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  1. I accidentally overwrote one of my save files in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Long story short, you have to have 3 save files for 3 different characters to unlock the final chapters of the game. After 100%ing the first characters save I moved to the second, and as soon as I reached the first save spot muscle memory took over and I overwrote my 100% save for the first character. I don't quite remember why the ps plus cloud wasn't able to save me from repeating all that gameplay, but for whatever reason I was unable to recover my save, and had to do it all over again.
  2. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne I keep coming back to it and working on it a bit before I go on to other things, I'll get it eventually.
  3. I've found many guides on this site to be extremely useful and helpful. I've also found a couple with errors or incomplete information though, so I could understand your frustration. I really enjoy the formatting of the guides on this site, so I usually prefer these guides. Plus they update with my trophy list, and reflect which trophies I already have, which is nice. Like MMDE said, feel free to leave comments on the guides about incorrect info or whatever, I've seen lots of fixes come through as a result of just a quick comment on the guide.
  4. There's been a couple but the biggest surprise for me has gotta be Steep. Didn't ever really have it on my radar, but I played it using PSNow with a friend of mine, and was surprised at how good it was. I've always liked snowboarding games, and the other sports are pretty fun also.
  5. I mean, I would assume nobody commented because nobody knows how to fix the problem. We can't just come up with information we don't have. So, yes, seriously, not a single word. Because none of the words I had would be helpful, so I didn't comment. Try deleting your game data and download it from the cloud. Doubt it will work.
  6. I mean, it is coming back.
  7. Not currently, I'm gonna do RE6 and RE3 plats next. Maybe I'll come back for the DLCs at some point
  8. Got the RE5 (PS3) platinum today. There was some stuff I liked about this game, but overall I enjoyed it far less than the other REs I've played so far.
  9. Gosh, it's hard to even remember... Home: Sega Genesis Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Wii Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 4 Xbox 360 Portable: Game Boy Game Boy Color Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS XL PSP I think that's everything? As well as various family computers that I have used to play games over the years.
  10. I really loved the PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus, so if this anywhere near as good it should be amazing.
  11. I always buy the physical version if I can. The few games I have purchased digitally I kinda regret now, and I am heavily considering buying a physical copy of one of them just so I can have it.
  12. One of my top 2 games that I wanted a remake of. Demon's Souls and Red Dead Redemption.
  13. There are plenty of forums on the internet that let you know someone has been banned. You attempt to visit their profile page and it says something like 'This user has been banned'. I've literally never seen anything bad happen due to this system.
  14. Gotta agree with Shadow of the Colossus. One of those pieces of media that just makes you feel... different when it's over. Sometimes you finish an incredible book, and you just have to sit there for a while and take it all in. Some truly great movies can also have that affect. Shadow of the Colossus does that to me every single time. My post history in these forums is slowly just becoming me fanboying about SotC all the time... What can I say, I truly love the game.
  15. It's more than worth that price in my opinion. I've played the hell out of this game on PS2, PS3, and PS4, and it was worth the purchase each and every time. My favorite game, and truly a masterpiece. The controls and camera can be somewhat tough to deal with, but I never had as much of an issue as many people claim. They really aren't that hard to get the hang of. There is indeed a story, but it's very vague. Practically nothing is outright explained to you, and many, many, things are left unanswered. The graphics are beautiful and the world feels mysterious. I consider the gameplay fun, although many consider it boring. Puzzle solving and boss battles are my favorite parts of video games, and the colossi combine both of those.
  16. Kingdom hearts games have the hardest bosses I have fought. Dependent on which difficulty you fight them in of course. The KH3 ReMind data battles are brutal on critical.
  17. I have had late-synced trophies 2-3 times in the last 4 years. May not be very regular in your opinion, but it's regular enough that many legit gamers would be breaking any 'no late-sync' rules, and would not be allowed the 'priveledge' of being on the leaderboards.
  18. If you scroll back over these comments I see a very large amount amount of them saying some variation of: 'Late-sync on it's own, without any other evidence of hacking, should not be flaggable' So I feel like most people figured it out pretty easily honestly.
  19. Yeah, the discussion was originally about whether late-syncing brand new trophies is flaggable without any other evidence of hacking. Overwriting clearly hacked timestamps and claiming it is a late sync is not the same thing. The original hacked timestamps obviously fall under 'other evidence' but hey, why care about that when being petty and spiteful is so much more useful? What an incredibly childish response.
  20. Oh, gotcha, yeah I think I may have gotten a little confused as well... sorry, it's a long thread. Probably a good sign I should stop posting in here lol, I've said my piece and so has the community I think. I also ran outta Karma to give for the day, I don't think I've ever done that before, another sign that I've spent too much time in here.
  21. That's all fine and well as long as they actually allow flags to be lifted or remain on a case by case basis like that. That sounds like the logical solution to me. It certainly sounded to me like that would not be happening under the new rule though, and that all accounts which are in violation would remain flagged. Perhaps I misunderstood, but when someone says 'case by case isn't really a good solution' that tells me they are more in favor of a blanket rule that would not be evaluated per individual case. Yup, and as I stated above, I'm just not so sure that it would be lifted if this new rule were created.
  22. But these flags wouldn't ever be lifted is what I am saying. They would be valid flags under the new rule. Regardless of the player's habits, or how clean their profile is, the blanket rule would make the flags valid, and the flag would remain, because it has been specifically stated that evaluating each late-sync flag on a case-by-case basis is not a viable solution:
  23. But it has been specifically stated that a case-by-case basis like that is not an acceptable solution.
  24. So, what you are saying is that the current case by case system is 99.99% accurate, so why do we need to make some blanket rule?
  25. It is exactly the case here. You can try to run your mental gymnastics all over the place if you want, but you are accusing somebody of being guilty of cheating without any proof, and expecting them to supply evidence that proves their innocence.