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  1. I prefer 2D platforming to 3D also. I'm more excited by All-Stars coming to SNES Online than 3D All-Stars, but I might still buy it. I wish it included Galaxy 2. I'm one of those few people that did not like Sunshine. I have tried to play it a few times over the years but I never make it very far. Some of the issue is probably cause by my dislike of the Gamecube controller (yes, I realize that 99% of Smash players think that is crazy, but I really don't like it), but I also think the water pack is a cool idea that ends up being an annoying gimmick for the most part. I think the capturing gimmick in Odyssey worked much better. I recently played through Galaxy and I liked it a lot. The only real annoyances I had were trying to time jumps with the spring suit. I never got the hang of that. For me, 3D All-Stars would mostly be a chance to replay SM64, and I don't think I want to pay full price for that. However, if it's really being sold in a limited time period, I guess I can't wait for a sale. I'll probably get it anyway, because it's Mario, and I'll probably convince myself that this is my chance to finally make myself like Sunshine. Maybe with the better Switch controllers I will finally change my mind... Overall, it was a great presentation. My only complaint is that I wish Galaxy 2 was part of 3D All-Stars.
  2. I only finished the 3DS one (Sticker Star) that everyone seemed to hate. So I'd probably also like the disliked Color Splash. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one.
  3. Great news! I just recently finished ToCS 2 and I'm currently playing the excellent fan translation of Trails from Zero.
  4. I don't get the toilet paper and especially bottled water hoarding. Then again, my wife comes from a country where bidets are the norm, so we use way less toilet paper in our household than most people. With two kids that are almost 6 and 3, baby wipes are actually much more essential in our house. I wonder if COVID-19 will finally push some of the die-hard "physical copy or bust" gamers to digital? Nah, who am I kidding. 🙄 I'm almost completely digital now, so my gaming won't have to change much no matter how bad the changes to infrastructure get. Animal Crossing does seem like a good game to dig into over the next month, but life sim games have never appealed to me. I guess I'll keep at my PS4 and Switch backlog.
  5. I'm wrapping up Trails of Cold Steel II. This game is much more massive than I thought. I kept thinking it would end, only to give me more. I'm in the Epilogue dungeon now, which seems to be the final part of the game. Maybe it's just me, but this game feels at least twice as big as ToCS 1. I remember Trails in the Sky II being bigger than the first one, but it didn't feel this much bigger. I've really enjoyed all the games, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm looking forward to finally finishing this one. Hopefully the fan translation of the first Crossbell game will be done soon (it's "done", just not released yet since it's being polished up).

    1. MosesRockefeller


      And... it's done! I guess it's good the fan translation for the first Crossbell game isn't released yet... I need a little break from the series. But not too long. :)

