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  1. Yeah and it's a pretty bad time to release a game like this among all the AAA titles this month. Elex would do a lot better I think if it was released in the Summer. I know I would be more likely to give it a shot if new games were few and far between.
  2. I think it would be more fun if they designed Classic Mode so it was still challenging with a fully upgraded character. As it stands, fully upgrading everything is pointless outside of the trophies since you can't use any upgrades on a harder difficulty. The way Classic Mode works now seems like doing a SL 1 run in a Souls game. Yes it's challenging but there is a difference to me between a fun challenge and challenge that is akin to banging your head against a brick wall.
  3. So are enemy placements/numbers different on Nightmare/Classic compared to Survival? I think I might wait for a guide with suggested save spots before even attempting
  4. All that matters is you played well enough to get the trophy! I'm not sure if I even want to attempt this mode. I don't mind a challenge but I don't like the potential for so much of my time to be wasted if I happen to die after not saving for a while.
  5. The inability to upgrade is what will make this a real bitch. Sounds like Classic Mode is way too much for my blood pressure to handle so I doubt I'll be getting this Plat.
  6. I wouldn't call it "unforgivable" but that was the only part of the translation I took issue with. Sure, it's not perfect but outside of the food description mixup, the translation had no impact on my enjoyment of the game. If anything it added a bit of unintentional humor to the game. How can you not chuckle at "That big hole might be an important location for Dana."?
  7. I still need to finish the first game as well even though I've had it on PC since launch. Probably wait on this one instead of just looking up the ending to part one.
  8. Ok, I thought maybe that trophy wasn't for what we originally thought it was. Probably going to shelve the game for a while until they get things sorted out with trophies and the crashes. A dev posted on the Steam forums that they are looking into the way the XP works so hopefully it will be patched so your backup characters get some XP at least. As it stands, I'm planning on sticking with the 3 starting characters once I get back to the game.
  9. I've had at least 5 crashes in just under 10 hours of play with the game installed on my Pro's internal HDD. I was wondering the same thing about "Go On...". I noticed you have the trophy now so when did it pop?
  10. Top 3 in order... 1. Dragon Quest XI 2. Monster Hunter World 3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (only reason I bought a Switch)
  11. Hard mode is a joke if you save it for NG+ and couple it with the trophy for beating the game twice. Now to decide if I want to do it all again after spending 133 hours on the PC version.
  12. I'm considering picking this up anyway after watching some videos despite the trophies. Hopefully there will be an on-screen timer available for the speed run. That should be mandatory in any game with a speed run trophy.
  13. A speed run trophy is a good way to kill my interest in a game I'm on the fence about. Pretty much the unholy trinity with a speed run, limited number of deaths run and finish with no upgrades. A no upgrades run is worse than limited deaths to me since playing that way is about as fun as banging my head into a brick wall.
  14. I enjoyed Knack but I think I'm going to wait on this one. Need to finish a few games up before two big RPGs drop the week of the 11th.
  15. Wonder if there will be 3 ranks for every type of positive hole-out. How many holes-in-one or condors are we going to have to make...