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  1. I will try it out in a couple of hours. I am curious about this as well, will update if it does/doesnt work.
  2. It’s cool. I saw a similar post on the Yakuza subreddit that suggested just grinding out the peerless tiles for the tourneys, but that’s kind of a big grind if Mahjong is your final thing before heading off to Legend to finish up your plat. If I had thought of it beforehand, I would’ve probably done the same as you. Now it might be better to attempt to learn the game instead, than to go through the game 2 more times (one on Legend) + finishing the substories, Majima construction & Cabaret, again. Dunno what to do, lol How’s this work?
  3. I’ve gotten through (almost) the entire completion list & the final thing to do is Mahjong! ....which I understand nothing of. Do any Kiwami 2 players want to share their way of getting the completion list requirement for Mahjong done? Learning the entire game seems extremely daunting, but I’ve heard that people have completed the completion list for Mahjong (in Kiwami 2) with just knowing the basics of it.
  4. I can’t answer all of these, but here goes: 1. If I recall correctly, there should be an available list of games below the item description if you look at the PS Now listing in the PS Store. (Might be available on PS4 only, haven’t checked if it shows on Mobile/PC) 2. Unless it’s a complete edition, no. You can’t download any DLC either, i think. 4. Yes, you can upload them to the cloud to play them later without using PS Now, but this has to be done manually. There is no automatic system for uploading saves while using the services.
  5. I really do hope they release the drum controller in some way. It just isn’t Taiko without the drum! But it’s cool that we’re finally getting another Taiko game in the West, been a long time since we had one. I hope the tracklist won’t be a direct rip from the Asian/Japanese version, not that I would mind it but some new songs would definitely be nice.
  6. You really did not need to make a thread about this. Theres a good chance that the creator of the guide wont even see it here. Theres a comment section on every Guide on this website made for comments like these. Maybe try re-posting this comment there and maybe he will even implement it into the guide?
  7. -
  8. Looking to trade various items from my inventory: Various painted items Certified items (Acrobat, Aviator, Victor, Striker, etc.) 1x Heatwave Black Market Decal 1x Clockwork (Cobalt coloured) Exotic Wheels. Send me a message on here or PSN if you have any offers!
  9. Wow, that's a cool surprise! You'd expect them to stop adding events after they put one called "The Final Parade Lap" up on the Community Events. I'm glad that isn't the case though, good luck to anyone who's going for the platinum!
  10. I cant get the stat trophies to pop (using this method). Can someone make a more in-detail step-by-step guide on this? I have tried the method in the original post about 3 times, never worked. Even with a fresh save, no luck. Could be that it only works if you haven´t played it before, but dunno.
  11. Can't find the game in the European PS Store. Just curious to know if it's been delisted everywhere? I can't really find anything about it on delistedgames.com, as that's usually the first place I head to, to see if a game's been delisted.
  12. Listening to the latest Tyler, The Creator track. Raw lyrics over a hard-hitting trap beat. Pretty good listen, tbh.
  13. https://www.resetera.com/threads/yakuza-6-english-released-early-in-asia-march-20th.30700/ Was this supposed to happen? Y6 released super early in Asia, physically & digitally. Really hope that the other regions won't have to wait another month, but it's unlikely that'll happen.