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  1. I’m confused on your wording. What do you mean you get the season pass from PS+? To my knowledge it has never been offered as a free game, so are you trying to say you bought it why it was on sale at a PS+ discounted price?
  2. The difficulties don't stack on this game, you have to play it 3 times for the 3 difficulty trophies
  3. It is very tactical and why not as hard as it looks it can punish you in an instant for a tiny mistake. Use your surroundings in this game to your advantage cause it can allow you to get upper hand. Sometimes early on it can be tough to get healing items to drop so I would recommend caution early on just charging in. This is the first game in awhile that has really caught my attention and is very addicting.
  4. Finally this crazy election cycle is over, too much nastiness and hate. I may be strong on my beliefs, but political differences should not separate us we are all gaming brothers and sisters.

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    2. awf9495


      Agreed. The smear campaigns were really ugly and I'm not sure they ended up making that much of a difference. I am more likely to vote for someone that focuses on their positives than the other person's negatives.

    3. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      ^You must have voted for neither of the two then, lol.

    4. awf9495


      Ha. You are correct. And the next president of the United States of America is...Conan O'Brien. #TeamCoco2020

  5. Here to lighten the mood for today is a nice political PSA message: "Hillary hates Weiner, but Bill likes Bush."

    1. MilanYildirim


      No pun intended.

      * flies away *

  6. Really all can help you to a point, but one that is really useful is I think it's called "Cat Food." It's the one that gives you money for every step you take ingame as long as you have it on once you buy it. That way getting money won't be as much of a drag.
  7. What the hell is going on with PSN right now? Having all sorts of problems with it.

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    2. --Deleted--


      Yup. Same here. You aren't the only one.

    3. Bucknerd
    4. DaivRules


      DNS is how the web is designed to route traffic. It's a weak point that DDOSers (I refuse to call those morons hackers) are attacking right now which takes down a whole bunch of sites, PSN included.

  8. Had a scare last night on my PS4. When I went to download the Destiny update it said it would take like 10 hours which seemed weird to me, but then it said it had serious error in system software and then reset itself completely.

  9. One is probably the Ultimate Edition that comes with game and all the DLC, but it is the same game regardless just most one comes with all DLC.
  10. I would like to join the PSNP guild for this game. i believe my character is level 24 at moment and a Scourge Warlock. I try to play daily for at least an hour. I will be on around 6pm EST (GMT -5) tonight til 3am Saturday and back on Saturday around 11am EST. My PSN ID is: Eorzean_Soul
  11. I personally think that due to our better internet capabilities and speeds here in the US are a factor. I buy all my games digital and I think in the US all though digital purchases don't rival physical purchases people here are more likely just to purchase the DLC digitally since us Americans don't like to wait! lol. Compared to EU I am sure digital DLC purchases are a lot more frequent here then over there.
  12. I would go with BallsToTheWall
  13. As of right now 305.
  14. I wouldn't play as many games that's for sure. I would have my core favorites and anything outside that bubble wouldn't get touched. But at the same time it might take some the pressure off.
  15. If I'm not mistaken I think it was only released digitally over here in North America for vita.