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  1. New content. Little edit from Yakuza 6/Ryu Ga Gotoku 6:


  2. You can unlock all of the trophies for The Frozen Dawn in 1-2 solo games. If it's not patched, then you can kill the Godking pretty easily w/Deathraven's upgraded weapon + Frontline (you can find that DLC guide in this site). That shouldn't be tedious on solo. I don't have any comments about other maps/Easter Eggs but having a team should make it less stressful comparing to solo.
  3. Here is the run of Impossible Battle. I'm not the greatest player but still managed to clear so it's possible for anyone out there. Just time, practice and patience/perseverance:
  4. It's safer to finishing the missions in the classic order (you can skip No Russian though) since the last played time for missions will count for Immortal trophy.
  5. Tbh I didn't find Vita version that hard. It was somewhat more enjoyable comparing to PS4 imo.
  6. North American version of PS4 and PSVita
  7. I've attempted Impossible Battle on European copy of the game today and got it on the first attempt (also making it the third time for me completing this battle). Solomon Grundy IS very useful but just a heads up, don't forget using Down (hold), square + X combo. I've found it more reliable rather than Down (hold) triangle when starting the Chain combo (though uppercut is still useful but don't depend on that too much. Down (hold), square + X and then MB Swamp Hands + Chain combo way to go). I'll upload my run probably tomorrow but even if I can do this (I used to struggle on this game too much beforehand. Probably wined about it in the forums lol), you can also complete it. It's just matter of time and perseverance.
  8. Super Meat Boy (Struggling on Zombie Boy lol).
  9. Did you "Save and quit" or closed application and then continued a mission? Because you also have to not load a checkpoint, clearing the mission on 1st go without dying/failing an objective/friendly firing/"Save and quit" and such (which all of those will reload a checkpoint).
  10. You can get hit twice on Hell and Hell mode (it won't activate any penalties whatsoever but you won't have any bonus multiplies from what I remember) and still attain S rank if you have 5500 Stylish points or higher but using the 3rd Gold Orb will activate Triple Orb Revive penalty which'll reduce your score by half.
  11. Managed to unlock Demon Boy today w/having around 7.9K deaths through the beginning of my SMB journey and oh boy... For 4-8X I wasn't able to pull out Gish strategy so had to use Ogmo and I put that one on the first level spot. My order through the run was 8X-20X, 1X-7X and at one point I almost botched it on 4-5X (managed to exit map successfully though). Giving a couple of days break and then up to even more stressful part...
  12. It's quite easier from compared to release version since with the release of Agent Silent Death DLC and update for it, difficulties has been balanced so it's somewhat easier from Day 1.
  13. Since I discovered NJPW, I stopped following/watching WWE regularly. At one time, WWE felt like waste of time (quality lacking on PPV matches). I don't even watch AEW so there goes being an AEW mark lol. But all seriousness, if you're into in-ring and in-match storytelling stuff I would say check out NJPW. Plus, because of COVID-19 unlike WWE or AEW (not sure about NOAH though), they took precautions, made health their priority and stopped wrestling action for 100+ days. At one time, Hiroshi Tanahashi was saying wrestling should come later, health is more important or such like that (can't remember).
  14. I have a strategy for 4-16X which is pretty much consistent and should make this level much easier. Sorry for the voice level on the footage since I tried to plug my headphone to use its mic as an output device but hope this one helps out:
  15. Thanks, man! I'll definitely post updates on here but let's see how this journey will go. Sometimes the game doesn't want to register inputs which makes me a little bit worried but managed to make it this far so will keep pushing hard.
  16. Just unlocked Missile Boy playing from PSVita and I'm shaking. I was really close unlocking the trophy twice but I choked it on 3-6X and 3-5X on those runs. On my successful run, I didn't even have faith and thought to play from 1X-20X for learning more but I've somehow managed to complete the first 16 levels without failing. Started making mistakes on 3-17X and 3-18X but thanks to the "exit to map" trick, I was able to maintain my ironman streak. Never felt more relieved (even compared to Mein Leben (was still relieved on that one but this one was huge)) but I still have to do Demon, Zombie, Girl, and Impossible Boy... Shoot what have I put myself into lol
  17. PS3, yes. I've read something about Gonespy that you might be able to revive servers for PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat..? In that topic, it was under "Games to be tested". PS Vita might still have a slight chance but we don't know it yet. Here's the topic I'm talking about:
  18. Street Fighter X Tekken
  19. I just got Maggot Boy unlocked however I faced the same input issue when I attempted Blood Clot Boy. Brimstone Boy and Maggot Boy felt stressful when I got closer to the Ironman/Deathless level streak (especially on when you're 3 levels away from the trophy despite leaving the easy levels to last). Now since this is out of the way... The real fun now begins lol
  20. After resetting my Vita previous year, I've decided to start this game again on my Vita. So far have 98% completion (for I'm a Golden God) but damn, can't beat 7 levels on Cotton Alley Dark World... XOXO will be pain through no death run and so the other levels except Organ Grinder and 7-7X (thanks to magic pixel). The problem on my journey is sometimes the character doesn't want to register jump command even though I press X lol. This issue cost me some runs on Blood Clot Boy trophy... Nowhere near the best part of the game (Missile, Demon, Zombie, Girl, and Impossible Boy) but slowly getting there lol
  21. Uncharted Golden Abyss. Became a fan of Uncharted series after playing Among Thieves and when I saw PSVita + Uncharted Golden Abyss bundle (it was SIM card model but unfortunately I lost the SIM tray lol) I immediately grabbed it.
  22. He hasn't completed the Classic Battle with any characters. Clearing the Classic Battle with all characters aren't necessary but if he bought everything from the Archives and didn't unlock the trophy, it's best to completing Classic Battle with any character. Maybe that'll do the trick..?
  23. Exactly, even you think you're good at a certain part/section don't get too comfortable. Speaking from personal experience, I thought I mastered Wheelchair part, Zidatelle section (Manhattan), Penthouse, and Roswell and was like "Okay, now no need to practice those sections ever again" but because of this attitude, I actually messed up my strategies and failed on those parts lol (I remember I missed the jump to conveyer belt or died right after rushing out of the elevator on Roswell). Try to get comfortable with the sections by manual saves and practices but don't get too comfortable and throw the stages away since anything can go on Mein Leben.