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  1. if anyone is still up to offer a taxi, I'd love one PSN is bryancuypers thanks in advance! EDIT: all good, thank you!
  2. I do absolutely promise that I did not use any sort of illegitimate method to obtain any of my trophies, especially not for this game. The 2-year hiatus was really only a thing for KH1, as I started going through my backlog over the Christmas break. I only had one COM trophy (the one for throwing a box at an enemy before battle) at that point, so the 2-year gap is because of that. Absolutely nothing shady happening. I mentioned in my original post that I ~did~ complete a Riku save file before getting the Card Master Sora trophy, however I had to re-beat the final Ansem fight again when I was grinding my beginner Riku up to max level. I don't have any sort of explanation for the other trophies, but I assure you that is how this happened. Seeing as I'm assuming there's no way to make you believe me, I'll hide the trophy from my account, using the link you provided. Thanks, everyone!
  3. bryancuypers Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories At the time of earning my Jiminy's Journal trophy on the Sora save, I was without an internet connection so I was not connected to the servers. When I was able to get the connection back a few hours later, the trophy popped, but the mini-game trophy did not. All I did was re-do the stupid bee mini game and it popped shortly after. A few days later when I was going through and getting my standard and proud Riku saves to the final areas, I noticed that the trophy for beginner Riku did not pop either. Seeing as I was switching between the two saves around the same time my only guess is that I was without internet for that one as well. Honestly, I'm not too sure what happened there. Regardless, the mini game trophy was an internet error and nothing more. Knocking all the bees for a second time (more like 1000th, to be honest) was a nightmare, so I remember that part vividly.