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  1. I did a full playthrough of this game few months back. I hope this video finds it helpful for all of you trying to complete this... bomberman clone game.
  2. The trophy list looks easy and straight forward. Yes, this is an easy platinum trophy.
  3. yes that is exactly what you need to do.
  4. I got it from standard free battle with one boosting person.
  5. You need to -> Created a room <- and -> battled <- meaning that you need to 1.) created a new public lobby or room number 2.) have someone join in or if you have a friend to join in using “Find Friend” and play right away by pressing the X Button 3.) win/lose a match then exit the lobby 4.) repeat step 1 99 times.
  6. Can someone confirm that this video helps you to get the "Lemming Leader" gold trophy?