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  1. Hey folks, feel free to join our Discord server and add your PSN. We are providing a helpful and knowledgeable community based on legitimate players. If your looking to level/rift, get further insights about the game, hang out with us at:
  2. Hey guys! I just got this sweet game. I'm pretty active on PSN and looking for players to play. Loving this Dwarf class so far! PSN: euclideanPlane
  3. Hey guys, There are a couple of items that I am currently looking for a Enchanting Favor Channon Bolter Tasker and Theo Haunt of Vaxo w/ +20% Fire Skill Damage +[626 - 750] Dexterity +100% Critical Hit Damage +10% Critical Hit Chance Unity w/ +[416 - 500] Dexterity +50% Critical Hit Damage +6% Critical Hit Chance +15% Damage to Elite enemies Marauder's Spines w/ +8% Cooldown Reduction +[416 - 500] Dexterity +[91 - 100] All Resistance +15% Sentry Damage The Witching Hour w/ +[416 - 500] Dexterity +7% Attack Speed +50% Critical Hit Damage Harrington Waistguard w/ +[416 - 500] Dexterity +[416 - 500] Vitality +[91 - 100] All Resistance or 10% Life Marauder's Encasement w/ +[416 - 500] Dexterity +[416 - 500] Vitality +[91 - 100] All Resistance 2 Sockets PSN: euclideanPlane
  4. Hey dein-the-dragoon, How about Act 3 @ The Keep Depths? The maps are smaller, has more density in terms of objects, and good for mobility. Using a Demon Hunter with Hatred spenders like Multishot, Rain of Vengeance, or Strafe with Vault (Tumble) & Preparation with Focused Mind might be easier and on a Torment Rift; this is because you have a chance to proc Conduit Pylons to 1-hit everything including objects while Vaulting your way throughout the map. Also, if you can find gear with Movement Speed %. Having a Warzechian Armguard might also be something to consider. I hope this helps.
  5. Wow, this is top-tier.
  6. If you guys can, sign up to this master list. I'm trying to keep a healthy list of active D3 RoS UEE players on PSN. I'd figure this would be the better way of having an organized community as most Forum boards usually get archived or authors who aren't as active to manage their own threads anymore. This is also a faster way of finding people to play with who have different schedules/time zones. I usually host my sessions legitimately on PS3, that means no hacked/modified items of any sort. I also have an IRC channel here @ for my D3 group and friends, which is much more convenient than communicating through PS3's mail feature. Much more efficient and just a better system. In addition, some people do not have mics and this would be a great way to welcome all players. Our new room: My PSN: euclideanPlane Have fun guys! Be sure to spread the word.