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  1. i don't have the trophy so i vote not flag
  2. Yes, turns out the problem is from having a post patch save, according to people in the 1.00 thread.
  3. instructions unclear, duck on fire.
  4. Debug mode wasn't on 1.00, it was around 1.06 from memory, nobody has the links to those patches so debug mode is currently impossible.
  5. It's a random spawn replacing the badass ice/hot/shock bot between the sister's casinos in spendopticon, might need to complete the side quest for it to spawn.
  6. make sure you're crouching and placing the hoppers so they go into the furnace, placing them next to it pointing at the ground won't do anything. and i just imported my old world from the worlds menu, nothing special
  7. What trophy was it? i've done all of mine so far in a imported world.
  8. assuming you're trying to download method 1, you need to download it from the download link and not from github unless you want to compile it yourself.
  9. i believe it's multiple times per tree, check achievements in game and see if it counts per point or per tree
  10. you can't unlock me. i'm really rare. sorry can't actually help with this. i just like making bad jokes.
  11. The Facebook features are no longer available 

    1. DaivRules


      That's a feature!

    2. Mako


      The feature features are no longer available 

    3. Stevieboy
  12. 1.00 versions doesn't use a link/charles, use the PSX method.
  14. no clue about payday, but if you're trying to do that for Celsius or Fahrenheit? do this instead as for the disappearing thing, it doesn't appear in your library at all?
  15. The Witness works fine on 1.00, assume previous report of it not working are due to corrupt download.