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  1. All good! Just happy to be winning anything for my previous months serious (lack of) effort . September was a busy month for me with a holiday crammed in between but- I'm still enjoying being part of this comp no matter where I place. A big part of it is all thanks to all of you donating cash prizes and of course @adam1984123 for bringing it all together! So thanks again for all the effort you put in!
  2. Lol, I've spent half the month on holiday so I have no chance... the totals some of you get are incredible!
  3. This difficulty is hard as nails, I think with all this advice I'll go and restart on easy and get DO afterwards.
  4. Yeah, it can be done on either. They don't affect your ability to kill or flip the bosses
  5. I definitely dropped off this month, having picked up a lot of extra shifts at work. While not yet complete, I managed to finish off my red dead redemption multiplayer trophies and I have a lot of people who helped a long the way to thank for that. Gotta play most of the single player but having multi out of the way is a relief. I am also looking forwards to seeing the leader board after this month, should be interesting
  6. Oh, darn you're right. Sorry. Well.. if anyone's desperate for a fix and can get their hands on a disc... it works without updates
  7. Indeed, I googled and googled this and couldn’t find a solution but I think I figured it out and the answer is in your question. Basically, delete and reinstall the game without updates. It should work then
  8. I commented earlier about not liking the new layout but with the improvements I've come back to say that now I don't mind it. The date and completion look better now that they are together
  9. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the change either, I liked it the way it was. Biggest issue for me going forward is probably the console tags, they do look better on the right, where they were
  10. And now I'm given cause to again wonder whether it is worth starting now. I wish I'd went for it when I first saw the shutdown announcement in 2016, seeing as the servers still have not officially shut down. Anyone know how long or hard the multiplayer is, and if it's worth starting now?
  11. Good news guys! Sites like kotaku and press start are reporting that We Happy Few has been reclassified to R18+ ... looks like we’ll be getting it after all https://www.kotaku.com.au/2018/07/we-happy-few-reclassified-r18/
  12. It was a bit of a quiet month for me too as I was not able to play a lot in the first two weeks. I only just got a backlog in for the month, popping the plat just under 30 minutes before cut off I'm hoping July will be a good month for me as well
  13. Thanks! I got the final plat a couple days ago
  14. Awesome, thanks Yeah all the multiplayer ones are pretty simple. It's True Commitment/get to level 60 that takes a while. It's not the worst, but not fun either
  15. I love game of thrones! Can't wait either As for me I finished my second event platinum- Tomb Raider! Even though I played this game back in 2013, I had to replay it for the Chatterbox trophy, among others. I loved the game all over again, I think it still holds up rather well. Other than collectible trophies, multiplayer was my main focus- and man was it killer. Never again.