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  1. that's slightly disappointing well i'll just do the singleplayer trophies. but can you play the exterminatus solo to grind kills or do you need other players to start that mode?
  2. how many people are required to start a online match i'm wondering if all mp trophies can be done with only two ps3 consoles
  3. even though the game is one big meme they really added alot of stuff from my name is mayo to my name is mayo 2 maybe we will see another step up
  4. so when is this masterpiece coming out
  5. it's probably fine now i got to the third or fourth level and my game save got corrupted when it launched. every trophy unlocked fine for me
  6. Most trophy whores will be baptised if thats the only way to get a ps5 stack
  7. good lord thats way to much
  8. so another stack what version is this
  9. the remakes are probably two years away or more until they come out so max payne 3 probably won't be out for a very long time
  10. looks like a great list and i can't wait to play through the first 6 films. but it's weird to not have a trophy for 100% when it's in almost every lego game or every lego game with trophies/achievements
  11. they are in rockstar created playlist now in land of the free or land of race
  12. It's probably aimed to new players just like the blood money dlc for rdo. cause now i don't see almost anyone about level 80+ do any contact missions, mc, ceo, bunker, import export, nightclub, tuners update, the contract and most playlists and double rp and money weekends, all i see is people doing casino heist cayo heist griefing low levels in jets and mk2 destroying cargo when low levels are trying to make money to get the arcade auto shop and the sub. but i would just recommend getting the amazon prime package as you can link it to your social club account and every month you get $100k and is probably a better thing for high level players if you have amazon prime
  13. I'm kinda disappointed i would of liked new trophies for singleplayer like a dlc type basically the same thing marvel spiderman did with remastered trophies also would of liked new dlc packs for the diamond casino cayo perico job contracts and the new franklin dlc
  14. i have a feeling they actually might do that so if that happens i won't be getting that platinum
  15. Everyone who buys and plays this including me just want to show their maths skills. i am very talented at math as you see as i beat them extremely fast