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  1. Link: This game looks awesome!
  2. Thanks Arthwyn! Finally I got it! I tried exactly the silent spade first mission solo. I failed a few times but when I completed the mission: BANG! the last two trophies popped (mission master and platinum). I'm so happy! :-) Now I want to finish Narco Road and Fallen Ghost DLCs and got 100%. You´re a good friend. Thanks a lot! Cheers :-D
  3. Hi everyone! I still don´t unlock the Mission Master trophy (my last one before plat). I finished all missions (I have 107 completed missions according to my profile statistics) but no trophy :-( I completed the silent spade first mission but I played it online with randoms. If I played that mission again by myself, would the trophy unlock? It´s so frustrating spending over 60hs in a game and don´t get the platinum because of a silly bug. I don´t know what to do! Please, could someone give me any suggestion? Thanks a lot! Luis
  4. Thanks Arthwyn for the tip! I found a solution and I am playing online without problems right now. 😁🤗
  5. Hi everyone, I need to get the online trophies (Teamwork and Finishing the job) but I can´t play co-op. How to solve the Tarija-00100 error? Any suggestion? Thanks :-D
  6. Seriously dude? Oh man! I was really excited to get this plat. I am very disappointed right now! :-( Well, I'll try to get the other (still) possible trophies. Thanks for helping me. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for the answer, buddy!
  8. Hi friend! I started playing this game again and I still need this trophy. My yellow bird is on migration right now. Do you know if this trophy is still possible to earn? If it does, could you help me please? My PSN ID is: lu2l0i1c2olu Thanks a lot. Best regards from Brazil