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  1. Hello All, Can someone tell me how to suceed into Environment Master trophy ? Does the new map counts in Anarchy ? Sewers, Hotel Elysium etc... Thanks for your answers.
  2. Thanks Satoshi Ookami, Sorry i didn't know that the problem was already discuss. You can delete my message if you want.
  3. Hello All, Is this possible to obtain an update concerning the trophy list of GE RB ? Because my update was apply to the JP release. So on my vita (i'm french) the list is in french. Does it exist or not? maybe later. Thanks for your help. Best regards.
  4. Hello All, I love this game so much and i found a channel on youtube with trophy missing the channel is the one of Sycho96 the fisrt on psnprofiles for the moment he beats all speed run for each level. Even if i like the game some shortcuts are too hard for me, I will train during two hours to succeed the first shortcut in Chess level lol. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVtsapHQHgw_qxiu6q9QQQ I hope it will help you Good Game guys. Best regards. Michael
  5. Hello All What does it means ? Field Skills. Sorry for this question it concerned the trophy Furious success Thanks for your help. It's my first game like T-RPG so i am little bit lost lol.
  6. Hello DDrag00n yes your link allow you to take your save from ages of demons to play in Kiwami on ps4 or vita. For the other thing I think really you keep all your advancement on : Your Weapon Your Mitamas (200 in Ages of the demons + 100 kiwami) so for those which plats the first episode you will begin with 200 mitamas it rests 100 mitamas of the new Kiwami to catch. Your Armor All your stuff i think And certainly all the advancement on the chapter and phases. I say this because trophy of kiwami begin at chapter 8 and phases 12 I think it's a really big advantage to do the first episode. You can find this information on their web site : Carry across save data from the original "Toukiden"!Save data from the original "Toukiden," including weapons, armor, Mitama and progress levels, can be carried across to the new title!