  6. I don't know how far I am either. Chapter 2 or 3 I think. I was very lost in the game, just like you said, "running around aimlessly". I did want to play far enough for the Skells, but I just don't think I have it in me. I hate MMOs and this game is too much like a MMO for me. I didn't even want to create a character for it; I much prefer having a set character to play as. I noticed that the trade-in value of the game is really bad (unusual for a Nintendo game), so I might as well give it another shot. But I predict the annoying stuff will still vastly outweigh the things I like. Speaking of the online features and Miiverse integration, XCX isn't the only game guilty of this, but the Miiverse messages are really annoying. Why couldn't Nintendo have patched out that damn message? They should just skip the Miiverse stuff completely. I don't need multiple warnings every single time I launch a game with Miiverse integration!
  7. I was going to ask why you have 3 Switches, and then I realized the answer is "because we don't need 4". What a dumb question! 😜 Anyway, I agree, that's a nice looking edition.
  8. I enjoyed TMS on Wii U but the dungeons got a little repetitive towards the end. Maybe my problem was doing too much fighting and overleveling? I played Persona 5 afterwards and enjoyed it more (although the Mementos dungeons were very bland and the biggest weak point of that game). I am not getting the Switch version of TMS, but I would say it's worth a look. I was also playing XCX on Wii U but I had the Wii U disconnected for a long time before, during, and after our move. Now that I have it hooked back up, I realize how bored I had gotten in XCX, and I have decided to abandon it. It was too directionless and open for me. I have lost almost all interest in "open world" games over the past few months, and XCX being so open combined with a lack of story focus, made me really lose interest. I liked XC2 a lot though, so I'm looking forward to playing the original game when it gets ported to Switch. On Switch, I recently finished Fire Emblem Three Houses. I took the Edelgard path, and I had FemByleth romance her (yes, it's kind of subtle since it's Nintendo, but it's there). I enjoyed it, although I can see why hardcore strategy fans think it's not challenging enough. I played on Classic but thanks to Divine Pulse and overpowering Byleth, Edelgard, and my black magic characters, combat wasn't usually very challenging. I have the season pass so I'll check out this new story DLC, but I doubt I'll do another full run through a different house. I'm mostly playing Luigi's Mansion 3 now, which is a lot of fun.
  9. That's not what I was trying to say. I must have worded my original post poorly and it's not really worth digging into. It was only an aside anyway. Let's move on. One thing I will clarify however, is that in no way was I stating that I don't want the Crossbell games or the Trails in the Sky games to get ported to PS4. I'm sure there is a market there for Cold Steel fans, whether they're remakes or straight ports. I think the series should continue on PS4, Switch, and PC so I would like to see both older series there, as well as Cold Steel 1, 2, and 4 on Switch. And Cold Steel 4 localized for PS4 too of course. The Switch getting JRPGs is not necessarily a vast untapped market, but it's still increasing the fanbase. It has become an extension of the JRPG market just like the PC has, and the Atelier series has added it as a major platform. JRPGs on Switch are appealing to gamers like me, who preferred to play long JRPGs on PSP/Vita and got left behind when the Vita died. I can't speak for all portable gamers; in my case I wouldn't refuse to play a non-portable JRPG (on PS4), but I love having more games to play on the go. The part I don't understand is how porting the series lessens the experience if you choose to continue playing it on PS4. That isn't likely to happen with Trails. Why not both? The series has established a pattern of PS3 (now PS4) as lead platform, with the PC ports having extra bells and whistles. The Switch can fit into that, with it being similar to the PS4 versions but with reduced graphics quality.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean. Indie 2D games? Minecraft? I didn't mean to say only graphical powerhouses sell on PS4, but they're definitely its bread-and-butter. Anyway, my point was that the Switch does very well with graphically underwhelming games, since a lot of people play it in handheld mode where it's not very noticeable. It doesn't seem like crazy logic to me. What does this even mean? You don't want the series to be on other platforms? Why in the world not? Getting to more platforms helps increase the player base, and keeps the franchise alive. How could that be a bad thing? From what I've seen, that's going to be a major time commitment. I'm fine with just 1 route. I'm not that big of a Fire Emblem player though. I played Awakening and liked it a lot, and I started on Fates but got bored partway through the first route I tried. I think the characters and story fell flat for me. Three Houses is more engaging so far. Xenoblade 2 was fun. I actually liked the exaggerated weird British accents. I haven't played Golden Country yet though.
  11. Look at this, Cold Steel 3 is coming to Switch! I just started on Cold Steel 2; I'm still in the Prologue but I think I'm near the end of it. I have the Collectors Edition of Cold Steel 3 for PS4 on my shelf but I may just order the standard edition for Switch. It will be out by the time I finish Cold Steel 2 and play fan translations of the Crossbell games (to be honest, it will probably be out before I even finish Cold Steel 2!), and I want to support porting these games to more platforms. The Trails in the Sky trilogy (and Crossbell series) would be right at home on the Switch without doing 3D remakes. On the PS4 people would probably expect prettier remakes. Since you mentioned Fire Emblem, I am also playing that right now. I'm currently in the December month at the monastery. I'm enjoying it so far.
  12. I love the Vita, but the Switch did not kill it. I can understand being slightly bitter, but that's pretty silly. You can't keep a system going without any first party games. The Switch captured most of the Vita's audience by being a similar handheld with actual manufacturer support. The Vita was already dead before that happened.
  13. Well met! I've tried to play 4 or 5 Pokemon games. The longest I've ever stuck with one is a few hours. I finally decided it just wasn't for me. Agreed! I loved Ori.
  14. I'm almost done with Trails of Cold Steel. A question for anyone who has finished the story: without skipping dialog and playing at a normal pace, roughly how many hours of playtime are there from October 24 (Festival Day 2) until the end of the game? I'm about to go on vacation for 3 weeks starting Sunday, and I'd love to finish up the game before then. Realistically though, I probably only have a few hours of playtime that I can spare between packing, work, kids, etc. Any hints on how doable this is? By the way, I'm just talking about playing out to the end of the story, not reloading for character end trophies or anything like that.

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      The final boss in ToCS2 ist really amazing. But beware, you need ALL your mates for this fight. So better equip and grind them up a bit. ;) I did not and it took me hours to beat it with my secondary party haha.


      Yes, the second game does not answer all the questions... I heard you would need to play the Crossbell Stories too, to fully understand it. Rumors say they are coming to PS4 at some point. I would like to play that before ToCS3, because ToCS3 is supposed to be more confusing if you did not play that.

    3. MosesRockefeller


      I was planning on playing the 2 Crossbell games (the fan translation of the first game is almost done, and the second one -  although not as thorough - is already done) after ToCS2, and it sounds like that's the best time to take a break from the Cold Steel arc.

