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  1. PS1: Spyro the Dragon PS2: Shadow of the Colossus PS3: Infamous PS4: Bloodborne Sony exclusives have been consistently amazing over the years, no doubt about that.
  2. I haven't played in quite some time so take this with a grain of salt, but that sounds like a bug to me. Troop deployment has been notoriously buggy since the game came out. I'm not sure if there is a place to send feedback and submit bug reports, but if there is, you should report it.
  3. Well shit. Crown sniping Lunastra is proving to be impossible.


    Something has changed since Lunastra first came out, because GamingWithAbyss's crown videos for Lunastra no longer work. I have had one much smaller than the small crown he shows, and still no crown.


    On top of that, Lunastra is crazy aggro, and instantly starts attacking the moment she sees you. I keep getting dropped off by my wingdrake directly in front of the Luna, so I don't even get time to equip my ghillie mantle.


    I guess I'm just gonna have to start killing them all or something.

  4. Well, the magic of bitching on PSNProfiles seems to have worked, I finally got my large crown Scarred Yian Garuga. 

    In actuality though, what helped was reading the Youtube comments on Abyss's large crown Yian Garuga vid. There were a lot of people there saying they got the gold crown when their monster wasn't as big as the one in the vid. I lowered my bar for which ones I would kill, and voila, large gold crown. I had killed one before that, based off the left leg, was even bigger, but it only gave me a silver crown. So I just think the left leg measurement is slightly inconsistent, or the ground I was using wasn't as level as I thought it was. Either way, on to my last monster, the dreaded Lunastra.

    1. MidnightDragon


      It usually does sooner or later.

  5. What the actual fuck is going on with large crown Scarred Yian Garuga. I'm so close to the Iceborne platinum, but I still need the crowns for Scarred Yian Garuga and Lunastra. I found the small crown for Scarred Yian, but I can't for the life of me find the large crown. I swear I have measured 100 of these things, if not more, and no large gold crown sizes. I've only found like one silver crown even. Absolutely crazy, I don't understand it.

    Scarred Yian Garuga is just the Tempered version of Yian Garuga anyway, so it's bullshit that it even has separate crowns. Thank goodness you don't have to get crowns for all the other monsters Tempered versions.

    1. danceswithsloths


      I've seen like 84 friggin small crowns though, of course.

  6. The guide for the Monster Hunter: World base game platinum says 300 hours to plat, and that is very accurate, based off of my experience. The Iceborne plat is a similar amount of time, based off of my experience. Which means 600+ hours across both games to get both platinums, just like M-C83 said. For me, it's actually been a decent amount more. My recorded playtime for both plats is 665 hours. And I've actually done a fair amount of save scumming, both for deco melding and crown hunting, which means that I probably have another 50 hours of playtime (or more) that hasn't been recorded. Now, I definitely think this could be drastically decreased. For example, when I did the base game plat, Iceborne had not released yet. I believe if you started the games now, you could simultaneously work towards the Iceborne and Vanilla plats, which could cut a lot of time. From what I understand, Iceborne came with some 'starter' armors and weapons that were made to help you through the base game, so that could save a lot of time, instead of having to farm and craft gear periodically, like I did. You could probably also completely skip out on deco farming, which I did a fair amount of, and just work with the decos you get. These things, combined with simply being as efficient as possible with your time, could definitely bring that time-to-plats way down. But 200 hours for both plats still sounds very low to me.
  7. Thanks! That does sound somewhat frustrating for 0. No item box, with the classic RE style? I'll definitely have to look up some vids and stuff of it before I make up my mind.
  8. Frozen 2. The movie theater near me is pretty strict about cell phones, talking, etc. so I love going, and go see movies in the theater regularly (outside of a pandemic that is...).
  9. Finished the Resident Evil 3 Remake for PS4 yesterday. Was a lot of fun for sure, but not as good as the 2 remake. So far I think 2 might be my favorite. I have heard great things about RE4 though, so I am very excited for the remake. I'll be doing some backlog clean up for a bit, but I'm thinking about Revelations as my next RE game after that. Played it on my 3DS when it came out and really liked it so it should be great. Or maybe 0? is RE:0 good?
  10. I just recently completed this games plat, and had no crashes at all. None after the slayer gates, or anywhere else. Base package PS4. Hopefully all the problems have been fixed so everyone can enjoy this game, it was a ton of fun.
  11. I also think it looks really good, can't wait to try this one out. Co-op is actually a good thing for me, so I can play with my friends.
  12. Oof, a few games on this list that I have been wanting to check out... Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Sinking City, Greedfall, and Dead Cells. Backlog is getting pretty full right now though lol.
  13. Got my first tattoo finally fnished about a week ago! A full Shadow of the Colossus half-sleeve, featuring some stone structures from Gaius (Colossus #3), colossus fur, the major sigil, and Wander. Gonna get the upper arm done eventually to make a whole sleeve, my tattooer says he can't wait to add to it.


    Finally got to remove the second coating of Saniderm today, and get some pics:








    1. charxsetsuna


      Looks awesome 

    2. Mayellie


      Wow! I recently played SOC. Much like your tattoo, it was awesome! :) 

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Looks cool

  14. I just play games I think are fun. If i think the game is fun enough, I'll plat it also, it helps me get more bang for my buck out of my games and makes me explore content that I may not have otherwise.
  15. Shadow of the Colossus. Already platted it twice, and gotta say: Some others I would definitely plat again: Spider-Man PS4 Bloodborne Dishonored games Infamous games Prey Borderlands games God of War games Darksiders games