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  1. After couple of more attempts (in total less than 50), I just managed to score 1000 on Otometal my life (although this isn't required). Yeah, it's tough but if you actually feel the song, learn the music & rhythm and time it right, 950 is pretty much doable. Good luck to anyone who's going for this quest.
  2. One thing that I can recommend is rather than forcing yourself for matching the buttons, have a general feel about the music & rhythm by listening the song a few times (watching videos on that karaoke can also help) and then trying the karaoke. Only focusing on buttons might make things more difficult since the music cursor also moves pretty fast. In my personal experience, I played the song less than 20 tries and got 950+ 5 times throughout (2 of them, and my final attempt which was 970, being on Remote Play). Just stick with it, learn it, and you can do this request of Haruka.
  3. Breaker works perfectly on Lee and Nishitani but for Sera, you have to bait him to throw punches or leg sweep before connecting moves as he can stun lock you pretty easily. For Sera, you can also use some heat moves on Thug style (grab by circle and once Sera tries to get away hit triangle) and Slugger style as well.
  4. Although it's great to unlock the platinum, I must say this was one of the tedious/most time consuming platinum I've ever achieved (170 hours for 100%, 5 hours for Climax Battles, and 8 hours on Legend mode making around 183 hours for platinum). Parts for where people struggle the most can vary but from my experience, I struggled the most on koi-koi, Super Gold Rush on baseball (I was waiting Kiryu to stop moving before hitttig X to swing. Then I tried to only focus on the ball and that worked way greater than the first method that I was following), Fantasy Zone, and getting Full Straight in Mahjong (although that's completely up to RNG, and I don't think Mahjong is a problem once you learn it, even got Riichi Ippatsu twice while going for the CPs). Before attempting Climax Battles, I was in a mindset of "Damn, this'll make me question why I even started this..." but turns out, it isn't that bad. Sure, there are really annoying battles like Proving Grounds 8, Melee Battle 7, Millionare 2, and Ultimate 2 but in general once you keep trying, you then get used to it and be able to complete it. For Ultimate Battles, Kiryu's Beast style and Majima's Breaker style are super OP (even for Sera in Ultimate Two, however you have to bait Sera to throw punches or do leg sweep before starting the combo and dodge his attacks since he can stun-lock you easily). If you beat Climax Battles, you're also capable of beating Legend mode as well. Just don't forget to visit Bob near the temple and get your Marlin Cannon (this'll save you from a huge migraine in Mission 13), and load up on Sacrifice Stones + Staminan Royales for making Finale less stressful (because when you leave Kamurocho and Sotenbori, there'll be long sequence of fights before building up your way to the boss fights).
  5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  6. There's a common glitch on the PSVita version that if you press the XMB button and/or sync your trophies, trophies will glitch out. It did happen to me as well and had to start a new game two times and cleanup on NG+. It's advised to not press the XMB button if you want to give break or so just press the power button and put PSVita to sleep mode. If you press the XMB button, however, just close and restart the console.
  7. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  8. It did get DLC trophies from 2009 to 2012 (EURO 2012 being the last additional content EA adding to a FIFA game). They used to introduce FUT later on so from '09 to '11 FUT used to be in as DLC/Additional trophy list. But from '13 to current installment there aren't any and I don't know why they still writing that on the platinum trophy description lol.
  9. There are two types of remakes. One like Yakuza Kiwami which adds extra contents + has beautiful graphics. And the other type... this..? I'm not sure calling this game as a remake.
  10. FIFA 17 because of FUT Draft.
  11. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  12. Where it All Began (Yakuza 0) Obtain all other trophies. After beating Climax Battles, Legend mode didn't feel that difficult and only took about 8 hours to clear. I was saving constantly so I wouldn't have to go way to behind if I fail a section. I was kinda scared of Chapter 13 because of but fortunately, it took me only two attempts (as Marlin Cannon saved me from a headache) and finale considering how long the last encounter was (had to stock up Staminan Royales and Toughness Emperors along with Sacrifice Stones). Now I'm relieved and thinking of doing Kiwami next.