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  1. Thanks guys I'll stick to 80 hidden packages then
  2. Hey i know the guide says collect 80 hidden packages but could i collect all 100 and still be able to do this method with the sea sparrow just fine?
  3. Don't worry about being removed it happens from time to time with story trophies not unlocking maybe delete your save and start over if your not far into the game maybe that will fix it
  4. I thought that had to do with bb some how, thanks now i know
  5. I'm trying to log in and want to unlock the online trophy but log in is greyed out and I'm on chapter two how do i login
  6. I wish i could 100% borderlands 2 in one minute lol
  7. I would suggest you play saw if you really liked the films or just want two easy platinum trophies for your collection these aren't scary and are terrible so don't get your hopes up for a fun time with the saw games
  8. Alright thanks Well i guess the online is a ghost town since it's digital only and has been removed from the psn store what a shame
  9. Anyone know if this is still obtainable
  10. Game of the generation day one buy
  11. bdsm not the greatest name But trophy thoughts another easy platinum
  12. If it's based on points that's pretty weird rather by individual trophy
  13. I was wondering how completion percentage is calculated on trophy sites specifically psnprofiles and truetrophies Because my percentage is not the same arcoss both sites i have all dlc turned on for trophy count to make it more accurate On psnprofiles I'm 59.31% But on true trophies I'm 55.37% Can anyone explain this and i don't have a single game on my list with a F rank
  14. This happened to me a few times just wait a few days for the trophies to be fully added to the ps servers