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  1. Will be playing. PSN ID: xHypermega Please mention Rayman!
  2. Same, only Edge is working for me
  3. They seem to be up now, but the trophies are not working... I am playing the game for like 15 minutes and no trophy page for that game on my PS4
  4. They're not online, I'm playing it for around 1 month and worked everytime (on EU, at least).
  5. The Last of Us: Remastered, just got my PS4 last month and aiming to get my first platinum (and 100%, since already completed grounded+). Having a lot of fun!
  6. Completed the 1st one again and it worked, thanks
  7. Hey, is anyone else having issues with that trophy? I've completed the 1st 3 special events with 3 stars and it didn't unlocked... Am I doing anything wrong, or did it bugged? :\