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  1. I just seen it yesterday its wierd as hell I was gonna help my friend out on the long ones and now there easier that's messed up all the grind I did for it to be done faster now lol
  2. Is it like conan exiles or does it have a story
  3. Can the stars be earned from my player tower
  4. Can one person be on ps3 and one be on vita and do coop
  5. Do you need to upgrade the dlc weapons Cause on the guide they are listed
  6. Who would you like see get the rocksteady treatment. I would personally want to see Daredevil Punisher Neo from the matrix (or a reimagining) Spawn Deathstroke
  7. Are servers still active
  8. I'm almost to 3000 boxes and 94 hours in I feel it's I'm never gonna get it Then I see the cat call on legendary multiverse Does anyone know if I could still get it through mother boxes
  9. How many needed players to boost Can there be just 2
  10. Can you block in this South Park
  11. Can it be double platinumed
  12. Are the servers still up for the online trophies
  13. Can the coop trophies be done with just 2 players
  14. Does the authentic difficulty for SE4 have checkpoints this time or start from beginning when dead