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  1. Can anyone confirm (since PS4 game owner gets free upgrade to PS5 version), does the trophy autopop (1 way or 2 way)? Do they have a cross save server feature or in game save upload? Hope someone can help. Thank you.
  2. Sorry, I’ve seen the wrong thread. Are you still helping @Optinooby? Or anyone in here would be so kind to send the items? Just need the necromancer item because I’ve already plat the main game using the old guide (which is a demon hunter), so to finish up my DLC only. Thanks for your help.
  3. OMG just swing by to check whether the trophy for diablo II and then see this post, I got the platinum using your guide (and the gift also) thanks @Optinooby still can’t thank you enough how much time I save using your ultimate guide. Can’t wait your guide for the necromancer also, cause I buy the dlc too but havent played yet. Is the DLC guide out yet?
  4. It is free based on the logo of the cover, I’ve been trying to ask the dev since two weeks ago (fb/twitter/email) and no response at all. Luckily today the game released in my country and the cover show PS5 free upgrade logo, so confirm PS4 physical version get a free upgrade. (Sorry idk how to attach an image file)
  5. As of now no other option except play it unpatched (I dont know if it is possible for the digital owner) and wait until the developer fix the problem, which I am afraid could take some times.
  6. Hi, I have a physical/Bluray version of Valthirian Arc Asian Region. I’ve tested both on my PS4 Pro and PS4 Fat, the game works fine tested only till the main menu/ title screen when played unpatched (v1.00). When I update it to the latest version available now which is 1.01 (The update size is around 350 mb on PS4 Pro, and 600mb on PS4 Fat; forget the exact size), try to run the game and it stuck on the loading screen before the main menu/title screen (black screen with “This game uses an autosave feature. Etc,”). Just wondering if anyone having the same issue with me, thank you. Notes: Actually I have US physical version (Region NA) also and I have no problem with the US version running the latest pacth (1.05 version in the US now). What I found to be funny is, this same game only different region can differ in size a lot. Size of the apps on my PS4 storage: NA Region + patch 1.05 installed : 1.28 GB AS Region + patch 1.01 installed : 3.62 GB (on PS4 Pro), 3.90 GB (on PS4 Fat)
  7. I tried to do your method first, using the same stats like you mentioned. For getting S Score I get 11K exp while the fight is easy (took around 8s - 15s), there are screen before battle, loading after mission and choosing the mission again which is takes time more than the battle itself. So I reset my stats max my killer move (hoping my killer move will kill in 1 hit, sadly not), and try to reach S Rank Hero first. Accidentally I find quite the same mission type with double exp so maybe in same loading time (the before battle, after battle and choosing mission time) we could get double exp although the battle itself maybe took slightly a bit longer (15s - 20s average). I did my method starting around level 64 (after trying your method first then continue to S Rank my hero first) Just put my method as an alternate way, so people can choose their preferred method until someone else find a way faster than both of these methods. Thanks again.
  8. Just platinum this game and since no guide to be found yet, I will share some tips that maybe can help you guys. First of all, I would like to thank you @ninjagirl657 since this is an updated version of her post in the forum. What I did is only elaborate in detail and found out better mission to do that give better experience to reach max level 99 faster. Overview 1. Finish your story and do clean up on any other trophy (other than reach S Rank and reach Max Level, this 2 trophy should be the last trophy you get after everything else has been done) 2. This is personal opinion and might be differ for each person play style, but while doing this my character build is: Battle type : Power Killer Move : Angel Rush Killer Move : Suplex (Sorry forget the long name, its skill from the tank top master) Skill: Killer Move ++ (Buy from skill shop in shopping Area) Ample Experience (Buy from Appraisal shop near Abandon area using town chips) Abundant Experience (Buy from Appraisal shop near Abandon area using town chips) Status: My endgame status looks like this HP : 26; Power : 30; Killer Move : 30 (30 is the maximum stats you can reach) I would recommend try to max Killer Move first maybe like (HP : 15 , Power : 15, Killer Move : 30) in mid game while finishing the story and clean up. But it doesn't matter anyway because you can reset your stats by using secret store coupon in the secret store. 3. Try to reach S Rank first, which mean you should finish missions in HQ, try to clear from the lowest difficulty 1 until the highest difficulty 6 missions. Do this until you reach Hero Rank S. 4. After you reach S Rank, the difficulty 7 in the HQ will be available and try to do one mission called "Intercept the Massive, Malevolent Threat 4" (in my game this mission is on the bottom of difficulty 7 mission in HQ). This mission is quite easy (still depend on your skill and stats), there is only one enemy if you can kill him before the second enemy arrived. Actually this is like the other version of the 6 difficulty mission in branch mentioned by ninjagirl657 called "Fighting off monsters from the sky" where there is only one enemy if you can kill it before the second enemy arrived. The experience I get from this mission is 20,700 if you get S score, and 15,700 if you get A score (with the setup I mentioned above). If you manage to get S score, it should be around 2 mission per level (level 80 to 99 in around 38 times replaying mission assuming you always get S score) If you manage to have extra town chips you can buy item boost in appraisal shop to boost experience you get which could help minimize the time to reach max level. Hope this helps, Sorry for my bad English. Cheers.
  9. Just curious, is the online is really dead? I’ve been trying to look for a rank and quick match and didn’t even get a match after waiting in the matchmaking for about 20 minutes. (I wonder because this game is quite new, is there really no one playing it?) Can anyone tell minimum person needed in a quick match to be able to start the game? if there is no player is there a bot to balance the team? any tips for the multiplayer trophy will be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  10. Been trying this method at least for two hours a day and no luck with Kenny, been a week now. Is this pure RNG or there are other things that can trigger this guy to show up?
  11. Anyone with error code like me: Cannot obtain IP an IP address within the time limit (CE-33984-7) Laptop already connected to a Wi-Fi, internet is working fine. PS4 connected to the laptop wired via LAN. All settings automatic > Do not specify DHCP > Proxy Use (192.168.1.***) with Port 8888 Firewall also turned off. When pressing next in Charles no popup, and test connection getting the error above. Anyone help please.. Thanks.
  12. I can confirm as of today (16 Jul 2019) after the update that added extreme mode, you only need to do the insane difficulty on all episodes (including the new Tokyo eps 3 “Cruise Control”) then the trophy will pop up.
  13. Digimon Story Cybersleuth on Vita