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  1. It all has to be done on one save file, you can't just load up an old save file in Bailu for example if you've missed out on getting a high score on any of the machines. The high scores do however carry over on new game plus so you can just beat the machines you've missed out on and the trophy would pop. So again the progress has to be on one save file, even if you have multiple saves returning to an early part you will lose the high score progress because it's counting the high scores progress from the point of the save file loaded up.
  2. Story wise i'm at the point when you're doing favours for the old man to learn the body check move, also I like to add it's mid April in game. So I guess i've missed The Biggest Catch along with Future Dream and Capsule Toy Quest.
  3. The following side quests are not appearing for me. Capsule Toy Quest The Biggest Catch Future Dream Fabled Fabric Finder I'm guessing you have a limited time window to do these side quests as far as in game days or certain story events open/close these side quests. Because these four side quests are not showing up for me, hopefully it's not down to the game glitching on me which I would be really disappointed in.
  4. Ive not tried the frog racing myself, just wondering how it works? Is there one at the beginning of the game? Would turbo controller method be a possible method to use, i though you had to press left on the d pad to replay the activity.
  5. I think once you've played most of the entries in the series, you'd realise how weak the plot and the characters are when you compare it to others in the franchise. Despite it's flaws I do have love for the game with it being my first Final Fantasy game that I played back on the PS1, it's still overall a good game. When it comes to the characters I would say Squall is a good protagionist, the rest of the cast come across so weak with little character development. Quistis it seemed had the most potential through (disc 1) the first part to be a great character but is easily forgotten after the Timber mission. Zell and Selphie to me are very unbareable and childish to like, Irvine felt like filler party member that really if taken away from the plot you wouldn't really notice. Rinoa is good character just because of the fact she is the key reason for Squall changing, getting out of his shell and expressing his feelings giving him more depth. As for the story, I cannot ignore the plot holes with the weak excuses to try and make sense of it. Like the whole orphanage part which is awful, so they were all raised together apart from Rinoa (obviously) but forgot about it because they were using GFs!..... I guess Irvine really did only start using GFs once he was assigned for the assasination mission.. LMFAO! The dream sequences are the highlights for me just wish they explored into it more deeply and gave us more about Julia and Raine, I ended up liking Laguna, Kiros & Ward more than the main characters! Seifer I like but to me was completely wasted, they should of did more with the love triangle storyline. Instead he just feels like a weak puppet with it being his 'dream' to be a knight for the sorceress giving no backstory to why he was so persistent to pursue being her knight. As for the whole junction system and drawing, it is very tedious gathering magic and if junctioned prevented you to use any magic you've extracted. Depending how on how much you drew can really determine wheter or not the game is gonna be very easy or hard, there isn't really a middle ground unless you've played before or using a guide. Wheter you abuse the feature or don't use it enough can ruin the experience of the game. I could go on more with this essay (lol) but i'm gonna end it here saying that the reason Final Fantasy VIII is considered the black sheep is because it's not seen as a popular entry and you can see why when you put fanboyism aside. Flat characters and plot IMO along with FF12 and FF13, horrible junction/draw system. I do give the game some credit, FF8 has probably the best soundtracks in the series you can't deny that.
  6. This is a trophy site guys, why would you be so shocked and disgusted that trophy hunters are completing a 20 year old game that they most likely played before so quickly. It's hardly ruining the 'experience' for them is it.. Also the dev put the cheats into the game so instead of crying about the people using the said features how about directing your energy to the dev.. I guess all the speed runners out there get no enjoyment rushing through those games...
  7. Hey all, I've just finished the hunting requests for Ms Hobbs and I've noticed there isn't a check mark next to it. Is this a glitch i should be worried about, or is the fact of finishing the squirrel statue side quest for it to get marked complete? Kind of concerned since the side quest has gone from the tasks log. Edit: I can't see anything online about this, would be nice to get someone to clarify if it is a glitch or not.
  8. Hey I've beaten the game and looking to finish off the ability nodes. Problem is I've clicked the icon next to my save file and confirmed a new game and to carry over my stuff. It should be a new game however the chapters are still there and when I choose a chapter to play, it says I've already played it and if I want to restart.... It should be from scratch (apart from the stuff carrying over). Very disappointed.
  9. I already knew that was the version I needed. Just wanted to know if any security details prevent you to redeeming the code. Since there is a paywall for those who aren't Chinese citizens.
  10. My bad I was going off their blog, they said the March 28th... It does appear to be on the PS store.
  11. Because it isn't released yet... LMAO!
  12. I guess you guys didn't read the blog post on the Snowcastle website, where they said it will take a few days...
  13. Just wondering if there is a mainland China version of the Royal Edition? And if so, since it's not possible to buy dlc unless you're a citizen can you redeem the download code from the Royal Edition on a chinese PSN account without any issues?
  14. I can't help but laugh at the crybabies moaning about new trophies added. It was announced before it's inital release it was getting DLCs, and for months and months they're have said they were adding more DLCs. Even a few weeks back they said DLC support will continue til 2019, honestly you guys are going on like you didn't know what you were getting yourself into. It was mentioned countless times! LOL!
  15. KutaragG is right sometimes after earning a new 10 levels for the chocobo it doesn't give the option to upgrade again. You'll notice this with no yellow line/s under Stamina/Jump/Speed which obvious needs maxing the certain stat/s needed to fill the bar up so it turns white in order to meet the requirement to earn another 10 levels. If that happens your chocobo has reached it's peak, I don't know why it does that maybe it just depends on the chocobo I guess.