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  1. If you can't connect for whatever reason, you can still get rank 5 and (likely) 15 MP trophies via doing special events solo (they were added in a patch), as they reward you with chips (you will make progress toward do XYZ special event trophies as well, though those are easier to do in Time Attack if you're able to connect to post your lap times).
  2. How bothered do you get by your completion % and compulsion to get every trophy for game? How tolerant are you towards its platinum quirks? How far would you go to get XYZ done? It's a game of stats! Tell all

    1. MidnightDragon


      Guess it just depends on the game and my mood.

    2. deletealt


      I’ve decided to maintain a low profile and so far I’m accomplishing it LOL.  But eventually - I expect to complete anything I start w/o driving myself crazy over any of it. 

    3. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      First, I play through story mode with trophy notifications turned off. After completing the story, I look at the trophy list. I might get quick trophies immediately. If I enjoyed the game and the trophy list doesn't look like a pain, I'll try to get to 100% sooner or later, but I might do the story of a few other games first.


      Assassin's Creed is a series I'll constantly try to 100% complete, possibly with the exception of MP DLC. Rayman Legends and Elite Dangerous are games I enjoy so much, I'm committed to the challenges/MP grind. Super Meat Boy, I was just happy I could reach the end of the light side world. God Of War, I thought was disappointing and couldn't bring myself to go for any part of the grind.

  3. Asinine decision, poor PR move that's likely to damage the name and developer (hey, but it's Activision!). 2 and 3 are probably simply not ready to be released on set date. Developers are definitely putting in the work (that you can easily track if you so desire), it's not on them. I tend not to pre-order unless I am adamant about playing the game on release, which is incredibly rare, and this was pre-ordered. Unless this choice is reversed, not much trouble to cancel the order, wait until a heavy discount and play the digital version. Not the best solution, yet a better one than missing it entirely, but I won't stand for this in the slightest. If the situation will easily blow over and nothing is done, this decision is likely to set a very bad precedent. We already enjoy many, many incomplete games / releases every year, broken ones that require updates to function properly and all sorts of code-in-a-box disasters. Service time. Precisely what must've been done. What they did instead is in very bad taste. This is one bold official response we have:
  4. Spyro Trilogy Reignited marketing / publishing team really had to push the game during the anniversary month (for NA), much to the detriment of its quality. Now considering cancelling pre-order outright, I won't roll along w/ this mess, but it is laughable. How did we get here? How many games today do not require immediate updates on launch (a fair number in actuality, but most of them aren't from the West), how did it become a standard practice and what kind of response is that Activision statement? Embarassing, deplorable. The main cause is likely 2 and 3 requiring additional development time (not the other wild theories flying by), publisher refusal to accomodate for delays and polish. If you see developer interviews, it's clear that people working on these remasters are trying to go above and beyond of what'd be required for a quick cash grab, they are the ones who will likely ultimately suffer (along with any normal consumer who cares). If they intended to increase their digital profit margins - mission accomplished? Unless the situation is fixed by the day of release, it's not hard to skip it and wait for a steep discount on digital.


    I will pay no mind to an incomplete physical release that forces you to rely on outside sources (see a number of recent Switch releases...what?). People will often bring in the argument about how nice it is that there's no need for disc recall and today we can just get a patch. Sure, in theory, that's just lovely, but how often do you see this notion go under and see games come out blatantly incomplete? The problem lies with the fact that so many have become reliant on this and freely abuse the idea (see Final Fantasy XV). There are instances where disc becomes beyond obsolete due to a myriad of updates, and we live in a time where updates can go up to 50GB(+).


    Ever wonder why Saints Row IV: Re-Elected compilation was released barebones on PS4 with a digital code for Gat Out of Hell in the box, unlike XB1 (which had everything on disc). Allegedly, there is a bizarre policy over @Sony that requires separate games cannot be held on the same disc (feel free to correct the assertion if necessary) unless they're tied into "one product" like Crash Trilogy and go off the same launcher (was that the case with Quantic Dream collection?). All those "complete" editions with DLC codes (see Dragon Age: Inquisition etc.). Stop.

    1. MidnightDragon


      It's not gonna stop, unfortunately. :(

  5. I have tried w/ 2P, same deal. A couple of rank related trophies (namely 5 and 15) are feasible without online, by moving through DLC special events that award chips, then it's out of luck. Wish I knew what the problem was, never connects to the servers whatsoever, matchmaking or private matches.
  6. Spider-Man Yakuza Kiwami 2 Spyro Trilogy Reignited Shadow of the Tomb Raider Warriors Orochi 4 Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Guacamelee! 2 Intend to get and play about half this year; it only took 10 years for complete version of Vesperia to make it outside of Japan, but better now than never.
  7. Knowledge is Power may be the secret best offering on the list. Mafia III is a hot mess from what I've seen on release and beyond, but will definitely expand its audience via Plus. Draw Slasher may be one of the most amazing picks I've seen PS team make; you don't really want to touch PS3 port of Serious Sam, it's by far the worst version of an already middling part of the series.
  8. Whichever console manufacturer is struggling in their race and also acts as a service provider will always try harder when under pressure, and subsequently deliver much better experience for the consumers. But this August, enjoy Draw Slasher with your PS Plus! PlayStation very much stopped trying once online became paid, PS4 came out, Plus went down the drain. The games aren't free, you're just opening a lootbox every month for a few rentals.

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    2. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Yeah I almost always check, if only to check if a game has ever been on a better sale. I think it's up to the publishers of games what they want to make a sale price. Anyone using probably isn't fooled by any tricks, and I don't view them as such. Sometimes games go on lesser sales after having been on better sales, it happens.


