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  1. So has anyone actually received a refund yet? Been a few weeks since I submitted my request and the game is still in my library with no refund.
  2. You can grind the first enemy in the Roxxon West base for both trophies. Do a wall/ceiling takedown on him, restart the checkpoint, rinse and repeat.
  3. For anyone that's gotten a refund from Sony, how long did it take? I put in for mine 3 or 4 days ago and the game is still in my library.
  4. Put in for a refund for my $60 purchase on PSN. The performance is fine on my PS5 but it does not look good and all the bugs and crashes kill the immersion. I'll rebuy it when I see it for a good price but I probably won't try to play it again until the actual PS5 version comes out.
  5. Thanks for the guide. Helped me get the Plat!
  6. I'm playing it on PS5 and I'm torn over whether or not to get a refund. It runs fine but the crashing is troublesome. Might refund and pick it up again in a month or two when crashing at least has been patched. I think they should have just cancelled the last-gen versions because at some point they had to look at the state they were in and say "Yeah, if we release the game in this shape, there'll be trouble." Sure, they lose a lot of sales but their rep wouldn't have taken the huge hit it has. Digital Foundry said they're not sure how much better the base console versions can even get. You can only hammer a square peg into a round hole so far.
  7. Sure it wouldn't have made sense financially but it would have been the right thing to do once they realized how shitty the game was shaping up on last-gen. They should have at least delayed the last-gen versions again until they could get them running acceptably. I don't think they would be taking as much heat for that as they are now.
  8. The PS5 version will be free for everyone that has the PS4 version. Wish they would have concentrated on current-gen versions and sacked the last-gen versions since that is fucking stone age tech at this point especially when a game is not built specifically for it. Guess there was too much money to be lost by excluding all those PS4 and Xbone owners.
  9. This is probably going to end up being my GOTY. It's just a joy to play.
  10. It most likely will when they release the actual current gen version.
  11. I think somebody posted this earlier but it looks the worst in PS5 when you look into a mirror and your character looks very blurry and low res. The worst part is that this happens automatically in like the very first scene in the game so I got a bad impression right out of the gate. It's far from unplayable to me at least though. Once I got past the initial shock of the visuals, I came to start enjoying the game even though I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't crash or I run into a progression blocking bug. I've only had one crash in about 5 or 6 hours of play at least. Speaking of mirrors, I don't get why your character is suddenly nude when you look into the mirror at their dwelling when they are still equipped with all their gear. On the other hand, I took all their clothes off and while the character was nude in the inventory screen, they still had their clothes on when exited back to the game and looked down. 😆
  12. I can ignore pop-in for the most part unless a car suddenly appears in my way and messes up my progress (this happened in Watch Dogs Legion) but when a game is below 30 FPS on a consistent basis, then it is basically unplayable for me. I would not be pleased right now if I was stuck with the base console versions especially after CDPR's recent comments that were already quoted here. I'm playing on PS5 and I'm considering shelving the game until the full-on current gen version is released or at least wait for another patch or two since I already earned a trophy and don't really want another 1% game on my profile. It runs fine to me on PS5 and looks decent for the most part but the crashing and glitches are concerning.
  13. They should've scrapped the last-gen console versions when they realized they weren't going to be able to get them running acceptably on ancient tech. The resulting PR couldn't have been as bad as what they're seeing now.
  14. Is there frequent loading? A minute of loading for a save is acceptable but if that kind of load time is happening often it'll be a problem.
  15. I was hoping for a trophy for the hardest difficulty actually. Could still be one of the hidden trophies though since those aren't confirmed yet.