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  1. Took me 52 hours and 24 minutes to unlock all the achievements on Xbox. Played through the story blind then used the guides that are out there for cleanup.
  2. I remember importing Vampire Savior and a 4 MB RAM cart back in the day for Saturn. Not into 2D fighters as much anymore but I'll pick this up on sale especially since there are no online trophies.
  3. That is the one thing I'm hoping for the most. Otherwise, this is easily the best news of the year. #1 most anticipated game now by far. Now if only they'd boost the console versions of Dark Arisen to 60 FPS.
  4. Hard Pass must be glitched then because what else could it be. I've already done a blind playthrough and one with a walkthrough to save everybody. Not going to bother with another one until a patch and/or definitive solutions for all the remaining trophies/achievements.
  5. Just finished my first playthrough on Xbox, replayed the last chapter to try different choices and used the newly unlocked Death Rewind after a death only for it to send me back to chapter 1 with no more chapter select. Chapter select didn't work that way in Until Dawn so I have no idea why they changed it.
  6. Did they ever give Aloy a quick recovery after getting knocked down? If not, Ultra Hard would be stroke inducing for me after raging at her just lying there on Normal.
  7. Times like this make me glad I don't have a 100% profile to protect. 😆 I'll get the eventual DLC and try to get all those trophies but I doubt I ever go for these related to NG+.
  8. Man, one thing is game needs is an instant recovery move in the skill trees for when Aloy gets knocked down. She is SO SLOW to get up most of the time which can lead to getting stun locked. Very, very frustrating...
  9. I wish they would add a hard difficulty option, where dying matters, to Lego games. I like the humor but they can really become a boring slog since many of them take a good while to 100% with little to no challenge.
  10. I found Maliketh harder than Malenia for my build (Blasphemous Blade +10 + Mimic Tear+10 or Black Knife Tiche+10 at level 150ish). His stupid DoT plus flying around arena like an acrobat had me more frustrated than any other boss. Malenia can be knocked down repeatedly with the Blasphemous Blade's weapon art as long as she is on the ground which can lead to her getting trapped against the wall and stun locked by you and your summon. Plus the weapon art heals you every time it hits giving her a taste of her own medicine. I would actually put Malenia at third hardest behind Radahn as well. Cool concept but an annoying fight. I left him and leveled up quite a bit before finally taking him down. Placidusax was the best boss to me. Looks badass plus it feels like it can be beaten by the average Souls player without summoning ashes which is rare in this game.
  11. One that stands out to me is Darksiders 2. Had to keep track of my progress using a text file on my phone. Very tedious...
  12. I'm playing mostly blind on Xbox occasionally Googling things I come across. No way am I going to ruin my first playthrough by following a guide every step of the way. I'll check out the guides when I get to NG+ and beyond.
  13. That's a good question actually. Don't see a PS5 version in the store but the game is listed as "enhanced for Xbox Series S/X" on the MS store. I might get PS Now for a month to play the game if it's a native PS5 app but I'll wait for a sale on Xbox otherwise.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. Hopefully it's the start of PS Now catching up to Game Pass.
  15. From what I played of the network test, the exploration in Elden Ring felt organic and exciting like BotW instead of being a map marker game. The Horizon games are more map marker games but they're two of the better ones to me.