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  1. I'm really not sure what's causing that then, only thing i can say is to possibly restart your ps4 and redownload and resetup the proxy.
  2. Hm, i tried just now doing singstar and it was downloading the newest version, changed the rules in settings to have /appkgo/ added on Try this.
  3. What game are you trying to download? You shouldn't need to download anything if you're doing method 1.
  4. I Believe roundabout was broken from patch 1.00, so this wouldn't help. Rack N Ruin should work. Oops, Forgot to mention that. It happens everytime i launch, just ignore it.
  5. True, Still figured it should be there. They would have to change how they deal with patches and actually prepatch games, even then i think this method would still be possible using the 2nd method and already having the game downloaded onto your PC Ah, so that's where i went wrong with that, will fix the main post. And no, the first program blocked any search for the update even if i tried to manually do it, second i didn't test too much because of the annoying way to use it. Will note to turn off automatic updates though.
  6. Yeah, that's the intention. Things like Rack n' Ruin would be obtainable again and something like Surgeon Sim where you could get the A++ trophy without actually doing them all.
  7. Before we start, I did not create these programs and this isn't their 'intended' purpose, I cannot guarantee this will work for every game. DISABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATES AND DO NOT PUT YOUR PS4 INTO REST MODE, YOUR GAMES WILL UPDATE. (Settings>System>Automatic Downloads> Untick Application Update Files) Method 1 (Windows required) This method uses a application call PSX Download Helper. It's the easier of the methods Download Link | Github (Optional) When you first open the program, it will be in chinese. To change the language follow the images below and then restart the program. Start up your PS4 and head over to the settings, set up internet > custom > follow till proxy settings appear. Enter whatever appears in the IP and port box for you in the program, in the proxy settings on ps4. At this point, hit start and there will likely be a error box, just ignore it and hit okay. It will be set up and working, keep the program open and download something small to test. I downloaded Singstar as its only 100~ mb. Method 2 (Windows, Mac, Linux, Possibly even android) This uses a Node.js script, I advise not using this if you can help it. It requires installing a few programs and downloading the game in parts to your computer then transferring it to your ps4. Download Link | Github I'll be doing this from the perspective of a windows user, It should be the same past installing node.js Start off by installing Node.js ( I Clicked through most of it, accepting all of it besides when it requested to install some programs for C#/C++, It might reboot your PC. Once it's done installing, you'll need to navigate to where you saved the script in your file browser, it will most likely be in your Downloads folder and zipped. Go there and unzip. Open up your command line and navigate to your downloads folder. For me all i had to type was " cd Downloads\psx-download-helper-nodejs " and I was there. If it's different for your system, do the ls command, it will show you the folders you can go into from there, if downloads isn't appearing there and something like Desktop or Documents do appear, just move the script there. Once you've put it somewhere you can get to it from command line, type in " cd <folder name> " and do a ls command to verify the index.js file is there. Images below Hopefully, you've made your way into the folder with it now, Open up another command line and type in ipconfig on windows, mac and linux will be different. You'll get a few things to pop up, what you're looking for is the adapter that looks like this. You want to write down the ipv4 there, in my case its Once you've gotten that written down, go back to your original command line in the downloads folder and type. npm i node index.js It should say this. Start up your PS4 and start a download for the game you want and pause it. Head over to the settings, set up internet > custom > follow till proxy settings appear. Enter the IP you wrote down and put 8081 in the port. Go back to your download and start it, it should fail and a link will appear in the command line, copy and put it in your browser. It should start a download. Wait for it to finish then drag it into the Data folder in the script's folder then start the download again, the bar should go up and eventually fail again, check the command line again and there should be a new link or two, Check the link and see if it has /appkgo/ in the link. If it does download and repeat till it fully installs. Ignore links that just say /ppkgo/ Examples below Troubleshooting/Common Problems Method 1 will sometimes have patch links included, see above for differences in links. Only known fix is to restart proxy and ps4 till it works. Method 1 can have a "NW-31468-2" error caused by some form of router issue. putting your PC in the DMZ should fix this. - Thanks @Igni Thanks. I'd like to thank @HusKyCode for posting the Mad Max patch fix, because otherwise i'd never had looked into all of this and for some corrections on the node.js script And thanks to those who tested downloading games I don't have access too. Happy hunting pals.
  8. Basically, follow HusKyCode's guide for downgrading Mad Max but use the addresses listed below for step 10 depending on your version. There hasn't been any official word on if this is allowed or not afaik, so use at your own discretion. I've only been able to test US The Big Score edition physical, please let me know if something doesn't work for your version. I was able to use my 1.30 save without problem on 1.20, you should back up your save before starting the game to be safe. EU Crimewave Edition /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA01761_00/13/f_45b04b82c40813a53b6e2685e11da9372b7a96cf69d9b9e69afd5ee66a63a4bc/f/EP4040-CUSA01761_00-PAYDAY2CRIMEWAVE-A0120-V0100.json NA Crimewave Edition /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA01770_00/13/f_9b3c0f2e9c0179db6407b76a1fd7afee4ebc3a192f433d72e62017696354596e/f/UP4040-CUSA01770_00-PAYDAY2CRIMEWAVE-A0120-V0100.json EU The Big Score /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA06544_00/8/f_cfe8057415f6a5e0c8a203e02b4c01f5a9ec365d4c5ae7f7e112c34816414959/f/EP4040-CUSA06544_00-PD2WITHBUNDLED01-A0120-V0100.json NA The Big Score (Tested with Physical) /gs2/ppkgo/prod/CUSA06512_00/8/f_f5b5e46739d2c45c6c8686806cdaddcdfc6364d86ef8706dad3030cf15067eed/f/UP4040-CUSA06512_00-PD2WITHBUNDLED01-A0120-V0100.json
  9. I put this together for those who want to go for the gambit seal.
  10. Gambit seal is the one i achieved. Here's a imgur album with all the triumphs listed
  11. Are you going and accepting the triumphs? they don't give you score until you go and press X on the ones you've completed.
  12. It was someone who used CFW to get it.
  13. And they're back out, stuck at searching for lobby for me and my partner.
  14. Payday 2 Crimewave 100% 


  15. now this is a giveaway i can get behind ezpz :rooEatDaCrayon: if i don't win its rigged :sl: seriously i love how these jokes become real and people are actually salt about all this, its great for my popcorn