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  1. get an alt, add it to your franchise and set it to autopilot, it'll pop the head to head and superbowl
  2. i want tropi, let me get tropi, kthx
  3. how about no
  4. i haven't tried, but it doesn't seem like these work for ps5 games at least, charles methods might.
  5. Yes
  6. Lets make it a fancy ribbon instead! oh wait...
  7. Thanks for this. Worked perfectly.
  8. It only affects people who haven't played the game before it went free to play, so you would've been fine if you hadn't already done it.
  9. Unless it's bugged, it's 40,075km
  10. both versions are ""unobtainable"" unless you download a specific patch for it, as they patched the mode out Royal edition is likely what you want though, as it includes dlc
  11. Nobody has been banned for it yet, considering it's been almost 2 years since this thread was made plus it was around for a few years before that, you'll be fine. Then it's on your end. afaik nobody else has said it doesn't work and it works fine for me and a few friends i asked to check it.
  12. There's literally a mega link right next to the github link.
  13. i don't have the trophy so i vote not flag
  14. Yes, turns out the problem is from having a post patch save, according to people in the 1.00 thread.