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  1. If you have a Golden Rank friend, try to search for 1v1 Tables and you have to select Bayley (Golden One has to either Charlotte or AJ Lee). At character screen (loading where ID's show up) wait 5 seconds (or so) and Gold one has to quit via XMB. Hopefully game will freeze and you get the all 3 rank trophies.
  2. Don't worry, glitch still works but be quick. You have 3-4 days left for server closure
  3. Is it now unobtainable, any updates?
  4. We're so close mate, soon both of us will get it done! 👍
  5. Run 10(on Broadcast) : Made to Venus Part I (Aerostat I believe), was stealthing, had to throw two hatchet to two guys that were upperfloor, instead of that BJ did a Glory kill both of them (and 2nd one stared at me), as soon as I killed 1st commander (w/Machinenpistole) alarm activated automatically and then had 3 Übersoldat and 2 Supersoldat and bunch of soldiers. When I cleared the guys I started running to the suit but a dead robot blocked me to enter scientific room, had 23 HP and then died. This drives me crazy!
  6. Run 9: Died on Venus part 2. Couldn't hatchet one guy then Robodog came to me, exploded and the guys fried me like a chicken.
  7. Attempt 8: Died from Zidatelle' s missile even I stayed crouched (Lakeview district) Attempt 9: Put PS4 on rest mode, I'm at Manhattan Revisit (hoping for no electricity cuts) (hopefully I can beat this soon...😣😫)
  8. Watch out, there's a death barrier in wheelchair section (while using hydrolic elevator). Had to watch that annoying cutscene again lol
  9. I tried nearly every solution but it's still locked... Have 56 wins
  10. Tried The Beast from Beyond Skullbreaker today, failed twice and still was able to enter the machine. Don't know about AotRT and Shaolin Shuffle but it seems fine on TBfB.
  11. Still no fix... Really 2K?
  12. Roswell seems to be finicky... At that elevator section I can clear out all the enemies on lower floor without any issues, but when I go upstairs, I couldn't make to next section an dying on there (you cant activate elevator because if you do there'll be Supersoldiers and Übersoldiers will spawn at elewator). I tried taking elevator stealthly but it didn't worked out for me very well.
  13. You have to acquire all the Contraptions for locked perks
  14. For Easier than Expected, try to play on 2014 season instead of 2015. In 2014 there'll be 22 cars and AI going to set bad lap times comparing to 2015 season. With Mercedes on Australia you can do it easily. And if you wish, put manual saves on Q1 while entering the last turn (at formation lap). Setup: Team (Mercedes)AerodynamicsFront Wing Angle: 1Rear Wing Angle: 1TransmissionOn Throttle: 50Off Throttle: 65Suspension GeometryFront Camber: -3.50Rear Camber: -2.00Front Toe: 0.15Rear Toe: 0.50SuspensionFront Suspension: 1Rear Suspension: 1Front Anti-Roll Bar: 1Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 1Tyre PressureFront Tyre Pressure: 18.0psiReal Tyre Pressure: 18.0psiWeight Distribution:Ballast: 3FuelFuel Load: 3 laps (mix 3: Rich)
  15. This should help you for that 2 Zestrores (?)(heavies) but can be risky because enemies can flank you.