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  1. Yeah that was me! I don't know, I was just too scared I would never make it, so I just gave up. The hardest trophy I've ever done was probably Masterminds on GTA V, and it wasn't that hard. Just annoying to find people willing to do it. Fortnite is almost as rare as Trials Fusion but just because there's a lot of grind, it's not hard by any means. So yeah I assume you are 100% right. Thanks!
  2. I'm so scare I won't be good enough to do this, to be honest. But I have a lot of motivation and perseverance, I hope these two qualities will allow me to do this.
  3. I know it's fucking hard, but I've had this game screwing up my 100% completition profile for years now so I really want to get rid of it once and for all. I just want to know if 100% this game is still possible (by 100% I mean all DLC included). Are there any trophies that can't be obtained anymore? Are there any online trophies, and if so are servers still up? Thanks!
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