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  1. What a shame if the layoff or closure rumors are true. Either way the employees are screwed. I bet they took on so many projects to get more cash influx, and ironically that probably did them in.
  2. Oh okay, that makes sense. Thanks. How long would you say it took you to finish WoL, roughly? I want to play it but I don't need another long game in my life right now, so I'm hoping it's on the shorter side.
  3. Hmm, maybe not a launch discount but it was less than $20 the last time I checked the store. Now it's $20. From what you describe it doesn't sound much like a Metroidvania (you did say "lite"). Is it just a map for seeing where to go, or are there upgrades and backtracking to locked paths? That's a very healthy attitude towards people online. I, for one, am glad that this thread is mostly pretty positive. We need more positivity in today's world and especially online. Remember when gaming used to be about the joy of talking to friends about cool secrets and comparing game progress? That often gets lost these days. Even though I wasn't overwhelmed by the Online Service, I'll keep playing the NES games (at least in small doses - Dr Mario pun intended). And as I've already stated, the cloud saves are great. I do hope the service improves. Sure, it's a bit underwhelming to some of us right now, but it has a solid foundation. The NES emulator layer is there, now they just need to throw in the same interface for other consoles.
  4. Good to know about the map. Of course, now the launch discount is gone. I read that the game forces you back into the 8-bit style at some points after the 16-bit introduction. What games would you say it plays the most like, in each style?
  5. It's not the spin-offs or sequels that do it in for me. I'm well aware of the Sonic series' less-than-stellar history. But I can't stand the originals. I've tried Sonic 1 multiple times, and I played one of the Game Gear versions as a kid. I've also tried Sonic Generations, a few of the 3D game demos on 3DS/Wii U, and I think one of those episodic games on PS3. As for spin-offs, I played a bit of Sonic Adventure. I foolishly bought Sonic Mania and I couldn't make it through the second level. It's time for me to admit that the series just isn't for me. I didn't like any of the games but I kept trying them because everyone says how good the series once was. There's an alternate universe version of me who is skinny and single, who grew up with Sega instead of a NES, and loves Sonic and thinks Mario sucks. But in this reality, I'm the opposite. As a 10-year-old playing Sonic when it was new, I might have loved it (at the time I only played it on my friend's Game Gear, and I didn't see him often and never considered buying one myself). But trying the series as an adult, the levels are confusing, I don't like the "roller coaster" style layout, and I hate the speed that keeps me from seeing where I'm supposed to go. That's probably the point, but I just can't stand it. Also, don't call me "bruh". Cool, enjoy! I'm glad the discount wasn't US-only. Even though I usually benefit from those deals, I think they need to be international or not happen at all. I'll have to dip back into the game on Vita. Last night I bought Scribblenauts Mega Pack. The games should probably be sold individually for $20 each for people on the fence, but I didn't mind paying $40 for the two games together. I played the first level of Scribblenauts Unlimited (the first game in the pack), and it's pretty cool. It's too tricky for my daughter right now, but I could see her enjoying it as she starts learning to read. The games have an interesting puzzle format, that involves writing down words to create objects for puzzle-solving (for example, writing "soap" to help you wash off a pig in the intro level). It's not completely free-form, but it seems to let gamers' imaginations run pretty wild. Since I'm not the most creative person, we'll see if it eventually outpaces my imagination. I'm also enjoying Xenoblade 2 quite a bit. It's a very funny game at times. I hope XC1 and XCX come to Switch too. Next week is Valkyria Chronicles 4! I'm looking forward to it.
  6. LEGO Marvel Superheroes is hands-down the most entertaining on PS4. The only games that I think measure up are on PS3, not PS4. You don't even have to be a comics fan to enjoy it; if you have even basic knowledge of the recent Marvel movies, you'll understand a lot of the game. For me, this game stands as the best because it makes such a great use of the licensed material. The sequel was also great, but lost something when it lost the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. The other LEGO games are pretty good also, but your enjoyment depends more on how much you like the franchise for that game. I felt like the Hobbit game was a bit of a slog, due to not being able to traverse the world as easily as Marvel.
  7. To make things more confusing, I just checked, and Velocity 2X is showing at a 15.99 discounted price (with 19.99 standard). On PSN, Velocity 2X shows at 19.99. So the price hasn't increased in the USA from PS4/Vita to Switch, even before the launch discount on Switch.
