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  1. Looking to trade various items from my inventory: Various painted items Certified items (Acrobat, Aviator, Victor, Striker, etc.) 1x Heatwave Black Market Decal 1x Clockwork (Cobalt coloured) Exotic Wheels. Send me a message on here or PSN if you have any offers!
  2. Wow, that's a cool surprise! You'd expect them to stop adding events after they put one called "The Final Parade Lap" up on the Community Events. I'm glad that isn't the case though, good luck to anyone who's going for the platinum!
  3. I cant get the stat trophies to pop (using this method). Can someone make a more in-detail step-by-step guide on this? I have tried the method in the original post about 3 times, never worked. Even with a fresh save, no luck. Could be that it only works if you haven´t played it before, but dunno.
  4. Can't find the game in the European PS Store. Just curious to know if it's been delisted everywhere? I can't really find anything about it on delistedgames.com, as that's usually the first place I head to, to see if a game's been delisted.
  5. Listening to the latest Tyler, The Creator track. Raw lyrics over a hard-hitting trap beat. Pretty good listen, tbh.
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/yakuza-6-english-released-early-in-asia-march-20th.30700/ Was this supposed to happen? Y6 released super early in Asia, physically & digitally. Really hope that the other regions won't have to wait another month, but it's unlikely that'll happen.
  7. Got the trophy! Thanks a ton for keeping this updated, @totallycrushed! Gonna finish off the remaining online races & the 24HR trophy. That's what's left for me to get the plat.
  8. Yeah, I understand, but the forums aren't ment for making sessions. They aren't ment to get more attention for one either. There's a separate section of the site dedicated to that. If you gotta talk to the people in the session, then keep it in the session. Might be a good idea to create a discord server or something similar, but it's not a good idea to create a new topic just to get the point across.
  9. Might be a better idea to put this one over at the Gaming Sessions than to post it here over on the forums. Good luck with your session though!
  10. The winner has picked up his prize. Thank you for participating!
  11. Bumping this one more time before it ends! The giveaway will end at 20:00/9 PM (GMT +1), so get your entry in before it ends, if you haven´t already.
  12. 1 Year Anniversary (March 2018) update added.
  13. The two supplemental games have gotten a release date! In this tweet between a twitter user and the game's publisher, the publisher says that they'll be added into the game on February 1st. So FYI: The giveaway will end on February 1st, regardless of whether the games actually get added or not.
  14. Not officially, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon. There's a problem with these physical releases, especially for indies. Making a physical version of a game takes a lot of money to create, and it becomes unknown for the devs as to whether or not they will even make that money back. The ESRB just recently made a new rule change that required any digital-only indie game seeking physical release to be re-rated at a cost of thousands of dollars. This pretty much means next to no indie game is likely to seek physical releases now because the initial cost is just too high for what are essentially - small budget titles. (Read more about it!) I'm still hoping that the game will go physical in the future, but for now - It's pretty much unknown.