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  1. I'm really hoping for a price and date as well. I feel like surely we're going to get it, because I reckon they'll want to catch any fence sitters from resorting to xbox when microsoft's preorder date rolls by.
  2. Any thoughts on what the easiest seal would be to start now since it seems like wayfarer is going to be tight for time? EDIT: Based on research, it looks like even with the limited time I'll probably try Wayfarer first. Interested on everyone's thoughts still though. I might come back and update again if I discover anything useful.
  3. There won't be a code, it's just a season pass disc that gives you access to download the extra episodes through the game. So you could even buy it preowned in that case if you weren't fussed.
  4. No doubt they improve consoles over the generation, and release new models- just look at the slim and the pro- but a friend of mine has had a day 1 launch PS4 all the way up until now and had no issues with it.
  5. Having worked in a game store for a few years (I only resigned just recently), I can say whole-heartedly I definitely believe in preordering. It really depends on the game/ the edition/ the item however, and of course the store itself. But speaking from experience, a console launch like this, especially when we know that there is a more limited first shipment, you will most likely not be able to walk into a store on launch and just buy one. There will be shipments, and people will have to place an order to be part of it. As for games, collectors editions can and will sell out. You need to preorder those. Even standard edition games if they're not a super big launch (think big AAA titles like Call of Duty, etc), I have seen sell out on the first day. I worked the launch of Ghost of Tsushima and we even sold out day 1. Anyone who didn't preorder missed out. A bunch of walk-ins for the next week didn't get a copy until we got our next lot of stock. This happens a lot for smaller titles, especially lately. Of course this can depend on how much stock is allocated to a particular store. Bigger stores might get more stock. And of course at the end of the day if you change your mind on a preorder, we happily refund the price. (We also only ask a minimum deposit of $10-50, depending on the price of the game, so it's not a lot out of your pocket until you pick up the game). I'm not asking you to believe in preordering, or to do it yourself. You may be able to be lucky enough to walk in to a store every time and get what you want, when you want it. However I don't think you should call it BS.
  6. It's been a while since I updated, so here I am! I recently transitioned to working full time, so that has put paid to a lot of of my gaming hours. At this stage I probably won't finish the event, but I think the important part is that it's allowed me to knock off a lot of games from the backlog that I probably wouldn't have prioritised otherwise, as well as help me on my way to my goal of having a platinum for every letter of the alphabet haha. Nonetheless I have been chipping away at AC Odyssey for a few hours every night, managing to bring my percentage up from 5% when I last updated to 71%. I have the platinum, and I'm just finishing off the several DLC packs. I just read recently that a lot of people disliked it, which was surprising, as I have been loving it. Kassandra is such a strong and fantastic protagonist she definitely tops out as one of my favourites. (I'm also very easy to please, which could be a factor). Other than that I have decided to swap Cyberpunk for Claire, which was nominated as a swap in my first post. Hearing a little while ago that Cyberpunk was delayed again sort of set that in motion. I ended up starting Claire and I'm nearly finished with it. I will 100% be playing Cyberpunk as soon as it comes out, but I'd rather not have to rush it to finish it before the end of the year (as it seems like it'll be a pretty big game). That's me for now! Hope everyone is doing well Assassin’s Creed Odyssey PS4 - > 71%Batman (Telltale) PS4 - 0%Claire PSVITA - > 90%Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 - 0%Erica PS4 - 100% Fallout 3 PS3 - 0%Guardians of the Galaxy PS4 - 100% How to Train Your Dragon PS3 - 100% Infamous PS3 - >67%Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy PS4 - 0%Kingdom Hearts PS4 - 0%Late Shift PS4 - 100% Minecraft: Story Mode PS4 - 100% NieR Automata PS4 - 0%Oxenfree PS4 - 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight PS4 - 0%Q.U.B.E 2 PS4 - 0%Republique PS4 - 0%Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands PS4 - 100% Trüberbrook PS4 - 0% Unravel PS4 - 100% Vampyr PS4 - 0%Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler PS3 - 0%XCOM 2 PS4 - 0%Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles PS4 - 0% Zero Escape: The Nonary Games VITA - 100%
  7. Currently hitting 90 hrs in the game, got the plat, up to episode 2 of the first dlc. I've played all AC entries up to this (excluding those extra ones like liberation and freedom cry, gotta get back to 100%ing all the old ones). I've gotta say I am also a big fan of the Ezio trilogy, and the present tense hasn't been the same without Desmond. However, I have been really enjoying AC Odyssey. I've definitely enjoyed it more than Origins. Sure, it is taking a long time but I'm just chipping away at it a couple hours most nights and it gets slow in parts but I'm still really enjoying it. I love Kassandra as a protagonist, she is amazing and probably one of my favourites in the whole series. I'm not saying it's the best, and it does take a lot of time if you wanna go for the 100%, but I would still highly recommend it to anyone who's tempted to give it a go.
  8. Considering that for the squad goals (win an episode as a party of 3 or more) trophy you need to be the winner, I would think no.
  9. It’s funny to read that people tend to quit jump showdown and hexagon when those are the only ones I’ve managed to win- twice in a row on jump showdown and once in hexagon
  10. I also got the notification despite not following the user or the game. Weird. As for the issue, we might need some more information- what region is the copy of the game you have? Is it physical or digital? Are you trying to download it through a HK account? The last time I had experience with downloading DLC from the HK store was with one of the old Assassin's Creed games. That time it only worked when I went into the game to download the DLC on the HK account, and then switched back to my main. When I tried just downloading from the store it didn't work. So, if there's a way to download the DLC in game, I'd try that if you haven't.
  11. Would definitely recommend Infamous! I played the most recent instalments on PS4 a few years ago and only recently went back to play the earlier ones on PS3. If you're planning to get all of them done, in case you weren't aware, the online servers for Infamous 2 and Infamous Festival of Blood are pretty unreliable. I had no problems with 2 (but a lot of others have mentioned issues with getting it done) but for Festival of Blood I tried every day over a series of 2 or 3 days to actually get into the servers. It's still entirely possible so I don't mean to turn you off, but worth knowing in case you didn't!
  12. Fair, my bad. Quick research says potentially about 40hrs for the DLC. Depending on how much time you have I'd say it's certainly possible to do, considering even an hour a day from now would mean you could spend over 100 hours on it.
  13. Considering they got the platinum in 2 weeks, 4 days ... I'd say yes. 😊
  14. That's great! Congrats!!
  15. I just got them too!!!! The servers must be relatively stable today so everyone who’s been trying, go go go!!! I started up the game, logged straight on, no connection errors, used the search to teleport straight to the start of 20 different ugc missions, and got the trophies!