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  1. Yakuza 5 is done and gone. And because I have to pick a song now I think it will be Malta. Mainly because listening to so many samey songs is like stuffing your mouth with 30+ marshmallows. In the end it's just one huge amorphous blob... I probably forgot at least 15 of them
  2. Turns out those were a pretty good set of hands because the patch happened in less than a week. So I should be good to get this done in time, that's a nice surprise Which will be the start of the biggest challenge... listening to every single song and trying to remember enough of them to pick a favorite...
  3. I probably mentioned it a dozen of times already on this site, but I won't shy away from mentioning it again 3D Dot Game Heroes. Without the trophy list I wouldn't even have found some of the difficulty settings / different play modes. It had some challenge (that Dash Race was quite the ride), collecting swords was fun, keeping track of sidequests was fun. That's one example where a trophy list really enhanced a gaming experience 100%. You'll just have to deal with some of those songs getting burned into your brain.
  4. People say the Corona virus is contagious and that you have to watch out for it.


    But once you've heard the Don Quijote theme multiple times you know what a real virus is. That song won't leave your head ever again. Yakuza changes a man...



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    2. PooPooBlast


      Reminded me of this. 



    3. PooPooBlast


      Waiiit. You posted this when an update rolled out that removed these songs from the Yakuza series since the license expired :/.. guess this long will leave your head after all 😅

    4. Jens


      Well... it took the platinum with it apparently, so that's a bad trade overall :P

  5. Man that stupid trophy is a real buzzkill We will make a serious dent into the 100% playthrough this weekend, the grinds have started. The rest will be in SEGA's hands then, sadly. Really kills my motivation of listening through the entire ESC roster too, which is the real crime.
  6. That's an unexpected situation... Yakuza 5's latest patch broke two minigames which are necessary for the platinum and now it's unobtainable for a while. Guess it's out of my hands now if I'll have the chance to get it done. But there's plenty to do still, so at least there's that, no boring waiting
  7. Yes, same problem here. I've sent an e-mail to SEGA's console game support, maybe they'll get back to me some day. I'll let you know once it happens.
  8. With us being pretty close to the final chapter in Yakuza 5 there might be a chance. But that will be the beginning of the seriously grindy stuff... And once the (supposedly) rough coliseum grind starts I'll take that as an opportunity to listen through the whole song list. I will probably forget the first 35 by the time I've listened to all of them, but at least I'll try
  9. I'll try it with Yakuza 5, mainly because it fits so extraordinarily well. It'll be pretty rough getting it done in that time frame though because Yakuza 5 is the first beastly Yakuza platinum since... Yakuza 0 pretty much. But trying doesn't hurt, so why not? No song just yet by the way because (at the moment).
  10. I'll admit that my story won't have any value in terms of being easily repeatable, but I'll share it anyways because it'll ultimately tell you where I found it. It'll contain spoilers though, so if anyone has no clue about the story (the end especially) don't read it if you're afraid of that.
  11. Guess I'll share my experience with the trophies in that game. People seem to be quite unsure about them and my platinum is still pretty fresh First things first: Yes, the trophies are still broken. Not to a point where the platinum is impossible (obviously), but there's still a major bug happening. At some point it's like your save file is dead in terms of every single trophy. I was farming the last dungeon (roughly 17-18 hours on the save file) and NO TROPHY worked. No grindy ones (1000 machine monster kills, reaching the third floor in the tech dungeon 10 times), but neither did some super simple trophies (simply killing the fourth boss or beating the game, ignoring 20 people in your shop, buying all decorations and so on). At some unknown point the game just flicks the switch and nothing will be unlocked from that point onward. After that I cleared my save file and started my speedrun. Combined it with the two missing perfect boss kills (trophies worked), the last hit with the broom shenanigans (trophy worked, thank God) and got all the rest easily. If you don't waste too much time on strengthening your equipment and just rush from dungeon to dungeon it's kinda quick too. You can reach the tech dungeon in 3 hours very easily, even with me taking some detours. Pick a weapon and armor set you like, craft the next level and get out of there. Powering up the armor is more than enough if you struggle, that defense buff is quite strong. TL,DR: Playing casually will lead to trophy bugs, going in with a plan and some trophies in mind will still get you there.
  12. I somehow doubt that I'll be lucky and find someone who could explain it to me, but it's really not worth a topic :P


    I was farming and reaching the 1000 desert enemies in Moonlighter and EXACTLY at the same time I got the trophy for arriving at Crazy Pete's Special Place. I have no clue what I may have done to achieve it, but what is that special place? After getting this trophy for free I might never find out :D

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I never played the game, but here's a link from trophy guide. 

    2. Jens


      I've seen in the meantime that one completely unrelated trophy unlocks this one as well, for no real reason. I was almost afraid that it might look like a hacker nerd fudged the timestamps up or something like that :P


      But thanks, didn't look the actual trophy up once I saw that this is a common trophy bug. At least now I know why the trophy icon is a roll of toilet paper.... Would be a sweet milestone at the moment right?

  13. #143 Red Dead Redemption 2 Legend of the West I don't wanna talk about it.....
  14. You can still swap every single game, because you haven't declared a game yet as being finished for a certain category. Only if you did that you couldn't change that game, but before that it's no problem at all.
  15. Gotta obey the rules and announce my fourth completion right? Yakuza 4 is history, just two left baby! After Yakuza 3 being a slight drag (but still alright overall) we were afraid that the whole remastered trilogy would end being... well, just slightly sub-par overall. But Yakuza 4 took a good step in the right direction, it really got smoother overall. All 4 main characters are good, the story (although cliche at this point) does its job, so once more it was a great experience. Now it'll be another little Yakuza break before the (maybe) longest one will step up to the plate... Yakuza 5. At least Yakuza 6 will be THE walk in the park And on that note I'll leave you with the best way to learn skills I've seen in a game. Just majestic.