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  1. Don't call me Shirley!
  2. Alternatively, I love the colors. It's a good idea. I might get one eventually. I play my Switch mostly in Handheld mode, but I like being able to use TV mode from time to time.
  3. You know, maybe you're being TOO selective of a gamer there. Seriously though, I play my Switch every day. I have always loved the Vita, and the Switch is a worthy successor.
  4. It seems like Sony is slowly coming around to Cross-platform play. But right now it's mostly PC/Xbox/Switch. Which doesn't help with DQ Builders 2, I know. I might get Builders 2. I liked the first one on Vita (although I never finished the story content, but I put a good dozen or so hours into it) and the sequel looks better in just about every way.
  5. Yes, that was great.
  6. Yeah. Personally I wouldn't mind some tweaking of levels, or even complete remakes. I love all the LEGO Star Wars games, but some of those long levels are really tedious. I never need to play Jundland Wastes again.
  7. Yeah, it's a fun game and finding all the collectibles can be tricky. I need to get back to it. Too many good games on Switch.
  8. From what I've seen, those units never increase in rank. It doesn't matter how many times you use them. So they should not count towards that decoration. One of the units needs a a lot of on-hand cash to unlock (I think it's Gertrude), who also needs to be upgraded to Corporal. Another unit unlocks by playing 3 squad stories. I think the rest of the units you have to rank up will unlock during the campaign.
  9. SMM2 wasn't really on my radar before, but that was a great Direct. New features that improve the game in almost every way? Check. More modes? Check. Short and to the point? Check. Great presentation. I'm not even a creative "designer" type of person, but I know the game will still give me a lot of value in the story mode and player-created levels. The vouchers are cool, but they're only around for about 2 months I think. I think I'll get a pair for SMM2 and another game I haven't chosen yet.
  10. If you mean the dock, yes that charges the Switch. It will charge off a USB-C cable although some people have bricked their consoles that way. I've been doing it since day 1 with a few USB-C cables with no issues. Officially though, it's recommended to only use the dock cable (which will connect to the Switch directly if you unplug it from the dock).
  11. Oh yeah, she was tricky. I was starting to breathe easy, then "nope, here comes another stage of the fight!"
  12. I have 2 or 3 more levels in W1. Honestly if I manage to beat W1 I'll be farther than I thought I'd ever get in the game.
  13. Yeah, remapping the controls definitely helps. It's still a very challenging game though.
  14. Thank you for specifying "some". There are idiots from every console userbase, but it takes special ones to get that upset about a rumor. I'm also seeing a lot of PS4 owners whining about P5R being a separate game and not being "just free DLC". I'm not sure who are the bigger idiots here.
  15. Good point. Maybe P5S will go the P4A and P4AU route and have a campaign plot centered on the P5 team, but the P3 and P4 teams show up to help fight the shadow threat. I won't lie though, I find the idea of Sojiro splashing hot coffee on shadows hilarious - "don't worry, that was the cheap stuff!"