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  1. I have the original PS2 version and also got the PS3 version for under 5 bucks but never finished it on PS2 and never started it on PS3. Probably get this version for the convenience of playing on PS4 especially since Best Buy is currently offering a $10 savings code with almost any in-store pickup over $10.
  2. I got the PS3 version for $5 during a sale and haven't started it yet either. I'll probably still get the PS4 version so I can play it without having to hook up my PS3.
  3. Totally agree. I took one look at this list after finding out it would be free on Plus and said "No thank you."
  4. Hopefully somebody will take the plunge and let us know if there have been any changes. I'm staying away if everything is the same since I still have the 360 version.
  5. That is how it seemed to me after looking through your trophy guide. Kill 30,000 enemies each with two different characters plus you basically need to have your face in a guide the whole time to avoid missables? No thanks. I put 100 hours into the 360 version but burned out way before I even came close to getting everything done.
  6. I really enjoyed this on 360 but I won't be double dipping since I know I'll never get the plat. That's just way too much time to spend on one game.
  7. I certainly don't pay attention to Metacritic user scores. The only user reviews I've found helpful are on Steam. Anyway, I am surprised they took the leap and turned off all microtransactions for the moment at least. Probably still a lot of players that have a paid advantage though.
  8. I don't give a shit about loot boxes being in single-player games like Shadow of War but allowing someone to pay to get an advantage in multiplayer is garbage. I'll see how this goes over the next few months and maybe pick the game up on sale if some things have changed.
  9. I'd rate this game a 7/10 due to the gauntlet because even if the rest of the game is a 3 or 4, you still have to get "Becomes the Master" to earn the Platinum and that was pretty damn challenging to me. Granted I don't play a lot of super hard games but Titanfall 2 was my most challenging to 100%. I can see many people not being able to get the Plat because they simply don't have the dexterity to finish the gauntlet in the required time.
  10. Yeah, it was about the missables. If I decide to get the game, I'll keep an eye out for the 3 demons you mentioned!
  11. EDIT: Nevermind, had tunnel vision and didn't see the other thread.
  12. Other than another set of lazy trophy images. I didn't get a chance to play the first Demon Gaze even though it looked like something I would enjoy. Wondering how much of a grind this one might be...
  13. Thanks for the confirmation. They are indeed quite easy on Story difficulty.
  14. Yeah, I loved this game way more than I expected to. It will be in my top 5 for 2017 for sure.
  15. Do you need the highest rank on all the Hunting Ground challenges or is bronze good enough? The linked guide doesn't specify.