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  1. I finished Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD this weekend. I actually finished the previous game in the series - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix on January 1, and I didn't mention it earlier in this thread. So I'll cover both here. BbS was a departure from the series, because for the first time you play as 3 different characters, with them visiting the same worlds with different areas (and different bosses). The game was structured to play through one character as a time. It never really felt redundant, and for the first time you get to play as a female character. Overall I liked it a lot but I think I preferred KH1 and 2 a bit. I liked the gameplay changes in BbS though. DDD changed things again by having you switch back and forth between two characters, but this happens on the fly, even in the middle of boss fights. That bugged me a bit. You can mitigate it by using items to increase your playtime for the current character, but in the middle of combat that would mean using up a valuable item/command slot. I actually had to repeat the last two bosses (who don't have a savepoint in between them, but instead have a LONG cutscene interlude) again because I didn't unlock the final "secret" cutscene. So I went back, did some grinding to make the boss fights easier, and tackled them again. I liked the game a lot. The Dream Eater pets/sidekicks were cute and fun, and the story was important in the overall series. It didn't feel quite like a true sequel, but it was pretty close, especially in story impact. Hopefully the upcoming KH3 will be a bit "meatier". The story changes in DDD suggest that KH3 could feature up to 7 player characters. I wouldn't want it to feel repetitive but it would be cool to have at least some bonus sections with different characters. As far as the overall series goes, I have one more "mini" game to play, BbS A Fragmentary Passage, and one "cutscene theater" to watch. So I'm in the home stretch. I started the series back in April 2017, so it's taken me almost a year, but I'm finally almost caught up! I don't always like each new game more than the previous one, but I think overall I like the gameplay changes introduced in each new entry. Currently I'm working on Walking Dead Michonne on PS4, Yoshi's Woolly World on Wii U, Persona 3 Portable on Vita, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Switch.
  2. I don't know the comics well enough beyond simple stuff - like the fact that Superman can fly, and Spiderman should be able to throw webshots and swing around. It's probably more helpful for comics fans though. I think your second point is more applicable to me. I loved LEGO City Undercover and LEGO Dimensions, which combined with the Marvel/DC games all have their own stories. LEGO Marvel's Avengers, which stuck mostly to the MCU movie plots, was definitely my least favorite of all of the DC/Marvel LEGO games. Ditto. I mean, it doesn't hurt me for others to get achievements since I can just ignore them... but I'd rather Nintendo focus on stuff that actually affects gameplay. Besides, games can always implement in-game achievements, which many of them do.
  3. Nice. It's a great game, and I need to go back and finish it. Personally I've gotten sucked into LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. For whatever reason I find the Star Wars and Marvel/DC LEGO games more enjoyable than the others.
  4. I hope I can still buy the second half for $20 or so. I have LC1 on my 3DS and don't want to re-purchase those games.
  5. I have Bayonetta 2 retail waiting for me when I get home from work. That said, I'll probably wait a few days to start it, since I am in the middle of a few games at the moment.
  6. That's possible. I'm just a bit grumpy because it seems like more and more devs purposely leave out quality-of-life improvements because it "increases immersion" or something. I will choose the QoL improvement every time. Without playing Owlboy I can't say for certain whether it's lacking a map because it truly doesn't need one, or because of a stubborn insistence on making the game frustrating. I seem to recall Stealth Inc 2 being marketed as a puzzle game with MetroidVania elements, not as a full-blown MetroidVania itself (unlike Owlboy).
  7. For me, non-premium indie pricing is $10-20. Above that is premium. That said, by all reports, Owlboy is a quality game. I just strongly disagree with its lack of a map. For $25, I better get a map. Yes but I don't remember getting stuck a lot.
