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  1. I was wondering if it was possible to unlock trophies during the free weekend
  2. Before I used to hide things but now I don't see the purpose. You shouldn't be ashamed of your list lmao. Plus there's no need to hide anything, if your not cheating atleast but thats absurd haha.
  3. Hype! Just got my ps5 a few days ago, this will look great. This rolls out today?
  4. The game was awesome and alot of fun. Definitely recommend this!
  5. AC Origins and Spider-Man
  6. Currently I have 2085 unearned trophies. Unfortunately I do have a few unobtainable games now and I'm not hiding any games but I dont mind.
  7. Gameplay: Crash 4 Full Collectibles Guide AND Persona 5 Royal Walkthrough: Trails of Cold Steel IV and Warfarme Complete Guide Niche: I Am Bread Trophy Guide and Jotun Trophy Guide DLC: Persona 4: Arena Ultimax and Minecraft 11 Expansion Formatting: Trails of Cold Steel IV Walkthrough and Jotun Trophy Guide Imported: Nocturne HD Remaster and Project Diva Original Content: Cold Steel IV and Jotun (both amazingly detailed guides) GOTY: Cold Steel IV Walkthrough
  8. The guide now reflects this new additonal mode.
  9. Yeah I wanted to go for it cause I got it for free awhile back but then I looked more in depth at the trophy list Lol
  10. Not All Games Below are Featured on Now: I didn't like Rivals much, and Payback is meh NFS Heat was amazing Hot Pursuit Remastered is good too. The Crew 2 is a great option also. Ride is fun but can get repetitive Ducati is a Ride clone (made by Milestone aswell) but is really boring. Haven't played Wreckfest but I've heard its pretty good. Gravel is somewhat fun, easy platinum CTR is challenging but alot of fun Nickelodeon Kart Racers is pretty fun aswell Riptide GP2 is fun and short (the sequel Renegade I definitely DO NOT recommend) Burnout Paradise is alot of fun If I can think of more I'll edit this post, but yeah hopefully this helps. If you got questions about a game just dm me The airplane segments for the crew are hella annoying, and a few bosses but its ultimately easy and alot of fun
  11. Oh right, my bad I got my games mixed up
  12. Such an awesome thread! Loving all the completion, great work
  13. Yeah whenever its onsale its only a buck more so might aswell. It doesn't provide any stat boosts or anything just pure cosmetics.
  14. I can't advise a plat with your awesome 100%er account. Great work though
  15. Lol rooting for you on that Hannah Montana plat!