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  1. I collect few Jump manga titles, but they do not publish many of these at my place anymore so the collection pretty much end
  2. Thanks for the info of Island Saver !
  3. Most touching moment for me so far is the ending of The Walking Dead by Telltale
  4. The ability to hide/disable stuffs that I don't want to see Player You May Know, Player To Follow or something, Playstation Vue/Now/Playroom etc.. , and the Spotify thing in profile all that stuffs in What's New except for trophy activities (now playing, trending etc..) lots of stuffs that are probably slow down the menu trophy progress tracker like Xbox is great too and of course it need to be quieter when playing, some games near unplayable because it sounds like a jet (Monster Hunter World, RDR2..)
  5. Great line up if true, because I own neither of them
  6. Great! More free games! Hope this continue after May 5
  7. Persona 3 Persona 4 Radiata Stories Def Jam Fight for NY
  8. No Akame ga Kill
  9. Great games this month I guess Horizon Zero Dawn gonna appear anytime now