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  1. Game #6 done, 20 months after purchasing it we FINALLY completed Valkyria Chronicles 4. Man... we pushed this game back so many times... feels kind of good finally getting it done 100 + 12(B) + 20(S) + 30(G) - 21.55 - 10 = 130.45 We had 8 bronze trophies before the start of the event and they added up to 11% completion.
  2. Gotta go with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. For some reason this game kept growing on me with every single challenge I took care of, especially if you happen to have a coop partner around. It's not the toughest game in the world, but things definitely get busy.
  3. Excluding missing timestamps it would be: Jens, Practice Makes Perfect Including the trophy I'm 99% sure about being my very first one it would be: Jens, Still Practicing? So not really the biggest difference, I guess
  4. Game #5 done, just finished Ys: Memories of Celceta, my second x2 game and second Ys game as well. 100 + 40(B) + 18(S) + 12(G) - 8.67 = 161.33 161.33 X 2 + 25 = 347.66 With that my minimum goal has been reached, finishing all x2 and x3 games I've nominated. That was wayyy faster than I thought So yeah, now I'll just play it by ear I guess. It won't be one RPG after the other for the whole year, it just happened to fit into my little RPG-backlog-purge. I won't end this contest with 5 digits
  5. I can see why you did that while I was asleep, you coward! Will do! Calling you out is a little more difficult, you barely have anything unfinished on your profile, ya weirdo... But since you're strolling around like a proud goose since getting your hands on a PS5... I'll call you out doing Demon's Souls' remake on it @Briste! Not that there's a lot of other things to play on it just yet
  6. With my 8 days worth of vacation starting right now I'll start Ys: Memories of Celceta today. And once that's done my minimum goal has been reached by completing all multiplier games And I'll mix it up with... RE2... that'll be weird.
  7. Game #4 done, just finished Ys Origin. Boy howdy... that was a rough one dude... 100 + 15(B) + 18(S) + 36(G) - 2.61 = 166.39 Thanks @Cassylvania for making me suffer
  8. Game #3 done, my triple point game Tales of Zestiria. Once I decided to join this event we paused this game at exactly 10% completion (8% including DLC), so we barely avoided the penalty 100 + 37(B) + 8(S) + 18(G) - 3.64 = 159.36 X 3 = 478.08
  9. Game #2 is done, just finished Yaga. 100 + 32(B) + 12(S) + 24(G) - 11.06 + 50 = 206.94 Once more just very few platinum achievers, but as the second fastest time behind the LEGENDARY @Inuty... at least those speedrun points feel somewhat deserved this time
  10. I'm no authority on this, just dropping my two cents. If you would worry about what's in the future in terms of rarity you would never truly be done with your very own challenge in this case. It can and will fluctuate constantly, so it would never be set in stone. There could be a weird movement of completing Star Ocean 4 and boost the rarity from 1% to 8%, but it wouldn't really lessen the amount of effort it took. Just set yourself a little time frame how old a game has to be for you feeling good about counting it and then it sounds fine to me If you're sure that it definitely was UR when you picked it you picked it for that reason to begin with, so it fits the bill and should continue doing so no matter what.
  11. Yeeaahh... we might have to find a way to invite you over to a apology-drink for that one. And then give you a wedgie while you're distracted.
  12. Heee's done it! With adding Queen's Quest and Zero Escape I completed my alphabet. It only took 11 years, what can I say, I'm a born speedrunner
  13. Let's share the most heart-wrenching victory screens ever, my entry will be Cakebirds!



    I cry every time...

  14. First game done today with Warsaw. That grind at the end was more annoying than expected... but at least I'm on the board now I'll think out loud for this one just so that it's easier to spot any mistakes. That should get me used to future completions without any hand-holding. I had 6/35 trophies prepared, adding up to 18% completion. I had to adjust the rarity to me being the 13th platinum achiever, the site still listed 12. So I should get to the following result: 100 + 29 - 8,78 - 10 = 110,22 With it being one of my double point games I should get 220,44 points out of it. I think
  15. Gameplay: Crash Bandicoot 4 and Yakuza Kiwami Walkthrough: Trails of Cold Steel 4 (and my GOTY because holy crap) and Tales of Graces F Niche: Children of Morta and Moonlighter DLC: Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Kingdom Hearts 3 Formatting: Harvest Moon and Jotun Imported: BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Trophy Guide and Million Arthur: Arcana Blood Trophy Guide Original Content: House Flipper and Creaks I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I don't think I used a single guide I've voted for (yet). The only things I based my decisions on were if the guide looks like it was a pain in the butt to create or it just fits the category very well after a quick scroll-through. And... well, I'll admit it... for 2 categories I used because I had no idea what to base my selection on.