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  1. I just did this after my first playthrough where i saved everyone. Make sure you start back on Chapter 2 and turn on Auto Aim so the game does all the shooting QTE for you.
  2. Cool content. Here's my profile for your review whenever - https://psnprofiles.com/I3rand0
  3. My go to is gathering the triangle just outside Yedihmad in Thavnair. I've been using the following macro below to automate the actual gathering which you can set in a hot bar to get 3 items with one button press. /ac "Scour" <wait.3> /ac "Collect" <wait.3> /ac "Collect" <wait.3> /ac "Collect" <wait.3> /ac "Collect" <wait.3> You can also change your item sub menu to put Discard at the top under Character Configuration > Item Settings > Subcommand Customization. This will save you a few button presses when discarding your inventory. I was also working on a inventory discard script for AHK but couldn't get it to work via Remote Play. If someone can help troubleshoot that at least that would automate some of the grind.
  4. First, thanks for setting this up for the community. Tried this with the latest script and kept getting stuck on the leaderboard screen. Once I hit ColorP1, it gets unstuck and then in a loop on replay screen where it starts the replay and then exits. The first version works great for me still so I'm going to keep using that as its been more consistent for me.
  5. I think it would be great if end users could change their fastest platinum milestone to a non auto platinum trophy. For example, my previous fastest platinum was Donut County at around 3 hours. Now it's FF 7 Remake on PS5 at 55 seconds. I'd love to get the old one back instead of the duplicate that automatically unlocked.
  6. Made the same mistake as well.
  7. Lost a 4 game streak due to Rock n Roller. There's a glitch where even if you qualify the game ends and you lose. Recommend folks skip this one.
  8. New final game is tough and seems pretty random depending where you are when the panels fall.
  9. I'm interested.
  10. Yep just did it tonight to beat Paladin. What an awful level. Shit needs more checkpoints and less mobs.
  11. Just got the Platinum. Thanks for all the help and advice that was posted.
  12. Could you move it to Fiel possibly one day so we could take advantage of it and powerlevel?
  13. Anyone having connection issues with the War server? I got kicked from a match just a few minutes ago and cant sign back in
  14. My characters are in the 60s now, how do I acquire better weapons and gear for them?
  15. What's the fastest way to make money? I'm trying to follow the fast leveling guide but hiring these uber paladins is very expensive.