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  1. I honestly don't know anything about infinite warfare story wise and zombie wise, now can all the zombie trophies be done solo cause this game is on my list to clean up since i'm in the middle of black ops
  2. Hey i'm in 😏
  3. Is the trophies official
  4. You do know the queen is a shape shifter that can also regenerate
  5. But it's not a state like the united states if scotland was a state it would make sense not to have it
  6. But truetrophies lets you pick your country for the leaderboards so i'm sure psnp can do the same thing
  7. I've been on this site for a long time now and i've been paying attention to my spot in my country and it's really not a true representation of my true spot in my country i'm from scotland that is apart of the united kingdom but the united kingdom isn't a country rather a collection of countries i.e scotland england wales and northern ireland. Could we possibly see a update to make this an option?
  8. Yeah i definitely had more satisfaction getting the platinum in red dead redemption and grand theft auto 5 compared to something like thunder paw. As my list is littered with press x to platinum games and many unfinished good games
  9. I couldn't play it on ps3 with the ammount of hard crashes don't recommend it had to finish it on psnow
  10. This platinum was a complete joke cheevo guides definitely asked the dev to change the achievements since it was alot harder
  11. Is it against sony tos
  12. Now i really want to play it
  13. I saw it yesterday but didn't buy it but it's just vanished
  14. Well every rockstar game that has online has mp trophies/achievements bundled in cause it's a part of the game... And it's not that difficult And just about every game that has mp have bundled it into together it's nothing new
  15. Damn you guys only found out this method now it's been on TA for ages ""