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  1. Don't lock them out of finishing the game, sure, but the Platinum trophy is another story. Not everybody is going to be able to do everything and some can't accept that. I know I will never get the Mein Leben trophy in New Colossus, Platinum Super Meat Boy, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc. and I'm fine with it.
  2. I am fine with an invincibility mode making a game more accessible but it should disable trophies. Thoughts?
  3. Well these games aren't going to get me to renew Plus. Plague Tale is good but I already Platted the PS4 version.
  4. Been waiting for this upgrade. Bought the deluxe edition at launch but didn't play much due to life events so I'm excited about finally playing through everything on PS5.
  5. All 4 people that have played the game thus far have that trophy so I wouldn't worry.
  6. This is exactly the kind of game that benefits greatly from 60 FPS since there are a lot of fast-paced action scenes that require more responsive controls on the harder difficulties at least. Something like Until Dawn or turn-based games are the only ones where I would choose fidelity over performance anymore.
  7. Glad I'll be playing this on Series X. Should be easier to find randoms for the co-op since it's on Game Pass. I, for one, actually like that you're playing as pre-made characters especially since they're some of the biggest names in the D&D universe. There are six difficulty levels so you can probably come back to difficulty 3 and 4 and do them easily without dying with high level gear.
  8. That's true but I think it would have great for this game because it wouldn't have been hours and hours of boring busywork. Now 100% on Biomutant? No thanks.
  9. I'm fine with paying $70 to show support for high quality single-player games. There will be sales down the road for those that aren't. The trophy list is lame though. This is one game where I would have liked trophies for 100% completion and finishing on the hardest difficulty. I'm still playing on Resistance Leader difficulty because I didn't want to sleepwalk through the game.
  10. Well, Returnal's Platinum is highly dependent on luck AND skill so what takes you 25 hours might take somebody else 50 or more. I do agree on your second point though. 10-20 hours of fun or 50+ of bloat ala AC: Valhalla? I'll support the 10-20 quality Plat any day. I plan on taking my time with game so I'll probably end up in the 15-20 hour range.
  11. How many hate messages did you get along the way? Lol
  12. Exactly the way to approach it instead of AFKing and potentially affecting somebody else's enjoyment. Yeah, this list sucks so why even bother if you're just going to be AFK for most of it.
  13. So I'm assuming the clunky aiming is related to the reportedly poor performance on consoles? Looks fun but probably going to wait for a patch or two.
  14. The Xbox achievements have been revealed. Same as the challenges on Switch as expected.
  15. Not just this year. Is there a legitimate reason why any devs would choose not to include a Platinum trophy in their game, especially one that requires such intense grinding? Sure, the percentage of players that care about trophies is small but why not appease them when the rest of the players won't care either way.