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  1. Yup I have it Deponia?
  2. Log Horizon
  3. is a good month for me as I own neither , and borderlands collection is great
  4. Dauntless main menu song
  5. saw this cool picture on reddit could be a nice ending though
  6. Seems like they want to make Bran a villain or at least a self-centered character in the end but executed poorly.
  7. Just finished watching the final episode , no surprise that it is bad, however it is destined to be bad given how rush the season is. From middle it feel like a sitcom or sort , it is really funny to me how Daario is chilling there. Don't get how Bran was elected to be the king quite easily , although I think because Tyrion finally understand Varys's ideal and elect him , but unconvicing how others support the idea. Also Bran The Broken sounds like an insult , are they mocking their king? The only positive is the cinematography and the music as always , I really like the near ending shot where the Sansa , Arya and Jon are walking in a place where they suppose to be. Good luck to D&D with their upcoming Star Wars project!
  8. 1. inFamous Second Son 2. Grim Fandango Remastered 3. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture 4. Life is Strange 5. Tales from the Borderlands 6. The Order: 1886 7. inFamous First Light 8. Murdered: Soul Suspect 9. Game of Thrones 10. Stories: The Path of Destinies 11. Day of the Tentacle Remastered 12. Catlateral Damage 13. Valley 14. Bully 15. Batman 16. Virginia 17. Wheels of Aurelia 18. Rime 19. Far Cry 4 20. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness 21. Deponia 22. Burly Men At Sea 23. Full Throttle Remastered 24. Detroit: Become Human 25. Killing Floor 2 26. Bridge Constructor
  9. thought this is funny:
  10. better than the Infinity War
  11. worst month , because both games have no platinum! but seriously they should give out better games since only 2 games now
  12. Tokyo Ghoul