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  1. This reminds me of the Saturn launch except nobody wanted one of those. 😆
  2. Well the product page still says "Pre-order" instead of "sold out" so I'll keep clicking for a little while longer. 😀
  3. Leave it to Wal Mart to arse things up. Got one in my cart at Best Buy but can't check out...
  4. They say tomorrow then surprise launch the pre-orders....garbage.
  5. Wish Sony would require all games to have a Plat like MS requires 1000 achievement points.
  6. The lesson here is don't play on a difficulty higher than you have to. 😀
  7. This reminds me of Wolfenstein everything in the game yet you still have a ton of otherwise pointless grinding to do for trophies. I will not be going for level 100 unless major changes are made and I don't get why anyone without a 100% profile at stake would even bother. That's just too much life wasted.
  8. One of the Legend challenges requires playing 100 multiplayer matches...
  9. Those are only high because you can save scum. It felt really good to get those Plats legitimately. One game that I am surprised has a relatively high Plat percentage is Resident Evil 2. I will probably never get that Plat because of "A Small Carbon Footprint". Trophies like that are just super tedious to me and I can't be bothered.
  10. Road Bustle and My Name is Mayo have Platinums...but not this?
  11. Thinking about playing this but before I start, are crashes still an issue? Lost a good bit of time from a corrupted save in Lego Force Awakens so I don't want to go through that again.
  12. I haven't looked at the secret trophies so pardon me if the answer's there, but are there any multiplayer trophies?
  13. I am fine with difficulty-based trophies but no missables is a trend EVERY game should follow because worrying about missables will sap the fun right out of a game. That said, I am looking forward to a relatively stress-free experience with GoT because I badly need something like that right now!
  14. Can't wait to dig into this and get my mind off life for a while.
  15. I was mostly into Xbox Achievements until I found this site which is much better than the achievement sites in my opinion. Still will go after them when I do play something on Xbox. Steam achievements are pretty much worthless for the reasons already stated. If I do play a game on Steam I will keep them in mind but I don't pay them as much attention as I do trophies or Xbox achievements. Another negative for Steam achievements is that there is no sound when you unlock one. Hearing the sound when you unlock a trophy or Xbox achievement is a big part of it to me.