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  1. Yes, this is boostable. You will need to create 10 dummy accounts and will need a second PS4 or a friend to boost this (if your friend also wants to boost, you will need a total of 20 dummy accounts). Be careful when boosting as you don't want to match up with randoms. Also, try boosting this in morning/noon EU time as servers will be the least active on those times (I was able to get the trophy around 5 PM my time but boosted 17 matches at from 9 AM to 11 AM. I owe a lot for my friend who was willing to help me out so thank you once again, man!)
  2. Uncharted (5 plats): Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Uncharted: Golden Abyss Call of Duty (4 plats) Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Call of Duty Black Ops III Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Devil May Cry (4 plats): Devil May Cry 2 Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Devil May Cry 5 DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
  3. Hope this trophy won't share the same fate as "How Much Ya Got" from NBA 2K17...
  4. Finally, my DMC 5 guide got released! It's my first guide but I tried my best.

  5. If it'll be in the game, completing Domination mode can be helpful for those cards.
  6. It looks fairly easier compared to other NBA 2K titles. Geologist and G.O.A.T Collector will be the rarest trophies imo. Make sure to ready your wallets out for G.O.A.T Collector xD.
  7. I think he means all of the multiplayer trophies (including DLCs)
  8. I lost interest in WWE nowadays but I'll make a top 10 list with WWE Superstars and wrestlers from other promotions (such as NJPW, AEW, NOAH etc.). WWE List: 1) Adam Cole 2) Johnny Gargano 3) Aleister Black 4) Roderick Strong 5) Eddie Guerrero 6) The Undertaker 7) Becky Lynch 8) Finn Balor 9) Ali 10) Shinsuke Nakamura Other Promotions List: 1) Kota Ibushi 2) Hiroshi Tanahashi 3) Katsuyori Shibata 4) Kenny Omega 5) Tomohiro Ishii 6) Will Ospreay 7) Toru Yano 8) Jon Moxley 9) Shingo Takagi 10) SANADA
  9. Is this versions make some trophies easier or what they do exactly?
  10. If you can't get it with normal KT-4 try to upgrade your weapon to Masamune and try getting that trophy with Masamune.
  11. Need for Speed Most Wanted Burnout Takedown God of War I & II
  12. Takeover Toronto was a nice PPV but I really lost interest into WWE. They somehow ruin my expectations all the time lol (not NXT but main roster). They're like spreading butter in AEW's and NJPW's bread. I mean just look at G1 Climax 29. That tournament was on pure fire. Sure some matches like Jeff Cobb vs. Jay White was boring or Bad Luck Fale wasn't enough for this tournament (cardio wise) but still it was the best thing in wrestling in 2019 (Just an example of final day, KENTA joined BC, betrayed Shibata and LA Dojo Young Lions and Shibata returned to in ring action to backfire on KENTA which I believe we'll see KENTA vs Shibata on WK14 for NEVER Openweight Title (assuming KENTA defeats Ishii in Royal Quest)). Royal Quest and All Out are on the way as well so WWE is in a tough situation imo, time will show this...
  13. And most importantly:
  14. I would say either backlog or rarity leaderboards. I have to pick one so it'll be rarity leaderboards. I'll give an example: Futuridium EP Deluxe Edition for PSVita. There are 13 people out there 100%'ed this game but it shows 19 people who 100% that.
  15. Venus really made me want to smash my controller and throw it straight to the TV. I failed 3 times in Venus 1 and 2 times in Venus 2 and it's just f***ing annoying. Ausmerzer 2 didn't give me a trouble (at least in Mein Leben, in practice runs I somehow managed to die at every encounter xD) but with that high heart beat rate + some excitement I almost failed the jump (when you shoot the fan) and almost lost control at boss fight haha
  16. I do have 15, 17 and 18 platinumed. I wanted to do FIFA 14 but when I returned to my hometown servers were already closed. And it seems I can't platinum FIFA 19 because my preparation for university exams starts 3 weeks later on so won't really have time to go for it (Besides FUT Champions trophy might get unobtainable too so don't want to risk it). After exam, if servers are up I really want to attempt 16 and 19 but time will show :(...
  17. I recently heard that you might add bots to your server but have no idea how it works or if it's possible to do that. Anybody know/have any idea about this?
  18. Congrats and yeah, glitch doesn't worth at all. It took me longer to trying to do the glitch (which didn't work and I got stuck twice so it was waste of time) comparing doing legit haha (legit attempts took just 3-4 attempts)
  19. Honestly getting enemies lining up is RNG based but you can do it, just don't give up! I followed this video so hopefully it might help you too:
  20. After the recent patch, this method still works! Thank you so much for finding this out!
  21. It has to be on Road to Glory mode (accessable when you go to MyPlayer tab), not in WWE Online tab. And I don't think you can tag with a partner in Road to Glory so no. For wins you can grind them against AI (on PPV days) or wait a bit till 2K20 releases and when this game dies, try to boost with a partner (although finding your partner in Road to Glory can be doggy and very hard so try either against AI or if lucky find a rage quitter (wins count if someone rage quits))
  22. That hour is depending on how long will it take you to complete Million Dollar Tower and 50 wins in Road to Glory. You can cheese Million Dollar Tower but be careful on submission matches. MyCareer is less grindy than 2K17 and 2K18. Road to Glory you need 50 wins so you can either do it against real people or do it in PPV days (but you need to create new MyPlayers in order to replay the event). Overall this game shouldn't be that difficult if you finished the previous 2 titles and have a bit experience. You can practice against Legendary AI to feel comfortable and then attempt the tower. Guide for Million Dollar Tower on this site is really useful.
  23. That was irritating too. But if you have monkey bombs and In Plain Sight once you spot Gersh, you can trap him on one location and shooting your GkZ-45 Mk.3 PaP'ed (Maelstrom of Eris) when he's near to end the monologue. Finding him gave me headache at first as I tried with both headphones and audio system 😂. Gersh's sound is kinda low
  24. You can kill Nikolai in 10-20 seconds if you use In Plain Sight or Idle Eyes. Worst part of easter egg imo was Valkyrie Drone Escort but since it's getting fixed soon this will be a lot easier. Just bomb step needs cooperation and rest should be okay.