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  1. So this whole COVID quarantine thing has got me cleaning up old games and I'm finally getting back to this game to get my platinum. With 3 kids under 6 I've been playing most of this via the Remote Play app so they don't see the game. As I'm nearing the end of the game there are more and more "Don't Move" sections that rely on the 6-axis feature of the DualShock4. However, neither the rumble feature nor the 6-axis feature work during remote play making it literally impossible to fail one of those sections. These sections aren't too difficult with some practice and anticipation, especially if you turn off ruble and set the controller on a table, but if you're struggling to keep everyone alive because of any of the "Don't Move" QTE's, try using the Remote Play app on your tablet/computer/phone. Important note: when using a DualShock4 via bluetooth, the touchpad also doesn't work. Luckily you can just use the "on screen" version of the touchpad to read any collectibles or get past any part that requires it.
  2. I also can confirm that it appears to be patched, I tried dozens of times with no success. It looks like they made those nitro boxes only explode when either you hit them or you hit the green "!" box. It also looks like they made the clock disappear when you try this exploit but it could have been that I mistakenly went too far away. Either way, you'll have to earn this gold relic the old fashioned way. As far as these two quotes go... I have not tried it and would be very VERY hesitant to do so. The main thing you run the risk of is corrupting your save file and being forced to do everything all over again. As far as effecting Future Tense and Stormy Ascent, you probably won't be able to play them since they are both part of patches and would probably be a contributing factor to corrupting your save file. All I can say is practice makes perfect. I highly recommend checking out All_The_Shinies on YouTube. He gets platinum relics on every single level in the entire trilogy so all you have to do is try your best to duplicate what he does and if you fail to be as good as him (which was my case) you should still be good enough for gold, which is all you need for the trophies.
  3. Thanks Craig! Can anyone else confirm who have completed more than 1 challenge?
  4. Please no spoilers on the ending I'm right at the end of my first play through, only a couple story missions left, and was trying to decide if I should do challenges first or just roll right into my NG+ play through on Survival 2. I've seen mixed things on the internet and was hoping someone here could confirm. Do the patches (and their respective buffs) earned in the challenge mode carry over to the main game/NG+ play throughs? Thanks in advance :-)
  5. I would also like to add 2 other pieces of advice as this was the level that gave me the most difficulty as well. Never just spin boxes, always hit spin at the end of a slide. This tactic alone saved me time on literally every level you aren't riding a bear or in a jet pack. Watch a video for the platinum relic time and try as best you can to duplicate what the person does. When I inevitably went slower than the guy or girl in the video, I still had a time cushion. Mad props to RedPalmTree for providing the video I used (below).
  6. If I understand how the scoring and stat tracking works in First Light, you can get the arena challenge trophies (Alpha Rescue, Alpha Survival, Beta Rescue, etc), as well as the 10,000,000 cumulative arena points, using Deslin. I used Fetch the whole time so I can't actually confirm that it works this way, but the in game messaging I saw said it would work that way. Note: as others have stated, you DO NOT need to have ever played Second Son to get the platinum in First Light, it just offers extra content (Delsin arenas) as a "thank you" for playing their other game.
  7. Awesome guides (both HoogZai and KANERKB), I've referenced them both multiple times. I would like to add that you will get the "Curie liked that" notification when you use the dialogue option during the repeatable Minutemen quests. Combining that with the Quicksave and reload trick, I maxed her out in no time.
  8. We've tried everything. She's even gone and done other quests, settlement building stuff, fast traveling, etc. with no luck. I think the completionist in her has convinced her to just bite the bullet and reload her old save and redo everything.
  9. She tried that many, many times without luck. Unfortunately it looks like she is SOL until a patch comes since she doesn't want to revert to an old save, especially at this point.
