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  1. it removes games and trophies based off the rarity, not stacks. but it does indeed remove games.
  2. yes it does. it removes trophies and games.
  3. lol wow. nope, not me. how often does that happen to you?
  4. glad to hear it'll be back up sometime soon
  5. does it? i forgot about that. hopefully that means good things for the future of KH3
  6. Dream Drop Distance has NG+ but that's the only one i think.
  7. in case you are still looking for suggestions, or in case anybody else stops by this thread for suggestions, here are all the games i platted through PSNow Asura's Wrath Borderlands Darksiders Dishonored God of War God of War II God of War: Ascension God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta Ico Infamous Infamous 2 Shadow of the Colossus
  8. well, on my final attempt i killed all the vultures with one cannon, the one on top of the ship. it's a little tricky but you can actually kill all the vultures in the level with this one cannon, and thats when the trophy finally popped for me. idk if that is actually a solution though, or if i just got lucky after attempting it so many times.
  9. Got a new job as a software Quality Assurance tester yesterday, and i am so pumped!


    finnally moving in a direction i wanna go, and my new break room is amazing! it's got a bunch of Nintendo consoles hooked up to a tv, arcade cabinets, and free food.

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    2. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      I think the first 2 weeks at a new job is always the hardest.  You have to learn how to fix the scan/copy machines and stuff like that!

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Best of luck! That's the kind of dream room I want. My employer is working on trying to get a ping pong table and other stuff put into the basement, but we'll see. They've been talking about it for the past year and a half. I've thought about putting in a switch at work (when someone else mentioned it), but I'd probably get praised by few and complaints from many.

    4. ee28max



  10. I'm pretty happy with the game as it is, but i would be very interested in any post game content involving a Coliseum, Critical difficulty and NG+, or more secret bosses. hell, the secret bosses could be in the coliseum, that's where sephy was in KH1, and the Ice Titan.
  11. those are definitely not PowerPyx's videos...
  12. oooh good point, i'm a big fan of secret bosses.
  13. i was also disappointed that there wasn't a coliseum. there have been talks of possible DLC. personally, im hoping for a free DLC with critical difficulty, a coliseum, and more mini-games added to Hundred Acre Wood. wishful thinking for a lot of that (especially the free part) but still.
  14. really great vids, helping a lot
  15. my pre-order was supposed to come in the mail today, but now its been delayed... im not happy.