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    Like hunting trophies,an expert on WWE games and I've been playing games since i was a kid.

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  1. Hmm..... maybe the person who wants the trophy should make the game sessions.
  2. Thank you dude.
  3. I got this trophy and platinum earlier today this is what I did use 1 real player rest coms(make sure coms don't win), no hacks , no disconnection during matches and make sure created content is off good luck to those hunting this trophy down
  4. Disconnection & hacks affects the trophy use coms to make it easier but make sure coms don't win
  5. Does anyone know any faster way to get this trophy? PS3 one was well easier when I could put win by finisher but on next gen way to long.
  6. If this platinum trophy doesn't appear then I don't know why i should waste time getting the trophys.
  7. It's probably the same thing back in wwe16 I haven't got wwe17 yet but to unlock the trophy make sure no1 disconnects if getting hack restart match. I I did this method back in wwe16 and got 100 bought trophy but haven't got expert in ring yet. Hope this helps pal
  8. This annoying trophy has not poped up yet I even did all my matches again using coms. My friend got the trophy using coms so I don't really know what to do I've got a session tomorrow for this.This is what you have to do to get it apparently......... 1.Play all matches without disconnecting and i don't know for certain but I'm going to try this anyways use real players to boost this trophy. 2.if getting air hacked then restart as it says previously above. 3.if u are playing elimination chamber and ur in the pod then some hacks and takes u out the pod without getting released normally restart the match. a fair fight with divas I think. Hope this helps.