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  1. Idk about that, they may fix it. But it is indeed a known issue I believe.
  2. This applies to other cross-gen games also. My ps3 Borderlands guide appears on the PS4 Borderlands page, but only people who own the PS3 game can rate my guide.
  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance has two trophies that require four players. Four local controllers works though: Dying light also has one:
  4. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has a trophy that requires four players: Overwatch has a bunch of trophies that technically require four or more players. All of the 'Kill 4 enemies' trophies for example will obviously require at least yourself and 4 other players to complete:
  5. I'm not even trying to get a PS5 yet, but yeah, there's a lot of slimy people out there.
  6. We already have one incredibly long topic discussing this, do we really need another one?
  7. No, you will not get the trophy if you do this. If you change your difficulty at any time during your Expert run, you will not get the trophy for that run. You must play the entire game on Expert difficulty.
  8. I gotta say, I'm not usually a rhythm game kind of guy, but this game is a lot of fun!
  9. Currently it looks like 13 total games: Overwatch (PS4) Star Wars: Battlefront (PS4) Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) Steep (PS4) Mirror's Edge (PS3) For Honor (PS4) Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) The Last Guardian (PS4) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS4) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS4) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS4) Warframe (PS4) More than I expected for sure.
  10. He doesn't need to be in the game industry to voice what he thinks about the game. For the record, I am a QA tester, and I think the game is hot garbage, so does that make my opinion more valid than his? I don't think so. Nor does it make my opinion any more valid than yours. Disagree with his opinion if you want, but don't attempt to invalidate it based off of his career choice.
  11. Oh wow, this is gonna be a lot more grind than I expected. Well, I gotta get it, it's kingdom hearts lol Thanks for all the info!
  12. It has been confirmed: The platinum for Mad Max is no longer obtainable.
  13. From what I've played: Resident Evil 2 Remake Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil 1 Remake Resident Evil 3 Remake Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 5 I've really enjoyed every Resident Evil title except 5 and 6 honestly. 6 was okay for an action game, but was hardly a horror game. 5 was god awful in every single way... It has way too much action in it to be considered a horror game imo, and the shitty, clunky, controls make it an awful action game. I will never play it again lol.
  14. You will be able to join voice parties from your phone now? Interesting, could be useful in some circumstances I guess.
  15. For me, I have always been a completionist, even long before trophies. Super Mario 64, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and many other games showed me that my favorite thing to do was to master every single aspect of a game, and leave it with a 100% save file. So, I don't concern myself with the leaderboard. Nobody was tracking my 100% games before trophies, and now that someone is, it hasn't changed the way I approach gaming at all. I don't think that part of me will ever really change, so 'quitting trophy hunting' isn't something I see myself doing ever, really. Unless I quit gaming entirely I guess, but I don't really see that either. I only play games I enjoy also. If I start a game, and decide I don't really like it all that much, I won't force myself to 100% it, or even finish the campaign. I don't force myself to buy DLC to maintain 100% on the game either, the base game 100% is enough for me. Unless the DLC looks really good, then I'll definitely buy it. I think a lot of people have placed trophy hunting as their 'Primary' task when playing a game, and personally, I couldn't do that at all. My 'Primary' task is just to play the game and have fun. Getting 100% completion is something I have always done and like to do, but it's definitely secondary.