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  1. It was on my list, but I saw a trailer with more BS minigames and decided the first game (which I played through a few years ago) was enough for me. I like the rest of the NMH formula but I don't enjoy the filler (yes I know it's supposedly commentary on video gaming, but that doesn't make it fun).
  2. I'm not sure Xenoblade fans have any consensus on what they want, like fans of many long-lived franchises. For example, some fans hate the anime style of XC2, and some like it. Maybe the devs should just make what they want to make and not listen to us too much. Anyway, I've only played XC2, and a bit of XC1 and a few hours of XCX (I didn't like X). I still need to play through XC1 and XC2: Torna. Going back to my earlier comments about Persona Q on 3DS, I am finally making daily progress again. I'm close to the end of the second dungeon now. I'm around level 20 with my main party. I don't think I'm very skilled at the game, but each run on a floor (I usually go to the point that I start running out of SP or having characters get knocked out, then I hightail it back to base with a Goro-M) is profitable, at least. I always play this kind of game with one main party and neglect everyone else. Hopefully that won't be a problem... I have Persona Q2 in my backlog, ready to play eventually also. On the Switch, I'm playing Axiom Verge 2, which is great so far. Still early going though. I still have story expansions to finish in MUA3, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and Mario+Rabbids. I'm bad at going back to games and playing story DLC after I've been done with the game. See my mention of XC2: Torna above. I'm not sure if I'll manage to finish them all.
  3. Those games are great. They're almost all on PS3 (some as ports), except for the two newest games of course. I played both PSP games but you can consider those more for superfans, with Full Frontal Assault and All 4 One for gluttons.
  4. Yeah I hope this doesn't stifle their games. I have been playing Sackboy with my 7-year-old and it's pretty cool. I thought Snake Pass was a neat idea although way too difficult for the cute aesthetic.
  5. I don't condone piracy, but I wouldn't blame someone for "finding" a copy of a game if their disc/cartridge stopped working and they didn't get help from the publisher. I guess I don't expect much support for a game that old either. And I'm too much of a sucker for Persona to ever boycott Atlus over it. 🤔
  6. Well, it didn't take long to get shot down. I got a pretty standard "this title is old and we no longer support it" response. Oh well. My problem is that I take so long to get to most of my games, that the resale value is usually gone by the time I do. Nintendo games are usually an exception, as they tend to hold their value pretty well. I am probably 75% digital now, and that will likely keep going up. I don't know if it was an archaic element or just me sucking at the game, but I never did manage to master wall jumping. It seemed like I'd use the same method each time, but the game would only register that I was doing it a fraction of the time. I played the Wii U eShop version of SM, so maybe it was a timing/latency thing? I dunno. I also seem to recall that the game's map did not remove things that were collected (like missile capacity upgrades). If I'm remembering that correctly, that's a (seemingly small) archaic element that would be a nice QoL improvement in a remake. But I agree, I also had a fantastic time with the game.
  7. That Metroid Prime Trilogy "confirmed rumor" will just not die. Anyway, I have a Wii U still, so I can play Zelda TP, Zelda WW, and MP Trilogy there. Switch ports would be cool though. The Intelligent Systems rumor sounds believable though - a new Fire Emblem is of course happening at some point. They used to make smaller games during the 3DS and Wii U eras, and I would love to see new ones for Switch. I loved the Pushmo games, and a new one (or something similar) would be great.
  8. Apparently you need a proof of purchase for support from Atlus, and I bought the collector's edition way back on Dec 16, 2014. So I'm not expecting much there. Still, worth a try I suppose. At this point I actually prefer digital over physical anyway, although physical copies sometimes have cool touches. I have the cartridge for Q2 also, and I like how the case art has the characters on the inside cover.
  9. Interestingly, I was hit by the "infamous" Persona Q faulty cartridge issue when I tried to launch it again. The only fix is to buy a non-faulty cartridge or digital copy (we won't mention other options). It looks like I was on the second major dungeon in the game. Hopefully I can finish it finally.
  10. Yes, from what I understand, DDS 1&2 have a regular party system and not just the protagonist with their collection of demons. What about Soul Hackers and Devil Survivor 1&2? I think the latter are tactical RPGs, which I sometimes enjoy. I actually own all the localized games, between 3DS and PS3. But SMT IV was the first one I've actually tried to start. I don't know how far I am in terms of the entire game, but I think I should probably move on.
