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  1. Reviews will start appearing on the 6th at 4 AM Pacific Time.
  2. Are collectibles less tedious in this game than BFBB? I enjoyed the moment to moment gameplay but man were some of the collectibles a pain. Ended up just not even finishing it.
  3. I played this briefly on Game Pass and found it tedious and boring instead of "relaxing" as I've seen mentioned so many times. Trying to find those last little bits of dirt you missed to 100% levels is quite the chore.
  4. Wonder if they'll patch the "quit during death" exploit. Might have to have a go at it sooner rather than later. Sucks you can't do impossible on NG+ as that was going to be my plan.
  5. I know next to nothing about the subject matter but I've still got my eye on this. I'll most likely pick it up if it's received well.
  6. I value the actual gameplay much more than story elements in a video game so I think I'd probably like this game more than most. I did enjoy the demo with the only real issues being some FPS drops and the combat quips getting repetitive but those can be turned down. The big "cringe" scene that everybody's been talking about didn't even seem that bad to
  7. Seems like a good time to finally get the game. It's $50 at Best Buy now and I can cover the majority of the cost with reward certs, NG+ is out and the trophy bug has been patched.
  8. Think I'll wait until a good sale and patches after reviews and looking through this thread. Back to Monster Hunter for now and hoping Dead Space isn't a flop.
  9. If Impossible involves permadeath, I won't be getting that trophy. Don't have enough spare time to potentially waste hours on failed attempts.
  10. I used the Bow in World but I think I'm going to go with the Light Bowgun this time. Makes it feel like a third-person shooter. 😆
  11. In these old-school adventure games you got points for solving puzzles and other tasks. I imagine this trophy will be highly missable without a walkthrough.
  12. 24 trophies and no Plat in a $40 title yet we have a million $1.49 "Jumping" games with one.
  13. I'm waiting for reviews and probably another go at the demo before deciding. I was very tired when I first tried the demo and all I remember was the main character being quite irritating. Haven't gotten back to it as of yet.
  14. Got it after about 10 or so tries after fully completing everything else except the speed run and sleeping for an hour. An annoying trophy for sure so don't burn yourself out on it right at the beginning of the game.
  15. After reading through this thread, I can't believe Stray was voted as the easiest non-shovelware Platinum on PS5Trophies' YouTube channel. I skipped over this trophy during my first playthrough as I didn't want to chance ruining my experience. Not looking forward to attempting it later...