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  1. Glad to hear this is a pretty easy Plat. I do not need any more stress right now in my life!
  2. Especially now since I work at a grocery store.
  3. 4am- 415 5am- 613 6am- 767 7am- 706 8am- 963 9am- 1,033 I work 10pm-6am overnight and sleep from noon-8pm. I also keep the same sleep schedule when I'm off.
  4. I played the first game on Steam and it felt nearly impossible without a guide. The obscure puzzles that required extensive note taking or the use of the aforementioned guide sapped a lot of the fun out if it. I still kind of enjoyed it but not sure if I want to bother with the sequel.
  5. The poor performance is what killed any interest I might have had. Felt like it was running at sub-30 FPS with a lot of jank.
  6. Played the 360 version when it came out and I can honestly say I liked it more than Automata.
  7. Exactly. I am fine with hard trophies but trophy lists that require you to have your head stuck in a guide lest you miss something are not fun.
  8. Instant loading easily. So much time is wasted staring at loading screens.
  9. There is at least one side mission with an NPC ally that is really short so you can grind that if needed. I was playing every side mission as I went and when I played the aforementioned mission again, I got the trophy. Can't remember the name of the mission since I'm at work but I can check later.
  10. Multiplayer trophies in a game that will probably have a minuscule player base? That's enough to discourage me from getting the PS4 version since I still have it on PC.
  11. I normally play Spear but I wasn't having much luck against Gyuki with it. Tried a few different weapons and I was able to get him within a few tries with the Axe.
  12. Not going to lie, I died 23 times to Gyuki this morning. Second most deaths were 11 to the first boss while I was getting used to the game again. Wondering how I'll fare the rest of the game...
  13. Seems like there's a decent amount of new content. Persona 5 is such a long game though and I'm not sure if I want to go through it again. It was fun for the first 50 hours then it felt like they were dragging it out for another 50.
  14. Looks like a pain in the ass, just like RE2's list. Doubt I bother trying for the Platinum.
  15. At least you don't need to win any matches to make progress towards the trophies. It still gets frustrating though.