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  1. I enjoyed the 140 hours I've put into the game but I'm done with it outside of events with guaranteed/high chance crowns. I like to feel like I'm making progress towards some goal at all times when I'm playing a game and relying on the RNG makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.
  2. Great post. Another example for me is while I'm OK with the idea of something like "Mein Leben" in Wolfenstein 2, the game wastes your time by making you sit through all the story sequences again instead of having a speed run mode where you can restart gameplay instantly after a failed attempt.
  3. Even though it's on PS3 Mortal Kombat 9 deserves a mention since it has one of the worst trophy lists out there mostly due to one trophy. "My Kung Fu is Stronger" is the most pointless, grindy, made to keep trophy hunters from trading in the game trophy. Monster Hunter World also has a pretty bad list with too many trophies dependent on luck and RNG. I will somewhat agree with the person who mentioned Burnout Paradise Remastered. I'm happy you don't have to grind through everything like in the XBOX version but they could have put a bit more effort into the trophies especially the names and tiles. Others mentioned that I agree with: Last of Us Star Ocean 4 Dark Cloud 2
  4. According to the press release from December that's linked below, Immortal Throne is included. Strange though that they wouldn't include trophies related the expansion especially when they had plenty of room for more trophies. 30 bucks for only the base game would be crazy.
  5. THQ published the game back then and it was developed by Iron Lore. Iron Lore is no longer around but several of the devs went on to from Crate Entertainment who developed Grim Dawn which uses the Titan Quest engine. I'm assuming the console version doesn't include the Ragnarok expansion which came out on PC at the end of 2017? I have the Anniversary Edition of the game on Steam but not the expansion. I'm probably going to get the PS4 version at launch to show some support for the genre but I'd certainly get it if it has the new expansion.
  6. I'm surprised there aren't more trophies since the Steam version has 88 achievements. At least the Plat will be a lot easier and less time consuming than getting all the Steam achievements since you don't have to beat Legendary will all classes and without dying.
  7. I think I'm going to wait for it to hit $20 this year. Got last year's at launch and played it a good bit but with Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5, I'll be pretty busy the week this comes out.
  8. I played MVP 05 quite a bit as well. The Show really picked up where MVP and High Heat left off though so I recommend giving the series a go. Anyway, the RTTS trophies look pretty simple in this game. Making it to the big leagues as both a pitcher and position player will take a bit of time though.
  9. I'd say about a 3/10. The hoverboard trophies are a bit tricky but it's fairly simple otherwise. Don't recall how long it took since I played at launch.
  10. Just read on the dev's website that the PS4 version won't be out until March 20th in the U.S., March 15th in Japan and an unconfirmed date of March 28th in EU. A bit disappointed since I was hoping to play through it before Ni No Kuni 2.
  11. 5 bucks? I was expecting it to be $3 like 36 Fragments of Midnight so I'll wait for a sale on this one.
  12. The game comes out March 8th. Heard they were giving the new version for free if you own the original so I grabbed it for a few bucks during a sale. Looking forward to giving this "remaster" a go.
  13. Yeah, I've started using them wherever possible but it's still a pain. Anyway, Black Diablos was really tough at first but now I've learned to sheath my weapon and start running as soon as it burrows if I don't have a Screamer Pod.
  14. I guess I'm a moron then since I'm actually enjoying the game outside of the food and water levels decaying too quickly.
  15. Anything in the Coral Highlands since you have to climb the equivalent of fucking Mount Everest to chase something or get back after you've fainted.