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  1. That's definitely not wrong if you look at it from a completely neutral standpoint. But they could've done way worse and not seeing some crazy evil trophies was a neat surprise. Ascension 15+ will be a reset-hell, but you just have to get that one run though. That's why brute force will work wonders once you get the hang of it You don't need sick reflexes or precision like in Super Meat Boy, it will be pure patience and the motivation to learn deck-building.
  2. Seems manageable. If a talking egg was able to do it so should we right? I would've been scared if they demanded heart kills on A20 or something along those lines. But without that everything should be possible with some amount of brute force.
  3. Just dropping in to mention that I had no clue about Slay the Spire hitting PS4, and it'll even be next week 😳 I'm following this game for a while no and my lack of a PC (at least one I would WANT games on) was the only thing which prevented me from trying it myself. That's out of the window now If you're up a more sensible way of card - game - combat after Chain of Memories you can check it out, it's pretty highly rated amongst its players.
  4. Play the drinking game like my girlfriend and I did. Every time they mention "Heart", "Light" or "Darkness" take a shot. By the way because of that I'm dead now and I'm sending this from the afterlife. Is it just a fight against your hunger / thirst / etc. meter or what's the main enemy in this game? Just wild animals? I don't know very much about that game, I just want to know what makes surviving so difficult Sounds like Day Z in a forest in winter.
  5. Well I'll be playing your favorite in a pretty long series of games and you're playing my favorite, sounds fair to me Even after my final KH3 platinum BBS is still the one I enjoyed the most. I guess the (almost) clean sheet in regards to the story helped a lot, it felt pretty straight forward. Just be glad that you're not playing the PS3 version. Imagine playing the game 6 times (basically), wouldn't you love that? That was quite the snooze fest, spamming Jafar + OP sleights barely helped enough to make it tolerable. And this game is the point where KH's story started teetering for me. Not really within the game itself, but how they treated that portion of the story later on, it gets so convoluted... and the grand finale didn't make it all that much better in my personal experience, but that's too far in the future for you to already start talking about it
  6. It's not that long ago when I was one of those dudes who started to skip every single cutscene if it bored me within the first 3-5 occasions. The last game where I did this was RDR (but partly because I borrowed it from my brother-in-law and he intended to sell it, so I wanted to hurry) and it was such a slog because of that. Funnily enough that's also the game which made me never do that again Because replaying it about half a year later WITHOUT skipping anything it made that game actually pretty interesting. Now I suffer through every shitty story, no matter if it's for kids like Ratchet & Clank or utter crap like FF15. I may not read every single piece of intel (like the books in Skyrim), but I watch and listen to every single story beat. Next weekend Yakuza 0 will step up to the plate (with some L.A. Noire here and there). My body is ready.
  7. After browsing through that list I think I would go with Dark Cloud. It's an OK mix with it not being super long, being something quite unique and not really all that annoying. It's not mind-blowing by any means, but if you intend to play it at some point anyways it seems like an interesting option to me
  8. I guess now it's appropriate to do a little update in here. The only iffy entry is "Tales of Berseria" at the moment, but we are literally one step away from the end boss, so.... not finishing the playthrough is highly unlikely As always, games are in the Spoiler. And no, I'm not trying to dodge Bingos on purpose, that's just coincidence I could always get one by using Player's Choice, but where's the fun in that.
  9. I don't know about the general opinion, but for me the Gamecube is the platform where the never ending cycle of Nintendo franchises started hitting me. Yes, Smash Bros. Melee was cool, but I already played the gist of it; I'm also one of the 6 people who genuinely enjoyed Super Mario Sunshine; Metroid Prime was also pretty sweet; but other than that there was already a loooot of repetition with all the Mario Karts, Mario Parties and so on and so forth. That's kinda where Nintendo started slipping in the third party department and variety started becoming more important to me. I can see how that is a valid opinion, but Ocarina of Time just hits the nostalgia homerun for me The mood and atmosphere in Majora's Mask are just something else though, so I still liked that quite a bit as well, close second for me. The 3-day-cycle was just something you had to get used to, it stressed you out more than necessary in the beginning I think. Felt like more pressure than it really was.
  10. I called the Nintendo hotline because I was stuck in the last temple in Majora's Mask. And the dude told me to "follow the way". Even as a 9-year-old (?) I was furious about that """hint""" Shortly after that I sold my N64 for a Gamecube... not the best decision in hindsight. Fun fact: I completed the game more than 15 years later for the first time because I just felt like plugging the Wii back into my TV. One embarrassment less I'm working on my 3-5 remaining solo games and then I'll take a break for a while. I'm staying strong with my "no-purchase-contract" for now and maybe it'll work out. I just feel like a little change of pace would be a good idea. It won't change my weekend gaming though. My girlfriend would miss those humongous games and as good husband material how could I say no to that I'm starting to get the desire to start Yakuza 0 soon, sry L.A. Noire... but I think this game will be pure gold. @Briste The gameplay in KH games tends to get objectively better though, so you shouldn't be too afraid of your series-journey Well maybe exclude Chain of Memories from that statement, that's the wild card.
  11. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink DONE Ultra Rare Dead Nation (PS4) DEAD Platinum-Less Grow Up! DONE Unpopular Pic-a-Pix Pieces (PS4) DONE DLC Guacamelee 2 - DLC Pack 1-2 DONE Difficulty Darksiders 3 DONE Speed Run Rayman Legends (PS4) ...... MP Journey (PS4) DONE Peripherals Wonderbook: Book of Spells EVANESCO! Bad Rep Foul Play (PS4) I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT That's it folks, I've completed my little pile What do I take out of this list? Finally finishing Rayman Legends is pretty nice, the two accidental diamonds were a tiny bonus. And getting Dead Nation done is pretty neat as well. The rest... well let's just call it a mixed bag Obviously I completed my list within a 3-hours-range with @Cassylvania, it just had to happen that way
  12. Better show some respect dudes.
  13. Forma.8 was pretty bad, it's like playing on 0.5x speed the whole time. And I am Setsuna made me so drowsy that I honestly got a headache playing it. It was still a fine first try for its developers, alright soundtrack once removed from the actual game, but damn I disliked it. I'm in the minority on that though, so I may very well just be wrong
  14. It looks pretty amazing and I 100%ed the first one (in-game, no online mode for me). But it is so crazy long though... I was just about to dig myself out of those absurdly huge games It's a free option, so it would be stupid to complain about it. It's understandable, don't worry... I wouldn't be able to wait for Jenny 'Jens' Chicken as well in your situation.