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  1. i lost money without the upgrade on the base pulse rifle you need the upgrade to have more slots for your capacity
  2. if we get any dlc type content it would be something like dead space 2 when you can get early game to late game weapons at the first shop for free
  3. does anyone know what patch 1.005 does
  4. someone has now
  5. still in maintenance
  6. i'm going through the meal combos been to several restaurants doing 6 total combos i've ordered the right stuff but they aren't registering in the awards is my game bugged or am i doing something wrong
  7. you need to use the special lure to get legendary fish they sell the lure at the bait shop in lagras for $20 each some and i assume you started the fisherman quest
  8. we should be able to guess a decent number of your sales just from psnp alone cause i don't think alot of people are buying these stroke the animal games
  9. so how may stacks are allowed now is it still the same or changed to less?
  10. so this may stop in late december to early january
  11. well we have zero idea if this letter is even real and when it will take place if real maybe reach out to some of these devs and ask if they got a letter about this
  12. this will be most top trophy hunters reacts if this happens
  13. couldn't agree more remove people from leaderboards if they don't have at least 1000 ultra rare trophies
  14. oh well people might of got their wish of getting angry over easy games
  15. can anyone explain how to scan drinks and snacks in this game i can't pick up anything during the mini game so i just have to let it fall into the basket i even started a new game cause i thought it was bugged