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  1. They changed it to PH, only to change it back to AS. At least TrueTrophies knows the deal. https://www.(URL not allowed)/game/Nicole-Asian-Vita/trophies
  2. Ah, sorry when you posted the first reply I thought you were referring to Nicole Vita being marked down as AS along with Chasm Vita. Because I didn't think my post was clear reading it back but the PS4 version should be as AS. My apologies for the confusion I worked a 10 hour shift, so I'm tired and misread the response. The vita versions of Chasm and Nicole are eastasiasoft published games that were sold on play asia in form of physical copies. Limited in supply and sold out on play asia, eastasiasoft are still supporting games for Vita physically, any Vita trophy list in the future would be physical as Sony has stopped new releases of Vita games digitally from late last year. Edit: I noticed the Nicole Vita version is back to AS when it should be PH. Nicole doesn't even have a Vita digital version on PSN store so how can it be AS? Again I was mistaken earlier I didn't realise you were talking about the PS4 version too which is AS.
  3. Thanks I appreciate you updating it, almost one more game I forgot. Is also a physical version for the ps vita but marked down as AS.
  4. Yes it's marked as AS when it should PH.
  5. Chasm trophy list is physical only for the vita version so it should be listed as PH. Nicole trophy list is also physical only for the vita version so it should be listed as PH. AS gives the impression it's available in that region digitally which isn't the case.
  6. This is the physical version which for whatever reason is listed AS. That itself misinforms people that the game is available digitally on the ps vita when that isn't the case. Same goes for Chasm with the physical version, it's listed as AS. So some unfortunate person who likes stacking trophy lists and likes Chasm buys the "AS" vita version on the ps store to find out its the same list as worldwide.
  7. Thanks for posting that, appreciate it. Looking at that War Theatre discussion, it seems that this dev has a reputation of releasing broken/unfinished games. Mecho Wars is another game mentioned in that discussion that released in poor condition. They did patch War Theatre which they seemed to of done in a short time. So it's likely the devs will actually patch this and hopefully it's not too long of a wait. I did receive an email back from someone at arcade distillary saying that the issue has been passed on to the dev team. So they are aware right now of the issue.
  8. I thought it was very strange they never remastered GTA IV on PS4, it's one of the GTA games that still has a huge following when you look up online and through YouTube videos. I couldn't get into the game when I first played it. But over time realised how good it was and how much content the game had to offer. Great characters, great voice acting, well written storylines, excellent gameplay, honesty it's a masterpiece. I would love to see GTA IV Remastered on the PlayStation 5 with TLAD, TBOGT even if they excluded the multiplayer from the game I would still buy.
  9. I brought this 2 weeks ago, I haven't started it up yet so I don't really know the rules of the game. I've been waiting for more information before I begin, I too want to know if this is boost-able and how many players are needed for the online trophies.
  10. It's the physical version, I brought it from Play Asia. What game was that? Just wondering.
  11. I made a thread about this earlier but it looks like this is going now as a unattainable platinum, I've tried progressing on two different ps vita handhelds/different save files and the game just crashes for the mountains area... I've contacted the dev but I've heard nothing so far, there could be a chance I have a dodgy copy. I have tried communicating with Playstation support but unfortunately they couldn't help no matter what suggestions they had just didn't work. Here is the email address of the dev. [email protected]
  12. Seems to crash alot for entering the mountains area. Initially it won't load at all and thought it was a corrupt save data issue and deleted the save. So I started the game again I lost about 8 hours work put in getting extra hearts, shards, weapons, armors and hoods. Finally I got back to where I was before and uploaded my save to the ps plus cloud just incase, I finished the level to find it crash again! I loaded the save again tried it entering the mountains and it worked! But every time I finish a level on the mountains it crashes without fail, but seems to load okay starting up. Now here is the biggest issue I'm playing what seems to be the last level on the mountains, I get to one section of the level and it crashes without fail guaranteed. C2-12828-1 is the error that keeps appearing, no matter I do it crashes at that same point. C2-12828-1 is the same error i've gotten throughout, I believe it's an issue with the game itself not my handheld, i've got a 2nd handheld and will try on that one to see if it makes a difference which I doubt it would. Hopefully others don't come across the issue I have, if it is the case that it is then this game has an unattainable platinum until it is patched.
  13. I seemed to have unlocked the all fishes trophy early by catching seaweed I already had...
  14. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and Final Fantasy XVI are really the only two games that are must have for me to upgrade. The fact some games offering free digital upgrades for me means that there is no rush, clear most of my backlog on PS4 and get a PS5 when the demand has cooled off.
  15. Looks like region stacks are continuing on Playstation 5 with this game having 3 trophy lists for the PS5 platform.