good but if I can manage to finish up, it's safe to say that anyone can as long as they have the perseverance and the will.
  11. I should return to this game at some point but the last three no-death trophies seem really daunting (Zombie Boy, Girl Boy, and Impossible Boy)... Congratulations though mate.
  12. Yes. Since when you select continue after you close the game (whether it's for avoiding deaths or giving a break), you'll be reloading from a checkpoint which we don't want in this case. Make sure to restart the entire mission (from "mission select" or "restart mission") if you do so.
  13. You have to be extremely accurate on your shots to stop the truck driver in 4th phase from my experience. I was trying to no-damage this entire section and it takes around 7-8 shots (tried to count the shots on x0.25 speed but I'll round the numbers up a little and say around 8-10 accurate shots) to make him slow down provided that all of your shots are dealing damage to the driver. This may not be a 100% perfect run but I would like to provide the pattern/strategy I used on this section, which might help someone out. Wishing perseverance and best of luck who's attempting this section on Legend/EX-HARD, it's not extremely difficult but things may go in south quickly, and knowing that failure in this section throws you straight to the very beginning of the chapter makes this section kind of stressful:
  14. Yakuza Kiwami - Car Chase No Damage (LEGEND/EX-HARD Difficulty)