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  1. You know what they say, "Home is where your Majima is".
  2. #2 down, literally. And no, there's no master plan at work here, there won't be any order If I would state every single thing I liked about it this would turn into a wall of text, so why not keep it short. Add the best story out of the three games with everything else being absolutely on par and you might have my favorite Yakuza I've played so far. It just keeps getting more and more entertaining despite being so very similar. Now it's just up in the air if we'll wait for Yakuza 3 or just jump right into Yakuza 6 for the "walk in the park platinum". But Y0 won't be the last one, that's guaranteed
  3. I can't just count platinums because over such a long time with my account I went through phases in terms of completing games. Going purely by numbers it's Final Fantasy with just one "weird little sub-game" with 10 (9) games played. And... well... you can already do the math by yourself if there's something missing in this humongous series Kingdom Hearts with its 6 real games, Uncharted / God of War / Tomb Raider are sitting at 5, and AC at 4. That should cover most series, I tend to play more standalone games I guess. Or super short series where counting doesn't make much sense, like Dark Cloud. But in the future Yakuza will take the throne most likely, at least if we factor completion / dedication in. #3 is almost done and I still intend to getting all 7. It all depends on the timing and quality of Yakuza 3's upgrade.
  4. Those titles though, whenever I browse through the store I just can't remember which TR game I've played and which I haven't. I'm looking at the logo from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and without looking I really can't tell you I had to check my profile to see if I played Shadow and couldn't even remember the other title (the one I actually did play). I played the first... "reboot (?)" when a buddy was here and whenever there was a suspicious looking path I stopped and said "Oh boy, you think the floor might break and we have to slide around avoiding rocks?". We were right 100% of the time and it was never not funny to us. Maybe it was just our shared cynicism with "Hollywood setpiece games" Was it your plan letting the trilogy lead to Shadow or did the mood grab you?
  5. Let's just hope you're not into football then 🤐 It was a pretty weird heat wave though. It chose one bad place and then moved to the next one afterwards. I live in the good ol' West and now it's actually somewhat cold. It took some time getting used to, but it was definitely appreciated I remember doing the Climax Battles in Yakuza Kiwami during an even worse heat wave, that would've been a confusing Deja Vu if it happened again approaching Yakuza 0's clean-up. I just remember having to farm in that corridor in the castle in the very first world because the enemies slaughtered me in Aqua's campaign. But once you're over that hump it's smooth sailing again Once you're done with BbS DDD will feel as streamlined as it gets in comparison.
  6. Guess I'll hijack this question to deliver information quicker 2 weeks ago we hit 36°C which is pretty much up there for German standards. But at the moment it's wayyy more manageable.
  7. I think you should buy one of those ending books now and share it with the community. That's the most honorable thing to do.
  8. #1 is down, literally. It was fine. I was in the mood for a casual RPG and if you're looking for that it does its job. Some of the characters started to grind my gears a little (I don't wanna the-talk about it) and the level grind at the end was a tad much, but if you just want to watch numbers go up while following a simple story it's at least worth consideration. For 50€ and with high expectations it would be a different story, but at the low price it constantly has and with reasonable expectations it's an alright option to spend some time with this one. Yakuza's story is done, the Completion List is done... now it's time to rumble. Climax Battles, un-cheeseable Legend playthrough, let's go. I really hope I won't eat those words in a couple of weeks.
  9. By the way, I hoped that your World of Final Fantasy GIF was just created by someone who has wayyy too much time and dedication for a game like this. But... well... you know. Good luck with TR. I played the trilogy and when I saw those speedrun trophies and visualized trying them with these controls... a big fat instant nope from me was uttered at that moment. Certainly not impossible, but definitely annoying.
  10. Yakuza, definitely. I'm playing my third entry and it just keeps impressing me how many details are literally everywhere. I saw some comparisons to the real life Kamurocho and it blew my mind. It's not the most high definition extravaganza, but it's just filled to the brim with details and is the most realistic world I've ever seen in a game. That's something where I can't blame them for recycling it 5+ times, it's worth it
  11. I actually stopped hating the quirkiness and was able to focus on some of the better aspects of it. The monster entries made me chuckle - at least in my head - here and there and I like most of the voices, which is something I rarely notice. It had the potential to go all in on the most annoying voices ever, but every creature sounds reasonable. Well... the fox looks like its supposed to sound squeaky, so that's accepted I'll just sign up as early as possible with my trial to not have it run out by the time we need it. That should give you enough time to look for solutions if I do happen to be disqualified. But that would be quite a surprise though.
  12. I just checked the games I own and wanted to get done in the next couple of weeks and all 8 games covered different numbers. That's so ridiculous that I almost have to sign up now, but I wouldn't count on me hitting a homerun in here 0 1 World of Final Fantasy 2 Yakuza 0 3 Nightmares from the Deep 2 4 Slay the Spire 5 Ace Attorney Trilogy 6 7 Nightmares from the Deep 3 8 Overcooked 9 Nightmares from the Deep If Yakuza 0 wasn't already heavily prepared (100+ hours) it would eat up the whole event time
  13. Is there the option letting PS Now test your internet connection? I obviously never tried it, but I think my internet should be fine for it. If it wasn't 90% of possible customers would be excluded from their service, that doesn't sound too smart WoFF is really starting to test my the-patience with not skipping any cutscenes. This might be the most the-annoying pair of characters I've ever the-seen in a game. But other than that it should be fine. If I would play it with 100% attention at all times it may be too quirky for me. But just for watching numbers go up, collecting some Pokemirages and following the story it'll do its job.
  14. Getting smacked by Slay the Spire because I play so little of it to lose my sense of experience and training over and over again And other than that I just purchased World of Final Fantasy. I was in the mood for some RPG which isn't epicly long, crazy complicated and / or difficult, just something in the middle to play on the side. So this one came to mind (and the super low price always helps). Edit: Oh, I forgot. Happy #2000 to your thread by the way
  15. If you need some assistance with Castlevania I'm game. I never used my free trial for PS Now and I'll just use my super power to help: Not caring about my completion rate whatsoever