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  1. I just thought the mission structure was poorly designed. I get that your average gamer probably just wants to do the main quest but doing side missions as you go should not make the story quests a joke. I mean there is something wrong when arguably the hardest boss in the game is in a fairly early side quest. It all works out for trophy hunters but I was a bit disappointed that I was almost always overleveled for the main quest because I was doing side quests as I received them instead of waiting for Mayhem Mode.
  2. Pretty poor design when you have to skip the side missions to make the main quest give relevant rewards. Anyway, you don't even need to touch Mayhem mode for the Platinum. Do all the side quests as you go as well as the circles of slaughter/Erdian proving grounds and you will most likely hit 50 before you are done. I did at least.
  3. Really liking this game so far. Always feel like I'm making progress somewhere so no time is wasted like in some roguelikes/lites.
  4. The only story related drone module I had to reacquire in NG+ was the Starfish which comes fairly early in the game. Even if you missed something, you don't have to do 2 full playthroughs unless you don't use a backup save for the ending choice.
  5. Server shutdown could certainly be a possibility especially after Eternal releases in March.
  6. Every item might not be there but you can Google any missing item to find out who it's best to give to.
  7. Met him at Cloud 9, asked for his help, met him later at the Cathedral and sent him on a mission, met him again later (after he appears in the world) and told him to go home, finished the Cathedral and met him at the comic store. Maybe it glitched on you which wouldn't be a surprise from this game.
  8. I finished the Cathedral then stopped at the comic store on my way back to the next story area and he was there.
  9. Worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip.
  10. You only get a notification for receiving the weapon when you complete the quest. The armor just appears in your inventory if you followed the steps correctly. FYI because this scared me for a second.
  11. Wasn't a big fan of the first game mainly due to the controls and camera. Looks like this game is the route they should have taken from the start.
  12. Finishing Highball's quest at Cloud 9 only got me a weapon. I obtained the Spark Enlightener Beam module from cutting an enemy's limb but unfortunately I can't remember exactly which one. He will shoot an electrical beam at you though so it's fairly easy to figure out the enemy you need. Also, I got the GAIA Laser from the enemies that are stuck in nanite in Gideon's Rock. Do you get it anyway via story progression?
  13. The ones stuck in the nanite die as soon as you cut off their arm no matter how weak your weapon is so you can't pick up the arm first then kill them. I did find one statue enemy after the plot event but it does not respawn. I looked over that area pretty well and wasn't able to find another. Hopefully it gets patched to work properly so you just have to kill one with the Gaia Lancer.
  14. Well the trophy is just for finishing A dungeon in co-op so perhaps it's something that could be quickly boosted. I don't like co-op trophies either but hopefully this one won't be much of an obstacle.
  15. It's missable because the enemies that break out of the statues are not there after a major plot event. Different enemies take their place and you can't get the trophy from them unless I am missing something.