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  1. You'd think they would have used that opportunity to get Beenox to fix online issues and re-balance the WC value, but nope.
  2. But since this is from Activision, I can't say I am surprised. I mean, they always did that with games after release.
  3. https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiZGh0dHBzOi8vZ29uaW50ZW5kby5jb20vc3Rvcmllcy8zMzY2NTAtbWluZWNyYWZ0LXN0b3J5LW1vZGUtc3VwcG9ydC1lbmRpbmctanVuZS0yNXRoLTIwMTktbWFrZS1zdXJlLXTSAQA?hl=en-IE&gl=IE&ceid=IE%3Aen Not looking good... Same will happen with the *retail* copies, too The all digital future continues to look promising, alright. Promising to make sure game preservation goes extinct. >:(
  4. If I would pick what service should I get, which one has more value? Xbox Game Pass: Download XOne, X360, OG Xbox games, 20% Off featured games, Over 100 games, 10 Euro per month, 30 for three months. (I also saw Smyths sell a prepaid 6 month card, too.) PS Now: Download PS4 (and select PS2) games, Stream PS4 and PS3 games through PS4 or PC, Over 600 games so far, 13 pounds per month, 85 pounds per year. Monthly fee calculated together for the full year? PS Now: 156 Pounds altogether if you used monthly. Xbox Game Pass: 120 Euro altogether if you used monthly, quarterly or 6 month offer from smyths.
  5. EA is a AAA publisher, so EA is NOT allowed. And again, INDIE publishing labels only.
  6. Risen 3 was given on PS3, not PS4.
  7. Rifftrax saw the trailer and said they'd rather boot up their old SEGA CD instead of riffing the movie.
  8. Just got intel on what Xbox has to offer for May. Marooners (Metascore: 56-58) The Golf Club 2019 (Metascore: 75 on PS4, 80 on XONE) Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Metascore: 63 on PS3, 68 on X360) [Backward Compatible] Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley (Metascore: 74) [Backward Compatible] As for what PS4 Japan offers for May: Metal Gear Survive (Metascore: 60, 1.4 User Review Score) Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (Metascore: 81, 7.6 User Review Score)
  9. Of all the indie publishers, which one of them do you love best? Indie publishers like Team17, Devolver, Adult Swim, Digerati, Curve Digital, Plug In Digital, Ratalaika, Merge Games, SOEDESCO, HeadUp Games, Ripstone LTD, Rising Star Games and such. And which games they published do you like? Edit: Before you comment, I should point out I am only talking about PUBLISHERS, not developers. Here are a few examples for differences Indie Publishers: Devolver, Digerati, Team17, Ratalaika Games, Curve Digital, tinyBuild Indie Developers: Team Meat, SuperGiant Games, Vile Monarch, Psyonix
  10. Not helped by the fact that it has people dumber than the zombies in the game and a galore of microtransactions. (I mean, ten euro for a new save file?!)
  11. Well, once Survive really IS international for May, a lot of people will automatically say that no matter what Xbox Live Games With Gold for May, it's 100% better what PSN has for May. Even if the GWG May line up has a game for kids like Paw Patrol or Cars 3.
  12. And by the way, Pieces Interactive, the dev who made the Ragnarok expansion and is in charge of updates, was also responsible for Magicka 2
  13. When will it be released in the EU store?
  14. Ehh... rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.
  15. I hate it when SJWs try to shove their political agendas and political correctness down people's throats. And not just games. Same thing happens with movies, TV shows, comics and even books.