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  1. I think Rise was a little better but I enjoyed Shadow well enough. I can say for sure that the 100% game completion was less of a hassle in Shadow. I remember having a hell of a time getting back out of certain areas in Rise during my post-game collectible cleanup. Bought Shadow at launch but waited to play until now due to the initial bugs so the game being on version 2.0 may have cleared up some of the issues you all had. Still have to do a Deadly Obsession run but hopefully playing through everything else including all the DLC first will make that a smoother experience.
  2. Death Stranding is my GOTY but Sekiro is a close second. Glad it won.
  3. Kingdoms of Amalur Demon's Souls Heavenly Sword (with trophies this time)
  4. Maybe we can compile a list of easy timed missions. I still need 3 for Growth of a Legend. I'll start... There are two from Mountain Knot City to the Doctor which can be completed in a minute or so using ziplines. The Film Director to Lake Knot requires a truck but can easily be done within the "gold" time limit. Also good for grinding delivery time ranks since you get a massive amount of likes. Two from Lake Knot to the Elder that can be done easily with a bike and ziplines set up to get you to the Elder.
  5. I actually enjoyed the game up until the story was finished. With no real direction in post-game though, it got boring quickly and I gave up on the Plat.
  6. I hate lists like this. Sure, there are a bunch of golds but I'd much rather have a mix of 50 or so trophies since most of the fun of trophy hunting to me is the actual unlocking of the trophies.
  7. I know for sure that I only built a bridge and safe house for the related story missions and still got the trophy when I finally built a timefall shelter.
  8. True. How close you have to get a vehicle to its destination to unload it is something that needs to be addressed as well. I left something for the First Prepper on the ground outside his shelter seemingly further than I had a truck to somebody else's shelter and the delivery terminal registered the package on the ground but not the cargo in the truck.
  9. That is sorely needed because I am convinced people troll by leaving trucks parked in front of entrances.
  10. These two are close to killing my desire to get the Plat. Why couldn't they just join the UCA right away so I could set up zip lines immediately...
  11. The option to manually arrange the cargo would be nice. Not a big deal normally but cargo orientation does factor in on certain items and auto-arrange doesn't take that into account. I know you can offload cargo and put the things you want to be vertical in first but an easier way is what I'm looking for. Definitely agree that the BT warning animation needs to go after a few times or at least be skippable. I kind of wish BTs would disappear completely. I just wanna make my deliveries!
  12. Maybe you already did this but since you didn't mention it in your post, don't forget you can lower the difficulty. I tried round 3 solo on normal a few times then lowered the difficulty and finished it in one or two more tries.
  13. There is some grind with the 250 towers trophy plus the intros and win poses but it's not that bad really. I couldn't be bothered to get the MK9 or X Plat (well, 1000G for X since I played that one one on Xbox) but I enjoyed getting all the trophies in this one. The game is a lot of fun so I say go for it.
  14. Zeffo was the worst to me but Dathomir wasn't far behind. No clue why the devs didn't include, at the very least, fast travel back to the ship. Would have shaved quite a few hours of wasted time off the Plat.
  15. Just finished the story and I really enjoyed it for the most part. The sliding controls are pretty bad and going back for the collectibles isn't very fun (except for Bogano, I did enjoy getting them there) due to no fast travel though.