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  1. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It isn't too hard but very time consuming and my attention span prevents me from sitting down and working on it.
  2. Platinum #37 God of War: Chains of Olympus

    1. MissileUser
    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      I love the psp games, congratz

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Tried playing the newest Need for Speed, Most Wanted 2012, and I just can't enjoy it. I have the platinum and honestly it has no replay value. It is the first NfS game I own that I dont enjoy playing a second time. Oh well, it is part of my Need for Speed collection so it stays.

    1. Malik


      Isnt like burnout paradise ?

    2. FurryMcMemes


      It is but not as fun. I can play Paradise over and over again but not Most Wanted 2012.

  5. Ratchet & Clank Platinum

    1. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      nice, I still need to do that one. And Full Frontal

  6. Platinum #32 Okami HD

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    2. Malik


      it took him 10 days

    3. FurryMcMemes


      49 hours total time.

    4. simula67


      Sounds about right. Really excited to play it.

  7. Trophy 3000 :gold: Who Let the Dogs Out (Okami HD)

  8. Platinum #31 Most Wanted

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    2. FurryMcMemes


      Got it in five days.

    3. AndroidFox


      The game sounds quite short to me, is it worth buying?

    4. FurryMcMemes


      Yes, hell yes it is worth it.

  9. Most Wanted 2012 is awesome.

    1. broy300


      I will second that statement!

    2. Brenden


      Almost downloaded it! Can't wait to play it :D

  10. Sim City Societies wasn't made by Maxis, Sim City 5 is made by Maxis.
  11. Self-Esteem: Empty, recharge required

  12. This is a status update.

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    2. Jason_Rocks68


      This is a status update comment on drugs.

    3. RHGSniperFox


      This is not a comment. This is a statement.

    4. FurryMcMemes
  13. Today I earned inFAMOUS Franchise Perfection, I have 100% in all three games

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    2. Orlay_


      Hey, me too!

    3. DanielVT


      You have to use the map on gamefaqs.....then just mark off the ones you get with MS Paint. It has been working for me.

    4. FurryMcMemes


      I didn't use maps ;D

  14. god I have a gaming backlog the size of Texas!

  15. god I have a gaming backlog the size of Texas!

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    2. spacemonkey3k


      I hear ya brother. No more games! No more games!

    3. Death


      Backlog sucks. Then we have the audacity to say "I'm so bored, there's nothing to play!" When there is a sealed game on the shelf :(

    4. FurryMcMemes


      Lol, I just need motivation.

  16. I sense about 2-4 Editions total, there are a lot of titles that Rockstar may have planned to release in Collections. FYI Midnight Club Los Angeles has less DLC, in size and quantity than the rest of the games in the collection which is not including the GtA4 Episodes in the collection. Remember, these games are HUGE so in Rockstar's defense they were cutting down on size by bundling all of the base games in. Besides you'll buy the DlC anyways so quit bitchin. I did the math and if you own one or none of the games in the collection then buying the collection and the DLC separate, don't buy Undead Nightmare as Rockstar will release it in the next Edition or a future Edition. As for what future Rockstar Collections will have we can assume GTA 3, Vice City, San Andrews, and possibly GTA4, Midnight Club 1-3, Bully, Manning 1-2, The Warriors, Table Tennis, etc.
  17. While I don't recommend it, people have issues with it, you have to go Western Digital for 1TB. NOTE: I forgot about other brands like Samsung and Toshiba, definitely Samsung is a good choice. I think usually people experience a slowdown after 500GB of data is on the 1TB but I do notice most people who say it is slower usually bought a Western Digital HDD which I don't recommend.
  18. Oops, was the link wrong? I ment to link a 500GB
  19. Picked up Bioshock 2 yesterday, anyone got some spare cash for the DLc? :P

  20. Newest has to be Battlefield: Bad Company right after Borderlands 2. Now if you include free games then it is The King of Fighters XIII
  21. Ok problem, where do I get the PC versions?