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  1. The Cyber Ninjas would have to be DLC since we know all 25 characters in the game at launch. Pretty sure that's not Fujin by the way...watch it again.
  2. Right. They saved the best for last because that trailer was amazing. My hype level just went through the roof.
  3. Yeah, I like a challenge, I love Sekiro for example, but Outward ends up being more tedious than challenging. It turns into a running simulator later in the game once you have good gear since you don't really have to fight anybody outside of quest-related battles and surviving is not difficult. I can live without quest markers and not knowing where I am on the map but no fast travel almost kills this game. There really aren't enough worthwhile quests so unless you like exploring places just for the hell of it, you're going to be doing a whole lot of running to get to your next objective which can usually be finished in less time than it took you to travel to it.
  4. MK9's trophies were just stupid and probably were created by someone who hates trophy hunters. MKX was much more reasonable outside of the Invasion bosses which were about as much fun as ramming your head into a brick wall over and over. As for MK11, I don't trust NRS to give us such a seemingly easy list. Everybody thought Injustice 2 would be easy until the requirements for Cat Fight were discovered.
  5. Played through NG+++ and never got bored. Beating bosses again felt as good as the first time. Playing through 4 times makes the skill grind much less boring as well. I grinded out what I needed in NG+++ in an hour or two after getting all 4 endings.
  6. Good to hear as it's a great game that deserves to do well. I'm already itching for the next From game.
  7. Played this on Steam when it came out in 2014 and while the trophies are technically easy, they're tedious. Here's an achievement guide for the Steam version. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=958654091
  8. Gotta say the worst one for me is Shellshock 2: Blood Trails on the 360. Just an awful, awful game. As for trophies, Virginia and Little Adventure on the Prairie stand out. Even though Little Adventure was poorly designed at least it was over quickly and I actually enjoyed it more than Virgina which was just a slog from beginning to end.
  9. Yeah, doing that now on NG++. After quite a few failures, I think I mostly have a grasp on their move sets except for when Isshin covers the area with fire and does a bunch of slashes. The range on the throw they both do is insane as well.
  10. I'm in the minority I know but after I finished route A, I had no desire to continue any further. The gameplay just wasn't that enjoyable to me and the story wasn't compelling. I would even say that I enjoyed the gameplay and story much more in the original Nier, which I played on Xbox 360. Might go back to finish Automata someday though if for no other reason than to get a relatively easy Platinum.
  11. The game is actually pretty fun despite the jank and glitchiness. Just got Tower of the Elephant with somebody using the admin panel but I'm going to try for the rest of the trophies without it.
  12. Ah, ok. I read that you don't get it after the Shura ending. Might do that one during my current playthrough then so I can grind at Fountainhead in NG+++ like you did if necessary.
  13. Yeah, I figured it would be best to save that for last since you don't get Kuro's Charm for the next playthrough after the Shura ending.
  14. I enjoyed the game so much, I decided to do a separate playthrough for each ending instead of the cloud saves. Finished up NG+ for the Purification ending yesterday and I'm about halfway through NG++ for Return. Seems like this will make the skill point grind a bit more tolerable as well as long as you make sure you just leveled up before taking on a boss.
  15. My favorite boss has to be Sword Saint Isshina. It's overwhelming at first but once you figure out what he can do and how to counter, it becomes an epic and intense battle. Just beat him again on NG+ and I feel as proud of myself as I did the first time I beat him. What a game. Guardian Ape is probably second especially with that second phase that nobody saw coming.