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  1. Do bosses respawn during the same run? A dev said that the first time you enter an area it spawns enemies that are your level+1 and they don't scale. If bosses respawn you could go back when you're way overleveled and kill one easily without taking damage.
  2. How hard do you think the trophies will be based on your time with the game? I'm not a big fan of co-op unless it's like Monster Hunter where you can do one mission at a time with randoms so your comments about solo play have me a bit concerned.
  3. I don't think Tim Schafer was involved with the making of this particular game. The lead designer is the guy who also did Headlander which I enjoyed.
  4. Didn't know it was Double Fine until recently. I like roguelites where you can unlock things permanently for future runs so I'll probably be pre-ordering.
  5. Thanks for the video. You can also grab the offensive augment in the crate up there in the hiding spot to make it go faster.
  6. Yeah, it's a pain especially since he can one shot you right after the cutscene before you can even move if you're standing in front of him. Love the game overall though.
  7. Hell is really not that much harder as long as you have good weapons and most or all of the power cores.
  8. I mean I would have even taken New Game+. At least replaying the game and getting the mission rewards again would have sped up the process and made it feel less grindy.
  9. There are some discrepancies between the trophy list on the PS4 and the one this site. For example I just beat the Beverly Hills level and got the right trophy on the PS4 itself but the trophy list here has me getting the trophy for the Phoenix level. Also the trophy listed here as "Fake News" is called "Next Question" on the console list.
  10. I'm not sure if I even want to go back to this game if and when it's patched. The loot is very boring until you get to the endgame and ARPGs live and die based on the loot.
  11. To anybody that has looked at the secret trophies, is there a trophy related to Maniac difficulty amongst them or are they story related?
  12. All I can say is that Tokyo RPG Factory puts the minimum effort into their trophy icons.
  13. Sounds like the dude should have bought Little Adventure on the Prairie and a bunch of Ratalaika games with the money he spent on RDR 2.
  14. I enjoyed Platinuming this game for the most part but yeah, not going back for these new trophies.
  15. I got several crowns via events but lost interest in the game before there was an event for every monster. Not a big deal since I don't need to Platinum every game and I'm going into Iceborne fully expecting to not want to dedicate enough hours to get its Plat either.