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  1. The sign on the highway for my hometown exits says (*Town Name) Next 3 Exits. Eliminated the town and got my PSN name!
  2. My last purchase was Gran Turismo Sport. I waited for all the kinks to get worked out and some extra content to release before picking this one up. Felt like I got burned by Gran Turismo 6, but Sport has definitely made up for it. Unfortunatly, this game took a back seat to Dead By Daylight after they released it free on PS+. That game is my current jam!
  3. February was my best month for trophy collecting in almost a year! Here’s hoping I can keep up the pace! 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I got 30 fewer than I did last month, but still a good pace.

    3. Temmie


      Secret of Mana stunted my pace.  Damn orbs.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      I think December '17 will forever be my best month 

  4. Well, after Game Stop gave me $426 for an XBox One, PS4, and 5 games I was able to upgrade to a PS4 Pro. After I finish with all these updates I’ll see if it was worth it!

  5. For me, Horizon: Zero Dawn was the game of 2017 by a mile! Great story and the gameplay was spot on! The Long Dark gets the honorable mention. I love messing around with this game and am surprised more people don’t talk about it.
  6. Scored a used Xbox One for $100! Now I need to figure out how to divide my time between it and PS4 games. (Trophies and their implementation seem to be better than achievements. Guess I’ll have to keep collecting!) Gamer Tag: Next3Exits

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      halo, forza and gears of war... and cuphead


      game it up

    2. Next3Exits


      I have Forza 7, COD:WW2, and Destiny 2. Haha, I hear everyone talking about Cuphead, and I love the old school cell style graphics!

  7. Hey PS Profiles Community! My plasma TV recently bit the dust and I replaced it with a 55” Samsung 4K TV. If anyone has the PS4 Pro, do you think it’s worth upgrading? GameStop is offering me $140.00 for the original PS4.

  8. I was just under 72 hours on normal difficulty. Those 72 hours were spread out over 7 months! :-X
  9. Horizon: Zero Dawn just got me my second platinum trophy. That took forever, but the game was so good it was totally worth the 3 days of my life that went into it, haha

  10. So, I spent the last month moving and between that and work haven’t been able to play any PS4. I finally get some downtime tonight and sit down to play (expecting there to be an update or two I would have to wait through) and what happens? I get the frozen blue screen and a failure to boot ☹️ Two hours later it’s fixed, I’m frustrated, and heading to bed. Lame.

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    2. AlchemistWer
    3. skateak


      Console must have gotten shaken up in the moving process. That would be my guess.

    4. Next3Exits


      THis happened once before, though it was a lot quicker to fix. Updating the system to the newest version seems to solve the problem but I have to perform it in safe mode. Glad it’s better now though 🙂

  11. Currently working on platinuming Horizon: Zero Dawn. (I miss when I was able to play a game like this in a few weeks. Now life gets in the way and it takes forever!) Next I want to finish The Long Dark and work a bit more on Dirt: Rally.
  12. I think my favorite design is the Broadhead and Trampler. The Watchers are my favorite creature in the game though. I think they are historical when they attack you and fall over, and the animations they have after they spot you for the first time.
  13. These are probably the top 5 games I can highly recommend for a new owner! 1.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (and the 2 expansions! 😃) 2.) Driveclub 3.) Overwatch 4.) The Last of Us Remastered 5.) Horizon Zero Dawn 3 bonus recommendations, free of charge! DIRT Rally Unravel (I freakin' love this game) Battlefield 1
  14. They're good at getting "Ultra Rare" trophies as they have more in their cabinet than I have in my whole collection! (Which is "0" 😝)
  15. Disaster averted! I thought my PS4 had "bricked" earlier. Kept freezing on start up and I got the flashing blue line of death. Console is about 3 years old now. Thank God for the internet though! I did a manual system update while in safe mode, and everything is running just fine. Anyone else get anything like this with their console?

    1. Rick_Sanchez


      I had that happen to me once. Although I didn't have to do a safe mode thing. I just kept trying to restart it and it eventually worked.