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  1. currently digging Cytus II, Groove Coaster 2 and Lanota
  2. I was just assuming an average player’s skill level for this game. For me, it was the exact opposite. I found fallen rocks to be a piece of cake, but i’ve spent an 1hr+ on la fieuse until I realized you could cheese it with the new challenges.
  3. So I assume you were talking about the Rocket Wings DLC, this DLCs events do not count towards the 115 medals needed for the trophy. Just like the Winterfest DLC, they’re shown in the bottom left as a seperate category. https://imgur.com/wUmvLDH (dunno how to embed pictures on phone, my apologies) However, the events that do count are in another category in the Progress menu. They’re right next to the regular Wingsuit category, only having 3 challenges. All of these 3 count towards the 115 medals. https://imgur.com/buZ16qk
  4. It worked for me and I don’t have the Rocket Wingsuit DLC. I’ll explain it with some in-game pictures when I’m back at my console in like 30 min or so.
  5. Yes, pretty much. I don’t know if this’ll be changed in the future but for now you can take advantage of it and make the game easier.
  6. Steep’s platinum has become a bit easier due to a recent change (i think?) in the game. Ubisoft has changed the trophy requirement for the 24 carats Gold challenger trophy, requiring you to win 115 gold medals compared to getting a gold medal on all the challenges. This might sound off as this was the original amount of challenges in the base game, but there’s a free sport available now, the Rocket Wingsuit. Along with it came 3 challenges (boosting the count up to 118) that count towards the 115 challenges needed to get the 24 carats trophy. These 3 challenges are a piece of cake compared to the progress halting challenges like La Fieuse or the Fallen Rocks, so you can easily skip over those. This doesn’t mean that the platinum is a whole lot more easy though, as some of the challenges are still fairly difficult. But at least it isn’t as hard as it originally was. I have no clue if this was intended or not, but this has definitely made the game easier for me. Just sharing this in case anyone else wants to benefit off of this.
  7. STEEP The following base game trophies have new descriptions and unlock requirements: Challenge accepted! - “Get 115 Bronze Medals in Alps Public Challenges” Gold-plated challenger - “Get 12 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges” 14 carats Gold challenger - “Get 58 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges” 24 carats Gold challenger - “Get 115 Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges” Shinier than Gold - “Get 7 GOLD MEDALS in the Alps Invitational Challenges” Road to mountain knowledge - “Complete 15 MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps” Mountain legend - “Complete 30 MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps” Tour guide - “Find 149 Points of Interest in Alps” ... and you shall find - “Find and unlock 110 Drop Zones in Alps” No more secrets - “Find 110 Drop zones, 115 challenges and 149 Points of Interest in Alps” Here’s an Imgur album showing the changed trophy descriptions.
  8. I believe there is a way to zoom the camera more towards the playing field so it won’t be as distracting but I don’t think there’s a way to reduce the effects.
  9. It’s a good puzzle game but it’s basically a carbon copy (& stripped down version) of Puyo Puyo Tetris. (In the same sense that DUCATI - 90th Anniversary is an exact copy of RIDE) So unless you’re up for a lengthy and challenging plat, I’d give it a hard pass. I don’t regret picking it up for ¥500 but doubt that the plat’ll be in my reach anytime soon. 😬
  10. Thanks for the list, BlakkVulture. I don’t know what half of the gamemodes mean but I do recognize a whole lot of these trophies from Puyo Puyo Tetris, so now I can go get a bunch of them. Now as for my actual trophy thoughts on the topic: The list wants you to get 6 and 7 chains a whole bunch of times which can be a really bad grind along with the All clear 100x, Puyo ranked 100x, etc. As far as I know I haven’t found an easy way to cheese these trophies like in Puyo Tetris, yet. In PPT you could start up endless fever and grind out the all clears and high chain trophies with ease, where as now it actually wants you to chain these yourself. Makes the plat a lot more lengthy and possibly more difficult. and well, Fuck that 100000x Puyo popped trophy. This’ll make the game extremely long to plat.
  11. I wish there would be a proper translated list out somewhere, as I’ve got no clue what half of the trophy requirements even mean. Google translate really doesn’t help much unfortunately. The game itself’s good though, having Fever mode back in the game (not as a seperate gamemode) spices things up again. Kinda wish they kept all the characters from PPT but ah well..
  12. This game´s servers are really iffy at times. There shouldn´t be any problem once you connect but connecting to your partner to begin with is the real issue. This should clear up eventually as I ran into the same issue when I boosted the game a year ago, and it eventually let us connect after a while. You could try changing your NAT Type like the post above said, but I personally think it´s just the servers acting up temporarily.
  13. I will try it out in a couple of hours. I am curious about this as well, will update if it does/doesnt work.
  14. It’s cool. I saw a similar post on the Yakuza subreddit that suggested just grinding out the peerless tiles for the tourneys, but that’s kind of a big grind if Mahjong is your final thing before heading off to Legend to finish up your plat. If I had thought of it beforehand, I would’ve probably done the same as you. Now it might be better to attempt to learn the game instead, than to go through the game 2 more times (one on Legend) + finishing the substories, Majima construction & Cabaret, again. Dunno what to do, lol How’s this work?
  15. I’ve gotten through (almost) the entire completion list & the final thing to do is Mahjong! ....which I understand nothing of. Do any Kiwami 2 players want to share their way of getting the completion list requirement for Mahjong done? Learning the entire game seems extremely daunting, but I’ve heard that people have completed the completion list for Mahjong (in Kiwami 2) with just knowing the basics of it.