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  1. Guys I just wanted to know if main game difficulty affects AR challenges difficulty as well??
  2. It was not a good game but a good presentation.. I believe game is one which has a good story and good gameplay.. that's what I feel should be considered a video game.. but then these sort of things in which we have very less gameplay and strong presentation or story are also popular among people.. me personally m not a fan of such games.. but every1 has a choice so I don't complain.. these games are directed towards people who like movies more.. I don't really watch movies a gameplay is something I really look for and a good story is always a plus.. so if I were to rate a video game.. I will look for gameplay as well as presentation.. otherwise it's a movie only with you controlling some like such games because you liked the presentation.. which is similar to liking a movie.. so as a video game I would rate it 3/10.. as a presentation 9/10..
  3. Seems like more people preferred d pad.. I will practice a bit more with analog and then come to d pad if that doesn't work
  4. Well this makes sense.. thanks that's a great answer
  5. Heya guess I have done some of easier no death runs in meat boy and I am using joysticks for my runs.. but now finding it a little hard to get runs especially for salt dark world, hell dark world, rapture dark world and of course two cotton alley worlds.. I try every stage but it's like I am able to do a stage 8 out of 10 but then this doesn't help.. as an example the light world cotton alley stage 4 where there are too and fro sawblades I just don't get the jump even after practice with joystick.. I just want to know whether d pad can make things simpler or should I continue practicing with joystick
  6. I am still doing it, should complete and get this trophhy by tomorrow.. my friend platinumed it.. he did not mention this.. neither was this in any trophy guide.. but by tomorrow i will be able to answer it better.. there are 99 cards by the way.. and there is a screen which says cards stats.. check there that all are completed
  7. Hi guys.. i wanted to know that is there any way to know that a game is time trial or not.. actually i got some games from my friend's id by sharing but he said one of the game.. watchdogs 2 was time trial.. and he did play that but using a disc.. when i added it to my download list.. it didnot mention anything..its 33 gb download with 25 gb to start the application.. so guys i wanted to know that because my friend played that game using disc version is there any chance that the game would have unlocked?? And is there any way to know that its a time trial before downloading the game.. it just gonna save me some time.. downloading 25 gb in my part of the world is going to take time.. 4 days i reckon..
  8. In new game plus.. its crashing frequently though.. i have reached drenchfort and it has already crashed 7 8 times.. infact it also crashed during crucible 2 times.. it ran fine on normal game but in new game plus its crashing even on base ps4
  9. I have base ps4.. and i am almost near the end of story.. the game only crashed once.. so yeah i think problem is with pro and ps4 slim.. for normal ps4. There arent any
  10. I did play the game offline.. but still frame rate drops are still there..but frankly speaking i wasnt too affected by frame rate drops in this game.. i am very sensitive to frame rate drops.. but still i enjoyed this game a lot.. ofcrs no frame rate drop would have been amazing.. but still even though there are infinite number of frame rate drops.. i still enjoyed the game.. the only thing i didnot enjoy was driving in first 2 islands..because there was always frame rate drop.. but driving on 3rd island had very less frame rate drops.. it felt amazing when driving was at 30 fps.. the game also has blur system.. so when it runs at 30.. it feels really smooth..
  11. Thanx guys.. so i was right and thats y rather than wasting time on these videos i came here to know the facts..and its good that these tricks dont work.. bcoz if we pay.. we can hope for some good content.. if we start getting things for free we might lose on good content.. though there are some devs.. who dont really deserve as much money as they ask for..i dont know but i still feel that games are sold for a price a bit higher than they should be.. but good thing is that after some time price is significantly reduced..
  12. I actually use to follow playstation on youtube and all just to be updated but whenever i play them i get video suggestion on free games trick and codes and etc.. first i ignored them coz i knew they are fake.. but then there a thousands of videos on this.. so today i just tried to give it a try.. but as expected nothing works.. and i felt dumb trying these dumb tricks.. i mean these are so dumb that no way these can work.. but i may be wrong.. so i wanted to confirm this.. if someone has ever got free games from psn using these tricks plz do share the experience or whatevr they think about these videos and all going around on youtube..
  13. I have researched a lot on this.. and its a big no.. but if you have extra bucks you can.. though if you have to choose between ps4 and ps4 pro.. i would go for ps4 pro.. if you already own ps4 then i will never go for ps4 pro
  14. Very correct.. but i love the way these people lie.. everyone knows that 4k 60 fps is impossible.. may be 1 or two game will come out.. and thats the first thing they say.. and feel no remorse.. hell man.. it hurts to see people can lie with so much confidence in front of billions of people.. especially after knowing that truth will be revealed sooner or later.. they boasted a lot about ps4 pro.. higher frame rates bla bla.. yes we are getting higher frame rates.. now from stable 30 to unstable 40 when not capped and smoother 30 where capped..well its smoother 30 on already smooth games i am afraid though.. the games like jc3.. where high drops are there.. well its again 20 to 25.. 25 to 28.. and 28 to 30.. thats what we are getting for extra 300 odd dollars.. thats awesome.. i wanted to buy ps4 pro.. so glad didnot.. thinking of buying xbox x.. but yeah ps4 pro taught the lesson.. wait.. xbox x can be awesome.. and if it can do good 60fps on 1080p.. with devs putting effort in doing so.. i will definately buy it.. frankly speaking if it can run just cause 3 at stable 30 fps.. i will still buy it.. if it cant well.. there needs to be some waiting done.. gtx 970 can easily do almost 60 fps on this game.. and it 4 teraflop card.. hell yeah they have to ruin it all with 4k stuff.. and they ruin it this way that 4.2 tera flop cant run the game at 30 fps in case of ps4 pro
  15. Dude slow down.. guys after you have already the things.. but i will try to clear it as well.. there are very few games on ps4 pro which do 1080p 60 fps... infact there are just 2 3 games which are 30 fps on ps4 and 60 fps on ps4 pro.. most games which are 1080p 30fps on ps4 are 40 to 50 fps on pro which is not worth the money.. on the other hand even when they do provide checkeboard 4k.. the performance is even poorer than ps4. .. but yeah they do look good.. but whats the point of playing a laggy good looking games..and to pay decent amount for such experience is not worth it Exactly this is the issue i am worried about.. i am not the great writer but you just wrote what i was having in my mind..hopefully we might get 1080p 60 fps on scorpio just like gtx 970 has done.. its an old card but still delivers 1080p 60 fps.. for majority of games on highest setting