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  1. I'm wrapping up Trails of Cold Steel II. This game is much more massive than I thought. I kept thinking it would end, only to give me more. I'm in the Epilogue dungeon now, which seems to be the final part of the game. Maybe it's just me, but this game feels at least twice as big as ToCS 1. I remember Trails in the Sky II being bigger than the first one, but it didn't feel this much bigger. I've really enjoyed all the games, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm looking forward to finally finishing this one. Hopefully the fan translation of the first Crossbell game will be done soon (it's "done", just not released yet since it's being polished up).

    1. MosesRockefeller


      And... it's done! I guess it's good the fan translation for the first Crossbell game isn't released yet... I need a little break from the series. But not too long. :)

  2. I'm almost done with Trails of Cold Steel. A question for anyone who has finished the story: without skipping dialog and playing at a normal pace, roughly how many hours of playtime are there from October 24 (Festival Day 2) until the end of the game? I'm about to go on vacation for 3 weeks starting Sunday, and I'd love to finish up the game before then. Realistically though, I probably only have a few hours of playtime that I can spare between packing, work, kids, etc. Any hints on how doable this is? By the way, I'm just talking about playing out to the end of the story, not reloading for character end trophies or anything like that.

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    2. Neputyunu


      The final boss in ToCS2 ist really amazing. But beware, you need ALL your mates for this fight. So better equip and grind them up a bit. ;) I did not and it took me hours to beat it with my secondary party haha.


      Yes, the second game does not answer all the questions... I heard you would need to play the Crossbell Stories too, to fully understand it. Rumors say they are coming to PS4 at some point. I would like to play that before ToCS3, because ToCS3 is supposed to be more confusing if you did not play that.

    3. MosesRockefeller


      I was planning on playing the 2 Crossbell games (the fan translation of the first game is almost done, and the second one -  although not as thorough - is already done) after ToCS2, and it sounds like that's the best time to take a break from the Cold Steel arc.

    4. Phoenix_argentea


      Surely after ToCS II I'll take a break! xD Probably I'll go with ToCS III during next year, and luckily the second game has no crazy cliffhanger. Actually I really didn't like the two final chapters: according to me the game could end with the final dungeon of the Finale chapter and a couple of extra scenes, nothing more. I have no idea about the Divertissement chapter (probably the two characters come from another arc of Legends of Heroes), and the Epilogue dungeon was boring. :S

      But it has a "normal" ending (compared to the first game), so I have no hurry for the 3rd game! :giggle:

  3. Just finished the story mode in Persona 4 Dancing All Night. I'm on the grind to get enough money for the last few costumes/accessories/trophies now. My only real disappointment with the game: why can't I buy the cool costumes from the "Prologue" story scenes???

  4. I just started Trails in the Sky SC Chapter 4 on my Vita, so I'm on the second "disc" now. I'm really enjoying the game, but it sure is big. This is going to take a while...

    1. mecharobot


      Pretty sure it was ~80 hours for me and I was not even achievement hunting or grinding anything, except doing all sidequests. FC and 3rd I think were about 50 hours.

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Oh damn big it is.

      And everything second is worth.

  5. I recently finished Megdimension Neptunia VII, and I'm trying to decide whether to start Dark Rose Valkyrie, Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force, or Omega Quintet next. I think they all have similar combat, if not other gameplay mechanics. Any recommendations? Which one of the 3 is the shortest?

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    2. Mesopithecus


      Dark Rose Valkyrie is really undocumented in terms of requirements for the trophies, especially the true ending.  The guide on here is amazing for Omega Quintet, but I believe it is more of a grind than Fairy Fencer.

    3. MosesRockefeller


      Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I always take much longer than the average with JRPGs, both for story completion and for Platinum time (if I go for the Platinum at all), so relatively short games are more appealing. Fairy Fencer ADF it is.

    4. MosesRockefeller


      I finished the 3rd playthrough and now I just have the 10K kills and 5M gold trophies left. I think I hit the ideal method for getting both (switch to Amateur, play the first Tower DLC level with only Tiara in my party, use Maelstrom to wipe out the 6 enemies, rinse and repeat). Since I have 3M gold and 5K kills, the money from beating that level and the kills will eventually hit both targets. But man, this is going to be tedious. I'll need to play it about a thousand times. True, I can do it in a few seconds, but still that's a tedious grind.


      Is there perhaps a better way that's still fast? I'd feel stupid to give up this close to the Platinum, but this is the very definition of tedious grind for me. I'm ready to move on.

