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  1. Neither of the trophies actually need to be done in online races, it's just tied to your total driving distance. got both of the driving the distances while farming creds and they both popped around where they should've at least around release
  2. I Don't see why not, but it could be the case that those 4 trophies just don't pop sometimes / the progress was reset for them ect. seems the same happened to on the original stack?
  3. Correct. I booted it there to see if the new list was actually there and closed the game once the list showed up, didn't notice trophies had popped til a small bit later
  4. CUSA29236
  5. The old icon updated when i installed it (the original version), so it's just the icon from when i last had the game installed I checked my ps5 and it's there too, as a separate entry in the collection.
  6. It's 14.72gb vs the 11.2gb of the original version, Version 1.03
  7. It just showed in my ps4 library as a second entry (see first post), Doesn't have a store page or show anything when you click it and when it's fully downloaded it will have [New] Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as the name.
  8. Yes. And yes, this is the NA version.
  9. Yes. It seems that some people have the new list in their libraries already such as myself and can get the trophies now.
  10. Pretty much, Assuming you have an epic account linked.
  11. It is, and will be until may 9th, provided they have it downloaded before april 4th No, i was going to download the original to see if there was anything i needed to do to transfer when i saw the new version up there. Seems like it just uses your Epic account to transfer stuff.
  12. The new Fall Guys Launcher on Playstation consoles will be released in batches between 21st March-5th April so keep checking - you’ll have access soon!
  13. Either the Mark IV doesn't count or three cars does not work.
  14. It was Acquired three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24 hour races from at least Feb 25th on the PS5 NA copy, so where are you getting this from?