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  1. Off the top of my head... Guilty Gear X BlazBlue Transformers Devastation Ys VIII Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
  2. Yeah, going to play blind the first time through and hopefully there will be some guides up by the time I'm finished.
  3. I was kind of expecting this game to not have a Platinum. Now if Ritual of the Night doesn't have one, I will be disappointed.
  4. The Four Kings boss fight on NG+ is harder than anything in Nioh's Platinum to me. That's where I hit the wall when I played DS on Steam a few years back. Probably get the remaster when it's on sale and give it another go but $40 is a bit steep.
  5. Glad there are no online trophies. My friend is excited about this since he loved Top Spin but I'll have to play it myself at his place before making a purchase.
  6. You can still back at the $28 tier to get Ritual of the Night and Curse of the Moon. Probably be a bit cheaper than buying them when they come out.
  7. Exactly and if they do add a trophy, I won't even bother unless they up the damage on both ends or do something to make it less of a slog. I actually think the balance of the game could use some tweaking across all difficulties except Easy, especially at the beginning. The Souls games are a good example, in my opinion, of balancing difficulty vs. fun. Played all of them and none ever felt like a chore because while most enemies can be a threat, you aren't spending five minutes or more killing a handful of trash mobs.
  8. I got maybe a quarter of the way through the game on Hard then dropped it to Normal. Now I like a fun challenge as in the Souls games but this game was starting to feel like a slog since the average trash mob takes way too much damage to kill on the higher difficulties. Wasn't even going to raise my blood pressure by trying Give Me God of War especially since there's no trophy.
  9. You'll have to start from the beginning in the unlikely event they add a GMGoW trophy. You can't switch to or from that difficulty in the middle of a game.
  10. This happened to somebody else on another forum as well. Going to put this one on hold until it's patched since there also seems to be a bug that can cause you to lose all money upon closing the application and restarting.
  11. Knock her out of the air while she's charging it with an axe throw or Atreus' arrows.
  12. Hopefully dropping the Ego level to its lowest will make this more manageable.
  13. Yeah and I let my Gold expire a while ago when I became much more interested in trophies. Hopefully PS4 and PC will get a launch discount at least.
  14. EDIT: Nevermind, forgot you can't drop the difficulty once you've started Give Me God of War.
  15. Winning a championship at Ego 80 and a single game on Ego 99 with standard teams might make this a tough Plat.