    4. Phoenix_argentea


      Surely after ToCS II I'll take a break! xD Probably I'll go with ToCS III during next year, and luckily the second game has no crazy cliffhanger. Actually I really didn't like the two final chapters: according to me the game could end with the final dungeon of the Finale chapter and a couple of extra scenes, nothing more. I have no idea about the Divertissement chapter (probably the two characters come from another arc of Legends of Heroes), and the Epilogue dungeon was boring. :S

      But it has a "normal" ending (compared to the first game), so I have no hurry for the 3rd game! :giggle:

  15. I started playing RPGs with Western RPGs, and a lot of them have set paths and stories too (e.g. Baldur's Gate, which was the first one I really got into). To be honest I think it's only the open world ones (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc.) that don't have those things. Most of the RPG elements are in building your stats, equipment, customizing your character. For example, in FFX and FFX-2 you can take any character and make them do any role (mage, warrior, etc.). Even that is not possible in a lot of RPGs. I'm a redhead American, and I don't really get what being ginger has to do with anything? Sadly, right now the most famous redhead is probably Ed Sheeran, who embarrasses our entire hair color.
  16. I just started playing it and I'm enjoying it as a game. I'm not going for trophies though, which is a huge difference in how it plays. Kudos for the Platinum in FFX by the way. I could never force myself to manage that - I never seriously thought I would, and I convinced myself very early on.
  17. Yeah, some platforming and walking around in the trailer, so it's not just all mindless button-mashing. I like what this trailer shows. Hopefully this won't take too long to get localized.
  18. I guess I'm in the minority, but when I finally tried TR reboot I hated it and shelved it after about an hour of gameplay. If Shadow is the lowpoint in the reboot trilogy, I'm glad I didn't stick with it.
  19. I definitely do that with TV. My "comfort shows" are more enjoyable to me than most new "edgy" shows. I used to reply my favorite games a lot (especially Half Life 2), and a few of them were (Western) RPGs like Baldur's Gate 2. But I've been blessed/cursed with enjoying a wide set of genres so I try to play a lot of games but tend to not go much past story completion anymore.
  20. Nothing wrong with that. I can't think of any games that didn't have at least some small annoyances, and I think a second playthrough would drive me crazy. So I don't do that myself. At least the PS4 version of Cold Steel has some nice Quality of Life improvements, like Turbo Mode. I haven't figured out how to skip through dialog though, which I would definitely need to have for a second playthrough (unless it was several years later).
  21. Now that I check again, I'm on Chapter 6 out of 7 total. So I guess I'm closer to the end than I thought. If you've only played the first Trails in the Sky, I definitely recommend playing 2 and 3. They're great. TitS 2 is a huge game too, I think it's twice as big as the first one. 2 is more about combat than exploration, but it still has a very important story to tell. I see you got the Platinums in both Cold Steel 1 and 2. I am specifically NOT going for Platinums or using guides in this series. Sure, I'll miss out on some side content but that's okay. I gave up on trophies for JRPGs a long time ago.
  22. If you're asking for thoughts on Cold Steel, I'm actually playing the first one. I have heard that CS3 ties in to the Crossbell games pretty heavily so I'm planning to play the fan translations before i get to CS3. I like Cold Steel 1, but the change from a Bracer adventurer setting to a more structured school setting definitely has a different feel. I also found the change in the quartz system to take some getting used to. I like it, but I'm not really used to the new systems after playing 3 Trails in the Sky games. The story - as always in this series - is great and I expect there are some big twists and turns left to come.
  23. No, they are all on Sony or PC platforms. There is a big overarching story, so starting at the beginning is best (Trails in the Sky for PSP or PC). If you don't want to do that, you can start with Trails of Cold Steel 1 on PS4 (or PS3 or Vita), but you'll miss a decent amount of big events in that "universe". I actually intend to go backwards and play the 2 Japanese-only games I skipped, once the fan translation of the first one is done. I played it on Xbox One, and I really liked it.
  24. Your backloggery picture mentioning Trails of Cold Steel reminds me that I'm playing that on PS4 right now, and in that series I have only skipped the Crossbell duo so far. With the Vita being officially dead, I dream of a day when the whole series is on Switch. I loved having the first two Trails in the Sky games in portable PSP form. It probably won't happen, but a man can dream. So far I've played it on 3 platforms (Trails in the Sky 1-2 on Vita, 3 on PC, and Trails of Cold Steel on PS4).
  25. I got an email from Sony about this. I don't even use Sony Rewards, but I was given 500 points (as I suspect you were) the other day that I did not earn. Strangely, Sony decided to remove them instead of giving people a free gift. I guess they don't care about good customer service... October 16th, 2019 Hello, We are writing to notify you of a recent point balance change that was erroneously made to your Sony Rewards account. We mistakenly added 500 Sony Rewards points to your account. Unfortunately, our system wrongly indicated that you were eligible for and had completed the necessary steps associated with the Newbie Movie Buff Pass, and as a result, the system mistakenly added the 500 Sony Rewards points to your balance. We discovered the issue on October 2, 2019, and in order to correct this error, we have now removed the 500 points that were erroneously added to your Points Balance. The removal will be listed in your Points Activity as "Correction - Newbie Movie Buff Pass." We deeply regret that your account was impacted by this error. We take your enjoyment of the Sony Rewards program very seriously, and this is not the kind of experience we want for our members. Thank you for your understanding, Sony Rewards Customer Service Team