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  1. Thanks 😀 Worked for me as well!
  2. The triple XP is in-game while you play. You won't be seeing it at the end of a game. For example, if you usually have 7k xp per game,you'll be seeing 21k instead.
  3. Just got the trophy. Thanks for the heads up about the side quest even tho I was gonna do everything.
  4. It's simple math 😂 I actually bought the complete edition during the Christmas weekend sales and it was cheaper than the base game at full price.
  5. That's actually a good idea, considering the next installment will probably be on next-gen consoles.
  6. Same here. According to their post-game, SOTR was gonna get 7 DLCs. Maybe it's just some free additional content. As long as they don't have more trophies, I'll be happy.
  7. The new trophies for the next dlc appeared on my trophy list. Classic list as previous ones with one added trophy for completing all 7 dlc missions and rewarding players with a new outfit.
  8. So far approx. 240€. My last purchase was pre-ordering Days Gone.
  9. Can confirm. I did all Liberation projects and the trophy popped first time.
  10. For those still struggling with trophies not popping, here's what I did: -Uninstalled the game -Reinstalled -Delete all game saves -Restarted the game while I was offline (No internet) and did the remaining trophies All 4 of my missing trophies: Full Set, Not Op, Reach out and Comeback City popped without any issues. P.S. Full Set: I super simmed 31 games and played the last one legit Not Op: I used the triangle button instead of the square one
  11. No, it doesn't affect the trophies. Small tip: for the skill challenges trophy, do them on the lowest difficulty and they will be much easier.
  12. Well someone got it yesterday, so yes I think has been fixed.
  13. I know, I've spammed them over the last few weeks and I've been getting the same answer. I really want the plat, I've done all MP trophies except this one. I really hope they fix it.
  14. Today the new season comes out. Hope they fixed the glitch on the trophy.