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  1. Just got my 100%. What a ride! 😋
  2. I guess you really like horror games. LUNATIC was a pretty tough trophy, I struggled with this one. GG!
  3. Got the Plat on PS5 and it didn't autopop. People who got the trophy in a few seconds simply did the quest on PS4 (or whatever platform) and immediately closed the app after the postgame score screen, and then collected the quest reward (that's when you get the trophy) on their PS5. That trick allows you to get the Plat much faster if you care about that, which is not my case. So I personally just did the quest on PS5 without bothering myself switching consoles.
  4. I'm now only missing Awesome Level MAX trophies! Decided to do "Anger Management" and "Level Up" trophies legitimately, even though I was well aware of the Track Central trick. Wasn't too bad! Circles of Hell is actually a pretty fun skill game.
  5. Thank you! Not hard, but definitely very grindy! I'll go with The Wolf Among Us, best Telltale game in my opinion.
  6. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. 😉
  7. Except for "All Together Now". 😜
  8. Thanks guys. 😜 Has anyone tried to go for every DLC challenges? I know there's no trophy for it, but I'm enjoying this game so I might give it a go.
  9. "Is There Anything You Can't Do?" has been achieved! I'm really proud of myself. Onto DLC now! 😎
  10. This game is literally free. You're only paying for cosmectics, not for weapons or special abilities. They don't grant you any competitive advantage. If you don't care about skins, you can still play this game and be as good as anyone. And by the way, almost every month you have one event where you can complete in-game challenges that will unlock you some free rewards. On Christmas there were two decent skins for free, and it was already the case last year. So four skins in total. They also made Season 8 Battle Pass free after doing challenges, which means you could get like seven free skins and tons of other cosmetics for free PLUS 1,500 V-Bucks. Every Battle Pass cost 950 V-Bucks, so if you did get the Season 8 one for free that basically means you could have afford every Battle Pass since then without buying any extra V-Bucks as long as you didn't spend the 1,500 V-Bucks (or at least kept 950 V-Bucks) on the Item Shop. We're on Season 15 (5 since Chapter 2), so that's EIGHT free Battle Passes in total. Dozens of skins and cosmetics overall, with also 550 extra V-Bucks each time. Enough to buy you a skin from the Item Shop every once in a while. And finally, they almost always add new edit styles for already existing skins at each updates, all that at no extra cost. They really don't have to, but they do anyway. It's fine not liking the game, like it's not perfect by any means. The community is toxic as hell and the game is overall not as fun as it was before. But Epic Games are definitely not money hungry, nothing compared to EA or Activision.
  11. Not a plat, but I would go for the very last trophy you're missing on Valiant Hearts: The Great War. It's an easy one, and the game is great. So you definitely need this 100% on your trophy list. 👍
  12. .

  13. Yeah that was me! I don't know, I was just too scared I would never make it, so I just gave up on that game.
  14. I know it's fucking hard, but I've had this game screwing up my 100% completion profile for years now so I really want to get rid of it once and for all. I just need to know if achieving 100% on this game is still possible, DLC included. Are there any trophies that can't be obtained anymore due to bugs or online servers being shut down? Thanks in advance. 😊