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  1. AMA

    I'll ask the obvious first question, how many hours?
  2. Double or triple tapping triangle will skip over weapons to allow you to quickly switch to weapons that aren't the next one in line.
  3. I'm only like level 12 and i've already fought a couple bosses. The main ones being Shiv, Mouthpiece, and Gigamind. I've also encountered a couple bosses in sidequests like a guy named Killavolt. Yeah, they don't seem to give out many elementals at the beginning of the game, but I've been finding bunches on the second planet. This is something they did in other BL games too though, just to a lesser extent. This I haven't really noticed personally. You might have to start prioritizing clip size over other stats if it bothers you. As far as the maps go I can't weigh in too much yet, but yeah what i've seen so far is fairly bland, hopefully it livens up in a bit.
  4. GoW for me as well. God of War God of War 2 God of War 3 God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta God of War: Ascension God of War (PS4)
  5. So, why so many players recently? I bought this game on release day and really loved it. I was kinda sad to see that it had an abnormally low player count here on PSNP at the time (I don't think it even broke 1000 players). I know the numbers on here don't represent the gaming community as a whole, but I really wanted this game to perform well so that the Darksiders series could continue, and there was almost nobody playing it. Today there is almost 3000 players listed. I don't recall any new updates or expansions to the game, or seeing it on sale or anything, although I could be unaware of one or both of those things happening. Anybody got ideas?
  6. Haven't downloaded it yet, but it looks good. Glad to hear other people are having fun with it, I'll have to try it this week.
  7. 162 in August of 16 it seems. I think mostly due to me storming through the GoW games at that time?
  8. Is this a Rata game? Sites say dev is Snout Up
  9. I enjoyed what I did get to play of the first PS all stars, and would totally be down for another one. The first certainly had it's shortcomings and hopefully they could improve it with the sequel. I would hope for more characters personally, despite the inclusion of a couple greats that missed the last battle (Spyro & Crash). I see a lot of characters missing that were in the first game, and I think some to most of them could come back. They could have Cole and Delsin in there, instead of just Delsin. Sweet Tooth should still come back too. Last Twisted Metal game sucked and who knows if it'll ever come back but it was still an iconic series. Sly Cooper too.
  10. Shadow of the Colossus. I feel like this game is my answer to a lot of topics like this on this site lol. But nevertheless, it's true, I've played through SotC more times than I can easily recollect, and it's still amazing. Played the PS2, 3, and 4 versions and will continue to play it many many more times before all is said and done I'm sure.
  11. I have an off and on subscrip to psnow so thanks for this. Interested in a few of these.
  12. DLC

    Cowboys VS aliens for sure. Like Red Dead Undead it wouldn't be canon, but would be fun. Other than that, the first RDR remastered. People kept bringing it up when the game was new and it made me want it so bad. Probably won't ever happen but I still want it to.
  13. It's always disappointing that Aquaman gets relegated as "the fish guy". Dude has a sweet set of powers, abilities, and privileges. Control over water, super strength, super durability, magic trident, commander over the armies of atlantis. And the fish communication can be used to summon stuff like giant squids, megalodons, the Kraken, and even micro organisms. That last one is way more powerful than it sounds. *sigh* poor guy.
  14. I'm gonna start hiding random trophies now for sure lol.
  15. Mixed for me. I play online most of the time because I like the message system, and the occasional co-op or pvp. If I find myself in a high traffic area and I'm getting invaded and killed too much, I'll drop into offline mode for a bit to get through the area.