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  1. Well, Merry SwitchMas to me! Over the past few days I've jumped on Switch game deals for Black Friday (they seem to go on sale earlier and earlier now, Black Friday is actually tomorrow and I'm already done with the deals). Here's what I got: Best Buy Super Bomberman R $25 Rayman Legends $20 LEGO Ninjago Movie The Videogame $20 eShop Puyo Puyo Tetris $25 Rive $12 (not part of the BF deal, but it was on sale) I also grabbed Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice on the 3DS eShop, for $15. There were a few PS4 and Blu-ray deals I grabbed, but nobody cares about those, right? Sadly BB had PP Tetris for $30 as I originally saw, so for once the eShop deal was the best. I was hoping for $20 but 25 wasn't bad. I intended to grab Disgaea 5 Complete for $20 also, but Best Buy's stock went fast at that price. I checked at midnight this morning and it wasn't on sale yet, and by the time I woke up around 6, it was sold out.
  2. I know the feeling. I enjoyed the last KYC event but I didn't bother joining the current one because I wanted to focus on Switch and finishing up AC Syndicate. I think Picross S is a great game to knock out a puzzle or two, even if I don't have time for anything else. Once I finish with it, I hope I can find a similar puzzle game to take its place.
  3. Are you talking about I feel like the game has a great balance between challenge and accessibility. Even with just 260-ish power moons, there have been some pretty tricky sections for me. I played one 2D part (in the first post-story Kingdom I think) where leaving the shadow or lit-up areas would pop you back out into the 3D area. I must have retried that at least a dozen times before I was able to barely get through it. I'm no platforming ace, but I think the SMO producers made the right choice in making it accessible to almost everyone. Based on what I've seen, getting all the power moons has its fair share of challenging parts. Can I take a minute to talk about how great the mix of 2D/3D gameplay is in SMO? The first time I played a flat 2D part, I had a big smile on my face. But I think the key to that element of gameplay being successful, is that it's not overused. There are a handful of power moons in each Kingdom that involve moving through a 2D area; overall 2D is probably less than 10% of the power moons. But what's there is great. Even the area I mentioned above (where I was getting frustrated at my repeated failures) never made me hate it. I had to admire the creativity of that area and now I view it as a challenge I finished. D'oh! Seeing my post quoted by you made me realize my mistake. I of course meant that I have a preference for HANDHELD mode, not docked. But I am starting to appreciate docked mode more. It gives me an excuse to use the Pro controller, which as I said before I'm liking a lot. It's good to hear that you're enjoying Skyrim, and the couple of reviews I read back up that opinion. I'll definitely get the Switch version at some point in the future. Best Buy had a few of their Switch games on sale early this week (prior to the Black Friday sale), so I picked up Rayman Origins, LEGO Ninjago Movie the Game of the Movie of the Cartoon of the Toys (TM), and Super Bomberman R (the first 2 were $20, Bomberman was $25). Sadly Disgaea was sold out and Puyo Puyo Tetris was $30. Most websites are reporting that Tetris is supposed to be $20 on Black Friday, so hopefully my initial information that it is $30 is wrong. I'd love to get that for $20. The actual sale starts on Thursday so we'll see if I can get Disgaea and PP Tetris (if the price drops, $30 is too high I think). I'm also holding out hope for a decent eShop sale on multiple titles, but that is probably unrealistic. I'd prefer to get all 5 of these games digital if the price was the same, and I won't open the 3 I already ordered from Best Buy for a while yet (so they can be returned if needed). But even PSN doesn't usually have sales that good on new games. We'll see.
  4. Yeah, I'm totally a #FAKESwitchGamer. I don't even really have a Switch. I just played a few games at a friend's house and sent screenshots from his Switch. I'm a total fraud. As for Splatoon 2, it's like Battlefront 2 for me. I'd play it for the singleplayer content only, so neither game is really worth $60 to me. I would probably grab Splatoon 2 for $40, but so far it hasn't had any real sales. Maybe I should do a Gamefly rental or something.