  8. Good point. I had forgotten that. However, the question wasn't why the PS4 can't play PS1 games off a disc, but why it can't play PS1 games, including digital ones. Sony never bothered porting the PS1 Classics emulator over to PS4.
  9. Don't worry about it, my unpopular opinion is that Sonic games suck, and I can't stand them for more than three minutes!
  10. Yeah, it's actually even better than a suspend state; it's a true save state. Nintendo has made it more flexible with each generation of their emulators. 1. Wii - a single suspend point to resume where you left off. If you screwed up, too bad. 2. Wii U / 3DS - true save states that could be overwritten and reloaded at will. Screwing up could be rolled back. 3. Switch - multiple save states (5 or 6 from what I could see) that have all the same features as the Wii U / 3DS version of the VC. I can't remember if the Wii U and 3DS had a single save state or 2 or 3 per game. But the Switch definitely increased that count. Of course, these save states are heresy to purists, but they are life savers for people like me.
  11. Hey, different strokes for different folks. I had about 6 games on NES when I was 10, and I never rented or played any of the classic Castlevania games. I think the first GBA Castlevania (the "non-canon" Circle of the Moon) was my first game in the series. I tried playing a few of the NES iterations, and also Rondo of Blood as I mentioned. I was not a big fan. I'm not a very nostalgic person, so if I missed out on a classic game or series when it was first released, chances are good that I won't see past the badly-aged elements of the gameplay when I try it out later. It's not really a graphics issue (although I am getting tired of all the 8-bit retro games these days), but I like my QoL improvements. I can't force myself to enjoy Metroid 1 or 2 either (and I did try them both). The transition to Metroidvania is my point of entry for both Castlevania and Metroid. Also, just so we're clear, I don't hate old stuff. I love a lot of old movies and TV shows that were out decades before I was born. But I don't have the patience to suffer through dated gameplay elements in old games if nostalgia is not involved, and even then it's not usually worth it for me. Anyway, this was a good collection on PSP, so it makes sense to port it elsewhere. Compiling a "classic" Castlevania with the first Metroidvania entry makes sense due to their story connection, but it also gives people a chance to play both gameplay styles.
  12. I've played them all, and the handheld Metroidvanias are meant to be portable. Since they'll never come to Vita, I'd like to see them on Switch. But hey, no harm in porting to PS4 while they're at it. I'm not sure where the rights to those GBA/DS games lie though. They might belong to Konami, but since they all released on Nintendo platforms, I wouldn't rule out the rights being entwined with The Big N. As for SotN, I played the PSP collection on my Vita. I dropped Rondo after a few levels (I don't like the classic Castlevania style), but I finished SotN. I might revisit it in the future.
  13. I meant to mention it before, but I tried Life Goes On on PS4. It's pretty charming and fun. I haven't fallen in love with it, and some puzzles are more annoying than fun for me, but it's a neat little game. I doubt I'll buy it again on Switch though. Do I hope it will improve? Yes. Do I think it will improve in an appreciable way? Skeptical. Just to throw in my two cents on nostalgia and retro gaming: my first console was the NES. I had 4 or 5 games (one of which was an unlicensed third-party game, and several more were definitely not "classics"), and I rented probably a dozen more (back when you used to be able to rent video games in video stores - which don't really exist anymore). There are a few games I never tried that are on Switch Online, such as Dr Mario and Yoshi. The only NES games I have any motivation to play seriously is SMB3, and even in that case, I like Super Mario World more. I have SMB3 and LoZ on 3DS VC, so having them on Switch is nice, but not essential. So I'm not very excited about it. Call me a pessimist, but I am not very confident that Nintendo will add other consoles' games to Switch Online. As I said before, the service is fine, and the emulator has nice features, but I am just not super excited about NES games. The service needs to expand to GB/GBC/GBA, DS, SNES, N64, and maybe Gamecube for it to really stand out as a great service.
  14. Everyone's gaming habits are different, of course. Save game backups are very important to me because of my habits. I often come back to games after long breaks, and I don't have time to lose progress. I don't care about 100% completion in nearly all my games, so that's not as much of a concern. I've also had a few bad experiences losing savegames, so to have a safety net for $20 a year is a no-brainer for me.
  15. Sure there is, so they could sell the PS1 Classic. I have no interest in this, just like I didn't have an interest in the other classic console rereleases.