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  1. Just tested it, all is working again, thanks
  2. Still getting the error- [removed]
  3. Hi there, was thinking of trying to put together a guide for My Time at Portia but when I try to create it, all I get is "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '8993-0' "
  4. Just finished it last night. While I enjoyed it for the most part, I definitely prefer the older Assassin's Creed games. The world was just too big in my opinion, some areas just filled with desert. No locations, nothing. Just empty desert. It felt like a chore running around completing all the locations, too. I also feel like they've really lost what to do with the modern day stuff since they killed Desmond- I always looked forwards to jumping back into the modern day for a bit when they had those segments. I also tended to get lost in what was actually going down in the story (could be a fault of how long it took me to finish it) but it got to the point where Bayek became upset by the death of a close friend and I'm sitting there thinking "so, who's this?". That being said, I think that the story did come good in the end. I liked the scenes to do with how they showed the origins of the creed.
  5. The post is a year and a half old... I suspect they may no longer be writing the guide.
  6. Ah well, everyone else's loss I guess...
  7. Nope! I am also in Sydney and also play on my commute.
  8. This really helped- but I modified it in particular for the last one. After trying for ages with my thumb, instead I used my index on the right dpad, middle in the bottom and ring finger on the left. Worked a treat, got it first try when I swapped to this.
  9. This is a tough one to answer, but maybe there'll be someone who knows better than me that can build on this... but from what I know they recently patched it so that someone with an Infamous save cannot give the trophy to someone else who joins their game so I would hazard a guess at no. Only the person who is the host will receive it. That being said I believe this was to counteract people allowing someone to play the last mission only and get the trophy - if you play the whole way through it may be different.
  10. This is incorrect, you don't even need to have started the DLC to use the weapons in the campaign. As long as the DLC is at least installed, you can use them. As mentioned by many others though as well, the Mars DLC weapons are a must for the Infamous play through, specifically the Tazer Spazer Annihilazer as mentioned. It pretty much makes Faith and the Father's boss fights a walk in the park - Faith's fight took less than 2 minutes for me minus cut scenes. It's honestly not very difficult at all. Most enemies still die in one hit to head shots and any of the tougher ones melt in one second via the laser beam of the tazer gun. Not to mention it takes down helicopters, planes, and armoured/regular vehicles in seconds!
  11. All good! Just happy to be winning anything for my previous months serious (lack of) effort . September was a busy month for me with a holiday crammed in between but- I'm still enjoying being part of this comp no matter where I place. A big part of it is all thanks to all of you donating cash prizes and of course @adam1984123 for bringing it all together! So thanks again for all the effort you put in!
  12. Lol, I've spent half the month on holiday so I have no chance... the totals some of you get are incredible!
  13. This difficulty is hard as nails, I think with all this advice I'll go and restart on easy and get DO afterwards.
  14. Yeah, it can be done on either. They don't affect your ability to kill or flip the bosses
  15. I definitely dropped off this month, having picked up a lot of extra shifts at work. While not yet complete, I managed to finish off my red dead redemption multiplayer trophies and I have a lot of people who helped a long the way to thank for that. Gotta play most of the single player but having multi out of the way is a relief. I am also looking forwards to seeing the leader board after this month, should be interesting