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  1. Maybe its the developers trolling the trophy hunters... lol Looks like a great game though.
  2. ok. Have a nice day again.
  3. He doesn't realize that he is... @LucienNL No need to write a comeback to get to me, i can trash myself for writing this post. Have a nice day!
  4. Three things: 1. Get Valerie to Rank 17 to unlock unlimited molotov buy in the box. 2. Buy/Find Yellow Herb 3. Buy Six molotovs. When the plant spawns, eat Yellow herb then throw one molotov at a time from a distance... until you waste all 6 molotovs. Rinse and repeat for the second & third encounters. Enable credit equipments if you can. The only thing hard to get is this... Pray for a dumb Alex player that like to spam the bio weapon card. ... btw you don't need the other players to help. Have fun and enjoy!
  5. 3 trophies in the Community Pack that can break you and suplex your PS4 to the ground. 1. The curtain falls 2. Requiem for a killer 3. The chill in the air If you get those 3 trophies done... its a guaranteed 100%.
  6. Press "Circle".
  7. Exactly... yesterday i got Shaw with a friend. I was so pumped that i was ready to do Prophet the next day. Gutted but its all good... just trophies... at least it wasnt unottainable.
  8. I totally agree with Steel5burgh. It wasn't impossible in the first place... it just takes time, great setup and luck. Oh well, players who actually grinded for these trophies, its really unfair for them. This is just specialist characters, better not pull this move again for Zombie or Blackout characters.
  9. This is quite disappointing, all im missing is 5 characters (battery, Firebreak, prophet, Nomad and Diego). At first it seemed taunting and impossible but just put some hours in the game, you should get those characters.
  10. Won one game and it popped. Just win one more after patch 1.06
  11. Is it only the 0% or can you delete unwanted trophy list Eg, Uncharted 18%
  12. You need to deactivate your old PS4 and activate your new PS4 as you primary PS4. It won't let you download it because you can activate only one PS4 system per PSN account. Check this article if you need some more help.
  13. CackNBallz