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  1. Since this game is one of May 2022 Playstation Plus Free Games, I’m gonna share about trophy autopopping based on my experience. First of all, this game has 3 stacks of platinum trophy: PS4 NA (Asia account will also get this version) PS4 EU PS5 Last year, I played this game using a physical disc version (which is only available in EU version at my country) I play the PS4 EU version first till platinum, then open up the PS5 version (from the free upgrade) and all the trophy is autopop. FYI, save game is sync from the game server, so you dont need to do save transfer or anything just login with the same PSN ID and the server automatically sync your save data. Usually with this kind of save syncing from the server, you can autopop by doing the game on PS5 first and autopop it on PS4 (but I need someone to confirm this since I’m doing PS4 first) Next, because I have an Asian account so I get the PS4 NA (different region from what I’ve played before) from May 2022 Playstation Plus May Free Games. At first, I thought I’m gonna play it from scratch again, but yesterday when I log into the game the save sync happen eventhough the game is different in region. All my trophy autopop again except: all season level trophy related (2,5,10,25,max) So I just need to grind to max level again to get the platinum. I assume that last year, I get the maximum level while season 1 is running and right now season 2 is running and my level got reset from 1. Hope this information helps.
  2. Can I just start the game on bloody whisker mode and 100% all the trophy without doing 2nd playthrough? or would be 2 playthrough recommended?
  3. Well from my last post, I just got it on the PS5 EU version (so yeah, in about an hour if you do perfect run). Well, it is getting tense when you reach 100 laps and my hands start getting sweaty, luckily the trophy pop for me on lap 134. My strategy : I always hold L2/L1 except when there is an obstacle, seems it makes us move a bit slower. Now PS4 left for me. Good luck for other who’s trying Here’s my video of doing it and unlock at lap 134 holding L2/L1 almost all of the time (about 30 minutes real time)
  4. Well the 2 dlc trophy is quite easy; doing 30 laps maybe takes around 10-15 minutes. But the “Full Mix” trophy (need 151 laps by dtpiceman) is not an easy task and need good reflex and endurance. Could be in about 1 hour or below if you’re really good at it. (Can’t estimate, still working on it at the moment)
  5. Want to know about the save transfer progression (whether one way transfer PS4 -> PS5 or its their server based save) and trophy pop also (one way transfer PS4 -> PS5 or both ways trophy pop up). Anyone can help or share their experiences? Thanks
  6. Can someone who already played the game share this information, I can’t find it anywhere at the moment. Does the PS4 physical disc version get a free upgrade to PS5 version? Thanks for your help
  7. Can someone confirm whether the PS4 physical disc gets a free upgrade or not? I can’t find any information about it. Thanks before
  8. Any information or tips on how to do it alone on match with AI?
  9. I think the free upgrade on physical disc only applied on NA and EU. Mine is AS region and can’t upgrade for free. Don’t know whether AS doesn’t get it or still waiting for future implementation (which I think least likely)
  10. For information, physical disc version of PS4 get a free upgrade to PS5 version although it is not written and stated on the front cover. Tested by me using physical disc Regional Asia version.
  11. I havent tried it yet, but I think it isn’t. Mine is NA Region so I think it will follow the NA trophy list in here.
  12. For those wondering whether the physical disc PS4 version gets a free upgrade, I can confirm it gets a free PS5 upgrade. Mine is physical disc PS4 NA Region, just received it today
  13. Thanks for your info, actually mine already arrived today (Challenge Accepted Edition Reg 2) and as you said at first I’m shock that the HW Pass Code Vol. 01 can’t be redeemed in my PSN EU account. This is weird that the DLC can be redeemed on my PSN Region 3 account (although the game is Reg 2 EU) Luckily, although the DLC is Region 3 and the Base game is Region 2 it still works (hope many games implement this kind of cross region DLC compatibility). and for the HW Pass Content, I think they will be released periodically, the only one that I know that is already released is the Bone Shaker. Thanks for your help, hopefully this post can help others who buys this game also and avoid any confusion on the DLC.
  14. Yes, I’m fully aware that this DLC things really depend on the game. That’s why I hope someone who already bought the DLC can share their experiences. I have experienced DLC bind to the account that redeemed the code when I bought physical disc Deluxe Edition Tribes of Midgard (Region EU), although at first it seems the Deluxe content can be shared (an in-game item costume and skin like). It’s a bit of a waste that I can’t use the deluxe content of the game in my main account, so I need to check what about this Hotwheels DLC to avoid experiencing the same thing again.
  15. Can someone help me to confirm whether the Hotwheels Pass Vol. 1 DLC bind to an account or can be shared to another account? I’m interested in buying the physical disc version of the game - “Challenge Accepted Edition” which include the Hotwheels Pass Vol. 1 DLC, but the game is only available in Region Euro (in my retailer) If I’m buying this version, I’m gonna redeem the code using my secondary account (Euro PSN account and set it as primary on my console), and then play using my main account which is Region Asia. So, I need to confirm whether this method will work or not with the DLC. Hope someone can help me confirming this, thanks for your help.