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  1. Had to vote multiplayer (especially co-op) but speed runs aren't far behind.
  2. Looked on Steam since the game has been out longer there and found some tips: 1. Hire players with high brain damage and low brawling. 2. Put all players on a starvation diet which makes them more likely to die on the ice. 3. Repeatedly bumping into your own goalie is the fastest way to start a fight which is the only way players can die. 4. Player deaths on both teams count towards the trophy. Got the trophy in my first game of a new franchise using those tips.
  3. Glad I'm not too worried about completion percentage because I'm not going to spend another 60 hours for 2 trophies.
  4. Any tips for this one? The rest of the trophies are straightforward and fairly easy albeit somewhat grindy.
  5. Thanks for the vids. So what do you think of the game, Rubhen?
  6. I still think Ash will be in the game. Nearly all of the other characters from the datamine have been confirmed so I wouldn't be surprised if that post from Campbell was just a smokescreen.
  7. No ghost related trophies in this one outside of beating a friend's time which you can self-boost with a second account. This is probably easier than Transformed but still challenging.
  8. I don't think legendary mods improve the performance over the standard mods or at least it doesn't show in the stats if they do.
  9. How would you compare your experience in the beta to something like Diablo or Path of Exile?
  10. There's probably never going to be a drone map that will work for everybody unless the game is patched. I used the map linked below to locate places I hadn't found on my own and I thankfully ended up getting the last drone I needed at one of the last places I hadn't discovered. The map is missing a few spots I had already discovered but I believe nearly everything is on there.
  11. Just finished off the cars needed for the trophy at Underpass. Thanks to both of you!
  12. Reviews are good enough for me to keep my pre-order. ACG is one of my most trusted reviewers as well so him saying the game is a lot of fun but with a few tech issues on consoles was encouraging.
  13. Same here especially for single-player games. Gotta show them some love so we're not stuck with just battle royale games in the future. Still working on Days Gone but I pre-ordered Rage 2 from Best Buy this morning. Helps that they're offering a $10 reward cert with the pre-order.
  14. That's the one boss I never felt like I had much control over. For Sword Saint, Guardian Ape, both forms of Owl (to name a few), I got their movesets down and always felt in control afterwards but not Blazing Bull or his counterpart in Fountainhead.
  15. I can see how playing games you don't really want to play all the time for trophies could wear somebody down. I decided to stop playing games just for trophies that I wouldn't have played otherwise since I have plenty of other games in my backlog that I do actually want to play someday.