  5. @Cubone is better than me, partly because he was already a fan of that type of puzzle before getting the game. But I'm about halfway through. I will give you a few tips based on my experiences. For what it's worth, I think I have all the options in the Settings menu on their defaults, because that probably changes things. I started out being pretty bad, and I'd always use Auto Assist or whatever it's called at the beginning of each puzzle. I would also use "Check Moves" a lot, but at least with the default settings, you can only use it once. So that one was more for when I got stuck. Over time I've gotten better at the game, but one thing has not changed: the way I tackle each puzzle. First, I start out with the biggest numbers. Let's use an example where it's a 10x10 puzzle. If there is a line with "8", then I start with that. That number is only 2 less than the maximum length, so you know that you can fill in the middle 6 boxes, and mark the 2 on either end of the line as "maybes". The 6 numbers in the middle have to be part of that line, but at that point you don't know where the other 2 boxes are. After the first line, I go on from there, working my way down from the largest numbers down to the smallest. This sounds great on paper, but it can get tricky especially in the larger puzzles. I think using graph paper to try different things could help. Sometimes I wish the game had additional ways to mark boxes (with Picross S, it's "filled", "unfilled", and "maybe"), like color coding. I'm now at the point where I skip Auto Assist, and only use Check Moves once in a while. Occasionally I make a mistake (usually when I get careless and make an assumption that's incorrect), and that's when I have to use it, because with this type of puzzle, one mistake usually leads to more and more mistakes later, since the lines intersect. I downloaded the Pokemon 3DS version (just the free part, I'm not paying $30 or whatever for all the puzzles, since the Switch version is $8), but I haven't played it much yet. It seems pretty similar, but the Switch has better controls IMO. The 3DS Pokemon version had mandatory stylus controls in some parts, which I find a mixed bag. Touch controls work great in some places, but not across the board. Anyway, even if you're not great at it, I'd say S is well worth the $8. 300 puzzles for less than $10? I wish all games had that much value.
  6. Well, I finished the story in Super Mario Odyssey and finished the 100th regular puzzle in Picross S (which combined with my handful of puzzles in Mega Picross, means I'm close to halfway through overall). I've had such a great time with SMO. What a fantastic game. @Cubone: To the people I've seen online, complaining that the game is too easy... they're wrong. Sure, the game is no Super Meat Boy, but it does a great job of balancing the bulk of the game being accessible (with a fair share of moderately tricky parts). Also: I voted in the new poll. My choices should be obvious to most people here. I guessed at 10-19 titles, since that seems about right. One more thing to note. I played a fair amount of SMO this weekend docked with the Pro Controller. That controller is really great; I haven't used it a lot because of my preference for handheld mode, but it's a fantastic controller. Also, I finally "Switched" from handheld to docked to handheld, all in one gaming session. I think that's the first time I've done that. I'm loving this system, and I think I am now at the point that I will prefer it in almost every multiplatform game. There may be exceptions but I can't think of any right now. I'm already making the Switch with LEGO games since I'll be getting the Ninjago one on sale from Best Buy in the Black Friday sale. And I will eventually get Doom, LA Noire, and Skyrim for it, although I'll wait for a price drop since those are lower priorities for me. I may actually get Wolfenstein 2 at full price.
  7. I'm in the same boat. I'd like opinions too.
  8. Well, look at it this way. If you go through PSVR games anywhere close to the speed you've rolled through Switch games, you'll have exhausted its entire library in a few months (and let's be honest, how much longer is the PSVR going to get games before Sony stops marketing it?). At that time you can bounce back to the Switch and you'll have a few more AAA games and another 100-200 indie games to go through. And that's if you even shelve the Switch, which seems unlikely. You can't play the PSVR at work or on your commute, after all. Take my dismissal of the PSVR with a grain of salt. I have zero interest in VR. But I think my point about the Switch stands, it provides an experience you can't get with any other console (so does the PSVR, but it doesn't interest me, and as we've already established, we both like the unique features of the Switch). Anywho, I just got to what seems to be the final story world, in Super Mario Odyssey. I'm really loving the game, and I'm having a lot of fun getting new costumes for Mario. Also, I saw that the Search feature in the eShop now has a "Demo" filter so you can see all the games with demos. Pretty cool. I've tried a few out recently. I suck at fighting games and typically avoid them, but Pokken Tournament DX seemed really solid from the demo. I could see myself getting that if it's ever on a big sale.