  8. I finished Captain Toad Treasure Tracker early last week, but due to being sick for 5 days, I have not gotten around to posting about it. I really enjoyed the game. The ending ties in to Super Mario 3D World and reveals that Treasure Tracker is actually a prequel (which I did not know). So that was cool. There is a decent amount of post-game content in the bonus levels, which require 100% collectibles for the story levels to unlock fully. I wasn't interested in doing that, so I made do with the bonus levels I unlocked during the story, which I think was slightly over half of them. I think the game would be a good candidate for a Switch port. There are several levels with touchscreen and/or blowing controls that wouldn't work in Docked Mode on Switch, but they could probably be recreated using physical controls. The game only uses a few buttons anyway so I think that would work fine. The blowing parts are not location-specific (e.g. blowing makes all the elevators in the level move at the same time), but the touch parts are, so ideally they would work the same in Handheld Mode and use physical buttons in Docked Mode and lose some of that "puzzle magic" in the process while still being doable.
  9. Owlboy was a day-one buy for me, until I read about the lack of a map. Now I'm waiting to read more impressions of the game before I buy it, especially since it's priced in the "premium indie" range. I have The Fall Part 1 on PS4 and I think Wii U (where it was part of a indie bundle IIRC), but never tried it. I guess I need to get on that. Thanks for the feedback. That's promising, but I hope I can get some more recent feedback also. Your comment on Hollow Knight makes me a bit concerned though. That is another game I'm looking forward to, but I don't like the sound of getting lost frequently.
  10. So, Owlboy comes out next week, and sadly I read a review that makes me reconsider buying it. The game has no in-game map. Why are there Metroidvanias without maps? After hating the lack of a map in Salt and Sanctuary (which was one of the things that made me drop the game), I don't think I can tolerate a Metroidvania without a map (and S&S was on the fringe of the genre, so if anything it's less noticeable there than I suspect it is in Owlboy). I guess for now, I'll wait for Hollow Knight. But I'd like to hear from anyone who gets Owlboy, how it feels without a map. I was really looking forward to this game, but the lack of a map is really disappointing to me.
  11. I think all of those getting retail version is certain. DKC and Bayonetta 3 should be published by Nintendo, so there's no excuse to not go for the added cost of a cartridge release. The Switch is region free. As for English voices/subtitles in Japanese games... that's a crap shoot as always.
  12. The Joy-con covers are actually plastic. I only used them once or twice. I guess they're fine but I almost always play in Handheld Mode and didn't see the point. The package comes with a screen protector too, but it's one of the cheap soft film ones. I find tempered glass to be far superior... if I'm not using that, I don't use anything. The only part of that package I actually use is the main Switch case itself. I got it when the Switch first released, and it's still fine, although the bottom white part has gotten discolored and a little creased and worn.
  13. This is the case that I got, which included analog stick covers: The covers felt fine, but one day I noticed that there was a lot of dust in between the cracks (you can see they have gaps in the picture there). So I took them off to wipe off the sticks, and I decided not to put them back on. I guess it was a case of me feeling like I didn't need them.
  14. This is the screen protector I have: I highly recommend it; it does the job, feels nice without inhibiting touchscreen responsiveness, and fits fine in the dock. It's also tempered glass so it protects better than the non-glass screen protectors. But like any screen protector, I advise putting it on slowly and making sure the screen is completely clean beforehand. I have a hair or something trapped under my screen but it's small and hasn't bothered me enough to try again. Thankfully that pack comes with 2 protectors so you can have a test run. I have analog caps that came with my Zelda case, but I eventually took them off. I prefer the feel without caps on the Joy-cons or Pro Controller. I can't recommend anything there.
  15. I don't remember how much the 3DS was when I bought it, but I think it was $200. Nintendo had to do a price cut before it was successful. Then they came out with the XL, the 2DS, and the "New" line of all three flavors. And yeah, you're right that Nintendo is moving handheld franchises to the Switch, as they should. But I know the 2DS "budget option" for the 3DS line was very successful, and I think they'll try to do the same thing with the Switch. Whether that's a budget Switch or a new handheld that plays Switch games, who knows. I expect we'll see that at the same time that the 3DS family officially dies. Right now, like you said, it's dying a slow death. Which is expected with a successful system after its lifetime has passed. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't have a 1:1 replacement yet. The Switch is much more expensive and won't be feasible for everyone with a cheap 2/3DS system.