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  1. Mask
  2. Turtle
  3. Nice cover photo! Where did you find such a cool picture?

  4. Game of Thrones ss1
  5. Hey bro ur avy is kawaii😊✌what Anime pls😄

    1. Kaiwan


      Thanks Silent ^^

      She is from Persona 5 actually

      well technically there is also an anime https://myanimelist.net/anime/31645/Persona_5_the_Animation__The_Day_Breakers

    2. Silent


      Nice thank u😊✌

  6. Masamune-kun's revenge
  7. Spider
  8. Gold
  9. managed to get a used copy
  10. Golf
  11. Granted, but you will no longer hungry I wish I knew how to read, speak and write Japanese
  12. Like your new Avatar. ^_^


    Ah...and Asuka...yeah. :awesome:


    Öhm, Greetings Bro. :P

    1. Silent


      Sure is. She looks familiar..☺

    2. Kaiwan
  13. Marshmallow