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  1. Thanks for the tip, was helpful.
  2. Killzone Shadow Fall, I got it with a PS4 Bundle. But I only played for a few hours, didn't like it back then. The first game I played and actually finished was inFAMOUS Second Son, I bought it like a week after, and that was also my first Platinum.
  3. Thanks for your answer, man. Yeah, I've talked with several players, and they all have noticed lags during autosaves. I still think I might have an issue with my HDD, though. Sometimes lags occur when I'm on the XMB of my PS4 Pro, that wasn't the case a few months back. Which is quite frustrating, considering I bought the damn console only two years ago, and I had no issue whatsoever with my original PS4 that I bought day one and kept during at least five years.
  4. Actually, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Blue Ribbon Champ. As I said before, I did it legitimately before even starting Burial at Sea. I got all the trophies for Episode 1, then I played Episode 2 and when I finished it, I was only missing two trophies : collectables and 1998 mode (I always start my games with a blind Playthrough on Normal and without focusing on trophies). Once I collected my last Audio Diary in Chapter Select, the 1998 mode trophy popped out. I didn't even start the game on that difficulty. I just think you will unlock your last trophy no matter which one it is once you get the others.
  5. Only my controls. I changed them so I can ADS with L2 instead of R3, but I need to do that every time I launch the game.
  6. Funny, I did Wave 13 in Raven's Dome on first try. The one I'm stuck is Wave 7 in Emporia Arcade. I just can't make it work, apparently it's glitched. Do you remember having any difficulty with it? You need to explode two enemies with the Fireman's suicide attack.
  7. Okay, so I really wanted to get this legit. Not judging anyone, but I personally don't like cheating my way through trophies, especially when the requirements aren't that bad. I've managed to get all but one Blue Ribbon, and the trophy popped out, I don't know why. I'm a completist, so even though the last Blue Ribbon wasn't needed, I tried a few times to get it. The one I'm missing is at Emporia Arcade, during Wave 7. You basically need to kill two enemies with the explosion of Firemen, which on paper doesn't seem that hard in comparison with the ones I already did. But it seems I can't make it work. I've looked on the Internet, and a lot of people are struggling. Apparently, it's glitched. Every time a Fireman explodes, enemies don't take any damage, making it impossible to get the final Blue Ribbon, which is a bit frustrating. I know most of you guys did the glitch, but if there's anyone out there who did it legitimately, I really want to know if there's a workaround to this. Thanks!
  8. Hey, everybody. I've played this game for a few hours now, and I'm having a minor issue every time the game saves. It starts freezing (or maybe FPS are dropping, I don't know how to properly describe that) for a few seconds, then when the save is complete everything goes back to normal. This is not a big deal, I can live with that, but I just wonder if somebody else is having the same issue, because I'm a bit scare that something is wrong with my HDD. I had the same problem months back with Far Cry 5.
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  12. Assassin's Creed Origins.
  13. Forgot every Quantic Dream's games.
  14. #32 - Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) Insurgent Expansion trophies Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Most of the multiplayer trophies were as tedious as the ones from the base game, it really is a lot of grind, nothing else to say. The Online Collectibles were a pain in the ass considering you can't find them in custom Warzones, you have to play in regular lobbies. I did it in Extented Warzone since nobody is playing this mode, most of the time you're the only one in the game. Elite mode was actually pretty fun, probably the hardest trophy in the entire game, but it's doable. A shame that every solo campaign-related trophies are cool to do while the multiplayer ones are annoying as hell. DLC was meh. Intercept Expansion trophies Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Now this is cool. I enjoyed way more the co-op than the multiplayer. This gamemode is okay, I was having fun the first few hours. Trophies aren't that bad either, a bit time consuming but it's alright. I think this DLC would have been even better if I had people to play with, but unfortunately nobody plays it (like the rest of the game, to be honest), so I had to do the trophies by my own, which is funny considering it's a co-op mode. It tends to be a bit boring after a moment, but it's not that bad honestly. Should be easy to 100%, a bit long but manageable. Decent DLC, to say the least.