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  1. Once we cleared the swing rope onto the rock jump thingie of doom, the sky was the limit! Even in real life I still feel addressed if someone says "lightning".
  2. I did offer him buying and me having to play the DLC to Lawn Mower Simulator if he cracks 100 DLCs during the event time. But he was a bit of a coward about it.......
  3. Well, we are barely 30 hours out of the event time, so @Man of Inaction will take a little bit longer than that I'm sure that he'll start working on the completed badges soon-ish, because there's nothing to wait for with those and our dude tends to be quick on the draw. We are currently debating how long we want to wait for syncs of incomplete badges or people with no badges at all, but we probably won't wait much longer for that. One or two days, if at all, because you could easily tell who was going for those last numbers (most of them even posted about their outcomes in here) and people who didn't really sweat it too much. This spreadsheet appears to be final, but that's also the last chance for all of you to check for mistakes! I'm a mere mortal, sometimes a dumb one, too! But if real life hits, there's always a chance that it'll take a little bit longer. Give him at least till next weekend, then we'll see. You'll be notified, our badge boss does a thorough job on that front. You'll be notified when they're finished, you'll be notified if it takes a bit longer than usual. Either way, we can all relax about it, he got this
  4. Last day of GbN is upon us! I'm planning on doing the last full update of the spreadsheet on Sunday evening, just so there's enough time for every single profile to update on this site. So if you're working on those last numbers, make sure to sync your trophies on PSN ASAP, or @ me if you're experiencing any syncing issues. Maybe it's also a good opportunity to check your own progress one last time, mistakes are definitely in the realm of possibilities. There's a chance that I'll do another update during next week, but with me not being 100% sure about it just yet, better safe than sorry.
  5. I looked at your profile during today's update to search for this one being prepared in some way. But starting from scratch... damn that would be an impressive fit It's really not craaazy long, especially if you happen to have a co-op partner around. But spending all this time in all those weird side modes at least feels like it takes forever. Those were a fun puzzle for the spreadsheet, a real test for how long titles can be
  6. Sorry to be the buzzkill, but sign-ups have been closed for a very long time now and this year's event is about 90% over at this point. Amongst the very few rules in this event, this is one that we need to be strict about with so many participants each year. On the bright side, it'll most likely be back next year, so this wasn't the last opportunity ever.
  7. Sure thing, I believe in you! And true, last week of GbN is upon us A lot of badges in general already and a few people are real close to it at this point. Last weekend to push through your games, go nuts!
  8. Send me the pictures in a PM and I'll see what I can do.
  9. I'll try being a little less lazy this time and post my actual list 0 - Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! 1 - Dragon Marked For Death 2 3 4 5 - Death Stranding 6 7 8 9 I think this game is almost the definition of "aight". A couple of good things, a few somewhat annoying things (at least for completionists), but I enjoyed it overall. Imagine a 2D Castlevania game, let's say Symphony of the Night. Now picture it just a little more RPG-y (leveling, loot, gear upgrades and all that) and make it based around small missions you pick from a HUB area. You do those, get money, XP and loot and continue with the next one, or replay older ones with increased level caps. That's pretty much what it is, very comparable to Odin Sphere as well, minus the efforts on story to be honest. It's a totally alright little 2D hack&slash and probably way better with its online co-op, something I wasn't able to test because no one owns this game Doing the whole story with all six characters got a little chewy, but only because I did all of them back to back. So if you take your time with it it's not that bad. And all of them just play differently enough to make a good chunk of each playthrough fun it its own way. If a Castlevania-esque game tickles your fancy and you see DMFD on a sale, it's worth a shot. It doesn't blow other games out of the water, but it's completely fine within its own scale. There's a 70% chance that we will grab a 9 next weekend, but other than that this could be it from my list. Depends on how long Inscryption takes, people are already starting to complete it by now. But four games would be OK given my lack of gaming lately, I'd take it.
  10. Just a friendly reminder, in case you're too used to some of the previous iterations of Gaming by Numbers. We reached the last month of this year's event, a little more than three weeks left to get to your desired goal! Doing pretty well on the total number of badges, rocking close to 50% of participants having some form of badge at this point, with many people not too far away. I'm afraid that I won't help with improving those stats because damn, my games turned out to be a bit of a slog. Add middling motivation for a bad mix, but oh well
  11. I'll fix it in a couple of hours, thanks for pointing it out! Sometimes the 0 on the far left gets to me, when I count columns instead of paying attention. I'm getting old.
  12. Oh, you'll hear about my Ghost of Tsushima DLC stories alright. I'll probably complain about it all day in our party chat.
  13. I'm in. At least I have DLC that takes less than 100 hours this time, progress!
  14. Got two numbers on the board at least, that's definitely way better than nothing. Completed Death Stranding as my #5. I don't wanna talk about it...
  15. I'll definitely take another minute after today's general update to enter a glorious event completion! This weekend also brought a surprising amount of partial badges. Good job so far, team! Looks like our two overachievers with full badges will have even more company in the next week or so, some of you are getting pretty close