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  1. I couldn’t honestly tell you how long it took to grind it out to lvl 50 in RDR2 in total, but I was raking in about 7,000 to 8,000+ XP per hour using the method described above. This was based on killing a cop roughly every 15 seconds on average. However, sometimes you’d get them coming up more frequently. On top of the normal 5 XP for a kill, you’d get 10 XP for hip fire kill and another 10 XP for an assassination. That gives you 25 XP per kill, and all you have to do is basically stand in one place and time your shot as they stand up from climbing up the ladder. Use “special ammo” (such as split point which you can get the recipe for I think at lvl 28), or express ammo (from lvl 31), and you get given another 5 XP per kill giving you 30 XP per kill total. Obviously your honour will tank-out as you kill the cops, but I couldn’t find a quicker way, and I got bored trying to level up “naturally”. The other thing to do is reset your “gold buckle” awards immediately after receiving them. You can then earn the XP for them all over again. They make a big difference using this method. You get XP for kills with weapon type, execution kills, time spent wanted etc. They all add up and make a big difference. I’d say I was levelling up every 25-40 minutes using this method (depending on existing rank). That’s probably close enough not to worry about too much. Even on HvV without XP multipliers you can probably knock that out in less than 8 matches.
  2. I agree, Rank 50 on RDR2 is certainly less of a pain. Especially if you just hip-fire assassinate cops at the top of the first ladder next to the bank in Saint Denis... That didn’t take too long grinding that out. I’ve got the 70 gold missions to get as well as the 100% in story mode left, but they are quite enjoyable. Done with BF2, got the plat finally this evening after about 5 hours of HvV. Some games the grind can still be fun, and they don’t spoil your enjoyment of the overall game experience. Not BF2... Screw that game. Uploaded my save and deleted the game almost instantly! Don’t think I’ll be going back to that...
  3. Well I know what I’m doing this weekend then... parking the RDR2 grind and getting on the BF2 grind...!
  4. Here’s hoping!
  5. Ah, I see it’s been added now. Great!
  6. Potential easy plat incoming? Playstation Store (EU) is showing it released today. Hadn't seen it appear in the Trophy Lists yet... Nubla 2 on PlayStation Store
  7. @KingTom95 D’oh okay - I obviously didn’t read that post very well did I?! 🙄 I think you can still catch 19+ lbs fish at the some of the larger legendary fishing spots even after you’ve caught the actual legendary fish there. The Sturgeon location is probably a good one for that... I was still catching 18+ lbs fish there afterwards...
  8. This is really straightforward if you activate the stranger mission “Fisher of Fish” on edge of Flat Iron Lake not too far north of Chapter 3’s campsite. This gives you a legendary fish map. You can also then buy special lures from a bait shop in lagras which means catching large fish becomes really easy, and will come naturally as you go for all the legendary fish... The one of the most south-western railway bridge next to Saint Denis city limits gave me a 46lb fish. see this site (amongst others) for more info: