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  1. I'm leaning towards with disc, but it also depends on the cost difference between the 2 systems.
  2. Golden_jace - Freak Show I think I feel a little hurt right now
  3. can you add me to dragoon. I have all 3 games in the spyro trilogy completed
  4. can you add me at scarlet rank. I have Marvel's Spider-Man 100%
  5. sign me up for well played. I have plats in Batman (PS4) Batman: The enemy within Tales from the Borderlands The Wolf Among Us
  6. hmm, really hard to choice 3, but if I had to, I guess I would say in no particular order 1. Dark Cloud 2 (really enjoy the hell out of it, first rpg I got for both the ps2 and ps4) 2. Golden Sun: the lost age (really fun and good story and the ability to bring your save data from the first game was awesome) 3. Persona 5 (really stylish and must be good if i put in 80 hours in 2 and a half weeks) honorable mentions would include Nier:automata, pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time, smt: devil survivor 2 overclocked, and Chronotrigger
  7. I have to wonder what the difficulty spike will be in silver lining with both of these new enemies and whatever new pain in the ass they throw at us.
  8. getting close to number 200, any plans for that?
  9. any specific plans for platinum #100?
  10. I went with Mister Rogers as I thought that would be a funny name(and it's amusing enough). Will probably go with the canon name(for now) if i do a ng+.
  11. thanks for the giveaway. Also looking forward to ass lady
  12. my understanding is red mage and samurai are the only new classes for stormblood. Still undecided myself if i want to switch my main to samurai or stick with dragoon.
  13. I'd like to upgrade to You earned my respect with: The Wolf Among Us(PS4) Tales from the Borderlands(PS4) Batman(PS4)
  14. Hi, I'd like to join the robotics club with steins;gate 0 completed
  15. don't know if i'll go for the platinum, but I have just started my journey throughout the galaxy today and finished chapter 1. Sign me up Captain.