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  1. Cool, thanks. Must have just upload to the site soon after posted.
  2. Where did you hear about this new dlc and the new trophies?
  3. Thanks for everything you've done for us Carrie Fisher. My sincere condolences go to her family and may this wonderful actress rest in peace.
  4. Overwatch: Origins Edition Trophy Guide This guide has been very helpful especially when I first started playing the game. It explains in detail methods on how to earn the trophies relating to specific heroes with clarity. Furthermore, when the guide was first uploaded it didn't have any clear methods on obtaining the 'Rapid Discord' trophy to which the guide creator actively rectified despite not needing to. A really well thought about guide that the creator tended to thoroughly both prior and after publishing (even if I haven't got the platinum yet ).
  5. Yes! I love Harvest Moon and have watched quite a bit of gameplay of this games. Can't wait!
  6. The trophy list looks relatively simple but I'm not sure on how difficult the difficulty related trophies are. Anyone have any knowledge on the difficulty related trophies? I've only seen brief gameplay and it does remind me a lot of Doom.
  7. Can't wait to grab up these extra trophies while finally being able to play as Sombra.
  8. I also bought the X8000D 49 inch through the promo code. Personally I think it runs great, especially watching 4K vids on YouTube but I can't wait to be playing games in 4K on the Pro.
  9. I love your trophy list and I love your vids man! Keep up the good work. (Even if we only get a video once a month )
  10. Oh, how I wish I could get rid of some of those damn games on my list. Unfortunately we all know Sony aren't going to waste their time on implementing a deleting system. If they did I think it would be controversial in the eyes of some. Some people think you shouldn't be able to delete at all, some think you should, some think only if the game is below 10% completion etc... I wish we had the option but it would need to be structured with rules and limitations.
  11. I've seen a bit of gameplay of this and it does look to be more along the lines of a God simulation type of game. Either way it's another pretty easy looking platinum to add to my list of easy VR plats (maybe I'd be able to chip away at my list if my VR would arrive(2nd shipment)).
  12. Congrats dude! Now I've got to wait for my golden opportunity to arrive. *Sigh*
  13. Personally I haven't seen this issue before. Perhaps it's the device you're using to pair up with you PS4? Additionally, if it isn't already, make sure the PlayStation app on your device is updated. You've probably already thought about these but just in case. Sorry to hear about your troubles.
  14. This is the first Battlefield I'm intending on picking up. After playing the beta I was thoroughly surprised at how fun it was. As an added bonus the trophy list looks pretty easy in comparison to what I've heard about the older Battlefield games. Hopefully the DLC trophies won't be too difficult or grindy though.
  15. It's sad to see that this game doesn't have a platinum. Buff it up with a few golds and silvers and bam! Just look at Job Simulator.