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  1. PEGI is EU, you'll need an EU account for it. Edit: Checked again from that first image, seems like its a german code from the USK rating on there as well, i'm no expert on if you need a german account to use the code though.
  2. What region is your game from?
  3. i can finally say i've beaten a horror game, or two. depending on how you see amnesia.

  4. Once you set the account to primary on your ps4 you'll be able to start the game on your main account so you can earn trophies.
  5. Yep, Simple enough though, just make the account in whatever region is needed and then set it as a primary account on your ps4.
  6. is the code for a different region?
  7. Yep, Noticed this as well. It's been a week at least with 1-2 of these new achievers for the same game, also noticed it having 2 phantom achievers on another stack of the game.
  8. Just saw the RWBY V5 premier.


    Good stuff. Hyped for the rest of it. 

  9. My tokyo twilight ghost hunters plat has had the % of 3 people completing it but only shows 2 people completing it total. its been like this for at least 5 days :( 

    1. Terra


      I noticed. I don't even see it in your rarest trophies unless I click on it. That's unusual.  

  10. i still have no idea what i am doing, but i think i'm doing good. so there's that.
  11. Things that are a mistake: The OwO extension for chrome.

    1. Atlas


      Says the weeb. 

      But seriously, what does this extension? 

  12. Finally got a new laptop charger, so i can finally continue lurking. :ninja:

    1. AlchemistWer
    2. Atlas


      Finally you got, weeb. 

    3. Mako


      Shaddup, Weebier weeb.

  13. Can you forget for a little while longer?
  14. Just tried that for the past hour or so, Not working. Get a macro error every time i try to get it to work, seems like it doesn't like English computers.
  15. Damn... Not looking forward to doing that. also, i hate you. but thanks.