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  1. 0 is the prologue game after all. If you start with 0, then you'll have a general idea of the starting/key characters and motives and the dots will start to connect upon progressing through the series whereas if you play from 1/Kiwami to 5 and after that play 0, those missing parts will connect up when you're progressing through 0 and some characters will have even deeper meaning/impact on. Since 0 came out later than nearly all main lines (except 6, and Like a Dragon) and because of that it also contains references that point to the future games/event from the series' timeline as well which you can recall them mostly in the sub-stories.
  2. Yes. I owned the game digitally, from a discount and didn't encounter the trophy bugs at the time I attempted the game. However, at some point (around 40-60 minutes) the frame rate will drop down on Vita version (and possibly at stage 41 if I can recall correctly) so you might have to restart app in this case.
  3. The game was fine imo but I would say it's because of "Donte" and "Vergin".
  4. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.
  5. Not quite sure but probably no, you'll have to start from scratch.
  6. Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
  7. Yakuza 4 Remastered. It wasn't a difficult game to platinum tbh, as it's said to be the second easiest platinum in the series along with Yakuza 6, but rather a time consuming one (took around 80 hours). Really recommend the game and the series.
  8. Melee 8: The longest battle in the entire Climax Battles but the time limit is also wide so don't rush things up. There are plenty of Recovery items across this battle which you can collect and stock up on Arase. Also the DoD style will have all of it's abilities unlocked so you can use some useful Heat actions and Tiger Drop as well (Arase's gun attacks can be Tiger Drop'ed). When Arase enters his rejuvenation state, make sure you have enough Heat bar or use an item, put some distance and perform Essence of Sumo Slap Heat for stopping him from regeneration (you might use Long Traffic Cone weapon's Heat action as well but I've never tried it myself so not sure about it, sticking to EoSS should do the job). Mad Dog 3: Zombie Majima's first two phases aren't that bad but in his last phase, he'll avoid your strikes, get behind you easily, lock you with his combos or even perfor Heat action. The approach I've found the best is as soon as you're heading to the 3rd phase area, grab a zombie while you're moving forward and rotate yourself to Majima and perform a Heat action, this will deal Majima some damage along with clearing out 1/2 zombies in that area. After that quickly finish off the last zombie and focus on Majima. The Brawler style has a move called "Counter Hook" which will work similar as Tiger Drop from DoD Style, it's the best/safest way to deal him massive damage in that time limit. You can also use Bicycle Heat action or face against the wall and use a counter Heat action as well but get used for using Counter Hook. Also have enough Heat bar for Climax Heat actions as well, you'll want to perform it as soon as Majima enters his rejuvenation state for preventing him to recover his HP. Be patient and you'll get through this.
  9. Yeah, the pool is indeed annoying, and I've spent over like 8-10 hours range just for Pool completions but it is not impossible. One thing I realized when going for Yakuza platinums is that whether you're too comfortable with a certain minigame or not, you just need time and patience for handling them. In Yakuza 0, I was complaining about Koi-koi and in 3 it was Pool, Golf and Darts were no exception (surprisingly Mahjong wasn't a big deal in my part because of having a somewhat similar game called Okey in our culture which I sucked at at the time lol) because how different they felt from my previous experiences but with enough patience (this is the crucial part) everything is possible IMO. Yakuza 3 Remastered is longer from the western version of PS3 release and slightly harder (because of Pool sensitivity and Mahjong in particular) but don't make that discourage you, just keep trying over and over again until you clear what you're working on.
  10. I've followed BigBossImBeamer and Flipy Fliperson's videos along with sebby412's improved strategies on certain areas video for creating my own strategy.
  11. Devil May Cry 2. I know it's probably the worst game in the series but you can complete it pretty fast thanks to Infinite DT, and Trish input codes/cheat codes etc. There should be a list of codes around either in the internet or one of the topics on DMC 2 in this site so that way you can decrease the hour/playthrough needed and breeze through the game.
  12. MLB The Show 16 because servers were shut down.