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  1. I feel like you should have to complete the story on "Action Mode" and finish all of the major content in the game (side missions, befriend all amigos, etc.). Grinding out every minor objective would be a real slog though.
  2. Oh I haven't bought it since 2017. Only thinking about it this year because of the current gen upgrades and a friend wants to play.
  3. Should be some kind of rule against having the same trophies in the same series year after year.
  4. At least this game has offline play thankfully.
  5. This is one of those games you just play and get as many trophies as you can until it stops being fun. Anybody that's worried about their percentage should play on an alt.
  6. Right. I'm planning on getting one, maybe two, softcore characters through Hell then calling it a day. Too many other games coming
  7. Achievements are live on Xbox featuring... Level 99 with a hardcore character Complete Hell with all classes Obtain a Stone of Jordan Collect 20 ears (PVP) Equip a complete set Acquire a unique item from gambling Defeat 10,000 enemies Pick up 1,000,000 gold Obtain the Standard of Heroes (Pandemonium Event) Yikes Full list linked below...
  8. Far Cry 3 Classic's trophies weren't on the server until after release if I remember correctly. At this point I assume we'll be waiting until launch to see the D2R trophies.
  9. Yeah that is lame. If you have to beat the game to unlock a difficulty it should be designed for NG+ where it's still challenging even when you're fully upgraded so you don't feel like the previous playthrough was sort of wasted.
  10. I would bet on trophies for getting at least one character to 99, completing Hell mode, the Pandemonium Event and at least completing Normal on Hardcore. I'll be very surprised if they do go the easy route with this one.
  11. Still waiting for the return of the activity feed from PS4 and a friends' trophy leaderboard similar to what Xbox has.
  12. Anybody else play this on TEN back in the day? I remember topping the leaderboards in axe kills only to be overtaken by boosters. I reported them though and reclaimed my rightful spot on the throne. 😆
  13. I just wish I could filter out all the shovelware trophy lists from the site. I've just about given up looking at the New Trophy Lists section because there is just so much garbage to sort through.
  14. I have nothing against developers wanting to make their game accessible to everybody BUT at least one trophy should require not using the "crutch" to complete the game so people can't use the God Mode here or say, Psychonauts 2's invincibility mode to get the Platinum.
  15. Hopefully there are no issues with the trophies/achievements in this game because I need to play something that works properly after that buggy POS The Ascent.