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  1. I never noticed any signs of secret exits when I played the Wii U version, but I didn't try to get many of the secrets in the game. I got bored playing it originally and took a long break. then when I went back to it, I rushed to the ending so I could be done with it. I know I'm a Debbie Downer here but I really found the game dull. It's cool that other people find it enjoyable, but I'd much rather have a new 2D Mario game that's more creative, with better art and more fun.
  2. Just finished the story mode in Persona 4 Dancing All Night. I'm on the grind to get enough money for the last few costumes/accessories/trophies now. My only real disappointment with the game: why can't I buy the cool costumes from the "Prologue" story scenes???

  3. I did Story mode on Easy, and all of the Free Mode songs on Normal (not sure why I did different difficulties there), so the 3 required Hard songs were tough for me also. I found them a bit easier by ignoring the regular blue rings when there were a lot of notes on the screen. I would still make sure to get enough fever rings to kick off Fever though. I think Hard songs fail by getting a certain threshold of Miss + Good notes. I did one song where I was certain I had failed and almost gave up - I had lots of Good notes. But I had only 4 misses, and somehow I got a Brilliant.
  4. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe comes out tomorrow. The reviews are very positive. As someone who completed the main story levels somewhat recently, I think I'm the odd man out on this game. I found it very dull and a chore to finish. It has all the technical things I expect from Nintendo - tight controls, good performance, and a challenge without being too frustrating. But it's lacking the best features of Nintendo games - charm, attractive art style, and fun. As a full-priced Nintendo "flagship" game, it is a rip-off in my opinion. It's worth playing at $20 or so, but even then there are games that are way more fun. I saw a review calling it the "Super Mario Odyssey of 2D Marios". No, just no. Are people just that desperate for a "new to them" Mario game? Odyssey wasn't perfect, but it was a damned good game. It had charm and fun, and really cool art styles for each of the planets. NSMBU Deluxe has none of those things. I recommend saving your money and waiting for a new 2D Mario game that hopefully brings back the "soul" of Mario games. Instead I'm getting Tales from Vesperia and then next week, No More Heroes. Although I'll probably wait to start Tales until after I play KH3 at the end of this month (on the PS4). I have learned that too many JRPGs at once is too much for me to handle. I'm already playing one on Steam right now.
  5. Sadly I only have one Indy platinum - LEGO Indiana Jones 2. I can't believe nobody made that joke yet... My favorite 3 indie platinums are: Guacamelee Transistor Bastion I actually don't have that many indie platinums. I have more that are 100% games, and a lot of indies that I have played lately have been on the Switch.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure you don't have it on 15 different systems and phones already.
  7. It's a fun game if you can find it. It's dead now but last I checked it was still stocked by a lot of stores. But anyway, the level pack is one level, while the story pack is more - 6 IIRC. It basically tells the story of the newest movie while the level pack tells a few parts of the original.
  8. I gave this game a shot because I really liked the first two games. I lost interest pretty quickly. The grind is just too insane, and playing a map didn't give enough rewards to make it feel worthwhile. I think this is the perfect example of how to ruin a good series. Maybe someday we'll get another decent OMD game.
  9. I just started Chapter 4, but I haven't done many of the doors yet. I think I only did that first Moon Door and whatever type of door is a minigame. As for the game itself, I've been doing a mix of gaming on my main personal laptop just using my trackball (because I'm weird and prefer them to mice), and connecting my Surface to use with the TV and a DS4 controller. It's pretty cool that Steam does automatic savegame syncing, so I can switch computers and pick up my progress without extra work. I think Xbox One does this too, but the other consoles don't. I'll do some digging when I finish "The 3rd".
  10. There is another big eShop sale right now, at least in the USA region. Some good deals.
  11. Hmm, nevermind. Uninstalling one of my other big games let me install Himmelstein. Odd.
  12. Maybe the 3rd game will bring enough modern polish for me to find it fun. I'll give it a chance. Did you play LEGO Marvel 2? I mean the most recent one, not LEGO Marvel Avengers, which I thought was a little stale since it was 90% MCU stuff, and barely any obscure Marvel content. I liked Marvel 2 a lot, but it wasn't as good as the original. It seems a lot of people hated it though. I played some of Metroid Prime 1 on my Wii U about 2 years ago, and while the game is still fun, the Wiimote is not the best way to play it. I guess some people liked it better than traditional controls when it came out, but I think that now, especially compared to the Joy-con, it's easy to see the shortcomings of the Wiimote. I would love a Switch port that let you play with motion controls OR traditional controls.
  13. I have the standard digital edition of Hitman 2, and Himmelstein shows in my download list as one of my available addons. I have 39.46 GB free, and the add-on is 1.7 GB. But every time I try to download, it says I don't have enough space to install. Has anybody else seen this?
  14. I can't comment on the AI difficulty in Smash Ultimate, but I certainly played some tough fights to unlock characters in Smash Brawl. That's the only game in the series that I played much of. I finally managed to unlock the last rare blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The only ones I don't have at this point, are the New Game+ blades that were added later, but they only have unique Heart-to-Hearts, not Blade Quests. I Youtube'd their Heart-to-Hearts. Progress in The Messenger has been kind of slow. I am on a boss fight against a giant purple boss, and the game is hinting that it's about to do the 16-bit switch.
  15. I've had an issue with games getting corrupt before. It happened to me with Rayman Origins several times. Every time, reinstalling would fix it. Good luck, hopefully that's the end of it for you.