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  1. Wasn't the bioshock collection a remaster a very loose term now a days if so this is also classed as a remaster right?
  2. This "remaster" seems completely pointless
  3. Only the goty contains the dlc not the normal version
  4. Working on south park the stick of truth then the amazing spiderman
  6. This trophy will not unlock for me and i have no idea why i have 120 friends in total right now i talked to cylde when i got to the kupa keep before i approached and talked to cartman to accept my name as douche bag. I have gone through the friends list six times and I'm not missing any. What should i do?
  7. I honestly recomed staying away from this it's not worth the hassle one wrong move you have to put that H on your profile and nobody wants that
  8. Don't know if your still struggling but for me i made a female caf grappler as they are faster first thing i would do is shoot in for the double or a single go into stacked guard and keep hitting my opponent as much as possible untill they got knocked out i upgraded stamina striking and grappling doing this method i lost 1 fight
  9. Yes as a former TA pro member it's way better with the hardcore stats i would love to see where i am placed in scotland rather britian plus leaderboards for game genres for overall trophies like first person shooters to see who's first and break it up into states and counties
  10. I'm really struggling to get 1.5 million points on this game has anyone got the 100% I'm doing save states max lives controls set to fastest so any tips to get the 1.5 million. the most i was able to get is 980k
  11. This looks to easy for a doom game honestly zero effort in the trophy department
  12. 4chan? Not much of a source but i love the stuff 4chan did over all these years
  13. I hope u don't need the move controllers for this
  14. Has this game been pulled from the uk vita store cause i can't find it on the vita store or on the psn uk website
  15. This is my favorite publisher just to see people have a meltdown on the forms and see people bitch about it on twitter saying it destroys the trophy system when they do all 6 stacks