      Perhaps I'm too laid-back (or lazy) to be mad about stuff like this :)

    3. Creciente


      Usually, it's indeed up to the publisher, but Sony dictates a lot of input in many things you'd never expect or think about too, who doesn't like control? People definitely get their knickers in a twist over trivial things like this, but it's common practice everywhere you look now in sales, and it's understandable why a reasonable consumer would be dissatisfied. Personally, just makes me more indifferent to following the sales and I wouldn't contemplate giving something a try for years and years if I really wanted to play it; Microsoft does a similar thing, but like normal Plus discount, it's minor enough to ignore. Double Discounts, on the other hand, is a simple cause for a sigh and moving on until the next sale. I have to track sales largely because RU / EU PSN prices are absurdly high for average income for the area. I wouldn't be using Plus right now if it wasn't for a gift from a friend for the year long sub, just would be better if it wasn't locked to alt US account.

    4. pinkrobot_pb


      The double discounts thing is a bit of a silly thing to do but I do enjoy shopping in sales. In fact I have never bought a game 'new' in the store yet I think. It's a marketing scheme of course but as long as you realize that it's not too big of a worry. Just like the huge discounts you will see in normal stores where a product will be "25% cheaper than before!" but what they won't tell you is that they recently upped the price by that amount or even more, just so they could make that bold claim ;) In the end it all boils down to not believing them outright but being a critical consumer.

  9. Sheer overabundance of open world style games today makes me want to play more linear ones. Looking at what I have coming up, that's a whole lot of open worlds, perhaps one too many. Final Fantasy XIII doesn't seem so bad anymore.

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    2. Creciente


      Nearing the point where I won't care about incompleted lists too, and it's nice. Sometimes you come across an item with completely inane requirements, and suddenly compulsion dies off.

    3. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Agreed. I'm in for a fun grind if the main game was enjoyable too and it's not too much of a hassle (see Rayman Legends), but if I see anything I don't like then I'm often out after finishing the story.

    4. Creciente


      Rayman Legends is a great, well-designed and enjoyable game, but I really can't tell what people who worked on the trophies were thinking with Awesomeness level 11 and Diamond Cup for the Vita version. Giving dailies a level of longevity yes, but it's a bit much.

  10. Struggling to connect to main online multiplayer and special events for weeks, no solution in sight. Seems to be widespread enough; attempted all sorts of matters to solve the lot but never ever connected since starting the game back in 2017. Opening DMZ, trying to change NAT, investigating the menu at most hours of the day etc. Nothing works. Due to impending closure and doom for the servers on August 27. Multiple people have mentioned getting everything done just recently, while others keep earning the most basic trophies and rank up every day if you check the logs, so they must be working for a number. What to do? If you have anything to add or assist with, I'm all ears. Let's try to figure it out while we have time?
  11. Helpful pointers for most of the tasks over here. Click on respective name to see the guide.
  12. Being unable to connect to older PS3 titles and their online is a frustrating experience when you have a deadline (MotorStorm Apocalypse; NFS Hot Pursuit now decided to stop working too). At least others are able to get things done.

    1. MidnightDragon


      :( That sucks. Hope you get it done in time!

    2. Creciente


      I'd surely be done by now, but seems less and less likely every day. Nothing I've tried worked so far over the last two weeks. Hot Pursuit issue seems widespread and largely dependent on EA servers it seems, but many others encountered a similar instance of MA online being unreachable over the years. Having NAT 1 and using direct cable connection may help (so long you can skip the router entirely), but MotorStorm may have an odd case of requiring to use specific ports, not sure what the deal is exactly, and there is no easily available solution. It's irksome precisely because actually doing anything in the game is so simple and requires little time, unless you go beyond trophies and want to unlock everything.

  13. A simple concept to achieve, no doubt. Turns out Special Events are also largely tied to online connectivity as well (Hardcore Festival unlocks aside), and the quickest way to get those tasks is Time Attack, but you have to connect and post lap times for it to count (or remain stuck at "Synchronising" for all of eternity). If you can't find the DLC events in the store, check if you have the latest patch, they are a part of it, should be installed by default (this allows for some progress on Rank 5, 15 etc. trophies if you are in a similar position). Possibly going to have to drop the idea, unless the game suddenly decides to stop thwarting my attempts to connect before the end, tried everything I could come up with. Disappointing on the whole, trophies in the game are largely quick, fun and inoffensive.
  14. Unresponsiveness is oddly sometimes dependent on the game you're playing (i.e. I've had 4 or 5 people join one of my recent sessions, none responded, setting up SFIV took over a week), but not strictly so. It's something I've noticed become increasingly common over the years, unfortunately. Others take the session too seriously or not seriously enough, exhibit questionable behavior or bring the wrong attitude. A number folks doesn't even read the notes. The player mentioned by OP also joined another session of mine last month, with exactly the same results. Like posters above suggested, make use of the kick button and manual approval. At worst, just edit your session and increase number of players. I suggest you wait 24 (48) hours at most when on a schedule, then move onto someone else; alternatively, keep multiple contacts. To avoid unnecessary issues, ensure you have proper mutual understanding and have clear communication.
  15. Unable to connect for the last week or two. Sony keeps editing their notices and MotorStorm Apocalypse is now officially under "decommisioned", after being moved to "shut down June 22" in the middle of last month. Not sure what is going on exactly, but I keep getting "Communicating with server..." until an eventual error from PS3 itself every time. If any reader is able to connect, please post your status here (and any other findings) until the imminent "original" shutdown date of August 27. According to PSNProfiles, people keep earning online trophies still. How exactly? Beats me. Perhaps it does work at random hours or for certain users.