  9. I held off on Super Bomberman R so far because it was too pricey for me, but I'm getting it during the Black Friday sale. Best Buy has it for $25 (possibly less with the Gamers Club Discount; it's unconfirmed if it applies during the sale) starting on November 23. I just read a review of the game again and read about all the updates the game has gotten post-release (it just got another one today). All of that convinced me to jump on it for $25. It may not be for you; in fact it may not be worth $25 for me. But I'm getting it because it looks fun and I like the way it's been supported after release. I second the recommendation for Mario+Rabbids; it's a very cool, charming game. Sadly it doesn't seem to be in any of the Black Friday sales, but I think it's worth it even at full price. I'll be grabbing Owlboy also, and probably Hollow Knight. If you don't mind digital-only releases, I'd also recommend Nintendo/PC/Mobile exclusives World of Goo, Picross S, and Human Resource Machine. It got a physical release on Wii U, 3DS, and PS4, so I'd say there's a good chance of it.
  10. I heard about that. The 3DS got the first 3 games as a bundle also. It definitely makes sense to port the previous games to Switch.
  11. 6-8 hours for the Rogue Squadron games, or if you're like me, 20 hours because I'm fighting the damn Gamecube controller the whole time... plus the missions are pretty hard sometimes. That mission in Rogue Leader where the AT-ATs need to be taken down in a limited amount of time, was a bear to get through. Actually I need to go back and finish Rogue Leader (I think I got halfway through). I have the sequel too but have never tried it. Anyway, 5-7 hours is fine for BF2's story, if I can get it for $40 or whatever. Not sure what you're playing Quake 3 on... it's probably playable on smartphones now (I wouldn't do that though, I hate losing physical buttons). Anyway, back when it first came out I was a PC-only gamer and I didn't care for it much. Unreal Tournament 1 was my jam. Even then though, I was mostly just playing singleplayer against bots. But that was actually fun, and the bots were half decent. I played Quake 3 later and it was okay, but UT was the game for me.
  12. It's very un-PC but my wife's favorite but is when they visit the Japanese Garden in one episode. I really enjoy the Zucker Brothers style of comedy... it's too bad they got political and stopped making funny movies. In terms of BF2, I'm liking what you're both saying so far. Since I'm not getting it until it goes on sale, I'd like to hear what you both think after finishing the story part. I'm not embedding more quotes because I'm on my phone right now and it's too crappy to cut out text there. Cubone: Isn't Daniel Dae Kim the voice of Johnny Gat from Saints Row? Because he's awesome. I know the stuff I've seen him in, he's been good. Spider: I agree the ending of H&K 3 was great, and the characters got nice closure. The movie was just too gimmicky and less funny to me. It's the only one of the three that I haven't been about to convince myself to buy. Didn't it have a musical sequence? I didn't need that. Still, the movie wasn't terrible. I enjoyed seeing the two characters again. Both actors did a great job with them.
  13. Hmm, I love the fish scene, I have to say. Different strokes for different folks. I don't have any problems with Naked Gun 2 and 3, but for me the first is the one I've seen the most. Side note: have you seen Police Squad, the 6-episode TV show that came out before Naked Gun? It's pretty great. It has some great gags and jokes. You have a point about "close enough" casting. I think it's really hard for minorities to break into the industry. In Hollywood I always see the same handful of Asian stars (e.g. Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh) and then a few character actors that are in a movie whenever they need "old Asian man". So Daniel Dae Kim might have been the best they could find that was close to the role in terms of appearance. Anyway, the thing I always try to keep in mind is that while it's easy to say "changing Nick Fury to be black is hypocritical, because changing a black character to be white would offend people", the fact is that's not really about changing the race of established characters. Most non-white races are underrepresented on the big screen, and including them when possible is a good thing. There are hardly any black superheroes on the screen. To use a small example, I think making Heimdall black in the Thor movies is worth annoying a few comics nerds who ask how it makes sense when everyone else up in Castle Thor is white, because it gives young black boys a role model on the screen. And that's just a side character. Now some changes would be harder to work into a story. Captain America as a WW2 soldier wouldn't make much sense as a black man (yes I know about the heroism of the Tuskeegee Airmen and other