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  1. Hey how are you?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AuroraSiren


      Nice, i assume you've bought and played it now, i know this is a super late reply, haven't visited this site much within the month, but what are the games you suggest for plat?

    3. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      Yeah I'm sorry too for the late reply since as soon as I've seen your reply I was very pleased to suggest you some games to plat :D 

      Don't you want to plat Fallout 4? You miss not so many trophies... And Portal Knights is a very fun and chilling game! I'm playing it and I love it even if favorite games are tps and fps :D


      Today has been released this game:




      As you can see it has two stacks (1 PS4, 1 Vita) and it also has two NA stacks. Do you have a secondary NA account?

    4. tjoe1bkhjtqxm


      Even Orc Slayer that you had plat has a NA stack, and congratulations for your trophies in Neverwinter, MMORPG are too much time consuming for me ahah

  2. Wish i could vote for 2. Mine are Red and Black.
  3. basically did everything i could on the phone version within 2 weeks, got max vault dwellers, limited time quests, no more use for rooms. Got unplayable shortly after so i will prob give it another download for free and get an easy plat.
  5. Trophy for under 10 seconds wouldnt pop until i restarted the game and do it again.
  6. Daggerfall Covenant Conqueror - The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - 1.93%
  7. Thank you! Usually a lot of people hate it 😂 Late reply as ive been away.
  8. Yes, Claptrap is a little sweetie, although i would hate to be on the receiving end of his pirate ship cannonballs.
  9. Another new claptrap shirt 😍
  10. It was some show about morbidly obese people no idea what it was called.
  11. The wolf among us
  12. I'll be buying borderlands 3 as soon as it's released and I shall have no life for the next 2 weeks while playing it