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  1. I'm pleased with the 2.2 banners.. I have no interest in pulling for Tartaglia/Childe so that's an easy skip for me and gives me time to save up primogems. I might pull for Hu Tao and try and get C1 and Staff of Homa if it's on the weapon banner, I want Thoma too as I need another shield character for Spiral Abyss . It all depends on the 2.3 banners how much primogems I spend because I really want Ganyu as I started this game late (in May) so I missed out, Arataki Itto pictures also have circulated online he looks pretty cool I might pull for him if his playstyle looks good but I'll have to see.
  2. The next character & weapon banners will feature. Raiden Shogun 5* Kujou Sara 4* Xiangling 4* Sucrose 4* Engulfing Lightning 5* The Unforged 5* Lion's Roar 4* Favonius Lance 4* The Widsith 4* Sacrificial Bow 4*
  3. Collectibles that aren't accessible yet due to the islands not being released and reputation trophy is time dependant.
  4. I believe he was referring to Diona, plus it's not confirmed yet that Baal is the next banner just leakers guessing.
  5. Crash Bandicoot isn't a Playstation owned franchise anymore since that is an option inconsistent I'd say Final Fantasy. None of the options provided are the best in my opinion.
  6. Unfortunately you need crystal marrow to ascend her which is in Inazuma.
  7. Fastest achiever is 3 hours and 58 minutes. No idea where people are getting 5 minutes from...
  8. What featured banners are you guys looking forward to? I'm excited for the Raiden Shogun/Sara banner, leaks are saying it's expected to be the first banner of 2.1 but I think that's incorrect. Just going off the Genshin Impact Twitter account they posted Kokomi first so I believe she will be released before Raiden Shogun &Sara. Plus for the one year anniversary it makes sense to have a big character around the time so it makes more sense.
  9. I agree with the comments in support of trophies coming the few years. I'm happy putting time into this game knowing they are going to be continuing bringing content. It's pretty much guaranteed trophies are coming for the big updates when they release new regions. Sumeru, Fontaine, Natlan & Snezhnaya will likely have the same trophy layout. X Chests opened, Max Reputation, Max Statue level, Traveler element change etc..
  11. I understand people don't want to spend money on this game but i do think its a great idea to buy the Gnostic Hymn for battlepass and Blessing of the Welkin Moon for getting more primogems. It's a good investment for a small cost, Welkin Moon alone gets you 2700 primogems across 30 days plus 300 genesis crystals. Once you opened alot of the chests in a new region and completed story quests the rate of primogems starts slowing down. That's why I recommend purchasing the two ive mentioned above. Of course doing daily commissions, spiral abyss and events are other ways to get primogems, but it can be quicker with Gnostic Hymm and Welkin Moon. I've put in over 250 hours into this game and enjoyed the time playing it. I will probably put in another 750 hours more since they are going to be providing content for the next 5 years. So i want to take advantage and get most out this game and get some fun new 5 star characters and possibly 5 star weapons. Anyway that's enough of my essay.