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  1. I really don't get why the Siralim games don't have Platinums since Siralim 1 has 322 Steam Achievements and Siralim 2 has 608. Anyway, I think all games should have a minimum of 25 trophies plus a Platinum. Microsoft's decision to require 1000G was a smart business move to me. I'm sure they've gotten their cut of sales on games that they wouldn't have if there was only 200 or 400G available.
  2. Almost all of the complaints were about the matchmaking which was basically broken until they patched it. The online trophies in this game are pretty much perfect in my opinion. They get you to play online without requiring a major time investment or a high skill level. Anybody going for the trophies now shouldn't really have much of an issue since there are still a ton of casuals playing. In a few months, getting one ranked win might be a pretty tough task for trophy hunters though.
  3. I think I may have only rented the first Crash Bandicoot and I'm fairly sure I haven't played 2 and 3 at all so I'll probably pick this up at launch. I don't mind Let's Plays as long as the person sounds like a reasonably intelligent human being.
  4. Maybe just give it a few days or until they've issued a patch to save some frustration. I'd actually like to play this game online beyond Plat as well but I gave up trying to find matches earlier tonight after about 10 failures. I tried a tournament and it even set up the brackets but I lost connection again before the first fight. I was invited to a session early Friday morning and was able to play fine though.
  5. I don't recall TTT2 being too bad at launch. Now Tekken 6, that was trash for several months.
  6. Use the invincible Dodge Roll (forward, forward+R2...costs one bar of meter) or use Supergirl and teleport.
  7. Not spending any extra money for a trophy so I've been going with gear that has a perfect round bonus, a no jumping bonus and a character XP bonus then playing the Battle Simulator in the Multiverse on Very Easy. The perfect round and no jumping bonuses only activate in the Multiverse but you can optimally get 1,500-2,000 XP per match since it's fairly simple to get perfect rounds against the Very Easy AI. I've gotten Bane and Robin to 20 in around 50 matches each this way and I'm working on Cheetah now.
  8. That's most likely referring to the 10-string combos which have been around since Tekken 1. Should just require a little memorization and perhaps a bit of practice.
  9. I think the online trophies for this game are perfect. They encourage you to try online but don't require you to be a pro or spend a ton of time boosting/grinding.
  10. Haha...yeah, Jason is favorite fictional murderer so I'm surprised I'm not more excited for this game. I'll wait and see how the reviews turn out first since the dev doesn't have much of a track record.
  11. My buddy is excited about this and only has an Xbone so if I do get it, it'll be on that platform. Trying to stop starting games where I know I'll never get the Platinum because I sure as hell won't be playing 2000 matches of this.
  12. Still have my PS2 copy which I never got very far into for whatever reason. Probably still get the PS4 version when it's at least 50% off though. $21 is a bit steep for a game I already own with minimal additions.
  13. The only thing that might be considered hard is the 10 ranked wins which should be gotten now before it's only pros playing ranked. Everything else can be boosted or comes down to time and/or luck.
  14. You can get item boxes for attacking 5 times and defending 5 times per day. You get a gold box if you win and a bronze box if you lose. I assume winning while defending will count for the trophy but it's quick enough to fight low level teams anyway.
  15. You don't need Darkseid for Heathens or Spoiler Alert. Anyway, I can see the logic in waiting for a GOTY edition but personally, I don't want to wait that long for a game I really want to play. I'll usually buy a game at launch and then wait for a good sale on the DLC once it's all released if I'm still interested in playing the game then.