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  1. I wish they make Persona 5 avatars, without that border, or just do transparent avatars
  2. Shazam it's ok, like a 5/10 movie (I gave Aquaman 6/10)
  3. My pets Bu and Tin Bu stayed with us for more than half a year only, due to circumstance he moved away with another family in 2017, very smart boy, hope he still doing well Tin just passed away yesterday, I miss him so much, stayed with us for 11 years
  4. I think we do get paid for earning trophies, via Sony Rewards? I suppose to vote it's perfect the way it is , but I vote first option, it's just me but I want all games to have a platinum, with a minimum of like 25-30 trophies...
  5. Everybody Gone to the Rapture it gave me nausea and headache, literally a painful platinum and yes it is boring
  6. I'd like to change as well but afraid of the warning, saw one friend in my friend list changed already
  7. #91 - 2064: Read Only Memories Plasteel and Silica Unlock all other trophies I prefer Alone With You over this
  8. this game has some chill music..
  9. Nope LEGO The Hobbit?
  10. Nope LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?
  11. Neverwinter, got 1 trophy so cannot delete Guacamelee.. PES 2018 Dragon Age Inquisition due to no disc now, and it is hard too Tropico 5, can't get into it and a few more which I cannot remember now