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  1. Fake news, fake outrage.
  2. You can ask if you want, but it's very unlikely to get patched. A low budget game that probably didn't get much a return on, spending more time and money on a patch when it isn't generating income in the first place probably isn't on the top of the list of things to do.
  3. Sorry I wasn't saying it was you who tweeted, I was just quoting part of the tweet the dev posted. I think it's a pretty scumy move from the dev, it's one of the reasons I avoid indie games unless they have a good track record. I think I'm being realistic to say it won't be fixed. Just judging by the tweets and length of time it's been since release.
  4. Did you start a new profile I noticed you haven't played since August 2019 with this being the last game.
  5. It's pretty apparent by the tweets that they have no intention of fixing it. It's been 5 years so if anyone believes a patch is coming is only fooling themselves. Even the tweet saying stop dm'ing or I'll have to block you is a big indicator of not wanting to patch the game.
  6. Sorry I was busy gaming trophy hunting so I didn't get a chance to respond. I can't explain to be honest I guess it was just luck after multiple attempts.
  7. I've had issues with the DLC trophies, multiple trophies I had to do the requirements twice to unlock.... And now Mr Dickson isn't appearing for Assassination side mission..
  8. Edit: Nevermind i've got him to appear, this thread can be deleted or locked.
  9. When I seen both trophy lists yesterday, I noticed people were on the leaderboards...
  10. Yeah it's shocking how no one is using any common sense in this thread. Specially the post about a possible German stack.... The European version has German players on the leaderboard so there isn't gonna be a German stack... A Japanese/Asia release later down the line might have a stack due to a different publisher.
  11. Wow! Shocked how many people disliked this game. I actually really enjoyed it, definitely better than Before The Storm.
  12. The two endings I got were Redemption and Parting ways (Sean with Cassidy), I uploaded my save file before making the decision. I picked Surrender first and thought it was a complete bullsh*t ending, it's definitely one of the worse endings in the game considering doing all the good/nice actions throughout the game gets you such a depressing ending. I downloaded my save file and chose Cross The Border which is the best ending of the game IMO, everyone seems happy in that ending despite circumstances. Looking up the other endings on Youtube they are all pretty sad, if I was to rank them best to worse. 1. Parting Ways 2. Blood Brothers 3. Redemption 4. Lone Wolf
  13. I thought they put a stop to avatars and themes? I noticed two themes were added to the PS store last week, I hope this means the return of more avatars on the store. Seeing as Final Fantasy VII Remake is pretty hot right now, it would be nice to get some avatars of the characters.
  14. I've just got the trophy with my setup, but thanks for posting that information for those who may need it. And what a plot twist for Chadley! You get another one for receiving the letter from an angel in Chapter 14, I missed it on my 1st playthough.
  15. Yeah I've got both equipped I have Reprieve ability for all my party members aswell as Planet Protection level 2 Limit Break unfortunately it doesn't fill up in time. And Reprieve gets used at stupid times due to a delay in not healing quick enough, but thanks for the response I guess i'll give it another shot. Use an armor with a linked slot of elemental material Level 2 or 3 with Ice material.