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  1. Was it even close to the other games? I just heard about guns and I really don't have an idea what this game really is
  2. I don't even get the reasoning behind stuff like that. Does it cost them to keep something as (probably) small as that available? But if you get to what you want it's all good I guess. If I can pick one as well I'll be a support true to my healing and buffing roles back in WoW Boring, but would make sense. I found the perfect candidate for my Bad Rep game in the 10TIHAG (beautiful)... I'll play Foul Play! Gotta look up the Cassygames strategy guide to prepare myself for it.
  3. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink DONE Ultra Rare Darkest Dungeon 1,67% Platinum-Less Grow Up! DONE Unpopular Pic-a-Pix Pieces ??? owners DLC Guacamelee 2 - DLC Pack 1-2 it's DLC... Difficulty Darksiders 3 Death Incarnate Speed Run Rayman Legends That was fast! MP nothing yet Peripherals Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move controllers required Bad Rep nothing yet I'll switch out Gungeon's DLC for Pic-a-Pix Pieces for two reasons. The first one is that the RNG in Gungeon's DLCs is pretty annoying at the moment and that's rough in a timed event. The second reason is that Pic-a-Pix is such a niche game that it just fits so very well in that category I'll leave one trophy open until it's a month old. That's why I didn't list the amount of owners as well yet, but with 65 at the moment.... there won't be any disaster happening I think Once it's a month old I'll edit in the correct number and if something bad happened I'll let you know and just revert to my old plan. I will continue with Gungeon once I'm done with my list though, I still want that 100% completion back. But without any time limits I can take the RNG kicking my butt way better. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I bought a children's game where you pretend to be a wizard to get the peripherals done. That's not awkward at all.
  4. Good start I guess, the second most boring category is gone with the game without a platinum. Grow Up! down. I was curious if it will be better than Grow Home and yes, it was. But true to Grow Home's tradition it improved in the most awkward fashion possible. Your character still controls like a sack filled with cats, but this time you don't just explore upwards. There's a complete planet this time around and that makes goofing around more fun. The parachute and glider are now passives and that's actually amazing news, but on the other side they've added mini speedrun challenges and I don't know what they were thinking. So yeah, if you liked Grow Home and don't know why just like me it's more of the same with a lot of good changes and some pretty questionable ones. I don't know if I can go so far and call it a "guilty pleasure" though. Other than that just 120 speedruns left in Rayman Legends.... yay I'm jealous of all you people who picked Murdered as the game with a bad reputation by the way. Pretty good option to get this one done.
  5. Why the f*** did they add speedrun challenges to Grow Up! ? What were they thinking?
  6. Now that I think about it that makes sense, I didn't hear the phrase "cult classic" in quite some time to be honest. The problem is that the video game medium moves pretty fast. A movie can become a cult classic, but once a game is forgotten it's most likely dead. With that only Okami comes to mind, or Yakuza... the Dark Clouds? The Artifex Mundi stuff has some loyal fans and I didn't even know the name before I saw some people talk about it. There's more if we count games neither on PS3 or PS4, but those would be awkward to track.
  7. You could stretch it to "cult video game series" and it opens even more options without twisting the rules all that much Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, GTA... modern cult favorites if you ask me.
  8. Did they break it afterwards or what's the problem? With no trophy at 0% it seems like it was possible at some point.
  9. Well that's "good" to know, thanks I don't think that the timer thing will fix itself (one weekly challenge is bugged in that regard since I started playing), but that's not a big deal. Another reason to ignore diamond trophies and go the golden route, I would flip the table pretty hard if that ever happened.
  10. Well technically it's a server issue, so I'll just ask here. Did the daily extreme challenge start glitching for you as well? My gold trophy from yesterday got kinda swallowed and now it shows the wrong remaining time to complete the challenge, just like 2 of the other challenges do. Losing the golden trophy wouldn't be so bad, the bug in the text neither, but I really don't want any more disappearing trophies in the future...
  11. Oh boy it is. It's not absolutely ridiculous because of its length (I think I took about 120 hours or so, can't remember), but doing the same annoying challenges over and over and over again was exhausting. You don't want to play this game on its own because those medals might give you a headache. I still liked it, but I wouldn't plat it all over again... Definitely prepare something to play on the side to keep your mental health in check
  12. The first one is out of the way and it's the EZPZ game of course. Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink done. I was positively surprised to be honest. This was my first Artifex Mundi game and I thought they were 100% "Hidden Object" games, but it was actually an adventure-lite. It was absolutely OK, not spectacular, but fine. I can see why these games have some loyal fans, but I think I won't eat all of them up from now on In a sale I'll keep a look at them, but for full price they seem pretty rough.
  13. With my girlfriend being a certified Hufflepuff that is a surprisingly valid option, I'll definitely keep it in mind
  14. Seems like I need to hijack my girlfriend's place for a while, way too lazy to move my old PS3 back and forth Can I still download Tumble even if it's not available for purchase anymore? I bought it WAY back, but I can't check right now. That would be my first choice, but I'll look into your suggestion, thanks