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  1. Finally the plat! after the post ,on trophies.org, I had trouble getting trophies again. So here’s what I did. >I deleted the game (yep, including the saved data). >downloaded the game again >synchronized the trophies to the psn server >turned off my WiFi through ‘settings’ >now start the game offline >!!IMPORTANT!! Do not press the PS button from now on! For some reason this messes with the trophy unlocking >now if the trophies start unlocking, you’re in business >now DO NOT quit the game or press the PS button on the lower left of the handheld! >try to play this game til completion, once you get the plat, you’re set >if you need a break or to charge the vita or whatever, ITS PERFECTLY FINE to use the ‘power’ button on the top left of your console to put the vita in a sleep mode hope this helps! 👍🏻
  2. Got this game free as well as I assumed it was a demo. I was excited so I downloaded it. Before I knew it trophies were popping. 😊 still able to download/redownload and play it like I bought it. Now to get the dlc and try that. now, would I pay $60 for it? Afraid not, love the game but I wouldn’t pay $60 for it. The campaign seems kinda short, about 120+ events. I’d love like 500 events for a $60 game. I’d pay maybe $15-20 for it and i’d be happy. 🙂 I’ll update if the dlc works on this version of the game. 👍🏻
  3. Pretty how I’d put this game. A lot of racing games have great racing controls and physics like DIRT 5, F1, Gravel and so on, no complaints. This game I’m struggling to find the strength to finish as the controls, upgrading the cars (if you can call it that), needing specific cars for specific events. Sigh. 😞 has some cool cars in it though I don’t see often in racing games. I got to play Heat for a bit from the EA promotion, I’d much prefer that one.
  4. Literally switched to this and got my first flat tire in the first rally I played, in Sweden heh. I drove on the side a little and used some handbrake for dramatic effect with manual transmission (which I don’t find pleasant). Was pretty random though. Edit: just got another in Monte Carlo right after I joined wrc 2, on the first rally. And my tires barely took a scratch. Random stuff!
  5. Unlocked this in Malaysia in 2014 season (second race, I believe) in the 1.00 version (disc). Took me 98+ minutes. I let the other racers pass me every chance with the blue flag up. Also changed my setup to the one posted around here (I’ll update the post with it) and used lean fuel mix (down on dpad, fuel, lean #1, I usually fill up a considerable amount of fuel so I don’t need as many pit stops, this makes your car really heavy though) and used the 3 max pit stops and didn’t press pause (not sure if that does anything but I didn’t use it anyway heh). Good luck, racers! Hope this helps!! used the setup in this thread:
  6. Just got a solo battle royale win but not trophy. Really disappointed since the bots don’t f# around, guess they weren’t as bad previously.
  7. For those still wondering, I completed the game (pretty sure I got every robot, made sure I 100% a level before continuing), level 20 was the exception cause pretty sure there were 2 robots, not 4. Completed level 1 and 2 again via level select and got the battery and mesiah trophies. 👍🏻Kinda glitchy as the left meter at the end of the level is still about 65% complete.
  8. I guess I found an OG hunter ;)