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  1. 33 trophies including a Platinum.
  2. They're not needed for the Platinum at least.
  3. I recommend starting on Nightmare to save yourself a playthrough since I didn't find it particularly difficult. Money and healing items are not hard to come by.
  4. Thanks. I was paranoid about missing anything since I won't have time for a second playthrough with Persona 5 Strikers releasing soon. Just have boss rush left now for Platinum.
  5. For some of the character notes that list says "at the end of chapter 9". I am right before the final boss and I'm not getting the cutscenes. Should I defeat the final boss first?
  6. Be glad to get a chance to play D2 again with modern controls on a controller. The original controls are just too archaic for me to go back to now. Just hope there are no trophies that require co-op.
  7. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the UI either. I like that it feels "new" but too many things were removed or changed for the worse. The worst thing they did though was change the trophy sound. I cannot hear trophies pop 99% of the time on PS5. Kind of pushing me back towards Xbox for multiplats because that "rare" achievement sound is music to the ears.
  8. Reminds me of Overwatch with the "do this random thing with this character" trophies. Looked fun in the State of Play video so I'll be giving it a shot next week.
  9. So has anyone actually received a refund yet? Been a few weeks since I submitted my request and the game is still in my library with no refund.
  10. You can grind the first enemy in the Roxxon West base for both trophies. Do a wall/ceiling takedown on him, restart the checkpoint, rinse and repeat.
  11. For anyone that's gotten a refund from Sony, how long did it take? I put in for mine 3 or 4 days ago and the game is still in my library.
  12. Put in for a refund for my $60 purchase on PSN. The performance is fine on my PS5 but it does not look good and all the bugs and crashes kill the immersion. I'll rebuy it when I see it for a good price but I probably won't try to play it again until the actual PS5 version comes out.
  13. Thanks for the guide. Helped me get the Plat!
  14. I'm playing it on PS5 and I'm torn over whether or not to get a refund. It runs fine but the crashing is troublesome. Might refund and pick it up again in a month or two when crashing at least has been patched. I think they should have just cancelled the last-gen versions because at some point they had to look at the state they were in and say "Yeah, if we release the game in this shape, there'll be trouble." Sure, they lose a lot of sales but their rep wouldn't have taken the huge hit it has. Digital Foundry said they're not sure how much better the base console versions can even get. You can only hammer a square peg into a round hole so far.
  15. Sure it wouldn't have made sense financially but it would have been the right thing to do once they realized how shitty the game was shaping up on last-gen. They should have at least delayed the last-gen versions again until they could get them running acceptably. I don't think they would be taking as much heat for that as they are now.