  6. After losing my "just-started Chapter 1" Trails in the Sky FC PSP save a while back, I restarted and got halfway-ish through Chapter 1. I'm making regular backups now. I wish the Vita could do cloud PSP save backups.


    Anyway, what a great game. I'm going to finish it this time!

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      SC is a HUGE game, not just larger than FC ;) 

    3. MosesRockefeller


      I finished FC last night, what a great cliffhanger!

    4. Satoshi Ookami
  7. I finished two games (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Switch and Yoshi's Woolly World on Wii U) over the weekend, and it feels great to make progress on my gigantic backlog. Also, it will sound strange on a trophy-hunting site, but I feel a sense of freedom after deciding that I don't care much about trophies now. I'm not telling people how to play - if you love trophies, that's cool - but I'm finding more enjoyment in starting and finishing games without bothering with that Platinum/100% grind.

    1. fabmorais_2011


      I personaly need to take a break from hunting from time to time. Nintendo systems and older PS games are great for that. I enjoy "both worlds", but when the trophy grind starts taking its toll on me it's always so refreshing to, for instance, pop open the 3DS and play something there.

    2. ddracarys


      @MosesRockefeller That's understandable, I wish I could take a step back from trophy hunting myself, but it's just too damn addicting. I definitely agree with @fabmorais_2011 on his above point though. Having to take breaks from trophy hunting here and there help me remain sane.

  8. Been playing Super Mario Galaxy on my Wii U (it's a Wii game). In some ways I like it better than Super Mario Odyssey. It's definitely a huge step up from New Super Mario Bros U (which I recently finished).

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    2. MosesRockefeller


      As I posted in a thread, I enjoyed the New Super Mario Bros games when they were new and shiny. I played them all, NSMBU is the only one I didn't complete when I first started it. I liked it fine the first time around, but when I resumed playing about a few weeks ago (I was about halfway through the worlds), it quickly became a "rush to the finish" affair. I liked the final Bowser fight, but that's about it. It was just boring - technically a very competent, polished game, but it had no real sense of wonder and fun.


      The only thing that bugs me about Galaxy is that the controls can get frustrating. But I like the short levels, and the 3 main stars for each planet have been consistently creative and fun. I've always been a bigger fan of the 2D Mario games, but I enjoyed SM64 well enough. For whatever reason, I could never get into Super Mario Sunshine despite my repeated attempts. The controls somehow feel worse than in SM64.


      Also, Galaxy looks pretty nice on my Wii U using HDMI on my 55" 1080p TV, even when I'm standing 3 feet away. It's a Wii game for sure, but I think the art design is attractive.


      Odyssey is great in its own right. I guess my main point is that I like both styles of 3D Mario, and I hope Nintendo sees the value in using Galaxy as an inspiration going forward. I'm looking forward to playing Galaxy 2 also, although I may not play them back-to-back in order to avoid the feeling of repetitiveness.

    3. Dreakon13


      I only played Galaxy very briefly in the week or two I owned a Wii U... and I found the motion control aspect of it (correct me if I'm wrong about this) where you had to aim and shoot at stuff on the screen with the Wiimote/nunchuk while trying to play that made it frustrating.  If you need more than your gamepad to get through a Mario game comfortably, it's a problem IMO.  Odyssey, generally speaking, didn't seem to have this problem.

    4. MosesRockefeller


      Yes, Galaxy makes more use of motion controls. The nunchuk is used without motion, to move Mario. The Wiimote is only used to point at starbit collectibles (and occasionally shoot them), and perform the spin move. The spin move is fine, since it only involves shaking the Wiimote. Pointing could be frustrating for some people. I don't find it incredibly frustrating, but mileage will vary based on the gamer's tolerance of motion controls.


      There are also a few silly UI decisions, like having to point to "Yes" to save the game after getting a star. That should have been a simple A for Yes, B for No function. SMG works fine with the original controls, but it would be even better if it got ported to Switch with improved controls. The pointer could be changed to a combination of touchscreen (if playing Handheld), right analog stick (since the game doesn't have a completely open camera and that doesn't need to change), and controller gyro motion aiming (like the optional bow aiming in Zelda BotW). The spin move could be done using one of the trigger buttons or something. And of course, it could replicate the original controls when playing Docked, by using the Joy-cons like Wiimotes (e.g. the way they work in World of Goo).


      I don't know if I'd buy a SMG port on Switch since I'm close to the end of the story in the Wii version now, but a SMG2 port with improved controls would be a day 1 buy for me.