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  1. I've gotten dumb replies like that i ordered the z type car on gtao never got it, asked rockstar support if i could get my money back and they just said uninstall and re install the game shocker it didn't work, losing $950,000 in 2013 was a big deal as getting money was not easy
  2. Yeah i went back and edited it i thought they all had their sub section in the menus but i was wrong sorry about the misinfromation
  3. i thought i was lucky when i saw a booked parachuting mission but the job couldn't load and it just kicked me out
  4. i would gladly test it if i had a second player
  5. Rockstar have removed several modes for gtao including (sea races and parachuting) if you have any of these two book it will most likely kick for job not being able to load as i have a parachute activity booked and been kicked multiple times i've called dom and he never picks up now so i guess he's on vacation along with his parachute missions also transform races do not count as a sea race as it falls under another race type clearly rockstar didn't think this through
  6. i've never recieved a email from playstation about the rewards and i'm signed up to get emails about these so i always have to ask playstation to get them
  7. Yeah cause marvel came up with the word ragnarok 😒
  8. I've been tempted so many times to do the vita region trick, and i was wondering how easy is it to mess up for trophies unlocking out of order as i've heard about this issue in the past and is it worth the risk
  9. Somehow i've got get gold on all minigames and get all the pup treats and still missing (get all pup treats in every time trial minigame) and right now i have 30015 total pup treats out of 30000 honestly this is just so damn annoying having trophies out of order again
  10. You need a lan cable to be plugged into your router and ps3
  11. Also reminds me of the rap feature they did
  12. No the glitch is completely gone so fastest way to get level 50 is to play pikes basin on lan so you can get the most ammount of xp
  13. Would be intresting to see a leaderboard for cheaters to see who's in the 10 ten
  14. Damn we have reached the point of them selling individual levels now 😒 this has to be a new low for the trophy community
  15. Oh that makes sense i was wondering why nobody completed the game it's a good thing they fixed it day one