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  1. At least you could see the shards on the mini-map after a "ping" in that game.
  2. I would lose what little is left of my sanity if I tried to find 350 shards using an external map. I don't think I'm going to get this Plat...
  3. Christ this game is buggy and not only the trophies. The guy that was throwing himself into the force fields in Chapter IV glitched out several times forcing me to reload and waste my time. Also had problems with dialogue not playing properly. I might put this on the shelf until it gets a patch.
  4. ???

    As a PSA, there's no way to change the camera controls so you're stuck with moving the right stick to the left turning the camera right and vice versa. I'm getting used to it but it would have been nice if they'd added the option to change it for this remastered version.
  5. I wouldn't mind some collectibles that you could go back and get via chapter select like in Life is Strange. However, I don't want to have to slog through a Telltale games multiple times for the Platinum.
  6. I fully expected this to have the bare minimum of trophies with no plat considering his attitude towards them.
  7. Makes perfect sense to me if somebody has both consoles and is building their profile on both. Go for the version that adds to your profile the most.
  8. This one totally flew under my radar. Had no idea it was by Volition and single-player only until today. Probably go ahead and pre-order since Best Buy is offering a $10 gift card as a bonus.
  9. Yeah, I got the leaderboard trophy today as well as the one for beating a call-out. Most of my challenge leaderboards are empty as well but there were several people on the Cavern Tour wingsuit course and I was able to beat somebody for the trophy. Sent an easy call-out to myself from my other profile and luckily it showed up in my inbox so I was able to get that trophy too. All the online trophies are done now thankfully.
  10. Thanks for the tip. Some of the other frenzy challenges also seem almost impossible to do as intended.
  11. I imagine it will. Seems like most Japanese games that make it over here have a separate list instead of just translating the Japanese trophy descriptions. Anyway, went ahead and ordered Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS despite my misgivings about handhelds. Looks like they've made some nice quality of life improvements to the game plus I doubt it will ever come out on PS4.
  12. At least it has a Plat but I would like more than 15 total trophies. I wasn't too impressed by the gameplay videos I saw so I think I'll wait for a deep sale on this one.
  13. The problem's on the 3DS. I couldn't get into DQ9 as deeply as I did DQ8 on PS2 because I really don't like playing on handhelds. I guess they are fine for quick gaming sessions while you're waiting on something but I don't want to play 100 hour RPGs on them. Hell, I'd pay $40 just for a straight PS2 on PS4 port (with trophies of course) of DQ8.
  14. How active is the MP? I was thinking of reinistalling the game and going after some of the DLC trophies now that it's free.