groups, but I'm saying back in 1940's America it's hard to believe that a black guy who was too skinny and unhealthy to join the Army would get selected for the Super Serum). Killing him off and replacing him with a black guy (e.g. his buddy Falcon) would be fine story-wise. Most of the other characters could work as other races. Anyway, hopefully my point makes sense. I would LOVE to hear BF2 single player impressions from you two. I guess this isn't the right place for it, but I'd love to hear it once you sink your teeth into the game. I don't know your history with the game, @Cubone, but from what I remember @Super-Fly Spider-Guy is a big fan of the series. I'm more of an outsider myself. I played a bit of the first two games on PC, and I don't have any nostalgia for them. I'm not looking for a single player experience where I'm basically playing a MP game with bots (and hell, the new SW Battlefront didn't even succeed with that much). What I'm looking for is a true campaign. It doesn't have to be 20 hours long, but I want something that feels like a proper singleplayer story experience, with set pieces and levels that aren't just reproducing something in the MP experience. Hopefully that makes sense. I really haven't been following the game, but if I hear from you guys that the campaign isn't just cutscenes with offline bot gameplay, and that it last at least a decent number of hours, then I'll grab the game. I'd probably wait for it to go on sale but it would change the game from being a pass to being a "buy on sale". I bought the first game but it was a complete waste of money. I don't need a repeat of that and it's unlikely I'd ever play MP in the sequel. Awesome. It's funny that I'm no longer keeping up with PS news. I still play my PS4 and Vita every day but I'm losing touch with what's happening. I'm eating up Switch news like crazy though. Anyway, I played Guac 1 on the Vita first, then later played it again on PS4. I loved it both times but to me, 2D platformers belong on portable systems. I would definitely enjoy Guac 2 on Switch more than I would PS4. And it hasn't been announced for Vita so I'm thinking those are my two choices. I sure hope it's not PS exclusive; I think Guac 1 did well being on X1 and Wii U in addition to PS3/4/Vita. I've only seen H&K 3 once, and I found it a much weaker 3rd movie. I didn't love that "Not John" Lennon actor's character (I think he's from Reno 911 which I didn't get into) who was paired up with one of the two - was it Kumar? Anyway, he wasn't really doing it for me. And the mob boss plot felt too serious for a comedy movie. I still enjoyed parts of it (Danny Trejo was great, like he always is) but it was a distant 3rd for me. The second movie is one we've rewatched a few times and it's decent, but the first is definitely the best. I've seen the first one at least a dozen times, and my wife and I both love it to pieces. It's probably our favorite comedy from the 21st century. Superbad, Anchorman, The Heat, and a few others are also great, but generally speaking I much prefer 80's and 90's comedies. For example, the first Hangover movie was just so dumb IMO, and I never felt a need to watch the sequels. But for whatever reason, those ones I mentioned just hit me in the funny bone. And I don't really even understand stoner culture, that's the weird part. I shouldn't be the target audience for H&K but I love it. Anyway, I'm 37 so "high school treasures" for me are more like Billy Madison, Dumb and Dumber, etc. But I love H&K. Nice, I read a review that said Doom is amazing in Handheld mode, but that docked it was definitely weaker than the PS4 version. That's fine, I don't need superb visuals. I know @Cubone (aka "TotallyNotBillyHorrible") has said he's sticking with PS4 for visual powerhouses like Assassin's Creed, but honestly as I've been playing AC Syndicate for the past month or so, I keep thinking how awesome it would be to have on Switch with some graphical cuts. I'd take that in a heartbeat to have it portable. Anyway, I'm not as into first person shooters anymore (even though Wolfenstein 3D was my first "mature" game as a young teenager), so I don't think I'll drop $60 on Doom and maybe not Wolf 2 either. But they're definitely on my radar. I liked Wolfenstein The New Order so I'll check out Wolf 2 at some point. Also, I think I heard that the entire first "episode" of Wolf 3D is in the game? That's awesome. Yesterday and this morning I played a bit of Human Resource Machine and dang those puzzles get tricky halfway through. I had to start over once this morning on a puzzle, and then I got the dreaded "Your solution worked for these number, but it fails on these ones!" result. I decided to come back to that one later. It's a cool game but I feel like I'm not very good at it. I'm still making slow progress in Picross S and SMO. I love having enough games to play that I have to pick and choose.
