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  1. Dlc

    Don't know why you put dic as the title 😂 but to answer your question all the bioshock remasters contain the dlc
  2. Yeah i got alot of the trophies but doesn't unlock all trophies like jak 2 and 3
  3. Why patch jak 3 did they patch anything in jak 1 with the debug menu?
  4. I guess you still have to do everything in one playthrough to get the platinum
  5. Mine popped at 1.7 mill
  6. Didn't unknown get busted for cheating murder soul suspect for auto popping collectibles just like hakoom did with dead to rights
  7. damn never thought this would get dlc seems so pointless when nobody is playing this to warrent a dlc
  8. Some games may take a day or two It's on the sony servers as trophies have not been fully synched on their end it's happened to me a few times
  9. Glad it help 😊 i was worried if i missed anything or typed in the wrong option
  10. Settings After choices keep skipping Skip all messages Auto forward set to max Start game and press R1 to skip 1. Ask if he is hungry 2. Tease him 2. Confess you want to touch his ears 2. Accept for a bit Save game in save slot 1 1. Talk to kerr Save game in save slot 2 Select aviterral feathers Select honey glazed apple tarts Select save the chickens 1. Ilmari is a good friend, kerr is... After you get the ending select save slot 2 Select go fishing Select intense rescue mission Select gather 5 nightshades 1. Both are wonderful friends After you get the second ending select save slot 1 2. Check on ilmari Select go fishing Select intense rescue mission Select gather 5 nightshades 1. Kerr is a good friend, ilmari is
  11. I'm sure your profile is impressive compared to mine only got a handfull of plats i'm proud of
  12. Never had that stuff happen to me. This is a terrible game honestly feels like a ps1 game when i played it
  13. You bring up a good point about the everyone is a winner in athletic events Not sure if you remember this or heard about it when wonder woman was released and they obviously have to do marketing and they advertised it on a certain type of food protein bars obviously a out roar happened and had to change it by putting skinny chubby fat and obese women with the tag line anyone can be wonder woman like really. I do admit the games i play and mostly got the platinum on are like take this when you're only 1/3 through the race But you do have "real" competition in alot of games and it doesn't take value away from said game
  14. The leaderboards are fun but it honestly boils down to the biggest bank account and having the most time once you hit a certain spot. I would like if psnp had leaderboards like truetrophies splitting it into different categories and genres (puzzle rpg action adventure) these would make it more fun for the type of games people enjoy the most
  15. I'm surprised it's taken so long to get an asian version. But I'll probably get this in the future