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  1. Posting my March update now because I won't be getting through any more games this month. Finished up B1 (with a # or punctuation mark in the title) by using Pic-a-Pix Color. I really like sudoku and picross but I wasn't a fan of this game. Yeah, it's a super easy platinum because you can just use a guide, but I was looking forward to this as a wind down game before bed. Unfortunately I had like 0 ounces of fun with this. Crossed off I3 (romance or romance options) with Bad Apple Wars. I'm into Otome games and this one was alright. I was only really into 2 routes with another one being okay. The other 2 I didn't like at all. I know these games normally have a lot of overlap between paths but this game took that to a whole different level. There is so many things that happen similarly between routes that you can't skip because the dialog is different by a sentence. I did enjoy the game though. Also finished I4 (started but didn't finish) with My Hero: One's Justice. I'm a big fan of My Hero Academia and bought this when it came out but put it down for other games. I suck at fighting games but I had a lot of fun with this and for a fighting game the platinum was pretty easy in my opinion. It had needless grinding which was the most annoying part, but yeah I enjoyed this game. Sad that it's basically abandoned though. The next game I want to work on is Lego Dimensions. Don't know when I'll get a Bingo as I'm not really going for one right now. I'm just playing what I feel like playing at the time.
  2. I finished up square B3 - Retro Re-release, with Shenmue last night. There were things I liked about the game and other things that made the game kind of annoying. By the end of it I was really happy to be done. I'll play Shemue II eventually, but I need a break. Will probably be changing up some of the games I had planned for certain squares. I don't know what I'm going to start next yet.
  3. I finished up O4 with Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night. It's a very easy rhythm game to platinum and took about 9-10 hours. I played the Japanese version on the Vita and sure I didn't know anything that was going on but knowing Japanese isn't required to play the game.
  4. I'm marking off my Player's Choice square with Final Fantasy X. I completed the story and did a ton of other stuff to work towards the platinum but I need a break from the game. I still want to go back and finish up the platinum but after putting 70 hours in I need a breather.
  5. I'm currently working on FFX but it's gonna be a big slog. I'm at the point where you can freely use the airship so now it's like the whole game just opened up and I'm gonna be sinking lots of time doing frustrating things.
  6. Thanks so much for the fun event @eigen-space and thanks to @BigHonkingOne for the badge! The colors go really nice together!
  7. I finished up my first square (G5 - a game you can beat in one sitting) with Doodle Devil. After completing all the DLC in Fallout 4 and being beyond annoyed with the entirety of Nuka-World I needed a quick and easy game to cleanse my palette. Next I'll be starting FF 10, as I promised a friend I'd play the game when I was done with Fallout 4's DLC.
  8. Looking at your list you could put Nioh or God of War in the Historical Fiction/Mythology category. It would probably be easy to find a replacement game for both the categories they are in.
  9. I took some time and made a tentative list of games for my Bingo card. I don't know if I'll be able to get through the whole card but I'll try. Since this is a year long event I chose a lot of longer games I've been meaning to clear from my backlog. I'll try and 100%/Platinum the games, but that'll be dependent on time. I don't know if some of my games are reaching in the categories, but if anyone thinks a game doesn't fit let me know. I also don't have a game for another PSNP event as I'm not currently in another event.
  10. I'd like to join this! Here's my Bingo card. I'll have to look more into it before the first of the year, but I think most of it's doable. Don't know what I'll do for an ultra rare plat though. And if anyone could recommend games with an isometric view that would be great. None are coming to mind.
  11. Yeah, with the basic equipment it's like a 45 minute fight, which is ridiculous. I mean if you're just having trouble beating the boss I recommend abusing Tinkerbell and Aeroga. I know you have to get all the dalmatians for that, but I know I collected them all again cause the final boss is a pain on any difficulty without it.
  12. Got my #9 game done with Oceanhorn. I know the game took a ton of inspiration from Zelda games, but I would much rather play a Zelda game over Oceanhorn any day. I think the game was extremely mediocre. It's a very quick game to get through though. I finished it in just over 12 hours. Everyone talks about how dreaded the Fish Sticks trophy is for catching all the fish but I caught them all in under an hour so maybe I got lucky? And that brings me to the end of my list. I had a good time with this event and it was nice clearing some games out of my backlog! 0. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (320) 1. Day D Tower Rush (2831) 2. Destory All Humans! (5482) 3. Doodle God (Vita) (2043) 4. Monster High New Ghoul In School (4054) 5. Jack N Jill DX (8115) 6. The Deadly Tower of Monsters (4216) 7. Shutshumi (3797) 8. Rime (6188) 9. Oceanhorn (5259)
  13. I finished up Day D Tower Rush for my number 1 game. It had to have been one of the worst games I've ever played and you could definitely tell it's a mobile game. I'm not the best at tower defense games, but I wouldn't call myself bad either and this game was ridiculous with the difficulty. Come level 13 it was near impossible for me to complete the levels and you have to get to level 15 to get one of the trophies. The game is so imbalanced because it wants you to spend money to make it easier. I'm so glad I never have to play it again. 0. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (320) 1. Day D Tower Rush (2831) 2. Destory All Humans! (5482) 3. Doodle God (Vita) (2043) 4. Monster High New Ghoul In School (4054) 5. Jack N Jill DX (8115) 6. The Deadly Tower of Monsters (4216) 7. Shutshumi (3797) 8. Rime (6188) 9.
  14. Thanks for sharing this!
  15. First update in a while. I'm trying to find some quick and easy games to fill the rest of my numbers because I know I won't have as much gaming time for this as I initially thought I would. I ended up completing Doodle God on the vita for my #3 slot. I remember actually playing this on mobile years ago and back then it was kind of cool but now it's just meh. It was super quick to get through though. 0. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (320) 1. 2. Destory All Humans! (5482) 3. Doodle God (Vita) (2043) 4. Monster High New Ghoul In School (4054) 5. Jack N Jill DX (8115) 6. The Deadly Tower of Monsters (4216) 7. Shutshumi (3797) 8. Rime (6188) 9.