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  1. The solution worked for me also, but I didn’t have gold on all overtime shifts as Shadow specified above so I don’t believe that’s a requirement
  2. I've found this to affect both of my controllers as well, meaning I basically can't complete the level with even a bronze score. Postmaster seems impossible at this stage. I also checked out the discord and saw some other people report the issue too. Seems to be a problem with some of the dualsense controllers, apparently. They're aware of this bug too at least and are trying to fix it. Are you saying though that uninstalling the game and trying again without the update improved it?
  3. We can speculate but we can't really know for certain- sure, they did update the trophies related to prestige and leviathan before, so it's maybe unlikely that they won't at least think about the trophies, but this situation feels different. We're talking about a whole DLC. I know some of the Dreaming City stuff might still be available, but there's still a fair more amount of thought that needs to go into this change. TLDR: Most devs don't seem to care about fixing trophies that become unobtainable. Fixing these DLC trophies could be a lot of effort for the reasons I list below. If you care about earning the Forsaken trophies, in my opinion, I would recommend getting them as soon as you can before they are vaulted. I don't know how adding/changing trophies works but these are my thoughts (and not necessarily fact): Would they remove the trophies completely? I don't think so. I'm not sure if that's even possible or if it's even been done before, but it would probably cause an outrage with players who had already gone to the effort of earning them all (myself included). Would they change the trophies? The DLC is for 'Forsaken' - what happens if they change every trophy- it's not Forsaken any more- can they change the name of the 'add on' (i.e. the thing that groups the trophies together as DLC outside of the main game)? If they change the trophies, would they change it to trophies from another DLC? Changing the trophies at all causes the actual meaning of them to be somewhat lost for all who earned the trophy before a supposed change, particularly if the trophies are changed to another DLC which some players who played Forsaken may not even own. And if they do this- are they setting themselves up to have to change the trophies again in future? If the DLC they change the trophies to also gets vaulted later down the line? I believe this contributes to why they did not bother adding more trophies for other DLCs after Forsaken. What if they change the trophies to base game content? This seems unfair for the players who paid for Forsaken to earn the trophies. Okay okay, so if they change the trophies, what else might this involve? I would assume there would have to be some effort put towards finding 10 activities/events/etc in the game that are of an equivalent difficulty to what the original trophies required, otherwise it seems unfair if the trophies are made significantly easier/harder. Why bother changing the trophies if Forsaken will eventually be 'unvaulted'? If the idea is that Forsaken will eventually be brought back from the vault then perhaps they will leave the trophies as is, and for a time, they will be unobtainable. This would be easiest for them because they don't then have to go through and change any trophies. If you've made it to the end of my lengthy thoughts then thanks for reading- and I am interested to hear yours. My ultimate suspicion would be that they might not change these trophies- as there is potential for it to become an ongoing problem. My recommendation- definitely earn the trophies as soon as you can.
  4. Platinum has been obtained by some, looks like this may be fixed?
  5. I haven't quite finished the game yet but looks like postmaster general may be bugged, making the platinum unobtainable at the moment. Assuming it becomes obtainable at some point- maybe about 10 hrs or under? Depends how many tries you will need per level to get gold. Difficulty could vary depending on whether you are going for co op or solo- and whether solo is harder or not depends on the quality of partner you have with you. I want to say maybe 5/10 based on some of the other comments but I don't often rate games on this metric so would be interested to hear other's thoughts. Personally I think solo will be harder- I play with a partner but on quick observation solo seems to be overcooked style where playing solo you still have to play the 2 kiwis, and need to swap in between them. Based off of that I do feel co op is easier just because the two kiwis can be contributing to the levels at the same time. That doesn't make solo impossible however, and communication is really important if you play with a partner.
  6. Not super far in yet-- have done about a week and a half of summer + a couple of the extra levels I believe. Personally found the main levels to not be too bad in terms of getting gold- the 1st one took a few goes but then the following levels my partner and I were able to determine our strategy and get the gold on the next levels after 1 or 2 tries. So I guess the actual difficulty might depend a bit on skill and on how well you can coordinate with your partner (but of course, I'm not too far so it could get harder from here). Overall a super fun game though, definitely recommend
  7. Not sure if coop related or not, but I have been playing in coop and we have just hit a glitch where aguamenti (the water spell) didn't unlock properly upon completing the lesson in year 6, and when you hit the next mission "A Not So Merry Christmas" you can't actually complete it without a water spell. Looking at having to start the whole game over, which is pretty annoying
  8. Have got 100% on both and I personally enjoyed Odyssey a lot more than Origins- but it had been some time after playing origins that I played odyssey so it’s not like I compared them directly. I think my enjoyment was largely attributed to how much I loved Kassandra. To echo the sentiments of those above, she really is just a fantastic character. I always thought nothing beat Ezio and his trilogy for me but now Kassandra has firmly cemented her place as one of my top. I also would recommend not playing odyssey right after origins as they are both super huge- personally I didn’t get too burnt out by the length of odyssey and spent a good 125 hours doing everything but I didn’t play it right after origins
  9. I’ll be mainly going through my backlog and making sure I’ve purchased all the DLCs for the games I’ve started or are yet to start- Dragon Age, Sleeping Dogs.. etc. I collect mainly on disc so I’m probably good for games but I may take the time to check for any digital only titles that look good- but that being said ideally I want to reduce the PS3 backlog and finish it off, rather than increase it haha.
  10. Yes, and when you’re on the ps3 they show up as a different ‘disc’ called ‘Dishonored GOTY Expansion Packs’. You can install them there and then access them in the game.
  11. Well.... this sucks. Had been hoping that it was only a rumour. Guess not. This is why I’m very much all for getting physical copies of games- but I do have a backlog of ps3 games with dlc that I still need to get. I guess I better get started..
  12. I'm a pretty big collector of the physical discs, so I'm favouring getting the PS5 version over the PS4. Plus- coupled with my lack of game time and ever increasing backlog, it's doubtful I'd plat the game twice if I was to get the PS4 version, so I'd rather just have the PS5 disc in the first place.
  13. I'm really enjoying orlog, and sure you might need some skill and some strategy, but so far all I do is save any gold border dice each turn, and save up for the 8 damage Thor strike god favour (the one you start with). Super easy and this strategy has rarely failed.
  14. No, the starter pack only contains the first campaign mission. You’re better off getting the gold edition, which will give you the main game as well as the expansion pass
  15. No- the first Hitman was a ps plus freebie. The coop servers are closing on Hitman 2