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  1. "Lucid Games do highlight that you will be able to earn Destruction Points in-game later this year but gives no time frame on that." LOL. Of course there is no time frame. Poor guys, they don't even have an idea of what they are going to do in 3, 6 or 10 months from now. Who would believe in this corporate linguo-induced narrative we've seen hundreds of times before? They will try to cash in a big way in the window release of the game. It's all in their business plan, road map and strategy. Boycott this crap.
  2. I think so. A genie-us idea, right?
  3. I was thinking of writing something in the thread, but as I had roughly a dozen posts being deleted/hidden here in the past few months, I'll just leave this and hope it doesn't get censored as well.
  4. @Slipknot_Fan007 Just follow PST.org's roadmap/guide and you're good to go. 20/30 hours for 2 runs in the story mode (Hard/Elite) 25 hours for the all MP trophies (excluding the below) 50 hours for the MP part in which you can boost alone with bots 15 hours for the coop DLC 100/120 hours in total, depending on skill. Cheers & good luck.
  5. And of course the like/dislike ratio in the video is already negative, lol. You know what everybody would love? A spin-off, single player focused on Hunk's origins and whereabouts.
  6. Can't be worse than Umbrella Corps, the only game in mankind's history where you crawl faster than you run.
  7. The Amazon store here in Brazil is selling the game on a 50% discount, roughly 28 dollars. One month after the release. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen to the arguments between the sales & marketing people in the supply chain-related companies.
  8. I don't know about "The Council", as I haven't played it yet. But I'd like to recommend you "The Sexy Brutale". I believe this game checks all the things you said in your post. Cheers.
  9. After a few days' hiatus, played again yesterday. Finally did the Battleship mission. Took me roughly half an hour of tries, then surprisingly did the following part (when you get out of the stairs) very quickly, I think in my 3rd try. It was smooth sailing from then on until the Pavlov's House mission, where I decided to take a break (didn't even start the mission, only activated the save point), and resume today. Man... I spent 6 hours and a half in that checkpoint where you have to clean up all 5 floors of the building... and didn't manage to get past it. This game is something else.
  10. You can just buy the internet and store it in your house.
  11. Another underwhelming sale. It's been like that for I don't how many months now. They put the single ("naked") and the complete version of the game on sale, but leave the DLCs/season passes at the normal price. A nice "screw you" for those of us who like to collect physical disks. Plus, 70+% of the games were on previous sales, too. Have you ever thought about how many months have passed without a single Flash Sale now? Man, Sony is really something else.
  12. Found the game for the equivalent of 10 dollars here in the country I live in. Only 2020 left to buy now. I'm planning on boosting all the F1 titles. It's gonna take dozens of hours and a lot of hard work. It will be fun and worthwhile.
  13. I don't know why, but I think this cover art is amazing. PS: this is not a picture of my game, just one I found on the internet.
  14. All of this for a virtual stamp.
  15. The Battleship mission is kicking my ass. I spent roughly 1 hour and couldn't get past the 2nd checkpoint. I just had to turn off the PS3 and take a deep breath, I was almost throwing the controller at the wall. The CPU has unbelievable aim. It shoots you through narrow spaces, doors, even when you're laying on the ground. Up till then, the Veteran run was smooth sailing for me. Took me, I think, 6 hours to go from the start of the game up to this mission. Missions like that car ride one, the airport, and even the dam were not as difficult as I thought they would be, back when I did the first 2 difficulty trophies. Damn, I can't even start imagining the trouble I'll have on Pavlov's House.