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  1. Same happened to me, no idea how it's gonna pop now except replaying again.
  2. Nevermind, if anyone out their still doesn't have it, just back up your saved data, delete all of it and then start fresh use a guide to go to those locations again and then it should pop most of the guides have people swimming in the ocean which I tried but I did a whole cycle of those locations on boat only and it seemed to have popped then. So good luck.
  3. Did you do what they said and deleted you saved data or did you just keep searching? Cause I'm having no luck myself.
  4. Even thought its EA this is a surprise I like enjoyed the previous two installments so much.
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to make a forum post about, to see if anyone can confirm if the trophy for '' Well, what did you achieve? '' for doing all levels on the hardest difficulty is changed due to the new update that has released today (3/6/19) has added a new harder difficulty and new map Tokyo 3 set on a boat. Wondering if we have to play on the harder difficulty now and not Insane cause that's gonna suck.
  6. Oh ok, I read like a bunch of patch notes and some site out their said we had a new difficulty today my mistake, thanks for clearing up.
  7. After the 6.00 update, it auto popped the Trophy (I want it all) or me, THANK YOU PARADOX.
  8. I hope that works for me but, I doubt it, this game I will support cause I love it but the dlc buildings counting towards the main game trophy is so silly.
  9. Yeah I've added some codes from the drink and they say an email is coming but nothing happening.
  10. I'm glad someone is mention this, I'm glad I'm not the only one, I just got Mass Transit cause I heard it helps alot with the Natural Disaster scenarios now it upsets me to see that there is a bug. Guess we'll have to wait :(.
  11. Hello, I would like to say thank you for helping alot of people with this trophy :D. I sent you a request, and got a save ready for the weekend or any day that works for you.