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  1. i believe it's multiple times per tree, check achievements in game and see if it counts per point or per tree
  2. you can't unlock me. i'm really rare. sorry can't actually help with this. i just like making bad jokes.
  3. The Facebook features are no longer available 

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      That's a feature!

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      The feature features are no longer available 

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  4. 1.00 versions doesn't use a link/charles, use the PSX method.
  6. no clue about payday, but if you're trying to do that for Celsius or Fahrenheit? do this instead as for the disappearing thing, it doesn't appear in your library at all?
  7. The Witness works fine on 1.00, assume previous report of it not working are due to corrupt download.
  8. Yep... forgot we got it on + and decided to test for myself, works fine afaik.
  9. You were able to get it to work without it crashing?
  10. This video basically shows everything, try to follow that path, the only thing's i'd advise is to not get a booster monokuma if it's in one of the places there are lots of cars, the places the video get them are about the only places i'd get them personally. starting off, try to get the start boost, either hold x right before 1 or go, can't remember off the top of my head in the long stretch with 2 sets of people on each side, if you're right in the middle you can hit both as for the problems you're getting with 1/2 lane being blocked by cars, is due to being slow and hitting cars or getting REALLY unlucky. oversteering, i found holding left/right for about a second and then holding opposite to straighten the best way, this really is just playing and getting used to it, you'll get it down eventually. even doing a perfect run you can still be screwed by not getting enough point monokumas, so good luck with this. tldr: keep practicing and getting better, you're not really missing anything, just my personal tips
  11. Yep, shallow coral is what i was missing after dicking around for hours, thanks for this.
  12. @Ekstremt
  13. Not exactly sure how it works, but got it from using Clockwork sphinx to give 200+ armor to teammates
  14. it's mentioned somewhere in this thread that witness crashes on launch with 1.00 and i don't believe anyone has gotten it to work. as for the rest mode thing, just disconnect your ps4 from the internet and you'll be fine.
  15. No, you wont, not here or any of the other popular sites.