  11. I was thinking about starting P1 PSP, I guess I should hold off in case we get a remaster / remake. I'd probably play P3 and P4 again on newer systems (I played them both on Vita). I guess people love the P4 Arena games. I suck at fighting games and hate them, but I forced myself through the two out there so I could experience the story. If we do get a new Arena, I hope it has a "bad at fighting games, here for the story" difficulty level for the campaign. If it has no campaign, I won't bother. I am still playing Strikers, but a follow up to that (with a different team, or an Arena / Q team-up) would be cool. I liked the Dancing games - I'm not great at rhythm games but I liked those, and of course the Persona music is always great to experience in new ways. It would be cool to see the P3 story continued after the Aigis storyline from FES (this is a good candidate for a new Arena I guess). Of course P6 is coming regardless, so I'm more excited for other potential games.
  12. I started the first Persona Q and got distracted by other games. I'll get back to it eventually. I liked the interaction but I definitely prefer Persona 3/4/5 to the dungeon-crawling there. That genre has never appealed to me. I also have Q2 in my backlog, but I'll finish Q first.
  13. I am debating whether I'll get Shin Megami Tensei V. At first I was really excited for it, and the last Direct made it look pretty cool to me. But I recently played a bit of SMT IV on 3DS, and I think Persona rather than SMT is the ideal series for me. I like the character development of the main character and their friends in the Persona series (I've played 3-5, not 1 and 2 yet), and with SMT IV I feel empty without my buddies. There actually are companions in that game but the team and friendship aspect isn't nearly as much of an emphasis. From the little I know of the first 2 Persona games, that aspect isn't nearly as developed there, so maybe I'm really just into the P 3-5 style. In other Switch news, my 7-year-old kid has a 2DS and has dabbled with a few games including BoxBoy. We'll try the co-op levels in BoxBoy+BoxGirl together. IIRC, I played them solo when the game first released. I love that series, and hopefully we don't have to wait too long for a 5th one (or a new simple platformer series from the same team, if they feel BoxBoy has run its course).
  14. Bummer about the localization. I recently started playing the extensive fan translation of Trails to Azure (which is getting an official localization based on the fan work, which is awesome), and it's very professionally done. I loved Part Time UFO. It was in line with the bite-sized first-party download games on 3DS and Wii U, like Pushmo, BoxBoy, Mario vs Donkey Kong, etc. So far the only things I've seen like that on Switch are Part Time UFO and the most recent BoxBoy game. I wish we'd get more of them, because they were some of my favorite kinds of games last generation (and I still play them now; they usually have *tons* of content hiding behind that cheap price tag). I think that Nintendo has probably let those releases dry up because of not wanting to compete with the indie market that flooded the Switch, but it makes me sad. I played Super Metroid for the first time on Wii U a few years ago, and I agree with you. I hope they eventually bring GBA games to Switch Online, because Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission are great follow-ups to Super Metroid. I'm also looking forward to Dread. I was one of the people who loved Samus Returns on 3DS.
  15. It seems like it happens randomly on all of my Joy-cons (I have 3 pairs). I was one of those who originally thought the problem was probably overblown, but when it happens to you, it's frustrating. That being said, I've seen problems on all my systems except the Xbox One, which I almost never play. Wii U: I have the official Nintendo battery packs for my Wiimotes and one of them stopped charging. One other doesn't hold a good charge, but the other 2 still charge and work well. Gamepad and Pro controller still work well. PS3: I have a few controllers with buttons that like to stick PS4: One of my controllers seemed to be drifting, and I've had a few thumb sticks wear down. Switch: Several Joy-cons experience drift. Vita: Launch model has weird battery issues. It frequently reports the battery is almost dead and when I check it a few minutes later it shows almost full. It will drain suddenly but it's always retained enough standby power to resume my current game session once I charge it again. Revised model has drifting sticks so I stopped using it. I recently picked up one of the 8bitdo controllers (this is the one that looks like a SNES controller but with analog sticks and two sets of triggers). It's cool because it is compatible with Switch and PC. I don't think it has rumble but it's a nice extra multiplayer controller for when I'm playing with my daughter.