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  1. I guess we have different definitions. Opening an icon on your home screen without swapping cards is as easy as access gets. Anyway, as long as you have a card big enough to hold at least 2 games, with digital all you have to do is make sure your next game is installed, and of course you can download the next game at night when you're asleep. As far as the other comment goes, some games aren't conducive to finishing uninterrupted by other games. Story heavy JRPGs are, but I have a lot more than that for Vita. There is also the frustration factor for some games. Certain games are only enjoyable when I chip away at them in between other games. Also, what if your place of residence catches on fire? All you have to do with a digital collection is grab your Vita (Vita DOES mean life after all, and what would be the point in living without it?). It's pretty difficult to grab a shelf full of VIta games though! Digital gaming - now with increased fire protection!
  2. Game #7: Salt and Sanctuary Salt and Sanctuary is an interesting game that blends Metroidvania elements with some things from the Dark Souls series. I have not played any Dark Souls games (besides the beginning part of Demon's Souls, many years ago). However, I am a big fan of Metroidvania type games, so I was looking forward to trying it out. My initial impressions were that the game is fun, but didn't quite do what I wanted. After spending more time with the game, I like it a lot more. In this game you create a character and class, and travel through different areas, defeating enemies as you go. Killing enemies rewards you with salt and occasional item drops. Treasure chests and destroying barrels and other environmental objects gives you gold. Salt is probably the most useful resource as it is used to level up. Gold buys gear, supplies, and upgrades. When you die, your killer gets all your salt (falling to your death spawns a bat-like creature that gets your salt) so you have to defeat that enemy to get it back. You lose a small amount of gold when you respawn, but I never ran out of gold. I'm not sure what happens if you're careless and spend all your gold and then die. The enemies between your savepoint (where you respawn) and where you died will respawn, making it sometimes very hard to get your salt back. Often times I would write it off and just move on. There is a skill tree that you progress through by leveling up with salt. For example, I put points down a path that eventually gave me the ability to cast spells (right now I can only heal myself), but other skills unlock additional weapon types, abilities, etc. Your character can block (with our without a shield), roll, jump, and attack (both strong and light). Doing anything beyond basic movement drains stamina, which recharges quickly when not performing an action. Attacking until your stamina runs out leaves you unbalanced and vulnerable to attack. I still haven't gotten the knack of blocking. Sometimes it drains stamina, but not always. And counterattacks never work well for me, I have more luck just moving or rolling back, then attacking all-out. Anyway, that's a basic rundown of the gameplay. Let me get my main complaint out of the way. The game does not have an in-game map. In my opinion, this is cardinal sin number one for this type of game. I know some games don't have them, and I dislike the lack of a map in them as well. Super Metroid and the later Castlevania games are the gold standard here, and they have maps. I don't buy the argument that it makes the game easier so it's better to not have the feature. Wrong. A map would be very useful for this game. The difficulty can be pretty high in this game, but thankfully I got better over time. That being said, I still haven't gotten as far as the second boss. It's quite possible the difficulty will spike and I will give up out of frustration. But so far I'm enjoying the game. I prefer playing the game on Vita, where as current patch 1.01, it performs flawlessly as far as I can see. I did want to try the PS4 version as well, so I played that and beat the first boss again. The trophy lists are separate, but as I've said, I don't care about my completion percentage at all (I probably need to play an event like this year-round to help whittle down my backlog). My first couple of sessions with the game lasted about an hour and 15 minutes, but sadly I lost that save due to memory card problems with my Vita. I started again and played for about the same amount of time, and went through most of the same areas. I played the PS4 version for 15 minutes and stopped immediately after beating the first boss. As a measure of how I got better at playing, the first time through I took about a dozen tries to beat the first boss. On the second time through, I beat him on the first try. When I evaluated the game on PS4, I breezed through and was a bit reckless, so it took 2 tries to defeat him. There are still some elements of the game I don't understand, but I feel like I have a decent grasp on it now. I firmly believe that my enjoyment of the game would shoot way up with an in-game map though. That's keeping me from really loving the game. Playtime: 3 hours or so Trophies obtained: 4/38 + 3/38 Completion Percentage: 5% for an E rank + 4% for an E rank Score: 7/10 My Plans after KYC: I will continue with the game until I finish the story, or give up out of frustration Next up: Orcs Must Die Unchained for PS4
  3. How is it convenient to swap cards? I can now agree that it's more stable, and possibly cheaper, and allows for imports. But none of those things are convenient. Stable yes.
