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  1. I came here to check if @GUDGER666 already had the platinum on Hannah Montana. "Come on, man!" - Joe Biden
  2. After seeing the trailer, I had the same reaction as Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch.
  3. This actress was amazing in her GOT role, really liked the part. The casting wasn't, though. Far from it, IMHO.
  4. "Tales from the Borderlands" (one of the greatest titles ever in gaming history, shall I say) will return to the digital stores on February 17th.
  5. Used multiple strategies & configs, still need to shave 1,5 seconds off the time. Edit: almost there, still need to cut 0,3 seconds to reach the time.
  6. A new trailer was released today:
  7. @BucketsAndBombs There you go: Also, check my profile to see more games.
  8. Well, there are still people in this world who didn't buy a PS5 yet. Some of them don't intend to buy one, too. So I think this answers your question.
  9. I don't think this is an easter egg per se (the title of the article really defines what a "clickbait article" is nowadays), but it's a nice touch and really cool anyway.
  10. It seems like it's the end of zombies as we know them, ie, season passes, multiple maps, basically hours & hours of content. Seems like the Battle Pass is a way more lucrative revenue stream for them. It's more or less like the decision Rockstar made when they gave up doing single player DLC for their games, instead focusing on shark cards & so on. It's all about the cash flow, baby. Easier, faster money coming in, with less development costs as well. Honestly, trophy hunters are less than 1% of the total of available gamers in this niche, IMHO. Such is the state of the industry nowadays.
  11. Yes, sir. I liked this game very much. The atmosphere and setting are amazing. The story is very well done, as well. Overall, the experience had me at the edge of my seat. Though it's not a classic, it's certainly a top 15/20 PS4 game, I'd say. The Bioshock series are a cut above Prey, IMHO. They are all-time classic games, specially 1 & Infinite. Go for it, you're in for a thrilling ride.
  12. Sony has over 40 million subscribers of PS Plus. But the games are "free".
  13. Based on the way they treated you as a customer, I'd just ignore them and move on to better things.
  14. If this thread could be filmed, it would fit on the "shot on iphone" meme.
  15. That's no problem, I'll just post a picture here instead: Yes, seems like you'll have to go back at the store and return the game. Also, as you probably may know, make sure the game is region 2, so it can recognize your VIP Pass (I suppose you're from UK). Yes, if you have the DLCs.