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  1. Platinum #211: Shing!


    Guess it's better to start with a little disclaimer, out of fairness. I bought this game blind, I only got it because the name was mildly amusing to me. I was expecting something like The Messenger or Guacamelee, Platforming + Combat. But it really wasn't, and therefore I went in disappointed from the start. That really dropped my overall enjoyment, not the game's fault though.


    It's a super simple beat'em up, like old NES games, Streets of Rage for example. You walk from left to right, beat up all enemies, continue, rinse and repeat. That's basically it, there's close to no variation at all. The game offers you two different control schemes. Using the right analogue stick for attacks - don't use this one. It's the most tedious thing ever, stick to buttons if possible! I really hope the PS4 got that control option patched in too...

    It's just very, very basic. The humor didn't land for me, it gets repetitive real fast, enemy patterns were more annoying than challenging and the combat didn't really get satisfying. But once I got my head in the game, shook of my disappointment and started focusing I stopped hating it, it was passable by the end.


    It's very short (7 levels, roughly 15-30 minutes each) and can get slightly challenging, especially in some challenge rooms. Mastering levels is fairer than one might expect. You need to beat the level quickly, while taking little damage and earning a certain amount of "battle style points". Thankfully you don't need all three at once, and you can restart checkpoints when you feel like having screwed things up. Mastering levels worried me, but I did all of them first try after beating the game. If a noob like me can do it, you can do it too :P


    Dunno. If you just want a retro beat'em up, maybe. It's on sale somewhat frequently, currently at 5$ even. If you know what you're getting into and like this kind of game you might actually get something out of it. But if you need a bit of fresh gameplay changes here and there, Shing ain't your Thing.

  2. Yeah, I pretty much did the opposite. You'll hear from me, and you'll know where to find me if shit hits the fan again dude. That's all I have to say at the moment, but a simple click on an arrow seemed too cheap to me.
  3. Well, why not. Let's see how long this keeps being fun for me :P Might be interesting to see whether my short and long term opinions on games change or not.


    Platinum #211: Darksiders Genesis


    I only picked this game because I had a bit of PS Now left after purchasing one month for FF7. I got close to buying Darksiders Genesis a few times already, but I was never sure enough. It had the vibes of a quick Darksiders-cash-grab, it could've easily been trash. That's what PS Now is for though, so I gave it a whirl and it was surprisingly decent!


    You can mostly play it in two different ways. It's either an isometric hack&slash or - in my case - a twin stick shooter. There's pretty much one character focusing on one style of gameplay. Nothing stands out immensely, but nothing was trash either (except for some late game challenges...). It's an absolutely alright gap-filler for sure. I wouldn't have regretted a purchase, at least in a sale. You do have do backtrack a bit which might turn a few people off, but I didn't mind it. It had a bit of a Metroidvania thing going, you got new upgrades to collect previous upgrades you couldn't reach. Other than a few minor exceptions it wasn't terribly long or difficult, took me roughly 35 hours to complete.

    One thing I couldn't test was coop, but I'm imagining it being pretty good. It's online and offline, and to me it seems like it'll be easy to drop in and drop out of. Doing some chapters alone, some together, simple but effective. It will also help with one or two of the tougher challenges in the game.

    The only thing I really disliked were some of the platforming challenges. It suffers from all the isometric-platforming-issues you could imagine. That could get annoying at times, but it never makes you lose much progress. And the story is mostly serviceable, after a while I barely paid attention to it :P


    tl,dr: If you have PS Now / see it in a nice sale it's worth a shot, at least if you like this kind of game. If you look for something to play with a friend I recommend it no matter what!

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    2. Jens


      @DJ__Beatroot Nope, not even close :P I had it for a year before and really tried getting a lot out of it. After 5 or so games I just stopped though. It felt like a slightly different and big PS+ library, it really caused choice-paralysis. Nothing really stood out for me after a while and I just let it expire.

      Did you ever try it?