  4. I hope you enjoy it. It has been a few years since I played it so nostalgia glasses may be a factor. I really can't talk about one thing I disliked in the story direction of VLR without spoiling 999, but you'll pick up on it early on, having played VLR first. I'll just say it's a story element of 999 that continues into VLR.
  5. Yeah, this is true. It's all about convenience. I did breeze through that Reddit thread just now, and it's interesting that somebody mentioned certain games being incompatible. I wonder if FFX-2 is one of those? As I mentioned, FFX downloaded and installed without problems, but trying to download FFX-2 is what kicked off the issues. It's probably a coincidence, but who knows. Last night I finished the FFX-2 download on the 64GB card (finally), and I succeeded in copying the 5 or 6 games I had downloaded to my laptop. I cleared out some space on the 32GB card (I had some Vita versions of games I have or already played on PS3 that took up a lot of space - e.g. Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter - and due to my large backlog, I want to play games I haven't played yet before re-playing games), so tonight I will transfer FFX and FFX-2 over and make sure they launch successfully. Thankfully the Salt and Sanctuary save did upload from the 64 and download to the 32, and it works. I guess it's time to ditch the 64, sadly. I do have a handful of physical games, but I prefer digital on all my consoles, for convenience (I know, I keep coming back to that). My experience here definitely makes a good case for going physical on Vita though, because it would avoid the memory card corruption issue (except for patches, but at least the saves would be intact since they're always on the game card I think). Anyway, thanks for the help, even though you were mostly telling me what I already knew but didn't want to accept.
  6. Yeah, I have a 32 in my 2000, but I liked having separate games on each card and system. Now I only have a 4 as a spare, which is too dang small. I guess I could shell out for another 32 but they're so expensive. Still, I got 2 years out of the 64, so I shouldn't complain. I've had one SD card die, although that was WAY less expensive of course. I still don't know if I'm completely convinced that the 64s are special... I mean I used the heck out of this card, writing to it several times a day and solid state memory does have a finite number of reads and writes. I wonder if other cards would have similar issues with heavy use over several years.
  7. Well, I'm wondering if it's time for me to backpedal on my opinion that the 64GB cards aren't prone to failures. Now I'm beginning to doubt my previous stance. I was able to play a game this morning on the reformatted card, but downloading new games tends to fail more than it succeeds, and I have to restart and do a database rebuild. I DID successully upload a save to PS+ though, so that's progress.
  8. Well, being a pessimistic Vita owner, I tend to assume ports that have no news for 3+ months are unofficially canceled. I do find it weird that even now, the developers are using the term "suspended", which in education and sports implies a temporary thing. The beginning of the post says it is canceled, then the rest of it walks that back a bit to imply the game could get finished at some point. Why can't they just say "canceled and buried" so we don't have false hope?
  9. I didn't notice the things you mentioned about VLR until reading your assessment just now, but you're right. For me the main difference was the story, which I preferred in 999. It's weird, because I am a sci-fi fan, and VLR is much heavier on the sci-fi elements than 999. I think maybe it was the scope of the story more than the setting. It's hard to put my finger on, but I felt like 999 was a smaller-scale, more personal story and it was easier to identify and care about the characters. In VLR I remember disliking some of the plot developments. But I'd give the same disclaimer to @dizzyshadow. The game is great, it's just that I liked 999 better. Like @Crimson Idol, I haven't played ZTD yet but I will soon. As far as my games for this event are concerned, unfortunately I lost my save for Salt and Sanctuary. As I posted in another thread, I had Vita issues that forced me to reformat my memory card, and I was unable to back up my saves beforehand. I think S&S was the only one affected, but unfortunately for me, I had forgotten to enable PS+ uploads for it (why do we have to do that for games individually, anyway?). I had played it for a little over an hour, so I'll start again. I'm starting to get the hang of the game now. @Hemiak, did you see my previous post where I mentioned that Sonic Generations is not eligible for this event (I had forgotten that I earned a couple of trophies in it, years ago)? I wanted to substitute Orcs Must Die Unchained. I'll probably play that next, or move on to Bloodborne and play OMD later.
