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  1. Don't get me wrong, I can agree that the reputation it has is exaggerated, and have even been known to make that very same point myself a couple times. All I'm trying to say is that I think theres a wide range of opinions on how hard people think these games are. For example, you said: I would disagree, I would consider them a decent amount harder than games like Call of Duty and God of War. But that's my opinion mostly, your experience may differ. You actually specifically mentioned why I personally consider Soulsborne harder than other games in which I have died a similar amount of times. "The emphasis the game puts on death." Not in advertising or story or any of that, but actual effect. In some other AAA titles these days, sure I might be dying a lot just like Souls, but who cares? The checkpoint is 40 seconds behind me, all the consumables I used are reset, and there are literally no adverse effects from repeatedly dying and trying again. Hell, some modern games actually crank the difficulty down if you die too many times on a specific part. In Souls, I have to worry about how far the run from my last bonfire is, I have to worry about the souls and possible humanity that I have left (or lost), I have to worry about having less health due to not being embered etc., I have to worry about spreading Dragonrot, and every consumable I used before that death was completely wasted. Freaking Sekiro even starts spawning aggressive spirit enemies in some areas if you have died a lot Personally, I think that people don't just "feel" like they are failing more when they die in these games compared to others, I think they are failing more. In other games a death means basically nothing, in these games it has impact. I apologize if I came off somewhat aggressive, It's been a weird day and as someone who almost quit playing Bloodborne due to the difficulties I had in Central Yharnam, I felt somewhat attacked when it seemed like you were implying I was lying about my opinion on the difficulty, and I really shouldn't react that way.
  2. so which am i then? i consider the games quite difficult, am i just bad at video games? or am i lying about the difficulty to try to impress people on the internet? your previous comment implied i should be one of the two... and just cuz "hundreds of thousands" (you got a source for that number?) of people can beat the game doesnt mean it isnt hard, it just means people are determined. Less people have beaten much easier games, and more people have beaten harder games, because there are many many many more factors that affect how many people beat a game. How hard it is, how fun it is, how well it was advertised, who made the game, and a bunch more, so that's a useless point to make really. "dying once or twice" see, this is where you start to sound like mr "i-dont-think-soulsborne-is-hard-bow-to-me" again. A lot of us died much more than once or twice. If you're so elite and impressive that you die only once or twice on every soulsborne game, cool for you, but a lot of us died many more times than that. I died dozens of times through most Soulsborne games. Like I said, you can have your opinion about the difficulty of the games, but that doesnt mean everybody who does consider the games hard is trying to lie about the difficulty to impress somebody. A lot of us just genuinely think the game is difficult. sorry if that doesnt match up with what you think of the game dude but thats the way it is. I don't understand that mentality at all "I don't think this game is that hard, everybody who says its hard must be lying to impress anonymous strangers, because they couldn't possibly have differing opinions!"
  3. That's easy, only two rules: 1. Only buy games that interest you. 2. Don't force yourself to keep playing something you don't want to play just for trophies.
  4. @JohnCenaSong- There's always gotta be that one dude "Dark souls isn't even that hard, I didnt even die while playing it." You must be so cool! you don't even consider Dark Souls hard, you must be just the most bestest ultra supreme gamer ever! There. Is that what you wanted? If you don't find the games hard then cool for you, but to go around saying that everyone who thinks they are hard is either bad at video games or just trying to stroke their epeen is extremely douchey. I've played and completed all kinds of games, including CoD games, but i still consider Soulsborne to be a pretty darn difficult game series, harder than probably 80% of other games coming out these days imo, so i guess I must just be super bad at video games or lying to impress people on the internet? Difficulty couldn't possibly be subjective, could it?
  5. ah, i see, that makes sense. so now that his issue is fixed my profile will go back down then, correct?
  6. My profile shot up 1000 places in the last day, and i did not have any trophies missing from my profile, i know this to be a fact. Inactivity doesnt impact anything (as far as i know) i just assume they are inactive based off the fact that they were not self-updating their profiles like the active trophy hunters were. Given, there's other reasons why they might not care to update their profiles but this was my guess.
  7. A large amount of the profiles that werent updating are probably inactive, so when they finally got updated it added a lot of inactivity to their stats which dropped them way down. At least that's my bet. Edit: looking at this now that it's not as early and I'm more awake I'm realizing that your profile being inactive and your profile not updating would basically mean the same for your leaderboard position. Woops lol my bad.
  8. The leaderboards, profile updates, and trophy rarity are a large percentage of this websites functionality, so it's not just an "odd thing" that doesn't work, it's one of the primary features of this site. Just because you and a minority of site users like yourself don't care doesn't mean it doesn't need to be addressed. If I buy a convertible car is it ok for the convertible top to be broken just because some people never use it?
  9. Both the South Park games i think would be tolerable with one hand. Both games have turn based combat and an easy pace.
  10. aww how cute ill check em out after i get off work for sure
  11. Are we choosing from stuff you already have on your profile or literally anything?
  12. Knack - the crystal relic trophy is definitely RNG
  13. according to that web page you can call, live chat, tweet @askplaystation, or use the Playstation support forums. Personally i prefer the live chat.
  14. That's actually not a bad sale. Jak, Spyro, Crash, Prototype, Batman, Dark Souls, and Darksiders would all be great, but I already own most of those. Might do Crash, Prototype, and Batman though.
  15. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream - Full album