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  1. I sense a new challenger for the 7-Yakuza-plats-club Or even 8 in your case, did you enjoy Dead Souls? I probably will never get around to it with my lack of a PS3 and just getting one for that purpose... I don't know about that
  2. It will be a close call, but I'll enter myself just to check if I'm able to get those 5 games done Lose the Weight - Focus on Family - Update Relationship Status - Go to the Gym - Yakuza 4 Find Time For Yourself - Get a Better Job - Judgment Finish Your Masterpiece - Volunteer More - The Outer Worlds Do Better in School - LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7 Make More Money - Tales of Vesperia Yakuza games are just such a gigantic time sink, but with Tales of Vesperia looking very good already in terms of progress... it's possible And with that I can mark my first completion as well, Judgment was completed on January 3rd. If you like Yakuza games you probably don't need a recommendation. It does the same stuff in the same entertaining way, so if you're looking for more it's there I would consider this one being a pretty good entry point for people interested in Yakuza games overall. The story is standalone and it's not overwhelming in terms of completion requirements (just beware drone racing and Puyo Puyo Tetris though, despite me enjoying the latter). If you don't like at all what you're seeing in Judgment you should stay away from the "main series", but if you enjoy it you'll be in for a 600+ hours treat afterwards You can treat it as a little Yakuza demo if you will. But as my fifth Yakuza game I wasn't completely happy with it. The story is good, the completion was fun as always, the sidequests did their job, so nothing wrong on that front. The combat felt somewhat sluggish, at points the outcome of your combos felt completely random to me and everything seemed delayed. The combat was way less swiftly than in the other games, that made it less fun for me. But on the other hand the game is so easy that you really won't notice that all that much. And I'm still slightly salty about the DLC drone which would've made drone racing a cake walk. Evil to him who evil thinks that the toughest minigame has a 5$ DLC attached to it, weird coincidence... I would've bought Yakuza 7 day one, but now I will look if they continue with that or not... So overall it's slightly sub-par for a Yakuza game in my eyes, but missing such a high bar is no crime I think.
  3. If you fill in the blanks of this "universe" which are never explained..... they have to make their living somehow and I doubt that they have enough time to work in a McDrive or something. They seem more like soldiers and they get payment as well, people work as soldiers in our world too. It's just iffy that it's (most likely) not exactly pointed out in that game at all. Working with real life logic in a fictional kinda fantasy-ish world is just awkward though. On another note.... don't they all have to be somewhat jacked just by pure biological reasoning? They hunt monsters every day, so they can't hide beer-bellies under their coats.
  4. I started with Kiwami and Kiwami 2, after that I jumped into 0 and am now slowly chipping away at 3-6 in order. To be honest I can't really say that I regret this way of dealing with those games, it seems pretty plausible to me. I think you'll get the references in 0 more if you played the first ones. But overall starting with 0 doesn't sound like the worst idea either. But Kiwami is so basic in comparison to 0 (not in a bad way tho) that it might be a step back for you, and I would see that as being a slight bummer for the actual start of a looooooooong journey. You'll have to deal with dips in general game quality here and there (especially once you start Yakuza 3, you can feel the age), so starting with the best one IMO might turn that quality-journey into a roller-coaster. tl,dr: I would suggest one of the following Kiwami - Kiwami 2 - 0 - the rest in order Everything in the exact numbered order
  5. Alright, everything should be updated up to this point. If you spot a mistake anywhere just shoot me a message, I'll fix it ASAP. Copy&Paste can cause the dumbest mistakes, especially after work On that note Happy New Year in advance to everybody. Don't celebrate too hard though, get in there for platinum #1
  6. Not gonna lie, I kinda forgot about my card. But now that I'm done with it why not preserve it right? KH3 would fit into a different category with a 4-letter-word, but sadly that's not an option.
  7. I bought them in order back then, so there's a small chance that I'm wrong. But you will need both, almost guaranteed. Both DLC add different things and Afterbirth + adds stuff on top, a lot of things wouldn't be able to be used without Afterbirth. It's not really an "upgraded version of Afterbirth", the naming is pretty confusing now that everything is out. And after googling to be sure I couldn't find any source which states the opposite They are never on sale though, so it's a pretty awkward situation having to grab both of them...