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  1. I just brought alot of them on my us account hopefully the discounts go to eu stores too. I brought Awesome Pea 1 & 2 a couple of weeks ago on the Vita, i should of waited i would of saved some money.
  2. Physical release only, unfortunately Unmetal is sold out on play-asia. I believe they had 2500 copies which is more than most play exclusives. I received my copy on Thursday (22/04/21) which I wasn't expecting so early since it only shipped a few days before.
  3. Nice! I'm a fan of the Virtua Fighter series. I played Virtua Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution alot growing up. I was disappointed too that we never got Virtua Fighter 6.
  4. I want Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 to get remastered versions for PS4 and PS5 with an improved trophy list actually including a platinum. Sonic Unleashed too was enjoyable game so i wouldn't might seeing that coming to current consoles.
  5. Excellent News! They probably realised they can still profit off the ps3 and vita stores, so it makes sense to keep them online. Glad it's staying up as there are games I want to play but didn't want to mass spend now. I can just slowly purchase games one by one without worrying.
  6. Just wondering currently which is the best UK online retailer when it comes to early shipping? I used to buy from shopto and 365games over the years and they shipped games early. But I've heard their services had declined recently. So again what's the best online retailer in the UK for early shipping on new releases?
  7. Yeah I had 52 kills, less if you don't include the kills automatically given to you on level 16. I'm waiting for a patch for this trophy, I wasted two days going for this trophy it's not worth it. Moved onto another game.
  8. Well I think the damage is already done to this game too I believe. I can't see them selling much physical copies once it releases in July, even digitally once it's off PS Plus. Glad I got this game for free and not spent money on it otherwise i'd be more po'ed, the only reason it hasn't picked up much bad PR is because of it being a free PS Plus game otherwise it would got close to the Cyberpunk 2077 treatment. The only reason they're rushing patches is because they're in damage control mode to avoid their reputation being tarnished any further. I'm gonna avoid this dev in the future with their games, i'm sure i'm not the only one with this mindset. Just think of the majority of gamers who experienced this buggy/glitchy game who gave up that don't voice their opinions online. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to this game for months, I did somewhat enjoy it. But unfortunately the negatives of the bugs/glitches out weights the positives, sad really.
  9. Beat the game with 52 kills with the true ending and probably about 10 kills where I reloaded. The trophy is definitely bugged, i've been cheated out of this trophy twice now.
  10. Oh right, I thought both the good and true endings are connected to completing level 17 depending on Quarma achieved? I wouldn't think the ending would make a difference to the trophy as long as level 17 was completed but who knows..
  11. You tried the good ending? I know you're referring to the true ending. Just wondering.
  12. No I meant if you're not quick enough the bombs kill the sligs and it does add to the slig kill counter so using alot of bouncy binding is a risky move. So if you accidently die it would add to your overall kill counter.
  13. I can manage to get all six in one set with bouncy binding candy but it's not worth the risk for this trophy so probably best to get three of each set.
  14. Yeah smoke screen and bouncy binding candy works, you have to quick though the bombs kills the sligs so that will add to your kill count. It's three sets of six enemies aswell as three sets of bombs for the 1st two waves.
  15. They're pretty clueless on Discord. Tomb didn't even know if the kill counter sticks after restarting a checkpoint and level.