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  1. No, you wont, not here or any of the other popular sites.
  2. Ah this got remade? I'll take my Blick Winkel spot back please
  3. Should be these
  4. What version are you looking for and what region are you?
  5. only real difference between method one and two is that 2 is a more manual version, you download the game to your computer then it sends it to the ps4, so up to you to decide if its more "dangerous"
  6. it either works or it doesn't. i have no clue why and can't really help.
  7. Figured that would be the case, will give that a try. Just tried joining a friend, was unable to join because they're on "a newer version of the game" so i can only assume NA hasn't gotten the patch yet?
  8. Are trophies really delayed or is something broken, doing the riptide thing and the bucket thing, neither are popping.
  9. Monolithic achievement in DRV3 is easily the bane of my existence.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mako


      gotta get them all ahaha, really though, if you value your sanity, don't do this to yourself

    3. Xerxes


      It took me nearly a week to get it right after several painstakingly long trials. Don't give up! 

    4. Mako


      i can't give up, insert something about hope/despair here.

  10. PSN was down for some around the time you posted that, i'd try again later, i assume it got messed with because of that.
  11. sounds like you're also getting hit by it not working for no reason, not much i can say other than possibly keep restarting.
  12. What Numbers said. If they work in 1.05 i can give you the patch link.
  13. Well, while not the best solution, It's possible to have someone else connect to your working proxy and download using method 1 if they are unable to get it to work. Port forward the port the program uses and send them your public IP and the port to enter in the proxy settings on the ps4. you need to stay connected the whole time it downloads otherwise it'll regrab the patch. It might be region related if the program 'works' or not, no Brazilians i know are able to get it to disable patches. if this isn't the case let me know.
  14. I figured that was the case, was hoping it wasn't. Well time to see if there's anything i can do to make it work the way we want it too.
  15. From what i can see it appears to come with NHL 19, it's just the typical give us more money for our microtransactions edition.