  10. I thought it had already been canceled. Oh well, I can't say I'm surprised.
  11. Hmm. Well I bit the bullet and formatted the memory card after doing your test and a few others (all of which failed). I had to format it from the Safe Mode menu (or whatever it's called); it wouldn't work under Settings. Anyway, I was able to see the full card being empty and reinstall a few games. However, it got stuck downloading a game (error C1-2741-4) and now I can't do anything with my download queue. Pausing, canceling, etc all fail to do anything. Most of them are in Waiting to download... status but the one that fails outright shows the "Could not download" error with that code. I guess I could try a database rebuild... this is frustrating.
  12. So... my Vita 1000 has been rock solid, but today it started showing some strange symptoms after working fine this morning. I was playing Salt and Sanctuary this morning without problems, but I think what caused the problem was me downloading Final Fantasy X/X-2 last night. If anybody else owns this game digitally, you probably know that the games are listed together as one "game" in the store. I'm not sure if they're separate in the download list, because mine is way too big to scroll through. Combined I think they are 6-ish GB, but they do download as two separate games. Anyway, yesterday I freed up about 7GB, then started the download. The first game finished, but the second did not. I paused it and brought the Vita to work with me, figuring I'd resume it later (since there doesn't seem to be a way to download FFX-2 separately, I planned to finish downloading, then move the install to my PC with Content Manager. Anyway, at some point today the Vita decided the memory card was not fully inserted. It might have gotten jostled around in my backpack (I have a hard case on it though). Now it reboots every time I wake it up, saying the memory card has been removed. If I wait for the reboot to finish, it works fine for a bit, but then it reboots again later after waking it from sleep. The memory card is fully seated, but I did remove it, boot it up, shut down, insert the card, and boot up again. It doesn't help. The other issue I'm having is almost as bad... at some point in this process, the download aborted to where it no longer shows up. But the 3GB the game uses was not freed on the memory card. I rebuilt the database a few times but it did not help. Suggestions? I suspect that I need to format the card (or that it's beginning to be unusable), but I'd rather avoid that if possible. Only my Salt and Sanctuary save is not backed up to PS Plus but I didn't progress that far today. Oh, I do have a Vita 2000 that I can pop this card in if that might help.
  13. Well I think I AM rubbish, but thanks for the encouragement I guess. As I said I did beat the first boss. I made a little progress today, and found a decent grinding spot to collect salt and gold. I still don't understand a lot of things in the game. Also, the lack of an in-game map is making it tough... I either need to use a walkthrough or trophy guide, or just dick around not making real progress. I like a lot of things about the game, but it seems like it's more Souls-ish than Metroidvania, and that's not what I thought I was getting. Also, it doesn't have cross-save, and my Vita is acting funky today. This morning it was fine when I was playing, but it glitched during a download and is acting up now. Hopefully I can get it back in working shape tonight.
  14. For me it's not that Smash is bad... it's apparently very good at what it does, judging by the rabid fanbase. The problem with Smash is that I hate fighting games. It's one of the genres I just can't enjoy. I guess I need to try Splatoon 1 or 2 at some point. I wonder if Splatoon 2 will be a demo game at Gamestop or something.
  15. One other thing. If you're like me and you want to have multiple charge cables (I leave one plugged in at home, one at work, and one in my backpack... probably overkill but I'd hate to not be able to charge it if the battery were dying), I swear by this Insignia cable: Sadly it's a bit pricey from Amazon. Best Buy had them on clearance about a year ago, and that's when I discovered them. I've used other generic cables and had them flake out on me, but that brand has worked great. Also, I love that it has Mini USB on there for phones, Vita 2, Dual Shock 4, etc. And it has a PSP cable if that helps at all. I've never used the car adapter or the wall plug, I always use them with Anker portable power banks and AC banks like this one: