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  1. I'm almost done with Trails of Cold Steel. A question for anyone who has finished the story: without skipping dialog and playing at a normal pace, roughly how many hours of playtime are there from October 24 (Festival Day 2) until the end of the game? I'm about to go on vacation for 3 weeks starting Sunday, and I'd love to finish up the game before then. Realistically though, I probably only have a few hours of playtime that I can spare between packing, work, kids, etc. Any hints on how doable this is? By the way, I'm just talking about playing out to the end of the story, not reloading for character end trophies or anything like that.

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    2. MosesRockefeller


      Thanks, I managed to finish it. What a crazy ending. I only had to retry the first boss, the 2nd and 3rd weren't too bad.

    3. Phoenix_argentea


      You're right! I don't remember a game with an ending like ToCS. And after this you really want to start the second game, since there are a lot of unanswered questions...:hmm:

    4. Phoenix_argentea


      Actually I've just reach the dungeon of the final chapter but, according to the guide, there should be 5 boss battles in a row! :blink: This looks insane!

      And after that there should be two more chapters... But surely ToCS II doesn't answer every doubt I had from the first game.

      But I'll tell you if there's another crazy cliffhanger! xD

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