  14. Patty gave them historical information (e.g. on the subway system), a car to use, and comic relief. All were things that helped the team (especially the comic relief). Winston wasn't a scientist in the original movie either, and he was still a valuable member of the team. I thought Spy was okay, but McCarthy's best movie to date for me is still The Heat. I haven't seen Tammy. Yeah, that was pretty much my point also. Okay then. Whaaaaa? There's a sequel coming? Oh hell yes. It's easily my favorite Metroidvania that isn't an actual Metroid or Castlevania game. As much as I enjoyed Axiom Verge, I think Guacamelee was a little more enjoyable for being a clear homage to Metroid (e.g. its version of Chozo statues) while changing the environment to have a unique setting. Axoim Verge was basically a Metroid clone while Guacamelee felt like something new. Yeah, casting Daniel Dae Kim was weird, like the producers thought "well he's Asian, that's close enough". But why do you have to assume Skrien was trying to avoid controversy? Maybe he dug into the Iron First controversy and it made him realize that there is a whitewashing problem, and he decided to be respectful to those people and drop out? I mean isn't that a possibility? It's easy to point to stupid cases of hypocrisy and conclude that there is no solution to the issue, but claiming that whitewashing doesn't exist or isn't a problem isn't the answer (I'm not saying that you are claiming that, I'm just making a point here). The fact is that certain actors have a hard time getting good roles because of their race. The guy who played Kumar from Harold and Kumar made some Tweets a while back about how he had all these auditions before he got famous, and they were almost all stereotypical "Indian tech guy" roles. It wasn't until he got his breakout role in Harold and Kumar where he was able to play a character that just happened to be Indian. It has no real bearing on the plot (technically his dad being a doctor is a plot point, which is a stereotypical casting choice, but it could have still worked if he were another race). Harold being Korean was part of the plot but it was worked in to the plot in a good way that wasn't demeaning. I read your second post too. I'm tempted by Morphite. My NMS story is atypical I think. I was excited about a space exploration game, but as I typically avoid spoilers and big previews, I avoided almost all of the pre-release hype. I was aware that people were getting hyped up and there were rumors that features were being cut, but I didn't pay much attention. When I first played the game, I was blown away. The first time I escaped my starting planet's atmosphere and got into space was a moment that really stuck with me. So did flying to the second planet and seeing the game seamlessly transition to the planet's atmosphere. That was something I had been wanting a game to do since I was a kid playing X-Wing on MS-DOS. I ended up playing the game for 10 or so hours before getting bored and moving on to something else. I think the game probably should have been sold at $40 instead of $60, and I can see that fans got hyped up and were disappointed, and I think that's a shame. I don't really have an opinion on Sean Murray one way or the other. All I know is, I got a game that blew me away for a solid 10 hours or so, and I would probably enjoy going back to it with all the patches it's gotten. I don't regret buying it, although I do think it should have been cheaper. It didn't end up being the game I would stick with for dozens of hours, but I loved most of the time I spent with it, until it started getting boring. So anyway, if Morphite can provide a similar experience while being different enough to offer something new, I think I would like it.
  15. My current open-world game is AC Syndicate. When I'm done with that I'll probably need to take a break. I can't do open world games one after the other for very long. I definitely need to switch gears to more linear games in between or I get bored. I'll get to Horizon eventually. I know the Euro is worth more, what I mean by "equivalent" is what I tried to explain in a previous post. Whatever your standard "new game full price retail amount" is compares to our $60 because that's our full price retail amount for new games. I know they're not the same actual amount of money, which is unfortunate. As you say, 65 Euro is about 75 Dollars (is the Euro always singular/collective plural? Dollar becomes Dollars when you have more than one, unless you're using slang), so you're paying more there. And then you have on top of that, the false equivalence of the numbers for game prices as you said. Anyway, my point is that 3DS (and Vita) games have always been 2/3rds of the price of PS4/X1/WiiU/Switch games. I think Wii games may have been $50 instead of $60 (I didn't buy any new games by the time I got a Wii so I don't know for sure), but everyone has had their main consoles at $60 for new games, barring the reduced price stuff (like Sonic Forces for example). It looks like your 3DS pricing is pretty close to 2/3rds also, but I wasn't sure if that was the case before you mentioned it. It looks like we're roughly equivalent, except for international companies shafting Europe on false equivalency between currencies (and the rest of the world I guess; I know I've heard Australia has the same issue).