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  1. Just to add to HaserPL's post, you can do everything by yourself, except for the "Sacred Land" (I think that's the name of the trophy if I'm not mistaken), which you can also do by yourself, but would be recommended to get 3 more people to boost. Takes roughly 12 hours to do all the trophies, including DLC.
  2. Battlefield Hardline: getting 10,000 kills with each of the 4 classes in the game. With a well-organized boosting group of 4 people, this takes 250 hours. Think about it: 250 hours for 4 bronze trophies. Think about it: how many games would you be able to plat in those 250 hours. Now think about it: how many Ratalalalalaika games would you be able to plat in those 250 hours...
  3. Not Jake Gyllenhaal's finest moment.
  4. Translation: "you didn't write what I wanted the way I wanted, so let's erase and censor you". Such an unfortunate post to read. Get a grip. This is a public space. Edit: just to be clear, I understand you not liking a joke. That's your right. But, calling for mods to delete a post for this reason? That's unexcusable. What would be the next step? You want to control whoever is allowed to post in the threads you create? This is disgusting.
  5. Here are my thoughts:
  6. The system goes to the internet's backyard, throws a bone... ... and then the trophy list suddenly appears! (in the above gif, we see people posting in an usual "trophy thoughts" thread; others farther away are admiring the list; the guy on the left is a completionist, didn't like the list at first, complained a lot but came to terms with his addiction and decided to do it anyway)
  7. I'll always wonder why they didn't take the opportunity and remade the 2nd game too. It would be an absolutely fantastic collection/trilogy if things went that path.
  8. I think it was "Avengers: Endgame", I don't really remember if I saw something else after that. I'd like to take the opportunity and ask everybody: how is the experience nowadays going to the movies for you? I find it increasingly annoying: people simply can't stop talking during the movie, looking at their cell phones, taking pictures, etc. I used to love going to the movies, I used to go watch something 2/3 times per month. Not anymore.
  9. @woggly4 Congratulations buddy! I knew you would get it. Just last week I was thinking about this trophy, I knew sooner or later a "lucky window" would appear for those who kept trying. Well deserved! Now you'll finally fulfill your dreams of 100% all BF games. Cheers!
  10. A trophy list for the console itself is extremely hard to happen, I'd say.
  11. I don't know, but I'll make sure to get back to you when I come back from my time travel trip.
  12. There were news roughly 6 months ago saying that MW3 remastered was already done and ready to go: link.
  13. When I think about my "backlong", I fade into oblivion...