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  1. Some months ago I thought the PS3 compatibility was going to happen. Nowadays, with the way they have been marketing PS Now, including its recent huge price drop, I believe that will not happen, as they will need it to keep the cash flowing by.
  2. I've got 29 ultra rare platinum trophies, here's the top 5: Tom Clancy's Endwar (0,18%) Far Cry 2 (0,56%) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (0,60%) Binary Domain (0,71%) GTA 4 (0,95%)
  3. I think petty people are easy to identify in this thread.
  4. Indeed. And shall I say, Battlefield: Bad Company's "With my Devil Dogs" too.
  5. Well, the EA Community Manager united the thread I created with another previous one, in the process erasing roughly 30 "me too" clicks with both topics. I'd like to ask you to, once again, go on the link below and click on the "me too" button. If possible, leave a written message too, so those responsible can see there are many people with this issue. Link for the thread: new link. Thanks for those who care enough to help a fellow gamer and the community. PS: Yes, I'm fully aware that EA isn't supposed to care about its customers. Yes, I'm already trying to unlock this trophy by playing the game and hoping it unglitches. However, I think it's worth trying this to see if what can be done about it. Remember, EA left the "Catch the Bad Moment" trophy unobtainable for roughly 2 years, then fixed it.
  6. That's ok. No worries. On the bad side, I wasted like 5 minutes of my life. That's not a problem at all. And of course I'm still trying to achieve the trophy. Other people in my boosting group are also trying it, including using multiple consoles. Here's a Dice employee Twitter account, if you want to give it a try: https://twitter.com/Braddock512
  7. In communist Russia, the trophy fixes itself. Too bad we don't have this luxury. 😉
  8. Hi, I created a thread on EA forums asking them to try fixing the "With my Devil Dogs" trophy. As you already may know, and as it happened in the past too, they will only look at this if there are a sufficient number of people who also relate this problem. If you are also having problems to unlock this trophy, or if you just want to help a fellow gamer, please register at their forums (an Origins account would work too), and click on the "Me Too" button. I guess, based on past issues with this and other EA games, if we have around 40/50 "Me Too" clicks they will look at this issue and, hopefully, help us. Here's the link to the thread: link. Thanks for the help!