  10. Has anyone experienced a glitch in the side mission called "The Big Dig" that you get from Bobbi No Nose in Goodneighbor? I had no issues completing the quest without any issues but my wife experience this glitch and didn't want to lose all the progress she had made since her last save. Near the very end of the mission you get to a point where Mel says something like "If you have anything else to do, I suggest you do it now. Let me know when you're ready". This is at the last wall you have to blow up before you blow up the ceiling to get to the ending portion of the mission. No matter what she does she is not able to blow up the wall and Sonya is stuck inside the wall on the opposite side of the room. She's tried talking to Mel, different dialogue options and combination between the characters, clicking on the wall, attacking Sonya and shooting Mel in the head so he gets downed and then recovers (a fix suggested for the PC version). Nothing is working and there is no way to get Sonya out of the wall. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info everyone! Looks like I'll just settle for the main game until an ultimate edition or sale happens (if it ever happens).
  12. Does anyone know if the season pass works with the PS+ version of the game? I would hate to have to pay to upgrade my version of the game just to make the season pass compatible. Also, does the season pass cover ALL 19 DLC packs that are out now and everything planned for the future?
  13. I thought it would be good to post a little something to help others out if they decide to go for the platinum and run into the issues that I did. It would appear that as EA rolled out patches to re-add functionality to the game, they broke a couple of the trophies. Scouting Master - Scout every eligible region in one season in Be A GM mode. This trophy is really straight forward but if it doesn't pop at the end of the first season and you scouted every region then it's most likely glitched. There are 11 scout-able regions, including the "rest of world" region which usually doesn't have more than one player. If this trophy doesn't pop and you are 100% certain you scouted all regions, I suggest deleting the game data (not your save files) and completely disconnect your PS4 from the internet. Re-launch the game and make sure you get the message that the game can't connect to the internet and access the EA servers so that you are playing on version 1.00 of the game. Once you do that you should have no problem getting the trophy to pop. I confirmed this works as has dman87.Master Negotiator - Sign a 1st line Forward, a Top 2 Defenseman or an Elite Goalie during Free Agency in Be A GM mode. I got to the end of my first season (playing as the Penguins) and got the onslaught of trophies. Simmed to free agency to resign my players and get the two negotiator trophies. Much to my surprise, when I resigned Marc-Andre Fleury, an Elite goalie, I only got the Negotiator trophy for resigning any player. I'm still unsure of why Master Negotiator didn't pop. The work around for this trophy is to go onto the "Customization" tab at the main game menu and create a custom roster. Simply select the Ducks and move Ryan Getzlaf from the Ducks to Free Agency. Start up a new Be A GM season as anyone but the Ducks (turning salary cap off makes it easier), go into free agency and sign Getzlaf. Just keep an eye on how full your roster is, if you have too many skaters or are at the 50 player cap then he will reject every offer. Big thanks dman87 for this method!Developer - Have a player that you drafted grow to 90+ overall in Be A GM mode. For this trophy, EA patched the original exploit but you can still use it if you use the delete game data method mentioned under Scouting Master. The patch EA released forced YOU to actually draft the player and then develop them to 90+ in order to get the trophy. It's not actually that difficult to get post-patch, but it just takes longer. If you use the post-patch method, sim to the end of the season, trade for the #1 overall pick and draft Connor McDavid. Regardless of what your scouts tell you, McDavid will start at a 74 and will have super high potential so if you play him on your top line with other stars you should have the trophy this way by the end of your second season or slightly into your 3rd. If you want to use the pre-patch approach, delete the game data as mentioned above and start a new Be A GM mode as Colorado with injuries turned off. Just keep simming until you get the trophy. The reason I recommend Colorado is because they are the team who drafted Matt Duchene and he is still on their roster at an 89 overall. So it shouldn't take much longer than a season even if you have a losing record due to simming. Once Duchene develops to 90 you will get the trophy.
  14. If you are playing pre-patch, you only need 13 A+'s for the trophy and can be any mix of the main story and epilogue missions. However, BE WARNED that other trophies have been reported to gltich pre-patch (hence the patch), so I'd keep an eye on the destoying 500 panes of glass, using all weapons, using all guns and doing all ground finishes trophies. I would also advise you to be careful when trying to use the same save file both pre-patch and post as it has also been reported that it can corrupt your save file. Final note: if you have to get this trophy using a pre-patched version of this game, I recommend getting all other trophies before deleting the patch and going for all of the A+'s. Hope this help. Good luck!
  15. I think you should be fine. When I tried it out during the Beta I had no issues earning trophies but I can't speak specifically to PJM.