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  1. I guess I missed the DLC sale (or it wasn't on sale in the US eShop). I wish DLC sales were highlighted better. PSN shows them separately from the base games, but even then it's easy to miss. On eShop you have to know to look for DLC sales.
  2. There are also the 3 GBA games that don't need touch controls (of course the DS ones could be handled on Switch, but this is a multi-platform release). I'm guessing this collection will be all classic, pre-SOTN games and hopefully we'll get a later collection with all 7 2D Metroidvanias. And of course there are the N64, PS2, and Lords of Shadows games. They could do 3 collections.
  3. No, there is no English version of Trails in the Sky The 3rd on PSN. Trails in the Sky Second Chapter does have a English PSN-only release.
  4. Not sure what you mean exactly. I was making a list of which games are on what platforms, including PC (so not limited to PSN). I don't know if the Japanese PSP version of Trails 3rd is retail or PSN only. It doesn't really matter to me as I'm not importing any of these games.
  5. Well, I finished Trails 3rd. I decided not to try that hardest Arena door again. Now I'm just waiting for the translation on Zero to finish up.
  6. I ended up getting mine at Gamestop. I was worried about used or resold ones being faulty, and I had some Gamestop points so I just went there. They don't go on sale very often. I got the "watermelon" ones (bright green and pink), which I think look cool and go nicely with my red/blue ones.
  7. This is correct. I just did Star Door 14, and I started the final area. The end is near!
  8. I'm dying over here. I tried trophy hunting for a bit, and it wasn't for me. Not that I'm not a "geek", I just find it more enjoyable to play games for story completion rather than the 100% stuff. I do still go for the occasional Platinum/100% but mostly I don't bother. Anyway, to your point about geeking about whatever your favorite subject matter is (we Americans usually say "geek out" instead of "geek" because we have to be different), it has never made sense to me that it's really only comics/gaming/sci-fi/fantasy nerds who have the "mom's basement" stereotype. Sports fans are considered socially normal even though memorizing statistics about multiple athletes (throughout a team's multiple decades of history I might add) is at least as geeky as trophy hunting, much less less intense gaming. That is really weird. I don't really know any stereotypical basement dwellers. People just enjoy what they enjoy.
  9. Hey, Elma has white hair so weird gray can't be that weird. It woudln't take much to make me look cooler. That said, I hate facial hair. I dislike shaving but not as much as I hate beards. I haven't properly started the second dungeon yet, but right now I have Yu and Makoto in front, and Naoto, Yukari, and Yukiko in the back. I'm playing the P4 story, and I gotta say it's weird to hear P3 MC talk. I haven't seen any anime/films where he talks. I was used to Yu talking because of P4A, P4AU, and P4DAN.
  10. How would that work? The Switch already burns through the battery when a game really taxes the hardware. If it was not a hybrid, using higher-end hardware could work. But it was specifically designed to be a hybrid. Also don't forget that the Xbox One launched for $500 and the PS4 launched for $400.
  11. This is exactly what I think. It's all an entertainment act, which is fine. More power to these people. I believe in freedom of speech and all that. But I am never going to be interested in watching these "creators" or "influencers" or whatever they're calling themselves now. I've always preferred text reviews to video ones (although I do find video reviews of video games useful for showing some gameplay), so add an annoying persona on top of that and it's definitely not for me. I hope you're not telling me everyone in Britain doesn't talk like characters in the British comedies I watch, old bean! I'm actually surprised that as a Brit, you did not take exception to those of us in "the Colonies" referring to our country as an entire continent.
  12. I started XCX and it's cool so far. I just got to Chapter 2. I like the art style of XC2 better so far. I hear you about the online features too. That error message EVERY time the game loads is pretty annoying. My daughter "helped" me design my character, which means he looks like me except with facial hair, purple hair, and butterfly face paint. It sort of takes the seriousness out of cutscenes... I hope that I can swap my guns out for energy/laser guns. Bullets are boring, and I'd rather my "almost five year old" daughter not see real guns.
  13. You and I are of a kind. Agreed about everything, especially skill trees. It's weird, because I LOVE JRPGs, but I don't like spending much time choosing between upgrades. I beat the first boss in PQ, and you were right about status ailments! I hit her with poison and it did like 150 damage each turn (my attacks only did about 50-70, since she was not weak to anything) which made a huge difference. I wasn't prepared though, and I beat the fight with only one character still conscious. Good thing it's not like regular Persona games and game over when the main character goes down!
  14. It's a slang term for games that cost more on Switch compared to PS4/Xbox One. The reasoning given was that the game cards are more expensive than Blu-ray discs, which is probably true, but the "Switch tax" sometimes shows up on digital-only games too. The upcoming RE games are all $30 on Switch while they're $20 on PS4/Xbox One.
  15. They are all preorders right now. Once they come out there should be reviews covering the motion controls. NIntendo Life typically includes stuff like that in their reviews. And yeah, it's a shame they all got the Nintendo Tax price increase.