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  1. No, it doesn't affect the trophies. Small tip: for the skill challenges trophy, do them on the lowest difficulty and they will be much easier.
  2. Well someone got it yesterday, so yes I think has been fixed.
  3. I know, I've spammed them over the last few weeks and I've been getting the same answer. I really want the plat, I've done all MP trophies except this one. I really hope they fix it.
  4. Today the new season comes out. Hope they fixed the glitch on the trophy.
  5. Looking for some boosting partners for the 3 online trophies.
  6. Small tip: While playing the level, get all the necessary kills to unlock the path to the Necromancer but save all the speed arrow crossbows (Meaning do not pick them up while getting the kills). When the path is unlocked, go back and collect all speed arrow crossbows. The necromancer should be a breeze, took me around 3 min to complete.