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  1. I thought a lot of the scenes had more meaning once you discover that it was all just a hallucinogenic chemical. It wasn't just like a typical hooded figure tries to kill you trope. It really makes you re-evaluate all the choices you made in a different way with how the game slyly reveals who was where, like when Fliss says she was chasing Conrad and it changes your whole perspective of the earlier chase scene, or when (in my case) Brad mysteriously turns up dead but then you remember as Fliss that you stabbed that hooded figure, etc.
  2. If you do a quick google search, it’s fairly well known that these trophies have always seemed to be a bit buggy. I was in the same boat, whereby my scavenger trophy popped before the other collectible trophies. One post I read proposed that the reason for this is possibly because the tools boxes count as collectibles.
  3. UPDATE: I've figured out the problem. You have to buy NEW plots. You can't move (with R3) and connect plots that were already placed. As soon as I bought and placed 3 new animal plots near each other, I got the trophy straight away.
  4. I've tried that, but it still didn't pop. I've been playing mostly multiplayer so when I get the chance I was gonna try start a new farm in case something bugged it out
  5. Anyone else having trouble getting this one? I’ve connected different types of animals, different breeds, and the tiles seem to connect (and the three share the same food pile) but nothing seems to be working. Update: To get this trophy you have to buy and place 3 different NEW animal plots next to each other. You can't move and replace preexisting plots.
  6. So I wasn't able to sleep on it without checking, just chucked the disc in and went into the game. The episode are still there for me, and they're downloading right now. Phew. 😬 AUS region store, by the way, for those wondering.
  7. Darn, I didn't realise this was happening. I'll have to check my season 2 disc tomorrow to see if it's still possible to download
  8. Yeah- I found out after posting that the standalone trophies still feed into the main game- whew! As for the online pass, I just caved and bought a digital copy. You don't need an online pass for that.
  9. Having the same issue with the Aussie store- both the online pass and left behind appear to be delisted. What a pain, I really wanted to 100% this game...
  10. They are, I have a physical and tried hopping online- it still asks for it and yet it appears to be delisted in the Aussie store... might have to get myself a digital version, ugh.
  11. True, but a lot of retail copies are a 'season pass disc'. It comes with the first episode and then you have to download the others from the store. Will be curious if that will still work if they get delisted.
  12. I highly recommend everything you've got listed so far. As well as that- assuming your VR came with Playstation Worlds- play The London Heist. And if you like that, 100% get the new VR game about to come out- Blood and Truth. Otherwise, if you're a rick and morty fan, you could try Rick and Morty Virtual Rickality. There's also I Expect You to Die, an escape room type game, and it was very good. If you also have/are interested in No Man's Sky, I believe that one's getting a VR update that looks very good as well.
  13. Just tested it, all is working again, thanks
  14. Still getting the error- [removed]
  15. Hi there, was thinking of trying to put together a guide for My Time at Portia but when I try to create it, all I get is "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '8993-0' "