    3. DJ__Beatroot


      No, I was debating it, but wondered if I would actually make it worth while.  There were a few games on there that were nice, but I didn't want to feel I had to play the games because I was paying for the service, you know?

    4. Jens


      Yeah, I get that. I got it on an OK discount, I think it was 45€ for one year. Those 5 games were all mid-sized, so at least I didn't feel like having burned money. That was good enough for me then, after that I took care of my actual backlog again :P

  4. I almost forgot about it, I suck!


    Congrats on getting your guide published so super quickly my friend! I'm currently hiding Cris Tales from Marcia because I can sense puppy eyes in my future once she sees it :P But now I know exactly where to find everything we'll need. Thank you for your efforts buddy!

    1. eigen-space


      It's a pretty decent game so don't feel too bad about giving in once she finds out about it 😜

  5. #23 on the board, Final Fantasy VIII is behind us now. 100 + 14(B) + 32(S) + 24(G) - 35.25 + 50 (third FF game) = 184.75
  6. Never heard about this before to be honest, guess it could have helped me too. I did play the first one on the DS when it came out but it's now been... 15 years or so? Once they started throwing in old characters I was pretty lost, I hardly remembered any side character from the original game. Did you remember more of the previous game or watch the anime beforehand?
  7. I mean... why not take advantage that @fisty123 finished it at the exact same day and the rarity staying at the exact same value. I'll just outright steal it Done with #22, NEO: The World Ends with You. 100+64 -15.31 = 148.69
  8. @eigen-space and I are currently working on a guide for Kitaria Fables. The framework is looking alright so far. Some details will have to wait for a few days though because Amazon is doing her dirty at the moment
  9. The good news is that all trophy-related enemies respawn, except for the story bosses close to the end of the game. But all of those trophies went to me without any problems, probably because the trophies were tied to quests, not kills. We did load our save file because we got scared a few times, but we later found out that we could've tried again at a later point. But yes, reloading by switching to singleplayer in the main menu and quickly grabbing the trophy is the safest way to go. We didn't find a reliable way getting the trophies on my belt, it seemed super random. We killed the Ogre Warrior 8+ times and my girlfriend got the trophy on the very last kill, super weird. Last hit doesn't work for sure, we tried that several times. Same with weapon skills by the way. My girlfriend opened the chest with the last bow skill which netted her the trophy, but not me. Reloading it was again, I opened the chest and got it. You can switch from singleplayer to coop or vice versa whenever you want, from the same save file. Your coop partner even keeps his full inventory between switches (so better not let some important stuff disappear on there ), so it wasn't the biggest problem ever.
  10. Done with game #21, we just finished Kitaria Fables. Pretty alright local coop opportunity for sure. 100 + 11(B) + 18(S) + 36(G) - 13.79 + 100 (speedrun + new game) = 251.21
  11. This is not completely true, the real issue is more confusing than that. As it seems right now player 2 won't earn any main quest related trophies (and probably upgrade ones too, didn't get there yet though), but for some reason player 2 can earn certain mob kill trophies. The bad thing is that it won't pop for player 1 in this case. My girlfriend and I had to reload our save file twice now because she got the trophy instead of me (we're only playing for my account). At first we thought that the killing blow is the decisive factor, but in our second fail she definitely stayed passive and waited for me getting the last 20+ hits. Now we noted all names of enemies tied to trophies. When we encounter one we quickly swap to singleplayer, I kill it, get the trophy, switch back to coop and we continue. Annoying, but at least it works for sure.
  12. To my bunny brothers and sisters out there!



    Farewell Star Ocean, I never want to see you and your son ever again.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Jens


      @eigen-space Sure thing! I'll check real quick if I can bring my phone with me into the padded cell I'll be living in afterwards, so we can stay in touch! :)

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  13. Go big or go home for #20 I suppose... Farewell, Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time... I don't wanna talk about it... [100 + 15(B) + 16(S) + 36(G) - 2.63] x 5 = 821.85
  14. Do I hear crying @Spacey Dweeb noises...? But yeah, great job team!
  15. This one is a 4. Now or never dude!