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  1. It's about creating atmosphere while simultaneously addressing someone's dark, twisted psychology. I mean, what did you expect in terms of gameplay? Running on buildings while killing zombies like Dying Light? Also a bit weird using missable rophies as a parameter to judge a game's quality. By that logic, Stick of Truth and Persona 5 must be some of the worst games ever made.
  2. Okay chief, lmao. Thank you very much for your insights. 🙄
  3. People are throwing around EU for both Enemy Unknown and Europe, that's why I got confused. No offense taken, but think before you drop a comment, I'm not an idiot. Yes sir, that's it.
  4. The Balloons and Spy Drones might be in fixed locations, so collectible-ish.
  5. Looks better than the first one, in terms of difficulty. Maybe even a little too easy?
  6. Yes, yes I did. I got mixed up plenty of times reading EU thinking it stood for Europe, etc. No need for patronizing, lol. Thanks!
  7. I'm very confused on all of this... If I have the European version of the game on disc, will the HK store DLC be compatible with that?
  8. Me too, always free to add me (Thrintus). for the people who won't boost, let me tell you: the netcode today is as bad as it was on launch
  9. I already was logged in into my Ubisoft Club account and still frequently got this error message. It happens from time to time, I usually wait a few hours and then it's gone.
  10. Hope everyone has been good in my absence. Wishing you all the best!

  11. try to get the DLC trophies out of the way ASAP - that's what i struggled the most with. the vanilla trophies are pretty easy, aside from a few stinkers
  12. You can always check this site to see how populated the game is right now: http://bfhstats.com/
  13. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday! Been SO preoccupied with college lately that I haven't been here for over a month, sheesh

    1. marvelboy10


      Hope you have an amazing Saturday as well. :)

    2. PooPooBlast


      Welcome back! Been busy as well but I still frequent this site

  14. Lords of the Fallen seriously needs more love. Just started my second playthrough, and it's way more than the "Dark Souls Lite" people claim it to be :D

    1. The__High_Ground


      well when it was first released most of the bosses were clones of each other, a terrible amount of glitches, both game breaking and regular, it rightfully garnered its bad reputation in the beginning, though I cant say anything about it now, but if you fail the first impression...people tend to move on and not care about it. Who knows its probably ok now though. Good that you are enjoying it, :D

      also I have the high ground
      I dare ya to come at me


    2. Bubblyfishes


      Yeah I didn't play at launch... Right now it's a very enjoyable take on the whole roll-then-attack gimmick. Could be much better with a few tweaks but I'm definitely excited for the sequel.





  15. Welcome to the pack!