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  1. Dead space 1 Red dead redemption Call of duty black ops
  2. Damn i might get this but i know nothing about american football so it will be a 4/10 or higher for me
  3. Anyone have the release date for this?
  4. Someone has the platinum but the death trophy and many others are still glitched for me anyone else still having this problem
  5. Yeah i noticed i only got four trophies on the first level but i got a 3 star on 15 levels and collected all treasures and fairys on those level, i was so puzzled so i delted my save and game re downloaded it and nothing unlocked when i did it again
  6. I'm getting this day 1 these games are so fun
  7. How come i have the trilogy pack digitally and it has a platinum is this only a NA thing or did i just get lucky
  8. Apparently it's coming out this tuesday
  9. At least I'm not the only one then, but I'm going to be very careful on the NA version My playstation connection does drop kinda often so that must be the reason. And i stopped using rest mode a few years ago after my saves got wiped for every game
  10. I've finished the main game now, I'm in the middle of mopping up to see what else i have to unlock and I've noticed that the Opulence, you has it trophy has not popped now the unmissable story trophies are unlocked out of order will i get flagged for this as it's completely out of my control and is completely unfair. and has anyone else encounter this issue
  11. Yeah same with me i was so puzzled the same happened to me when i bought the lego movie of the uk store and it was marked as the german version
  12. Wasn't the bioshock collection a remaster a very loose term now a days if so this is also classed as a remaster right?
  13. This "remaster" seems completely pointless
  14. Only the goty contains the dlc not the normal version
  15. Working on south park the stick of truth then the amazing spiderman