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  1. I never had an issue with it. The way I got mine was playing the AI on Grandmaster, then using the trophy guide's link to the thing that tells you all the moves to make to guarantee a win every time.
  2. Did I say I wanted it to be easy to kill? No. Would I like to play a match as a soldier and actually have a chance of winning or you know, even lasting longer than 4-5 minutes? Yes. But hey, if you think a PvP mode where one person can find you, kill you and your entire team in 5 seconds without even paying that much attention or worrying about dying themselves and ultimately end a match before it's even really got started then have at it.
  3. Yes, in the general predator universe it would wipe out four soldiers with ease. But as a game it's stupid because if you're playing as soldiers you have to have a team of ultra sweaty try hards to even stand a chance. And even then a mediocre predator could still smash you.
  4. Had some matches on the trial and good god is it easy to win as the predator. This might be the most unbalanced PvP I've experienced. Yes, if a four person team focus fires on you it can shred you so you can't just tank your way to victory, well not entirely. But if you abuse the predators net, tying up the entire team so you can just down them all within seconds and that's the end of the match. The longest match I've had thus far playing as predator is around 7 minutes I think. The shortest being a little over 3. On the flip side, I played a few rounds with 3 friends as the soldiers and we got destroyed in every game bar one. Despite sticking together all the time, the predator is just way too OP at the moment. Hopefully this gets fixed before release because looking past the balancing issues the core gameplay is actually really fun. Wondering what y'all think if you've played it. Do you think it's unbalanced or is it just me?
  5. Anthem is definitely up there as most annoying because every time I was out of mission in the first person area the game would freeze and error out and I'd be forced to constantly be restarting the entire application. But, for absolute worst it has to be APB Reloaded because the game had the most dogshit frames per second it made the game unplayable. Thankfully I never earned a trophy so I got to just remove it from my list.
  6. You get to distract people by tossing rice balls on the floor and then kill them as they go to pick it up. What more do you want?
  7. I've never really made a mistake in playing my games, but I've definitely made some purchases I wish I hadn't. The worst one that comes to mind is Aliens Colonial Marines on PS3. I remember buying the special edition on release because it looked really good, but it turned out to be a mediocre pile of ass. Bound By Flame is also up there as a massive waste of money, maybe more so because I never finished it.
  8. A collection of Tenchu games would be epic, but honestly I'd settle for just the first two. Hopefully they would include the map/mission creator from #2. And loads of people would want this. The ones who wouldn't are most likely the ones that still haven't realised that From Software actually made games before the Souls games.
  9. I got mine way back in the early days with D.Va, something like 28 I think. This was before she got nerfed and you could just bully teams with her. It's really not that hard with any of the characters if you play smart. Just some it's ridiculously easy like Torbjorn, D.Va, Bastion, Tracer etc.
  10. Ran the Gauntlet Finish the game on the "Blood and Broken Bones!" or "Death March!" difficulty levels. Walked the Path Finish the game on the "Death March!" difficulty level. Yes, it's two, but I technically got them at the same time. Both at 18:14 and having beaten The Witcher 3 multiple times on lower difficulties, I can say it is so much more fun on the hardest difficulty. Now to do a Death March NG+ run.
  11. I picked up Borderlands 3 and World War Z from the sale so it wasn't a total wash for me. Hoping they add something more today though. If not, I guess I'll just get The Division 2 for 15.99, which is a price I don't mind paying and be done with it.
  12. Honestly, I feel like that's not that big of an ask for veteran players. Aside from the new resources, I imagine most long time players already have or are close to having the first lot. It is just a shame for any new players the update may pull in because starting from scratch that is a godly grind.
  13. I wasn't a huge fan of the first two, but the third, despite some technical issues was actually good fun. I enjoyed the switch to open world and it felt like a Far Cry game to me. Not nearly as good as Far Cry at all, but in how you had camps to take out, targets to assassinate, various missions requiring travel across the map and crafting ammo, etc. Overall I'd recommend it as it can be fun, but the story could have done with being a little less predictable and cliché. As for Contracts, not played it yet, but based off of how much I enjoyed the third I will play it at some point. Hope this helps you a bit with your decision.
  14. I Mustache You a Question - Borderlands 3 Complete mission "Atlas, At Last". This I felt was challenging in that up to the point of this mission, enemies and bosses had been relatively easy solo. Then you get to the Katagawa Ball and there is a massive spike in difficulty in how the thing can virtually kill you with one missile salvo. It probably didn't help that the first couple attempts I was using basic weapons with no elemental damage. As soon as I switched to a corrosive weapon for his first bar, then shock for the other two it was standard fair. Still, a bigger challenge when compared to all that preceded it.
  15. Total War, from PC to PlayStation. I am a big fan of those types of large scale RTS battle games and while Kessen is probably my all time favourite, that already released on PlayStation 2, although a remake would be awesome. Age of Empires, from PC to PlayStation. I know there are similar alternatives, like Civilisation for example, but AoE is the undisputed King. I would sink hours into that game per session just building up an unstoppable force to conquer everyone with. Red Dog: Superior Firepower, from Dreamcast to PlayStation. This game is still to this day one of the best multiplayer experiences I've ever had. The single player was nothing special, but battling my friends was where this game just came to life. If you've never played it and have a Dreamcast, I recommend it as it is unbelievably fun.